28 May, 2024


Ada Derana Calls President “Maithripaka”

Ada Derana today called President Sirisena ‘Maithripaka’ in their story published by their website at 4:34 pm titled “This is not an attack against me, but against our culture”.

Untitled Ada Derana MS PakaEarlier even Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe and MP Vasudeva Nanayakkara also locked horns in parliament as well when Vasu went overboard with anger calling Ranil a `pakaya`.

Later Ranil hit back at Nanayakkara calling him a ‘dried pumpkin’ who had lost the prime of his life.

“He is a dried pumpkin. This is how defeated people behave,” the Prime Minister said when referring to Nanayakkara’s use of language and his theatrics in parliament.

However the direct translation of the word ‘pakaya’ means ‘penis’.

According to Ada Derana’s Facebook indicator attached to the news time, the website says that 117,600 people like this story at the time of writing.

It is still uncertain if the prime news website Ada Derana had made a ‘typo’ or if this was done intentionally as at the time of writing nearly three hours has lapsed since this story was uploaded.

Ada Derana is owned by businessman Dilith Jayaweera and Minister Sarath Amunugama’s daughter Varuni.

Ada Dearana Maithripala


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    what’s wrong with today’s media.. its a dog eating dog business.. this could very well be a typo.. because the letters K and L are adjacent to each other on a QWERTY keyboard.. and it is being blown out of proportion..

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    Arsath are you nuts. Derana since January 8th last had been in the forefront in castigating Maithri and Yayapalanaya. Even the newscasters at Derana had been using vituperative language against the government which they dare to even think of it under MARA. The main reason is the involvement of Dilith Jayaweera in the pump and dump manipulation at the CSE. Dilith was one of the key players in this mafia exercise assisted by non other than BLODDY GOTA. In 2012 even Mrs Indrani Sugathadasa the wife of Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunga was compelled to resign from the CSE Chair. The person who follow her the respectable Tilak Karunaratne who was appointed by MARA could last only a few months. Nalaka Godahewa who was next to be appointed to the Chair co-operated with Dilith etal and now is is being investigated. We do not know why Dilith is still free. These are attempts by them to redicule Maithri.

    • 6

      DPJ ,

      Sure , this could be a typo ;besides , everything else what you have written is true , Derana was a part and parcel of the Rajapaksa Mafia Gang . one has to scrutinise Dilith’s wealth as to how he became a Billionaire overnight , Derana News anchor Dilka is the most hated journalist among the civilised journalists ; thus , i personally stop watching Derana channel . i remember Dilka trying to entrap Sujeewa S in a live debate show ;consequently , Sujeewa taught her lesson where she had to eat humble pie.for strange reasons Dilka believes/behaves that she knows everything ;hence, tries to control every body , Sujeewa S had to reprimand her being extremely biased;also, pretending to be the principal of a school ;thereby, trying to treat all her guests as her school children .Ranil W also had a go with her. all in all , one can say Derana is taking over the place of Sirasa.

    • 3

      @DPJ, Hi !!! :)

      You said “non other than BLODDY GOTA. …”

      Is that a typo or just bad spelling ??

      Just asking !

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    Vasudeva Nanayakkara called the PM a Pakaya in raw form and PM replied to him decently as a dried pumpkin, which means shrivelled testicles. Tit for Tat

    • 0


      Does Ada Derana calling Maitripala, Maitripaka, accurately describe the situation, however unpleasant it may be, on the bra throwing and Matripala putting his 2 cts word the distractions?

      Can Ada Derana call a Spade, a Spade?

      Remember, the Average IQ of the country os only 79, while that of Singapore is 108.

      • 1

        Mr.Amarasiri, Sir, I am only commenting on what was exchanged between these two veteran politicians in parliamentary debate. As for Adaderana misspelling the Prez name, it could have be a “printers devil” as they call it in printers jargon.
        In the keyboard the letters k and l are placed besides each other perhaps a typing error or a very clever reference in the guise of an error.
        But then there are proof readers ???

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    If Derana accidentally or willingly called him that name, it definitely suits the president for his nepotism.

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