4 December, 2023


After Navi: Troops Are Back In The North

Security forces personnel who were confined to barracks in the northern province have returned to their outposts and are back on the streets after visiting UN Envoy Navi Pillay left the area, according to eyewitness reports from the region.

While the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights travelled extensively in the north including the former LTTE stronghold of the Wanni, the heavily garrisoned province was somewhat bereft of armed forces personnel who have become part and parcel of the scenery post-war in the north.

The Elephant Pass checkpoint that was dismantled ahead of the UN High Commissioner’s visit has also been restored, sources told the Colombo Telegraph. “Troops are out on the roads again in Jaffna,” the sources said.

Reports are also emerging about military intelligence officials threatening Tamil civilians who demonstrated for their disappeared loved ones and held discussions with the UN Envoy. These claims cannot be independently verified at this time.

Militarisation of the north has been a hot button issue on the international agenda against Sri Lanka, because the heavy presence of soldiers in the former battlezones are seen as being an impediment to the resumption of normal civilian life in the region. The Government has repeatedly pledged to downscale the military in the north prior to the Northern Provincial Council elections but residents claim no such move has been made so far.

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    MR’s third class diplomacy is public secret. Navi pillaiai need not necessarily visit Sri Lanka to asses the ground situation. She has to do so as per her mandate.

    I recall the visit of Madam Louise Arbour – the then UNHRC Chief in the year 2008. The streets of Jaffna were filled with the security forces by the name of providing security to the then UNHRC Chief. In fact Gen.Chandrasri – the then Jaffna Commander didn’t want the public to reach the Lady.

    His forces even tried to stop the then HRCSL Jaffna Co ordinator Mr.Sivarajasingham ( Who was a very prudent businessman to be loyal to both Gen.Chandrasri and the LTTE)from meeting Ms.Arbour at the residence of the Catholic Bishop of Jaffna.

    Hundreds of relatives of the missing were blocked by the Army from meeting the High Commissioner. But some true HR Warriors made many people meeting the lady happening at the Bishop’s house.

    It’s sad and heart breaking to see the same faces on the street with children….still looking for their beloved ones…….

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      REV. DEVIL:

      Were you ever a member of the Suicide Jacket Transporting Church – Brigade ?

      Any way, Maaveerans were waiting to take the CYANIDE CAPSULE in case they were caught by the govt. How do you say that the govt forces killed them ?

      Who will be talking about the following deaths ?

      “3, 484 soldiers,189 policemen, 1,175 civilians made to disappear :Whereabouts of 609 LTTE conscripts too unknown :
      Nearly 5,000 security and police personnel believed to have been abducted and ‘disappeared’ during the 30 year war had perished at the hands of LTTE terrorists having being subjected to torture, according to recent investigations by Defence Intelligence Units.
      Although the LTTE diaspora is harping on losses incurred by the LTTE, no one spoke about or highlighted the injustices caused to these Security Forces personnel and innocent civilians and violations of their human rights, a senior Army officer said.

      He said the LTTE engaged in abductions and kidnappings since 1972. They began abducting security forces personnel from 1981 and thereafter continued a spree of such abductions and kidnappings until 2008.

      The total breakdown is 3,484 security forces personnel, 1,189 police personnel and 1,175 civilians, that disappeared at the hands of LTTE terrorists. This is in addition to the abduction and forced conscription of 609 Tamils into terrorist ranks.

      LTTE cadres still under custody had confided that these abducted forces personnel and civilians were engaged in slavery, tortured and systematically killed by LTTE terrorists from time to time.

      Some leading LTTE cadres who are respondents in a case being heard in the Vavuniya High Court in their confessions have said 26 army personnel abducted by the LTTE were interrogated, denied food for several days, shot and their bodies were burnt on tyrepyers by the LTTE after they were sprayed with kerosene.

      – See more at: http://www.dailynews.lk/?q=local/hr-activists-see-no-evil#sthash.z9Q16PI8.dpuf

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        Hahahaha……”a senior Army officer and then Daily News” hahahaha…..see your sources of information hahahaha…..!!!

        The name of the senior Army Officer is ”Jim Softy”!!? hahaha…have you forgotten a senior cabinet Minister of the then ruling Government in the mid 90s claimed that he was buying ”Daily News” to wrap bread in the moring. !!? Could there be a bigger joke piece in Sri Lanka than the Lake House Dailies and weeklies !!?

        Softy , I suggest you to go to a Gym for a few months (For, your arguments are so weak and soft dear) and then let’s see whether there is a change in your comics !!?

        So you claim that the Northern Church Reverends are Devils – Engaged in suicide Jacket Transport !!?

        How about you then !!? Were you the man-in-Charge of the Garrison – engaged in reciprocal love affair with Velupillai P – Directed by Rajapakses!!? dealt with millions of Rupees in the 2000s and presented billions worth of arms and ammunition + Millions of Rupees during Premadasa era that strengthened the iron fist of VP to play smart games with the poorly motivated and poorly equipped SL Army in the 90s.

        Now tell us Softy …how many suicide Jackets you presented them and how many were given to Karuna Amman !? For, You could easily identify the Jackets transported by the Revernds !!?

        Before blaming others and accusing the LTTE, Don’t you think that you should ask your Master MR, that how come Gen.Foseka is a traitor and Karuna Ammaan , KP , Daya Master and the likes are guests at your Master’s table while you run across underneath for bones !!?
        Karuna Ammaan executed hundreds of Policemen who surrendered to him , killed thousands of Military men in battle fields and in custody only to be guarded and saluted by the same SL Police and Military men. Hahahahah…..Shouldn’t you be ashamed of it Softy !!?

        Now you ask me ”who is responsible !!? This is your problem Softy. You always catch hold of the wrong side of the stick !!?

        You claim that the ”LTTE engaged in abductions and kidnappings since 1972”. Tell me who is the person they abducted in 1972 !!? Don’t mess your claims up with Rohana Wijeweera.

        With regards to the missing persons , you ask me, ”How do you say that the govt forces killed them”(though I didn’t say so in plain words, I have to ask you the followings) ? If the Government
        forces and the para military guys are not behind these disappearances, Why on earth Gen.Cahndrasri as the then Jaffna Commander and Governor of the day preventing General public from meeting the so called UN delegates and International VIPs for the last two decades !!? He simply can allow them to air their grievances with relevant authorities. Why can’t he do that !!? If it’s the LTTE the reason behind the grievances of the people, he should be happy to allow them to get the army cleared. Don’t you think so Jim !!?

        If you have time, travel up to Jaffna in your well guarded vehicle and step into the Office of the now defunct HRCSL and speak to the guys working in there….they will tell you , how Gen.Chandrasri threatened the the then Officials to record the stories of the missing cases as he wanted. He wanted the cases of Army involvement to be recorded as ”Abducted by Unknown”. The Then Coordinator of the HRCSL Jaffna Mr.Sambathar Sivarajasingham ( a retired Postal department man) threatened his officials on behalf of Gen.Candrasri and enjoyed heavens at the expenses of the innocent blood.

        Mind you the people clearly know the culprits who abducted their loved ones.In the meantime I do not deny the portion of the LTTE in this trade as I have nothing to defend the equally evil Government and the all forces involved in the conflict.

        You are boasting about the confessions of the LTTE Carders in Vavuniya Courts. Just forget about the Tamils…..think about your own Sinhalese…how many confessions we have come across, how many tortures and killings the country has seen in Police custody…….!!? Don’t be a cheap joker in the eyes of the patrons of this forum Mr.Jim Softy.!!?

        ”Who will be talking about the following deaths” ?

        As I have already claimed in this response….you have the man by your side to throw these question to Mr. Softy. Remove your black glass, you shall find the real faces of your masters. You know that for sure. But you can not live without bones.

        Change your name as ”Bone Softy”.

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    /* according to eyewitness reports from the region. */

    These regional ‘eyewitness’ also frequently see ghosts of rapists, ‘grease devils’ and ‘white vans’ too. Names and addresses of these ‘witnesses’ are needed In order to add any credibility to this report.

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      What? So you can round them up?

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      ”Names and addresses of these ‘witnesses’ are needed In order to add any credibility to this report”.

      Vibhushana, you seem quite jobless for quite sometime – Especially after the arrest of Vass Gunawardene.

      Anyone could easily understand your habitual thirst to add any witness to the list of ”missing” in order to make it credible.

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      What does that have to do with veracity of the claims? Let’s ask the politicos to provide proof of the claims of the ‘international conspiracies’ shall we for everything that goes wrong in this Miracle of Asia.

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      Sinhala Buddhists were shot and killed for seeking safe water to drink.

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      Are you Retired from the White Van group or Naraa mal has given another Assignment?????.

      Hope You will accumulate Some more Sins in your’s and Handlers account.

      Nubatah, Nubge Demapiyantah,

      Nubage Sahodara Rajapassalatah,

      THeruwan Sarana weawa.

      Nirvaana Seapa Lebeawa.

      You , Your Pearents and your Bretheran Rajapassa Clans, may have bless from TRipple Gem.

      You all Ataain Nibbana



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      Names and addresses of these ‘witnesses’???

      So far I have never heard anything sensible from this Vibhushana, a brainless idiot.

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    It’s sad and heart breaking to see the same faces on the street with children….still looking for their beloved ones…….

    Same thing will apply to Sinhalese mum and dads who lost their love ones to the barbaric LTTE tamils

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      KK !! Ours is not the story of Hen or Egg !!? You relate your stories from the 80s, ours starts from the 50s. You have to throw this question to the Ghosts of SWRD, Srimavo and specially JRJ and his thugs who invented and fostered the LTTE.

      By the way how do you address the ones who handled and demonstrated their real face to their own people at Weliveriya !!? Very moderate and cultured Sinhalese !!?

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      Same thing would be the case with sinhalese whose sons were murdered in late 80ties. Mathale graves will surface more that is not clear to the public yet. Anyway, them being criminals and judges, nothing related to the truth will come. This has not been focused by current regime as it could be a minor issue. For them MR and thugs, human killings has become the daily routine now.

      Their faces fill with smile- smile that nobody would be able to see, even if innocient poor people would come with their human loses, these buggers would not stop smiling. Peityless leaders can only be appropriate butcher houses not for parliament.

      People are poor. They struggle on their 3 meals. That is a survival war so how can they react whatever harm the govt has been continuing against them. Neither would they realize the gravity of contituitonal changes so that the rulers can loot the nation also in the future. This govt has become a real joke for the masseses now.

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    This was expected.
    How long can the idle army drink duty-free foreign liquor in the messes and sleep?
    Their thrills are in harassing people,occasional free sex and feeling the fear in the citizens.
    Now they are going to houses and inquiring about missing persons to impersonate them in the election.

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    Gota, Mahinda & family are too stupid to realize that Navi Pillay has top notch crediblity among world leaders, the UN and international orgs. She is competent enough to see throught the GOSL show, put on for her in the North and East of SL.

    Tamil family and friends around me, don’t consider Global LTTE Chief Viswanathan Rudrakumaran, to be fit to lead the Tamil people. When the war was raging in 2009, he did not request LTTE Sun God Chief to release those Tamil civilians who wanted to flee the war zone. (family members of LTTE leaders, and others, wanted to remain in the war zone). When diaspora Tamils wanted to contact LTTE Sun God Chief in early 2009, and ask him to release civilians who wanted to leave the war zone, this pathetic Rudrakumaran, deliberately, did not assist their efforts.

    The GOSL and Sinhala supremists should be able to find evidence of Rudra’s complicity with war crimes by LTTE. And submit such evidence to the UN, Navi Pillay, the US government, EU etc. But the stupid and incompetent GOSL and Sinhala supremists have not done so!!! Evidence can also be found (at least evidence of links with LTTE leadership in Vanni) about other Global LTTE leaders such as Father S.J. Emanuel (Germany), Elias Jeyarajah (USA), Muthuthamby Sreetharan (USA), Tamilnet editor Jeyachandran Kopinath (Norway) & others.

    From the Tamil perspective, many of the so called moderate Singalese like Jehan Perera, have done extremely little to investigate the cases of thousands of Tamils who surrendered to the SLA in the final weeks of the war, and who have “disappeared” (which means murdered by SLA). One of the world’s most dangerous and cruel terrorist and war criminal, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, has repeatedly made the atrocious claim to the media, that those Tamils who are claimed to be “disappeared” or killed by the SLA, have simply gone abroad on their own free will or have eloped with their lovers.

    Among the Singalese, Sunila Abeysekera is an exception and a very decent Singalese and human being. I believe that Sunila had to flee SL to escape the Rajapaksa’s and SLA’s wrath! Nimalka Fernando an attorney-at-law and women’s rights activist is another example for a decent human being and Singalese.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa used the opportunistic and unscrupulous Tamara Kunanayakam at the UN in 2009, to hoodwink the world that he had a Tamil in a top GOSL slot. She only has a Tamil name. Nothing else about her is Tamil, or that of a decent person.

    In 2009 at the UNHRC, this Tamara Kunanayakam, strenuously denied that around tens of thousands Tamil civilians had been killed by the SLA in the final months of the war. But when 3 Singala youth were murdered by the SLA, in Weliveriya earlier this month, this opportunistic and unscrupulous Tamara Kunanayakam signed a petition, which was also signed by many Singalese HR defenders. This person Tamara has suddenly woken up from her trance, only now. She claims that she is a weird kind of socialist and is an ardent admirer of marxist dictators such as Fidel Castro.

    Note: The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders released this press appeal on March 27, 2012.

    Excerpt: “The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the smear campaign in the State media against Ms. Sunila Abeysekara, Ms. Nimalka Fernando, Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu and Mr. Sunanda Deshapriya, human rights defenders who are actively engaged in the fight against impunity for past and present human rights violations in Sri Lanka[1], following their participation in the 19th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.”


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      Is this Sunanda Deshapriya the guy who cheated some big money to his NGO organization.

      then he left Sri Lanka to escape that.

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        Jimstudipity aka Leela, always attack any opponent viewers as NGO supporters or western imperialists. If he has a brain the size of a musturd seed should feel that all NGO cant work for dollars only. Many NGOs work much more accountable and transparency than the current govt under MR has ever been:

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      What ???????????.

      Mahinda Rajapaksa used the opportunistic and unscrupulous Tamara Kunanayakam,

      OH, Is that so.

      at the UN in 2009,

      That is to ;

      to hoodwink the world that he had a Tamil in a top GOSL.

      Very Bad of me and my thinking. I WAS THINKING Something else.

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    Window dressing is done only for the occasion.bensen

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    Jim Softy:
    You accuse Sunanda, but has never talked about MR who tried to swindle “Tsunami contributions that came to the country with his infamous “Helping Hambantota” scheme. ably advised by Lalith, Epasinghe, Willie Gamage. If not for that stupid CJ Sarath Silva, he along with Lalith, Epasinghe Willie, all would have languished in jail. That money that came to Sri Lanka for Tsunami relief and rehability are public money which belongs to you, me and everybody. You have never condemned it which is a crime under penal code.
    You are against Sunanda, Pakyasothy, Nimalka, Sunila, etc. for presenting human Right violations on citizens of SL in Geneva. But you for your own benefit ignore what MR, Vasu and Tamara did at Geneva in 1989. MR declared that he would go even to hell to expose the wrong doing of the government. Didn’t Sunanda, Pakyasothy, Nimalka, Sunila and other did the same thing. If you attack them for what they did and do, then attack MR, Vasu and Tamara too. Then we can consider you as a reliable person.

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      These donkey behave as if they lost their memories as Duminda once said. Can you imagine ? We are a volk that have been been consistent. Their short memories or inablities to grasp the reality, has become a greater danger to entire nation today. That is again the disadvantage of democrasies of our kind.

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    Hurrah! Tamils you are as always step by step getting closer to the FREEDOM you aspire to have.Many of the Sri LAnkans know this- that is the fear they have because they cannot do without the Tamils.Too bad.
    If you want the Tamils in one beautifull and peacefull Sri Lanka then
    the singhalese need to take some action on this.

    Like what? – Look around,visit the north without army personal.
    The army must have been so restless for the 24hrs/48hrs they were gated.!

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    23 February, 1987:

    Tamara Kunanayakam’s statement in Geneva, at the UN COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS

    – 43RD SESSIONS – on behalf of the World Student Christian Federation.

    Tamara Kunanayakam, got a once in a lifetime chance when Mahinda Rajapaksa gave her the job of SL Perm Rep in Geneva. She knew that through her own job hunting efforts, she would never have been able to get a job like this – for which there would be several other better qualified candidates.

    So, around 2009, she grabbed with both hands, this job, when Mahinda Rajapaksa offered it to her,

    and forgot in an instant, all her statements, values and morals, she had in 1987!!!


    “The distinguished delegate of Norway yesterday (24/2/8 7) said “Enforced and involuntary disappearances and torture of persons seem to be used as convenient tactics for governments suppressing opponents and espousing a policy of stifling dissent often on the grounds of national security or with reference to the national integrity and sovereignty.” This is exactly the practice prevailing in Sri Lanka today, in the context of the government’s failure to address itself to the legitimate grievances of the Tamil people stemming from socio-economic and political causes.

    There is incontrovertible evidence that compared to previous years, larger numbers of people have been arrested in 1986, very often on a mass scale, and detained for prolonged periods. A civil rights monitoring group in Sri Lanka estimates that the total number taken into custody during 1986 to be in the region of 14,000 persons. Those arrested are detained not in normal detention centres but in army camps located in various parts of the country under degrading conditions.

    Most of the arrests, the victims of which, by and large, are Tamils, are effected under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and Emergency Regulations. It may he noted that the Prevention of Terrorism Act has been described by the International Commission of Jurists as an ugly blot on the statute hook of any civilised country. Sri Lanka has been ruled by the present government under a state of emergency for most of its life since 1977.”

    Another excerpt:

    “Mr Chairman, the real situation is reflected by the fact that Sri Lanka bias figured prominently in the three reports of the Special Rapporteurs and by the fact that thousands have fled the country in search of physical security, and not by the abstract, technical and often theoretical arguments advanced by Sri Lanka before this Commission Mr Chairman, no longer can the government of Sri Lanka divert the attention of those genuinely concerned by the human rights situation in that country by references to separatism and terrorism. It must, as we said earlier, address itself to the root causes that have given rise to violence and violations that characterise Sri Lankan society today.”

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      Here is the URL (more docs exist in the internet):

      [Edited out]

      If you want to post the ULR, please posts the original ULR – CT

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    Tamils have one Caste and women of that caste can be hired to cry in any funeral or in any “SEEMINGLY SAD EVENT’. LTTE – Tamils sent some of those women, supposedly, in front of Navi pilai.

    Forget atrocities against sinhala or muslims. Did they send the tamils of those tamils who were killed by LTTE ? IF not why ?

    “The UN Human Rights head is now in Sri Lanka and visiting the country’s North to see for herself the developments since the fall of the LTTE. Much prominence has been given to her meeting with a Mahaveer widow. Leaving aside that her ‘missing’ husband is a former LTTE senior leader and thus no saint we would like to know on the assumption of Ms. Pillay’s claim to be ‘neutral’ why she has not decided to first visit the real victims and their families who were the civilians that LTTE targeted and killed by planting bombs, claymore mines, indiscriminate shooting and sending suicide bombers? Should they not be getting more prominence given that they were the real victims targeted and eliminated to prop up LTTE’s terror image?

    Yet, Ms. Pillay chose to meet Ananthy Sasitharan wife of a ‘missing’ senior LTTE leader Sinnathurai Sasitharan (Ezhilan). So Ms. Pillay had time to listen to the widow of a former LTTE leader who incidentally also happens to be contesting the Northern Provincial Council elections from the Jaffna district on the LTTE appointed political party the TNA ticket – this does not give much credibility to either the TNA or the spouse of the ‘missing’ LTTE. Thus, the widow of the former LTTE is now a politician and therefore we question why Ms. Pillay chose to meet up a politician LTTE than actual victims. Being a politician disqualifies her from making representations as a member of civil society – surely Ms. Pillays office should have known this simple protocol? Is it not interesting that it was Fr. Emmanuel Sebamalai, a Catholic Priest from Mannar who set up the meeting with Ms. Pillay.

    Ms. Pillay should have taken the opportunity to ask her how many Tamils and non-Tamils would have gone ‘missing’ during the LTTE heyday and what about the 5000 armed forces and police personnel abducted and remain unaccounted for? This is no small number and Ms. Pillay or her Human Rights office cannot ignore this number. If the wife of a LTTE leader can complain and Ms. Pillay has time to listen to her, should Ms. Pillay not be meeting up with the wives of the 5000 service personnel still missing?

    Far before meeting any wives of terrorists, Ms. Pillay should have met the scores of people who are now blind because the LTTE bombed Sri Lanka’s Central Bank, the families of dead children cut to pieces, the mothers of children who died while traveling to school when LTTE bombed the bus they were travelling in. These are the victims because LTTE chose to use them as pawns simply to put their name on the international press board and for Governments to notice their terror activities. So we ask again WHY IS MS PILLAY NOT MEETING WITH THESE VICTIMS FIRST? Why has she got no empathy for these civilians and only opting for ‘civilians’ she sees fit to meet?

    While continuing to stress that Ms. Pillay’s emotional, genetic and ethnic ties being a Tamil herself disqualifies her from engaging in any neutral fact finding in Sri Lanka, this was proven in the manner Ms. Pillay was seen commenting on land issues which is totally irrelevant and outside her mandate. This speaks volumes about the conflict of interest in her role in investigating Sri Lanka and it surprises us that the UN Ethics Office has yet to explore this conflict of interest.

    Land issues have nothing to do with Pillay

    However, given that there are calls made by pro-LTTE lobbies to reduce the military and claims of illegal land occupation, the argument merits us to refer records by Government officials in Vavuniya, Kilinochchi and Mulllaitivu districts of complains by people returning to Sri Lanka after 25 years to find their lands illegally occupied – these lands had been taken over by LTTE and distributed amongst Mahaveer families during the 2002 ceasefire agreement by the UNF Government who had given these LTTE mahaveer families official title deeds.

    These allegations warrant investigation of UNF officials and officials of the Land Registry if any wrong doing has taken place. No one has any right to be destroying original deeds and writing new deeds whether it is for LTTE Mahaveer families or not. Much of the current problems stem from the fact that these Mahaveer families are now refusing to leave the lands they are falsely making claim over and the conflicts have arisen again due to prominent caste factors which many Tamils take pains to hide but Ms. Pillay being a Tamil herself will only know too well how caste system works and how caste system has again come to the surface following the fall of the LTTE.

    However, what Ms. Pillay is guilty of is that she is picking and choosing who she defines as a ‘victim’ who she claims is a ‘civilian’ and who she meets. Top on any list of civilians and if she is meeting victims she should first be meeting up with the families of civilians that LTTE eliminated and the survivors who are either blind or carrying some other injury for no fault of theirs. While we do empathize with the civilians caught up in the conflict areas we cannot rule out that some of them voluntarily or by force took part in some sort of terrorist activity that the LTTE ordered them to do. This is amply recorded in UN statements where even the UN Secretary General is on record for saying that civilians were forced to take part in combat operations – this clearly denies them refuge as a non-combatant.

    What we would like to question Ms. Pillay about is why she has not taken any efforts to meet up with the widows and families of the 5000 armed forces and police personnel who are still missing for this is something she is mandated to investigate and she should be questioning the LTTE front organizations as well as the Tamil National Alliance to their whereabouts. She should also have met up with the families of the victims who were targeted by the LTTE and who died which included women, pregnant women, children, babies, student monks, villagers, farmers, the elderly, feeble and scores of others. Where are Ms. Pillay’s time slots for them?

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    Another article posted in CT is talking about how Tamils chased out British invaders from their mythical homeland. He praises Pabakaran too.

    Tell us, Tamils would not engage in violence in the Island if they have the opportunity ?

    US had Partiot – act, home land office, and world wide program against Terrorism because of just one incidence that happened on one day. HOw many Drone attqackes were carried out in Pakistan and Sudan just to protect their interests ?

    Sri Lankan enemies are living well and kicking in Western countries and they are very much active.

    How many years Sri Lanka had the LTTE menace and how much was the destruction with respect to human livers and to the rupee value ?

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    Jim Softly- Many Tamils are still crying over lives lost ,homes and all within it from 1958 to 1979.
    Sri Lanka gov watched,the world watched.Many of the one parent families and orphans cam out over this period.Aunts and uncle helped these kids to get out of the country to get over the trauma and start a new life.They did and now v.happy.You have a grudge against this? Too bad.

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