3 October, 2022


Airbus Deal: Court Reveals Money Trail – Mainstream Media Remains Mum

Despite social media buzzing yesterday with news of the controversial transfer of US $ 800,000 from former SriLankan Airlines CEO Kapila Chandrasena‘s wife Priyanka Niyomali Wijenayaka’s bank account to the account of Global Vision Holdings owned by Businessman Nimal Perera, prominent television channels such as Derana TV and Hiru TV failed to broadcast this highlighted discovery.

Nimal Perera

They still continue to remain mute along with other prominent print media houses.

Even though Maharajah Group’s electronic media channel News First broke the story at 20:37 last night, the news of the controversial transfer of US $ 800,000 was highlighted during the court session, when the controversial SriLankan Airlines Airbus aircraft re-fleeting bribe scandal and case against the former national carrier’s CEO Kapila Chandrasena and wife Priyanka Niyomali Wijenayake was taken up in court earlier yesterday.

In a further startling revelation a sum of Euro 160,000 had also been transferred from Priyanka Niyomali Wijenayake’s account to that of an account belonging to the company named Sri Lanka Adverts belonging to two brothers, which incidentally does not have a registered address.

The husband and wife duo were further remanded by Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake until the 4th of March 2020, when the case is to be taken up once again.

Incidentally Businessman Nimal Hemasiri Perera who is banned from travelling overseas, is also currently embroiled in a scandalous money laundering case involving Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s eldest son MP Namal Rajapaksa under the prevention of money laundering act. The ongoing case is being heard at the Magistrate’s Court in Fort Colombo. (By Dasun Jayakody)

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    Lets faces it, nothing will happen. usd 7 million is less tah RS 25000. As per the cid.

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      RE: Airbus Deal: Court Reveals Money Trail – Mainstream Media Remains Mum

      Airbus Deal: Court Reveals Money Trail – Mainstream Media Remains Mum,


      The Para-Tribe and the cronies of the Para-Tribe Media Exposed, and they have no clothes.

  • 47

    Got rid of Elam terrorists now we have financial terrorists led by Rajakapse family please remember Judiciary and the legislature belongs to the people not to Rajapakses Floating voters opportunity for you guys to give 2/3 to Rajapaksas to create a record in money laundering

    • 28

      As long as we have rice eating slave donkeys in Sri Lanka, Rajapakses will survive. Only hope is the natural justice by Mother Nature to the whole Rajapakse bloodline, and their families. Remember Tsunami? They robbed Tsunami money too. What a low level beings? How can a human go to that level?

      • 6

        We should have another sunami to prove that

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    Baba Namal became ”Airbus Namal”. Very well suits. :) :) :) :) Bloody hell, my tax money flying high :(((

    • 24

      MirakRajBanda – Don’t forget Namal is a synthetic “lowyer” of the lowest calibre and what is more he has constructive control of all his “flying angels”. Father Jarapakse is grooming him to take over as president of Sorry Lanka someday.

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    Derana TV and Hiru TV is good advices for the nation to tell the act of preach is valid when the one who practices the act. others you preach to make money the Court Reveals Money Traile

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    Commissions, backhanders & other forms of easy money seem to be the norm in SL. I am amazed by the number of luxury cars & SUVs on the road, certainly not expected in a third world bankrupt country. Looking at the inventory of used car sales which have mushroomed all over towns, I can only assume the huge amount of disposable cash many seem to have. I remember Ravi K stating in public that his wife bought a penthouse with some of the money, Rs 20m or so, was cash stashed in the safe of her company by some third person. Now, who would keep such a load of cash in an office safe idling instead of making it generate some income by depositing it in a bank, not to mention the security of the cash as well? If Ravi K wanted us to believe it was office petty cash, his wife must be in the financial business to keep such a big float, which, again, points at laundering money, unless, she had a license to deal in finances. In this day & age of electronic money transfers & banking, she must have been way behind in time if she conducted business on cash basis. Who is fooling whom?

    Is the tax office over worked, so much so, that it is unable follow up on all these transactions or happy to go after the little fish from time to time, just to keep them occupied & dare not challenge the sharks? My assumption is that the tax office is also in the take in this free for all easy money climate in SL.

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    Let us not jump into conclusions. Has anyone traced the source of the money trail ? We have always had financial terrorists which is the main reason for Sri Lanka to be stagnated unable to show any constructive development. To be precise the so called “financial terrorists”must have taken the oath of “omerata” in the Mafia language and could be hiding anywhere under MR’s sarong or may be even RW’s pants. The Government should look for the source

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    Even in this reporting by CT, the most relevant and interesting part of the court’s proceeding is missing. The Deputy Solicitor General , Mr. Mudalige has said in courts (as per reports) ” We are not supposed to advise CID to do everything. We have informed CID to investigate into this money laundering, but there is no action taken so far”. What has “Happened” or Done” to CID?

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    ———-Air bus deal is peanuts compared to Gothapaya’s MIG deal and Mara’s US$ 800 million worth Helping Hambantota Deal ……….

    Can anyone guess how much Gothapaya,, Mara, and Namal baby received from Kapila on the promise of protecting him and his wife????

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    We all know the outcome, the stupid Attorney General will file a case with holes in it so that the courts will throw the case away. Same happened with Avanguard, MIG etc…Its time we have foreign Judges sitting on our benches. It appears our Chief Justice is also part of the game.

  • 10

    Sri Lanka is a play ground for 225 people.

  • 2

    What has this got do with Hiru and Derana Channels which are exposing better Deals and more Evil Acts than this lousy 800 thou, which is nothing in the over all scheme of things under Yahaplanaya.

    Just compare the transfers of the Dosh from the Bond Scam PROFITS to Bank Accounts to buy Penthouses , Breweries and even as monetary rewards to the MPs and Ministers who wrote Foot Notes to say the First Tranche of Yahapalanaya Bonds were all A Plus rating ..

    Last night I watched that UNP young GUN Hirunickers, trying to explain to the Colombo masses who collect Fly Buy points ,how Srilankan has racked up over One Billion US Dollars in Debt during Rajapakasas time.

    But Hirunickers got her Maths tested by a new Minister Susil, who proved that Hirunicker’s figure was well over the TOP.
    Because not only the total was incorrect , but most of it was added by her own UNP Boss Dr Rani’s Mob who came to clean up the Airline.

    And ended up adding a cool extra USD 164 Million in one hit, not to buy Planes but just to cancel an Order.

    Wonder whether Kapila and the Missus transferred any Dollars to any accounts bearing Weliyamuna name or names…

    Because I know Dr Rani paid 3 Million to one Mr Weliyamuna PC, to clean up Srilankan and” fix” the Crooks using Dr Rani’s own F******CID.

    Specially that BIL of the then President , whom I thought would be well and truly wearing one of those Prison Jumpers now, which the UNP Stalwarts like Dr Rajitha and Mr Ramanayaka were displaying while promising to jail Rajapaksas as the first Act of Yahapalanaya.-

    Wonder what happened????..

    BTW any Commissions from that USD 164 Million which was couriered express to a Leasing company in Switzeraland by the Yahapalana Cabinet?..

    Because paying Santhosams seems to be the norm when buying and selling and even leasing Airbuses..

    • 2

      paying Santhosams seems to be the norm when buying and selling and even leasing Airbuses..

      That is how the western business model, because of that all over the, same business us used. It is the same reason, our politicians do not establish an agency for foreign buying and set up a office r for that. Instead, Mihin Air, Sri Lankan Air, most of the financial institutions via central etc., are play ground for politicians and their friends.
      West became rich by exploiting the poor third world. I am wondering whether the rich and big businesses in Sri Lanka became rich with the help govt handouts and KUDU. Politicians definitely get their share of the earnings.

    • 3

      KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

      What is your message?
      What is your messiah Mahinda doing in Kashi Vishwanath temple, Tirumala Tirupati Lord Venkateswara temple while Ashtadala Paada Padmaradhana ritual was being performed, …. ?

      I understand in a elaborate Hindutva ritual at Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varnasi he was converted into Sinhala/Hindutva.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        Unlike our Buddhist Monks, I am told your Poosaris who represent Lord Siva are good at a myriad of things .

        These range from cleansing the souls of young brides before they get married , right up to their married lives after giving them in marriage.
        And even helping to make them fertile to bring up the future generations of Hindutwas..
        And I have seen that on Desinet from Hindustan.

        Mahinad Rajapaksa with a Catholic wife has no such support base I guess with the religious gurus of both being holy people who practice Celibacy.
        No wonder he also runs to Thirupathi every time his nemesis Dr Rani goes there .
        But his nemesis must be going just for a Pooja and a Blessing to win Elections but nothing else. I guess…

        BTW will your new Idol Keselwatta Kid pay a visit too , now that Dr Rani has
        anointed KK as the next UNP PM?..

        I heard Mahinda took Yopshita Putha and the young Missus over too.

        Do you get the point Native?. This Politics in Lankawe is an all encompassing very complicated Business . Isn’t it Mate?..

        One more thing Native.
        If Tamils were the original l inhabitants in Lankawe and India including our Devanampiyatissam, as your ex CM says , how come Hindia has only 80 Million out of those 2 Billion Hindians?…

        • 1


          “I guess with the religious gurus of both being holy people who practice Celibacy.”

          Sure, I take your point that both being holy people both practice Celibacy.

          Please leave the Kid find his feet.

          “Do you get the point Native?. This Politics in Lankawe is an all encompassing very complicated Business .”

          No it is simple business, the greed driven power hungry crooks make it complicated in order to stay in power, and their stupid supporters believe these crooks are working hard to help alleviate them from poverty, insecurity, …… not knowing the crooks deliberately impoverish them and keep them paranoid, so that eventually a fascist state is build.

          Hindia is not Hindia as you know it 300 years ago.
          Like you when your ancestors arrive here for various reasons from South India people continuously move from one place to another and adapt and change according to the climate, socioeconomic norms, religion, …… skills, environment, …. replacing languages, …. creating new societies from the old ones, … new political identities, such as the the one Sinhala/Buddhist you have adapted in the past 70 years, …… and believing whatever the bigoted masters preachers, …….

          The crooks know what they want and how to get them.
          Stupid people like you never knew what you want and how to get it from crooks who assert 100% control over resources, monopoly political powers, …..

    • 0

      Useless and pointless imbecile with shit for brains

  • 3

    As media is paid handsomely, they are not giving prominence to these things. but, at least for certain extent it may be NEw non-career president’s initiative that Judiciary is working fair to a greater extent.
    Otherwise, Sri lankan airlines was play ground for mahinda chintanaya. Ranil also was doing the same thing though it was not abused and played out as Mahinda chintanaya govt was. Maithripala also set up a presidential commiittee and he keep the report secret for his own sake.
    I think the new COPE committee did not allow the new Management of Air line to begin the same routine. As soon as they were appointed, they were ASKED TO REPORT TO cope COMMITTEE WITH WHAT EVER DOCUMENTS THEY HAVE. If not they may come and accuse the previous for screwing up and not knowing anything to them.
    Mihin AIR, they buying aircrafts in pieces, to assemble the complete one, They bought the air crafts and handed over it to another private company to lease their own aircrafts to them. It was simply ORGANIZED CRIME.
    I hope Allow the judiciary to be independent without giving them phone calls or transferring them. I heard interdictions also had some ulterior motives.

  • 4

    K.A.Sumanasekera: I read your comments, but never ever cared to comment on what you say. But this time, I thought, you deserve to be complimented for what you said of the “BIL of the then President”. Exactly and without a doubt, that “MAN” – Nishantha Wickramasinghe- the Elder Brother of Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapakse, the “Brother-in-Law” of the “Then President” , the Cahirman of SriLankan Airline should have been made to wear the prison jumper, much before Mr. Lalith Weeratunga who was convicted of “Sil Redi” case. It did not happen. WHY? Think of it deeply. That was because, of the “DEALS” that were agreed upon by the then Presidents, PM and the “Then President” now the PM.

  • 1

    Strongly advice people to learn Tamil language as the things are unfolding here, and the democracy what we have only on the name sake, Tamil Elam is going to be reality with the blessings of the international community, particularly with the intervention of USA and India, and now with European Union as this country is going get funding from China only to keep it afloat. If that happens It is certainly going to be the stepping stone for breaking up of this country. Rajapaksha clan will continue to thrive on playing racism card to hold on to power and people will continue to believe what this clan is saying no matter what is going to happen to this country. People have been intoxicated to such an extent that only Sinhala race can be saved by Rajapaksha no matter how corrupt this family is! No matter what happens only Rajapaksa clan will protect this land! As if people are still living in Dutugemunu era!

    With the Chinese intervention to pro up corrupt regim, country will potentially be declared as failed state and we can not rule out possible sanction be imposed on the country in a worse case scenario. This may accelerate in the event if this corrupt regime gets 2/3 majority in the next election as the regim will surely unleash iron fist to keep the peoples mouth shut. Rajapaksha curse can only be rooted out from this land only if Mahasangarathnaye realizes that who the real patriot of this country and in which camp they are! it is wiser for them to do it sooner and otherwise there will be two nations once called mother Sri Lanka.

  • 2

    As a Malaysian would say it ” Usual story Laaah”. Nimal Perera would be taken ill to a private hospital. The case will be postponed to gather further evidence. The senior CID officers in charge will be transferred. Ranil W would tell his rank and file to shut up so as to not antagonize the Rajapakses. England tours Sri Lanka for a Test and One series. We win a few matches and “Everything is forgotten Laaah” and, everyone will be asking What Airbus? Aiyo, these things happen noh? You can’t expect anything better in Sri Lanka from these buggers.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, normal service has resumed. You may now get back to your daily routine.

  • 2

    Sri Lankans have little choice in the coming Parliamentary Elections. a) If we elect the economic terrorists of “Pohottuwa”, we can expect a governance worse than Idi Amin’s Uganda, with corruptions in unimaginable proportions.
    b) Next choice is good for nothing “Swan” with an idiotic PM in the form of Sajith Premadasa. Remember all the bond scam (2nd) crooks are with him.
    c) The other option is JVP alliance, with not so honest or capable set of peasants.
    d) Only option I can think of is TNA, with capable men like Sumanthiran.
    If this country to survive, all Sri Lankans, including Sinhalese and Muslims should vote for the TNA.

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