25 March, 2023


All MPs Supporting NCM Against MR File Writ Of Quo Warranto Challenging Purported Government’s Unlawful Continuation In Office

Sparking a new battle on the legal front, 122 MPs who supported the no-confidence motion against former President and fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa have filed a Writ of Quo Warranto in the Court of Appeal challenging the purported government’s unlawful continuation in office.


Filing the Write of Quo Warranto the MPs have requested the Court of Appeal to issue a writ declaring that Mahinda Rajapaksa and the purported Ministers and Deputy Ministers have no authority to hold government offices following two successful no-confidence motions in Parliament.

According to Article 48 (2) of the Constitution, the government stands dissolved with the passage of a no-confidence motion in Parliament. In Rajapaksa’s case, he has lost two consecutive no-confidence motions with a resounding margin in Parliament and both debacles are duly recorded in the Hansard.

Former Parliamentarian Geetha Kumarasinghe lost her Parliamentary seat, last year, following a Writ of Quo Warranto filed in the Court of Appeal.

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    Stop deminozing Federalism to achieve your political agendas .

    Politicians must stop demonizing the terminology of Fedralism , there is absulutely no truth in what they blabber regarding federalism.

    Federalism is not what is dangerous ,it is The present excutive system which is, it can at any given time declare a state of emergency and use the power of total impunity to arrest and do whatever they want,while Even federal system can be fully controlled by a well set up Senate ,it is the current Excutive system that is to be feared by the people .

    It has vehemently, violently and openly refused to respect the House even after curtailing its powers and making it answerable to the house,hence any federalism can be more dangerous than the excutive ?

    After seeing the ills of the excutive system, if people fail to change it and opt to vote for it ,then whatever ill that the rulers & their supporters who desperately need impunity to conduct their personal affairs to fullfil their agendas will achieve it,
    But the people at large will pay a miserable price (God forbid)

  • 1

    The excutive rulers of past and present.

    Today people have this to say about past Excutives like Sadam ,Ghadhaffi and Present day Asad.

    Sadam until he went to war with Iran The dinar was $.6.00 ,its oil rich , he had a huge arm force ,,enough militry equip, airforce , most of the Country was well devoloped ,the city pedestrian crossings had escallators .

    Ghaddafi went even further brought water into the dry Sahara ,shared his wealth freely and fairly to all .
    Syria Currency was $.2.00 before the war .
    Two ex executive rulers are dead ,one by the very hands of his own men and other tried and hanged by law also by his own judge who worked for him the third is yet around,not knowing his end


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    executive rulers of past & present
    They all forgot how they ruled .
    when you have treated your crtics with torture and murder ,it never ever goes away,even if the number were few,these are humanbeings ,their family, why it could be even a good friend will not forget it ,that is what happened to Iraq ,Libya and now Syriya.

    But look at Singapore ,yes Lee did rule with an Iron fist so did Dr.Mahthir, he even crushed a communist uprising ,but other than that they both use the law to desipline and build the Nations ,to date Malaysia remains a Federal Nation with 13 states ,one half of the nation divided by sea ,did the states declare independence ? no ,they are well devolpoed and far ahead than us.
    And at his old age of 90+ he was ushered in as PM again ,that is the love and trust he built with the majority and Minority ,,he ran for elections won and never interfered with the law ,he let the law do its job.

    Sri lanka has a very sad and bloody past ,and excutive powers that enacted emergency rule “unintentionally ” provided a space and impunity even for organised criminals to get away with most crimes ,it gave freedom to a few ruthless people to take revenge even over trivial issues.

    I have said enough I guess ,let us see how the Supreme Court decides ,Then The President and finally if The people will demand for a true 100% people power Constitution before they elect the MPs.
    I pray never again this nation will ever use the Excutive powers to declare state of emergency .

    May God save Lanka.

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    The best solutiion would be to forget the past .

    Start a new page and for that you need a new Constitution that not only gives power to the people but also provides a relatively secured enviorment where people of all races, religions , beliefs ,atheists ,agnostics ,non gender bias and freedom to critics and protection to all media personals ,even those who may be biased are gauranteed, if people’s character are damaged let them use the legal system to sue ,but never again blood to be spilled on this land,let by gones be by gones.

    but as long as The Executive Presidency remains not even the excutive Prezident or his/her family will find peace.

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