7 October, 2022


Sirena-Rajapaksa Junta Loses Parliament Majority For Fourth Consecutive Time: Selections Committee Approved By 121 MPs

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s group lost a Parliamentary vote for the fourth consecutive time today when 121 lawmakers from the UNP, JVP and the TNA voted in favour of the Selections Committee in Parliament this morning.

The Speaker called for a vote on the composition of the committee when the UPFA, a group that does not have a majority in Parliament, demanded a majority representation in the Selections Committee. As the party leaders could not agree on the matter, the Speaker conducted a vote in Parliament on the composition.

While 116 MPs voted via the electronic system, five MPs voted by name.

Parliament voted to appoint five members each from the UPFA and the UNP and one member each from the JVP and the TNA to the 13-member committee chaired by the Speaker.

As the Speaker called for a vote on the committee, all UPFA MPs walked out of the Parliamentary chamber, boycotting the proceedings. The vote continued despite the absence of the UPFA MP group.

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    Mahinda gp and Sirisena goons behave like stray mad dogs biting every one in the street. Tey don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know what to do next. What we do to the mad stray mad dogs?

    • 17

      Hi guys,

      how would they get approved the funds to run the govt ? Parliament is the only body to get that done in any govt. In current context, in this DE FACTO GOVT , so long such approvals in parliament would not be successful there is no majority them to get passed anything ?

      Experts believe, there will be scarcity of Medicine AND Food items in the days to come.

      They should always, rob going by their usual tricks in the days to come.

      I think nothing will move forward even if those loyalists believe, ” Governament is intact and moves forward”.

      • 4

        They are not spending anthing but they are doing election propagnada to cheat every one. They say they will give Rs. 1000 minimum wage to up country Tamils, they say they will reduce prices, they will release all Tamil prisoners etc. Why they did not fight for these for the past 3.5 years or during the period of 10 years. All drama!

    • 14

      Is there any other OPTION to remove President from his seat ? Not a single day should let pass. I got collapsed y day not being able to see him SITTING on a Chair before a BANA serman – cointinuing his HYPROCRATIC religious nature. This man should be hung by his balls to heal the nation’s anger.

      And take MR and their brutal men take away from parliament and put them all in a cell let them rotten on the spot ?

      Not Jamal Khashoggi, but these men all together deserve to be dismembered on the spot, if this country to raise its head.

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      .Ex CM of Northern Province Vigneswaran soon will be joining his daughter , SIL and Vasu/ Ms / MR Combo doldrums it appears.
      The remark he made that MR/ MS Combo will be good for the country!!
      He too had been bought for Millons I wonder by the Fake Government or is he loosing his MARBLES??
      He is certain to lose the NP votes following this utterance.

      • 4

        Mr Vigneswaran ! If it was in fact a Fake news published by One of the MR mouth pieces come out clean to reject it or face the consequences and kiss the Dust soon along with the Fakers .
        Stop uttering rubbish in the mouth piece media which was blocked once and now partially opened by the Fakers to sing the Hosana.
        Your promises to the Northerners a joke ?? Unbelievable comes believable now , family bonding or your Northern People you need to decide.

      • 2

        This guy is mentally deranged like MS.

    • 10

      @Ajith, “what we do to the mad stray mad dogs?”

      You put them to sleep following a cyanide injection.
      Never to have another life.

    • 4

      Sirena-Rajapaksa Junta,

      RE: Sirena-Rajapaksa Junta Loses Parliament Majority For Fourth Consecutive Time: Selections Committee Approved By 121 MPs

      “Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s group lost a Parliamentary vote for the fourth consecutive time today when 121 lawmakers from the UNP, JVP and the TNA voted in favour of the Selections Committee in Parliament this morning.”

      You are illegal, remember that, even though you have no clothes and you have no shame. These are characteristics of crooks and not of patriots.

      Face the music , you cowards.

    • 1

      “What do we do to a mad stray dog on the Streets?” What MR and his killer gang leader brother did to many innocent of this country. The many pens that have been silenced.

    • 0

      Where is the list from 01 to 77?

  • 12

    It may be too soon to gloat about such victories against desperate people.
    The real battle could be against a far more dangerous force outside Parliament.

    • 11

      Going by statistics, older you become, any homo sapienes if not being disturbed by pathological reasons, you become wiser.

      But in our parliament, those who name them as ” the ruling govt” are filled with seniors with ages being over 69 yrs (Dinesh the nasal voice of the parliament) to 79 (Vasudedwa) are no different to those CHILLI power throwing LOW class, uneducated Rajakshe loyalists.
      If these seniors fail to set examples how would their JUNIOR ever grasph it ?

      Rajakashe on the very day his loyalists demolished the parliament and attacked the Speaker was not UNCONSCIOUS but in normal healthy state was seated to good old seat, andwas also seen whispering words to THOSE young brutal MPs as if he wanted to see more, and act of adding fuel to the fire.
      Vasudewas seen flanked to the MP who byforce sat on the SPEAKERs chair ( the guy who imported containers of illegal Alcohol in the high days of MR regime).

  • 16

    Dinesh Gunawardhna the man in his late sixtiess beahves as if he has never grown up in his teenage transition period. This bugger has the audacity ” call it as a government irrespective of being defeated by a larger majority of 122 ” He shamelessly adds the the current MAHINDARA JARAPAKSHE led govt with his cabinet functions well. How can the man of this nature ever face his lovely ones in their eyes – he is not 29 years old but 69 today. These are the men that would not lead this nation to good.

    – not a single state except BURUNDI is said to have greeted them internnationally
    – also yestreday, american congress men ask BLIND FOLDED President SIrisena to respect NCMs which were passed in the parliament last week
    – EU and other powerful nations, keep on asking to respect constitution going by 19th Amendment
    – India has already endorsed that Sirisena is the looser number one and followed by Rajakashe ballige putha, and Mr Ranil Wickramsinghe stays as the educated leader to have respected interntional and local norms
    – JVPrs have made it very clear that there is no govt in the country for the last 10 days
    -Experts warn that we will have a scarcity of FOOD and essential Medicine in the country during next few weeks
    – Intnerional bodies have rated lankens as B2 ranking , so the dangerbefore the country is growing

  • 6

    The people who elected this majority, then have spoken. The President was elected by the People.

    So how come you are crowing that we are in such a mess? What went wrong with your Yaha plans?

    We should have been another Singapore by now – no two Singapores if you get my dirty double meaning.


  • 11

    Sira still can demand that 225 minus 121 is less than 113 be proven….

  • 15

    What has SIRISENA- RAJAKASHE Junta achieved sofar :

    1. Depreciation of Rupee against US dollar is not stopped but intensified even if the fall in other like minded countries have been able to control it at least to some extent
    So today, it has even turned out to be 180 rupees. But Rajakshe thought things would turn out to be favourable to them once they grabed the power.. So blatant lies.. and these men are despecable idiots

    2 IMF and other bodies have stopped issuing loans to srilanka right the moment
    3. Tourist arrivals have gone down in 30% – I myself know some tourists from EUROPE, with the stard of winter seasons, have cancelled their bookings already last week
    4. Standards in parliament maintained by SRILANKENs for many decades have fallen to all depths, considering the facts that Rajakashe loyalists with the direct backing of MAHIDNA RAJAKASHE, who is boasting about his over 50y ear old parliament experience, Rajakashe bullies desecrated the parliament.
    Rjaakshe by his age – 73 years
    Hon. Speaker Karu Jayasooriy- 78 years.
    To everyone ‘s suprise, Rajapakshe together with his bullies in parliament, threw CHILLI-mixed water, heavy chairs and other hurtful heavey material on to the speaker, and his police guard.

    Rajakashe- low level but MPs like Prasanna Ranweera poured bottles of water into the respected chair of the speaker as an act of insulting the long held lanken parliament democracy.
    They did not stop having behavved so abusively, but tried to justified as to why they went that far.

    • 1

      Simon De Silva
      There are many facts to be corrected here.
      1. Mahinda didn’t say if he comes to power rupee will stop depreciating. It was Bandula and Cabraal.
      2. IMF has the habit of suspending loans to developing countries. Sri Lanka has experienced it before.
      3. UPFA MPs who acted lawless are GROWN UPS who are responsible for their behaviour.
      4. I don’t think the issue in the Parliament has anything to do with the slight downturn of tourist arrivals.
      It could be as a result of travel advisories issued by some countries for possible clashes among political supporters. (For an example, last year 35,000 nights of bookings in one single city in Mexico were cancelled due to USA’s travel advisory.)
      I also had the same fear. However, the last three weeks have proved that the general public has no intention to engage in violence over a matter which could be solved in the Parliament.
      Therefore, I don’t see any reason for tourists to be alarmed.
      The law and order situation remains positive.
      People engage in their daily work as usual, though there is some uneasiness in government sector which has no impact on tourists.
      Overall, I don’t think there is any reason for tourists to cancel their bookings for the winter season.
      In fact, the dollar’s appreciation is a BONANZA to US, UK and European tourists to make a memorable stay in Sri Lanka; while –
      enjoying Sri Lanka’s salubrious climate,
      mesmerizing beaches,
      stunningly beautiful sunsets,
      fascinating culture,
      2500 year old ancient Buddhist ruins and world renowned temples,
      unforgettable wild sanctuary safaris,
      picturesque landscapes and
      delicious Sri Lankan food.
      Tourists SHOULD NOT CANCEL their bookings and miss an unforgettable stay in Sri Lanka due to “some Parliamentary jokes.”
      We enjoy them. They should come and do the same.

      • 4

        Champawathie listen if you have good ears please @
        I dont think your efforts would EVER succeed in terms of covering Rajakshe further and further. They cut their neck by their own. Those who had doubts, were clear having watched last week’s DRAMA in the parliament.
People are now well aware of the facts that RAJAKASHEs are born to harm own folks REGARDLESS of race, religion or anything. What matters for them is becoming clear, nothing else, GRAB the power by hook or crrok and be above in the country. That many believe is a mental problem. Power intoxication of Gadafi and Sadam H ended up creating miserable states in those country, I am scared to see, the same effect would work on us SRILANKEns in the days to come.
        MR is the most abusive man in the entire drama. Ballige putha is now caught as he never guessed at before.
See, now SIRISENA is all wrong, but in the same time, Rajakashe and his men are trapped. Rajakashe has to stay bending their heads before Sirisena, if not, sirisena would pull the trigger, since he has got all the evidence to destroy Mahinda buruwa AND his low lives.
However, as I see it , all these woulld not stay long. THere will make lot more deivisions almost every where where the Rajakashe loyalists are there. European experts predict situation could trigger and another civil war or the like clashes in the days to come. But power intoxicated, Rajaksahe would remain as he was seen in the parliament brawl last week. These men though in their senior ages, but their behaivours are no different to that of Prasanna Ranaweera, Arundathi Fernando, Wimal Sukirwanse, Gontharidpila or the like.
        These men woudl continue to be so, and they will never win. They would never change themselves for good in this life.
        Sad news for innocient people, because their future hopes are far from achieving.

    • 3

      The long dreaded panic has set in deep in the fiscal mind. It may take its course both irreparable and irreversible

  • 14

    The fake government walked out of parliament today. In any case this is what they will have to do when a formal, flawless no-confidence motion will be passed in the near future, for which today’s voting paves the way. Unless, of course, MS will play a treacherous and crooked trump up his sleeve.
    Ranil should now take the bull by the horns. He should announce immediately Sajith’s place in the party in the immediate future so that masses will begin to look at and place trust in a worthy alternative to RW, MR and possibly MS. The change envisaged should not be cosmetic but one that would instil confidence in the masses. This confidence will strengthen by expediting legal action against MR era rogues which was in the back burner deliberately.
    On no account should Wasantha Senanayake be taken back. He is a cheeky (literally) devil who does not know whether he is sitting or standing

    • 1

      Wasntha Senanayakae gives the look of a demented confused imbecile.
      He’s an absolute idiot not to be taken seriously.
      He’s been sold in the fish market . No return to UNP for sure.

  • 13

    Silly and Milly are the two most dense minded politicians in our country…..they were sent strong messages by the parliament, four times, and they still cannot get the message. Time to drop this stupid idea, accept defeat, and just crawl under a rock and stay there. In other nations they vote only once for a motion like this, and the majority wins. Doing the same idiotic thing over and over again, will not change anything.

  • 10

    They should have self respect and accepted the fact; now; More SLFP will join UNP ..

  • 17

    Another big achievement for Democracy and a deadly slap on criminal MaRa, uneducated Gota, 30% Basil, Cow-faced Namal, Killer Yoshita et el.

    Another big day for heroes fighting an emerging Gotler and his White Van Culture

    • 11


      these men are that thick skinned like the prisoners in Guanthanabe prison.

      They dont respect anything.

      My worry is in this backdrop, there are masses going by their comments to say, that Rajakashes are doing well.

      Either these people are fed with PUNNAKKU or they are born slaves for some various reasons. Right ?

      • 6


        I saw a Facebook message going around “Chirang Jayathu” on MaRa’s birthday. This message was spread by PONNAKKU eating Sinhala Buddhists of Banana Republic

        • 2


          Peoples to be blamed no body else. Palace is built according to the devils. If Europe would have been robbed by the leaders of Rajapakshe nature, they would have hung them no doubt. යක්කුන්ගෙ හැටියට විමානය ගොඩ නැගෙන්නෙ. ඒකට අපේ බහුතරයක් වග කිව යුතුයි.
          රාජපක්ශ වාගෙ එවුන් යුරොපයේ රජ වුනානම් එල්ලල මරන්නෙ.அரண்மனைக் கோவில் கட்டப்பட்டது. ரஜாக்சே இயற்கையின் தலைவர்களாக யூரோ பாதிப்படைந்திருந்தால் அவர்கள் நிச்சயம் தொங்கிக் கொண்டிருப்பார்கள் THey are that far from facts and figures. I happened to talk to my sister who is a retired teacher in late 50ties. Hers is beyond all manipulations as is the case with majorit of punnakku eaters that keep bend their heads whatever being telecasted by DERANA and HIRU senders.
          Can you imagine ? For their own good, I asked them to keep your medicine and food items stock since coming colour is no good ahead of us, but she herself and many in her age are manpulated by Mahinda SaiBaba s manthra which is nothing else, no point of respecting laws but allow to live through various performances of crimes.
          See, today, majority of people dont care, going by their comments in websites, that the state is robbed by RAJAKASHE and SIRISENA
          They dont care abou tthat menas, THEY ARE BEYOND ethics and morals.

  • 14

    If there was any doubt that SL is a pariah state, it is now confirmed under the leadership of Sirisena & MR as PM. The recent brawls in the Parliament was insignificant to make it to headlines in TV news, apart from a small clip by Channel 4 News Asian correspondent, Jonathan Miller. Although MR loyalists may claim Ch. 4 is biased in their reporting, Ch4 news is known for their support for the underdog & have been exposing injustice & corruption around the world. The clip shown last night showed the violence in the Parliament which the British public (at least my work colleagues) found it shocking, & overall, the President & his newly elected PM were seen in a poor light. There was a brief interview with Ranil, presumably, MR did not want to talk to Ch 4 News, particularly, as Jonathan Miller was persona-non-grata during MR’s regime. Sarcastically, Ch4 News didn’t forget to mention that MR, originally a human rights lawyer, was implicated with human rights, including the torture, murder & disappearances of journalists & others during his time.

    It is clear that MS & MR are treated with contempt by the rest of the world, apart from China & maybe Russia, therefore, SL is bound to lose out on aid, investment & tourism. SL faces a dark horizon unless these dumb & corrupt yobs are kicked out for good, hopefully let to rot in jail for the harm done to the country or would SL be another Tibet under the puppet master China?.

    • 0

      “…would SL be another Tibet under the puppet master China?.”
      Sri Lanka does not have to be a puppet of China or puppet of White Supremacists in the West or a puppet of India. Because of Sri Lanka’s strategic location all these guys are keen to have their presence in Sri Lanka. Therefore, instead of becoming a puppet of any of these masters, we should be able to exploit them if we learn how to play the game right.
      Ranil failed miserably in this game.

      • 0

        Eagle Eye

        From what I understand, MR has already exploited the strategic advantage by selling the country to China. We now have a dumb yob as President whose only interest is staying in power for as long as possible to increase the wealth of his family & to do so, he is willing to do business even with the devil whom he feared publicly of sending him to an early grave. In this current scenario, the country is bankrupt & we can’t expect help from the rest of the world. It will probably China who take advantage & bail us out but it will be at a cost because China doesn’t believe in a free lunch. So quoting your own words, who is there to play the ‘game right’?

        If you believe in the pipe dream of SL as the miracle of Asia & the rhetoric of making the country great, you are in denial because it’s not going to happen, at least not in our life time. As for me, given a choice, I would prefer to be under Western rule or even India, than under the Chinese.

  • 12

    Mr. President, it is time for you to think carefully before it goes worse day by day. Your future is no bright as it ought to be. So do not be a nuisance anymore. It is time for you to resign now.

  • 3

    Is Karu J’s parliament a one party democracy like what Lee Kwan Yu used to have in Singapore?
    Looks like the Singapore Agreement is already operational!

    • 3

      You guys would not see it beyond since Rajakashe mantra has been injected in you.

      Sad to see, the people of your nature to follow anything come from their side,bu tnot being compliant to any rules and regulations.

      See, today, they the dogs left the parliamentary chamber once they started voting for passing the committee members.

  • 6

    ..where is Sira ?

  • 3

    This “JUNTA” after the defeat in Parliament has decided to “BOYCOTT” sittings until Dec. 07th – the day the SC decision is set to be delivered. As this “Boycott” decision was announced, I came across a very relevant writing in a book, I am reading these days. Here it is: “More often, however, the Transitional Opportunity, however Accidental, Bizarre, or Forced Upon them it may have appeared, was created because they were uneqivocally ready to GO”. So the decision to “GO”, make it to a “GO” for ever for the sake of this country.

  • 3

    There is no point of beating around the bush ANYMORE!!!!!
    This Vote has CLEARLY shown who has the majority in the Parliament.
    I think it is the President who should stop his childish behaviour and respect the democracy, traditions and norms in the Parliament.
    He should reverse his action and bring normalcy to the country.
    It is the President who created this unnecessary turmoil.
    Therefore, it is his responsibility to correct it without bulls..ing further.
    Lawmakers are expected to respect people’s mandate no matter who has it. They have no special rights to deviate from that practice which had been upheld by Sri Lankan Parliament for a very very long time.
    All rookies in the UPFA should make full use of the Parliament Library to educate themselves of Parliamentary traditions and customs cos’ veteran politicians are misleading them.
    Our Constitution is NOT a Presidential Constitution.
    It is a mixed Constitution where Presidential powers are guided by French and American system while Parliamentary powers are guided by Westminster system.
    The reason for JR Jayewardene to introduce a mixed Constitution is obvious now.
    Being a far sighted, high powered, brainy lawyer, when formulating his 1978 Constitution, JRJ has BALANCED THE POWER between the Executive President and the Parliament by granting equal powers to the Parliament by way of selecting the Prime Minister based on the majority, upholding people’s mandate, in the event an Executive President resorted to abuse his power to pick and choose a Prime Minister of his own! Impressive, isn’t it?
    Does anybody believe that the President is not aware of this? Of course he is fully aware. As I said before, he has nothing to lose so he plays games taking other people for ransom.

    • 0

      How can Presz SIRISENA ever face the world again ? He was the person to have boasted how world leaders respected him in recent entourages. All these sounded as if BANDA went to Colombo for see around. But people built up some sorta of respect assuming that the man’s behaviours are aunthentic. Even former President CBK was introdcuing Sirisena as a fair politicians coming from a farming background. However, bytoday, he himself has destroyed his fame and pride earned over 4 years.
      Not a single person stood by him in Jan 2015, would praise a single word on him today. THe kind of political destructions are akin to a collapse of glass wall into tinier pieces.

      He can atleast do some good work today, if he woudl turn back and say, it was his trick to trap Rajakshes and work with the authorities speeding up those long awaited investigations.

      If he is sane, he should not have energies to face his family today. We the human beings have got pride and shame. But THE PERSON SIRISENA should have lost both by today.

      That book which is said to have been published by his own daughter contains lot more about various facts about his real enemies by name Rajakashes.

      Either the book is totally a false material or the person who wrote it should be an expert in fairy tales. Now analysts queston the credibility of the book.

      Now in coming years people in this country would never keep the faith on any senor politicians just because they make LOUD state,ments being on podiums.

      Sirisena has ruined the traditions of lanken politicians.

      Not just having gone all wrong, but him to stay as if NOTHING wrong made by him and take part in SIL ceremonies ….. all in all, HE SHOULD BE not a mentally heathy person:

  • 0

    Today’s withdrawal is nothing but the coup team is accepting their defeat and the first step of their starting to roll back. (Those who are citing Jan 10th, 2015 minority government as the precedence to appoint a minority PM may understand now that October26th,2018 is not equal to that.)
    S. B. Dissanayake, who was the source of all current calamities by facilitating the secret meetings between Old and Kew Kings for the purported coup, has called out New King to recall the “order to dissolve the Parliament”. Media report that is not his call, but only his attempt to cover up of what being considered by his boss. Dissanayake is hiding under this call his misguidance the two, Old King and New King, and their failure to capture the government under Dissanayake’s guidance.
    It was long obvious that the UNP in the ruling coalition and the TNA in the opposition has been working coherently better than the parties within the Unity government partners, UNP and SLFP. (UNP – SLFP remained unified only to destroy Tamils more in the island, not for any useful purpose). SLFP, which stalled usual governmental matters many times (including of passing a proper 19A) by not cooperating with Yahapalanaya, about a week ago split as Slap Party and Old SLFP. There is an uneasy, forceful friendship is existing & continuing between Old and New Kings for the last 10-15 years. They have been cheating each other, humiliating each other, destroying each other, maintaining files on each and using each other for their prolonged power-hungry games, too. New King appointing Old King as PM is the latest mile stone passed on that path.

  • 0

    New King has faced many troubles in making the Old King as PM and now, going to be abandoned by all, including by Old King too. He used non-existed, undemocratic authority and facing criminal charges and the IC’s wrath. (Ranil is trying to save him from The Court and IC. He refused to file any cases on New King and tried to convey the IC messages to New King secretly.)
    On the outside look, it may appear the coup failed the parties in that are trying to recoup anything left is because of the failed donkey trading. The failed donkey trading was only skin and not the muscle.
    At the start, seeing of no hope in UNP leadership, many members appeared to be were prepared to support the coup. This spilled to TNA too. But SLMC and AMCM managed it by additional techniques. In his own government time, Old King managed 75 members to cross from UNP and JVP to him. But this time, even after offering Rs 500 million per head, he miserably failed. The only reason is, in 2005, IC was with him. But this time they opposed him. So the politicians in the other parties clearly identified the defect on the ability of the Old King to keep his government going, while confronting IC. They refused to board on a ship they clearly foresaw as going to sing in the middle of the sea.
    IC’s reaction on this has been obvious and open. The openly denounced illegal Old Royal’s coup and insisted that democratically elected government to return to power. They met, New King, Old King’s reps, TNA, SLMC & ACMC and others regarding this matter. From the very beginning they were very determined in resisting the progress of the coup, irrelevant of the sincere involvement of an important prominent UNP leader.
    S. B. Dissanayake could not envisage this broader picture when he was putting together his master plan. That is why his coup failed

  • 1

    THEY CHILLE POWDER GROUP is trying to buy time until 5TH OR 7TH OF DECEMBER to see what happen or try to force supreme court to DELIVER A JUDGMENT to their benefit.HOPE OLD DAYS UNDER MAHINDA IN GONE and the supreme court will up hold the people right.IF THAT FAILS ONLY GOD CAN SAVE STREET BLOOD BATH IN SRI-LANAKA.

  • 0

    What the bloody hell this is @ people’s expense?

    All of you are rogues according to people.

    MPs, come together to dissolve the house & let people decide your destiny.

  • 0

    A coup d’etat doesn’t come with alarm bells ! Sirisena had been planning this
    since quite some time . I remember however , there were members in MARA
    camp who were ringing caution to their heads about efforts from Sirisena to
    welding both factions to face elections against U N P ! Three things that are
    allergic to the general public right now are , Sirisena , Mahinda and the media ,
    and the U N P that sings lullaby to the people ! Some people who are angry with
    the whole thing have done one thing , the have decided to blackout some TV
    stations that take sides except the people side ! The action is voluntary ! The
    whole country need to stop spending time , reading rubbish and time wasting
    reports. Now , there was a no-confidence motion against R W and it was defeated
    and he continued on his seat AND within months there are two no-confidence
    motion against MARA that he lost but continues to call him ” I AM THE P M ” and
    here we have a bunch of FROGS croaking for him to the media ! Many of them
    are Phd and attorneys ! Among them is a shameless and soulless former C J !

  • 0

    If the speaker says that he will name members for the Parliament Select Committee as per the number of seats for each party. The JVP cannot get a member of the committee and the UPFA should get 6 members. If Karu Jayasuriya cannot adhere to the tradition at least he should strictly adhere to his own method.

    But unfortunately, Karu Jayasuriya failed to follow his own method this time. This shows his biased and partial behaviour without any doubt.

    How he can justify giving a position to the JVP in the PSC if the JVP does not have the required number of members in the Parliament to have one member? See the calculation.

    UPFA— 103— (12*103)/224 —–5.52——-> 6
    TNA—- 15— (12*15)/224 —–0.80——> 1
    JVP—- 6—- (12*6)/224 —–0.32 ——> 0
    UNP—- 100– (12*100)/224 —–5.36 ——> 5
    Total 224 12

    • 0

      Any way it is a temporary self satisfaction for the Pirapaharan worshipers. Ranil knows his drama will come to an end on the seventh December, he is seeking divine intervention by asking his stupid followers to hold “Bodhi Poojas”
      No amount of Bodh poojas can save Ranil’s ass now as he is on his way to the government hostel for a long period!!

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