28 June, 2022


Ambassador Nonis Refrained From Circulating Mattala Rajapaksa Newsletter

By Colombo Telegraph

Dr. Chris Nonis spoke on the Ambassadors Panel of the Global Economic Forum 2013, UK, and highlighted the geo-strategic positioning of Sri Lanka at the nexus between shipping and aviation routes of the West and the East, and the substantial infrastructure development in the country in the post-conflict era. He spoke of the recently inaugurated Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, along with the Hambantota Port, which will help to position Sri Lanka as a logistics hub within the Indian Ocean. But Dr. Nonis refrained from circulating the newsletter of the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, a source closed to Nonis told Colombo Telegraph.

Dr. Nonis also spoke of the infrastructure investments in “Uthuru Wasanthaya” and “Nagenahira Navodaya” in the North and East, in addition to the comprehensive reconciliation and reintegration programmes in Sri Lanka.

L to R: Mr Gordon Campbell, Canadian High Commissioner, Ambassador Prof. Miomir Zuzul, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, Ms Ruth Elizabeth Rouse, Grenadian High Commissioner and Dr Chris Nonis, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to the UK.

He also highlighted the increasing number of tourists to Sri Lanka, with over 114,000 tourists from Britain alone, from a total of over 1 million in 2012, and that British Airways will shortly recommence its flights to Sri Lanka, which are strong indices of the tourism potential of the Country.

The panel consisted of H.E. Mr Gordon Campbell, Canadian High Commissioner; Ms Ruth Elizabeth Rouse, Grenadian High Commissioner; chaired by Ambassador Prof. Miomir Zuzul, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia; and Dr Chris Nonis­, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to the UK, who each spoke about their respective Countries on the theme of “Economic Diplomacy” and its value in increasing trade and investment inflows to their Countries.

Meanwhile an anonymous email is being circulated bashing the newsletter of the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport. ” We are sure you will be impressed, as users, readers and teachers of spoken and written English, by the linguistic brilliance of this memorable tribute on the occasion of the opening of Sri Lanka’s second international airport. Please do forward this inspiring document to others who are working hard to improve this country’s educational standards and Public Relations skills. We can all benefit from it. Note also the Editorial List of names” says the email.

Article published in the souvenir to mark the opening of the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport.

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    P Nonis [Edited out]

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    oh come on, this guy’s english is poor so Dr.Nonis with held it, its not the end of the world,imagine George W Bush ruled the world for eight years, what can be worse than that!!!

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    Now now now…gentlemen and ladies ! Let’s behave ourselves.

    As some of you have correctly stated, something printed in the name of a sovereign government should have been proof-read and canceled if not up to snuff! Imagine the laughs the English speaking and understanding attendees of the opening ceremonies must have had at the expense of all of us. Just a few decades back we used to laugh at the Indians, Pakistanis and others speaking English. We rightly thought we were better trained in the Queen’s language.
    Today, no one really cares about Sri Lanka. When I was in school, protocol was strictly adhered to and if they were treading unfamiliar territory, someone from outside was brought in to teach. I remember learning that the National anthem cannot be played in full unless the head-of-state is present. Giving a salute or taking one, was not every Tom Dick and guss gandaya’s right.
    Let’s not absolve ourselves of responsibility for the mess Sri Lanka is in today. Doctor’s and Engineer’s got their degrees for free and then simply took off to cooler climes, just because they could. Today the one’s who stayed back think we owe them Duty-free cars, Tax free channeling income etc etc. WHY? We educated these fellows and one can barely get 5 minutes of their time, after paying the channeling place, the trishaw fellow and the multiple unnecessary tests they ask for to give you an antibiotic. God forbid if you were unlucky to develop a cancer. Then, its hit or miss!
    And, if we happen to know the matron or can bribe the orderly, we jump the queue no matter what. Might is right can only take one so far. Once the cancer is deep, it takes serious surgery to treat it. Are we seriously ready for it? I doubt it very much.

    They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. I say, having a whiff of can be, keeps all of us waiting for someone else of suffer for us.

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    Comment language is English – CT

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    What is all this fuss about this document. Has anyone seen the real document. Go and get it for yourself before criticizing.These days pacha balakaya is working overtime.

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    I think this is a creation of the editor of the website . Because no such letter was originated by the Government of Sri Lanka . Third class joke to tarnish the country of your birth.

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