28 November, 2022


Amidst Allegations Of Corruption, Transparency International’s Sri Lanka Chapter Under Review

Transparency International’s Sri Lanka chapter (TISL) will undergo an independent review, in the wake of serious allegations of corruption and malpractices leveled against the local chapter and members of its hierarchy.

TISL Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere

TISL Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere

A senior official attached to the Berlin based anti-corruption body told the Colombo Telegraph that the four week institutional audit which will be carried out by an independent reputed body will determine any malpractices as alleged by some staff members of the local chapter.

“When Transparency International receives a complaint, we pay a lot of attention to it. Given that the allegations are very institutional in nature, we are helping TISL to carry out an internal audit to see what the real caps are within the chapter. We believe this audit will help resolve the issues,” Rukshan Nanayakkara, advocacy manager for Sustainable Development Goals at the international secretariat told the Colombo Telegraph.

Asoka Obeyesekere who took over as TISL’s Executive Director a year ago has come under serious allegations by a group of staff members who have gone on to claim that they have been penalized by the senior management for highlighting various malpractices and corruption at the chapter. In a letter addressed to TISL Chairman, Lakshan Dias, three staff members, Shan Wijetunge (Senior Manager, Advocacy & Public Relations), Ananda Jayasekara (Programme Manager) and Jagath Liyana Arachchi (Manager, Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre), who also identified themselves as whistleblowers brought to light a series of issues facing the local chapter, while also requesting Dias to carry out an independent and impartial inquiry without any of the Board Members of TISL being involved in such an inquiry.

However, Nanayakkara noted that since taking over as the new Executive Director, Obeyesekere had made some changes, which was all administrative related including the reshuffling of staff. “This created concerns among staff,” he said.

While elaborating that TI operates as a federation of NGOs, Nanayakkara said that TI permits a particular entities to use its tag for a period of three years, and every three years the local chapter is reviewed to verify if it follows the stipulated governance, transparency and accountability standards, the international secretariat is built on. “Any recommendations that come out from the institutional audit will be collectively looked at and we will see what can be done to address the issues, if any,” he said.

Nanayakkara added that the audit will help determine if there has been any cases of corruption, malpractices at the chapter as alleged by some of the staff, as well as any cases where staff who call themselves whistleblowers have been penalized. (By Munza Mushtaq)

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    Game keepers now firmly in the poachers camp.Transparent what a joke Locale chapter should get a name overhauled by removing Transparency & re-branding with a more truthful word like Opaque, Obscure, Cloudy,Secretive Internationale.

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    Independent review we all know what those are. This is what happens when inexperienced and incompetent ones are allowed to run the show.

  • 2

    So the transparency of transparency international is being questioned…ha ha ha not very different from free media movement led by infamous brother of the no election man….

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    Now we all know TI local man JC Weliamuna’s true colors. He is a crook.

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    Most of Sri Lankan ongoing corruptions, scandal, grafts and new model of Bond of CB scams by current UNP leadership of Ranil W.. CBK and MS has been cover up by power of State enforcement authorities since 2015 January 9th.

    By watch dog of TISL has been that whole heartily ignored by intentionally last 23 months of corruptions allegations against UNP Regime!

    Why is that UNP political Party is back by the Christen democracy of Western oriented, Neo con -Liberalism was motto of politics encourage by USA, UK, EU and Japan.

    As long as UNP and their Parties in power, that West keep blind on corruptions charges. They (UNP and West)bluntly keep blaming other :corruptions by tactical way of remain in power of “Good Governances” by undermined of Parliamentary Democracy and will of majority People of Island.

    The west do not allow right approach would leave Sri lanka and in fact all developing nations like us not give FREE to pursue our own political and economic growth policies.

    As Sri Lankan we will not that purse currency, financial and macro- economic policies that generate by IMF, WD & ADB by large scale TRADE imbalance and huge debt created by UNP ruling policies of that most corrupted regime came power after 1948 Independence.
    Its destroy very foundation of Norms of democracy and ours Economic growth strategy.

    The UNP police makers led by Ranil W.. of and quantum of think-tank members of Parakraligam, Ratwatta, Milak.S…& Ravi.R…. that created undue external convertibility of DEBT AND DEFICIT that is New type of extrapolation mode of economic system of management by UNP regime.

    The Result of that corruptions become main sources of income of every Ministries under UNP led regime.
    Whole system and Tax collections and State property looted by authorities without consent of People’s Chambers.
    But TNA and JVP is backing all corruptions by the time of the Parliaments has been Paralysis. The majority an opposition members voice been keep away by the rule of UNP majority hands.

    The face values of Corruptions is only unknown to public, even TISL is that far from reach to an investigations.
    All enforcement authorities and members of Parliaments are given unlimited perks by Primer Ranil W. by blessing of President-MS and CBK of Neo-federalist by huge tax collections.

    The failure of Bank in edge of Collapse Financial market ,in fact FACULTY THEORY OF TAXATION been weaken as whole system of Budget proposal by Ministry of Finance.

    IMF, World Bank and ADB is blind of given guidance to for the ruling parties alliances by approved Loans to Govt. without see the actual corruptions of billions of Rupees by Ranil W,.. leadership.

    An Economic uncertainties over dark clouds in our AIR

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