22 July, 2024


An Open Letter To UNP Members Of COPE

By Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Chandra Jayaratne

Please note that the memories of all the young professionals, the youth, the intelligent voters and civil society activists, who so actively canvassed for the 8th January 2015 regime change and in the General Elections that followed, are not short nor fading. They presume that your memories too are neither short nor fading, impacted by arrogance of power after you were installed in high seats of the legislature or dictatorial directions of some in party leadership.

You were so agitated, when in the opposition then, when you witnessed

  1. A select committee of Parliament act in haste, on the dictates of their leadership and unfairly determine that the then chief justice was guilty and should be impeached
  2. The pump and dump and other market manipulations in the stock market
  3. The questionable hedging deal and overseas bond investments which caused heavy losses to the state
  4. The Central Bank’s issue of long dated bonds to a leading foreign investor and within a few days reducing policy rates and yielding significant capital gains to the preferred foreign investor
  5. When state property and state media were misused for electioneering
  6. When state funds and promotional support of state entities were leveraged for egoistic and personal agendas /exploits and in advancing events of personal interest.

You will also recollect that transparency, good governance, rule of law, justice, anti corruption and waste control were the main platform themes of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections. Please recollect that even very recently; both the President and especially the Prime Minister have reaffirmed their commitment to the above core values and committed to them being upheld in governance as an embedded part of their vision for Sri Lanka.

It is the fervent hope, of those who supported your election to office, that these recent memories and your own personal value commitments to uphold good governance, rule of law and eradicate corruption and waste from our governance systems, will be the guiding principles in your independent, professional and personal integrity preserving decision making witin the COPE Committee on the Bond issue.

Trust that your independence, professionalism and your core values will drive you to probe with an open mind; seek information; ask critical questions before you conclude your review; be aware that you are represented on the COPE Committee not to declare a verdict of ‘guilty‘ or ‘not guilty’ on the part of the Government, the former Governor, Deputy Governor in charge of Public Debt nor even the Monetary Board, the relevant Primary Dealers, Traders of EPF and State Institutions and Banks ; but your role is merely to satisfy whether the weighted evidence points to the essential need for the Committee to refer this issue to the relevant law enforcement agency, to investigate and determine whether a serious offense punishable under section 70 of the Sri Lankan Legislative Enactments dealing with Bribery and Corruption have taken place in respect of Bond issues of 27 February 2015, 29th March 2016 and 31st March 2016.

You are kindly reminded, that Civil Society members, satisfied by the prima facie evidence before them, have been demanding that a probe by an Independent and Competent Commission of Inquiry is essential to probe the purported Bond Scams of 2015 and 2016. They have also expressed a firm belief that the Bond Scams of 29th /31st March 2016 are unpardonable, unacceptable and cannot be condoned by any one in society with a just and fair mind, due to;

  1. It being a mega serious financial crime;
  2. it being a repeat of the Controversial Bond Scam of 27th February 2015;
  3. it having been executed with more thought, crafty pre-planning and with no fear of the application of the rule of law;
  4. it being executed with no concern for the consequential losses to the state, impact on the economy and the people and uncaring that many small holder retirement savings of common citizens have been appropriated towards the gain to the perpetrators
  5. it completely overlooking the “Trustee Accountability” commitments of the Government, Ministry of Labour, Central Bank and Employees Provident Fund Authority, in ensuring optimum best returns for the members of the Fund
  6. it being executed with arrogance of “being above the law and law enforcement”
  7. purportedly having shared the knowledge with a few others to show commonality and that it is not a singular party led crime
  8. it being tainted by possible market  manipulations by pre issue managed market signals eg. cancelled bond auctions in the period preceding the end March 2016 bond issues
  9. strong appearance of a “joint enterprise crime” in association with traders of EPF , and possibly other dealers of state institutions
  10. probably pre-arranging with Traders of EPF for low number of bids or bids most likely to be rejected
  11. post bond issue secondary market trades by EPF and state institutions, possibly being encouraged or facilitated towards being an associate in the crime, possibly supported by external inducements
  12. possible timing of issues to coincide with best opportunities to enhance gains to the perpetrators of the crime
  13. the Monetary Board announcements being timed to bring down market rates after winning bids have been awarded at high yield rates
  14. the long dated tenor of issues and decision to accept high interest offers in long dated bond categories
  15. the issue of long dated high yielding bonds being inconsistent with the commitment and expressed intent of the government to grow the economy strongly in the short to medium term and bring down inflation and interest rates in the medium term
  16. the change in auction system being unilaterally imposed by the Governor, without Monetary Board approval, merely on a decision and announcement by the Prime Minister, with no intellectual debate on validity, longer term implications and availability of better options even on introducing such a change
  17. Central Bank’s refusal to abide by the Constitutional provisions and the then pending enactment on Right to Information ( both having been canvassed by the Government as high points of Good Governance of the Regime ) and failing to issue information transparently by hiding behind secrecy provisions of the Monetary Law
  18. The Central Bank Monetary Board  Press Release of 2nd June accepting; (a) the need to hold pre bid meetings and sharing of information better, (b) the need to examine international best practices of vital importance, (being the same issues canvassed for in the Supreme Court petition by the undersigned with two other activists in 2015)
  19. The Central Bank Monetary Press Release  of 2nd June accepting that there is a need for more active participation by the EPF, thus vindicating the allegation that it did not do so in the scam auctions
  20. The governor in press interviews stating contrary to actual position that he and his dependents were cleared by the Supreme Court in 2015
  21. The Governor misrepresenting the position continuously that his son in law is not a director, whilst it is believed that he continues to be the effective shadow dealer behind Perpetual Treasuries
  22. The Governor ignoring the effective ownership control by his son in law of the Perpetual Group and failing to discharge obligations as per the Governance Code of the Central Bank in relation to conflicts of interests and related party transactions
  23. Governor failing to abide by the Code of Governance of the Central Bank in regard to Conflicts of Interests and Related Party transactions and actively participating in a leadership role and using his authority at the highest level of transaction sign off
  24. The Central Bank top management including a Deputy Governor being tarnished by the scam and appearing to have facilitated, covered up and approved knowingly that the awards were irregular and out of scope of best practices
  25. It being clear that the Dealer of the EPF may have a direct hand in the scam execution
  26. The information demand of the Auditor General being refused in the first instance

Trust that the above facts will be a sketched in the back of your mind, when you consider the confusing signals and questions raised by the Leader of the House, guidelines and party directions issued by the leader and the chorus songs in the background sung by the “Hurrah Boys “ defending the position of the Governor on grounds that no scam has taken place and no loss has been suffered and also that the Auditor General is erroneous in his judgment and further review by a new expert panel is necessary.

You must therefore immediately desist from any action that risks the future of this country; its future generations, as well as be cognizant of the current socio political economy; the image internationally of the country risked to be damaged permanently; and above all the impressions your voters will have of you next time round if you act outside your core values.

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Latest comments

  • 12

    I am now getting tired of this Chandra Jayaratna who minted money under the MaRa regime now screaming blue murder about a COPE investigation. Seems like he has decided that AM is guilty before anyone has had the chance to analyse the issue properly (since the case is being handled by a bunch of idiot parliamentarians who don’t know what a bond is).

    Chandra Jayaratna may as well headline his articles as: Hello pot, this is kettle. Thou art black.

    • 20

      Great work Mr. Chandra Jayaratne. Keep it up!

      Central Bank should be under the Finance Ministry and not the Prime Ministers office.

      Ranil Wickramasinghe should resign for appointing a corrupt crook at the Cental Bank, except Sira is no better!

      Ranil Wickramasingha pretends that corruption investigations into Mahendra, Jarapassa’s Nivard Cabraal, and the various Central Bank bond scames and Bank of Ceylon (BOC), that bank rolled Alloysius’s Perpetual Treasuries and investor shows in Singapore will cause reputation damage to the Central Bank, and is therefore not in the public interest.

      However, until CB corruption under Nivard Cabraal and Arjuna Mahendran is investigated, exposed, and those responsible held ACCOUNTABLE there will be no FDI foreign investment in the country whose Central bank stinks of Corruption.

      Growth in the REAL ECONOMY will stagnant and without job creation too as long as the impunity and impunity for financial crimes is in place.

      • 14

        Hats off to you Chandra!

        Thanks and keep up your activism for a clean Sri lanka. Please also translate and publish your writings in Sinhala to educate Sinhala voters.

        You are a hero!

    • 7

      Chandra Jayaratne

      RE:An Open Letter To UNP Members Of COPE

      //”Please note that the memories of all the young professionals, the youth, the intelligent voters and civil society activists, who so actively canvassed for the 8th January 2015 regime change and in the General Elections that followed, are not short nor fading. They presume that your memories too are neither short nor fading, impacted by arrogance of power after you were installed in high seats of the legislature or dictatorial directions of some in party leadership.”//

      //”You were so agitated, when in the opposition then, when you witnessed’//

      Chandra, thanks and well said.

      Double Standards?

      //”You must therefore immediately desist from any action that risks the future of this country; its future generations, as well as be cognizant of the current socio political economy; the image internationally of the country risked to be damaged permanently; and above all the impressions your voters will have of you next time round if you act outside your core values.”//

      Do they really care? Thet care about themselves, most of the time, not the country and its people. Ask Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies.

    • 3

      James Bondy,

      “Chandra Jayaratna may as well headline his articles as: Hello pot, this is kettle. Thou art black.”


      I 100% agree with you. Oh my God! Look at the length of the andonawa this fool has written! I think the bugger will end up in a paid ward soon! At that the silly fucker is addressing his nonsense padanguwa to us UNPers! Fucker will have to go and come nala from the Kelani Ganga to convince we UNPers his bullshit against RW!

      We UNPers have only one reply this this meeharaka which is we have unwavering faith in our leader RW, it is not without the strongest commitment and integrity on the part of RW why is called Mr Clean. RW hand picked AM for the post, AM was wrongly charged, RW established a panel to inquire into the allegations, even the court exonerated AM and RW maintains his charges are yet to be proved. However, going by the true meaning of his name Mr. Clean RW got his man to step down until his inquiry is over and then appointed equally qualified another. Thereafter RW appointed AM to another important duty under him. We UNPers are very clear as the clearest of the skies that RW will never harbour cheats, crooks or thieves under, near or in his company. It is just because AM is blemishless and beyond any doubt why RW is keeping him. We must catch this lunatic Chandra J and sent him to a mental clinic to check his mentality. The fucker is completely derailed and deranged! The other point I raise is why does this monkey write such rubbish in the public domain while the COPE report is pending. If AM has done anything wrong the clowns in the COPE can prove it. And that is not kelapattara work as this asshole is doing here because that report is the result of a due inquiry. Me CJ wesigeputha cannot understand the difference between wanking alone and conducting a formal inquiry into an issue. With such jokers as CJ around we Sri Lankans are truly ashamed of our country in the eyes of the world.

      • 6

        It is truly amazing that a letter strewn with so much filth has been allowed to be published.

        Pathetic, indeed!

        • 1

          Justice & Fairplay,

          Sorry, even I don’t like to read it. But we are compelled to hire Hudson Samarasinghe due to the conspiracies doing the rounds to unsettle the Yahapalanaya government. Your typed suckers like Dayan and Leel like assholes commenting here who at all costs defend and represent the filthy hora MARA and the gang may use decent words. But wrapped and concealed within those words are worst kind of poison, fallacy, lies, misrepresentations, rumours, defamations and lies. Lot of filthy words are indeed better than all the poisonous lies you disseminate throughout the society because filthy words no one carries on his shoulder but deceptions, scheming, conspiracies and brainwashing can sink a nation to the deepest degradation.

      • 1

        “Mr. Clean” F****** BULLSHIT. that is where every body went wrong. Including Mathripala. I also thought in that way. That was before this scandal.

        • 1


          ““Mr. Clean” F****** BULLSHIT. that is where every body went wrong. Including Mathripala. I also thought in that way. That was before this scandal.”

          Where were you hiding your FUCK and BULLSHIT when PBJ, Cabraal and MARA were phantom fucking you?

      • 0

        Your comments evidenced your professionalism, just you know the English key board. No doubt you are from “Yakapalanaya of former corrupt regime.

        Well done CJ keep it up. Mr Deal RW plays dirty game. For 20 years he couldn’t win a single pole, now he plays games with innocent people’s future.

        • 0


          “Well done CJ keep it up. Mr Deal RW plays dirty game. For 20 years he couldn’t win a single pole, now he plays games with innocent people’s future. “

          Eh! How long is Ranil’s pole now! You want few stitches to remember him?!

    • 3

      James Bondy, yours is the kind of comment which makes web commentary dangerous.

      IF Chandra Jayaratne minted money under the MaRa regime, what harm is there, as long as it was through legitimate means or businesses?

      I cannot recall at any time, Chandra Jayaratne cowing down in the face of the power of the last regime. Instead, he was a front line attacker of the last government for their excesses.

      Web commentary is fine as long as people use it responsibly and intelligently. If not – and used only as a tool of insult -this country is better off without it.

      Chandra Jayaratne is one man who has risen against what was unjust, never mind whichever the side in power. If you cannot accede to that point Mr Bondy, I am afraid you have spent a lot of time in Rip van Winkle’s land.

      For the average, sensible, and apolitical persons on the street, the problem is there aren’t enough Chandra Jayaratnes around!

    • 2

      Chandra Jayaratna,

      How about the Cabraal’s scams he did during his 10 years? CPC Hedging, Greek Bond, EPF/ETF playing in Stack market. Why Nothing about it?

      Mahinda sent his goons and made COPE defunct. It was Maithree and Ranil who gave life back to COPE. Again Mahinda send his thug Mahindananda to COPE to mess up. Why don’t you write about these.

      For sure if Mahinda comes back to power 1st thing he would is to shut down COPE again.

  • 6

    tIT is just nonsense when Sri lankan politicians are addressed as UNP, SLFP or any other party.

    They change positions as if they are playing musical chairs and talk the same rhetoric. that is blaming the previous govt.

    Only thing is there are no laws to open up the way parties get finances to run their election campaigns. How they spent those money.

    Bureaucrats are also tuned to that and they are of the corrupt scheme.

  • 15

    Many of us stand by and watch in shock, dismay and disgust at the doings of the people we voted in. Thank you Mr. Jayaratne for being the voice for all of us.

  • 14

    BRAVO Mr. Jayaratne! Hats off to you! Keep up your EXCELLENT work and MORAL INDIGNATION.

    Bi-partisan, or cross political party networks of corruption whereby the UNP’s corrupt politicians protect the SLFP’s corrupt politicians and stop any investigation and accountability is how Ranil-Sira Ayahapalanay Govt. works.

    Let us Hope that the JVP and TNA will stay the course at COPE!
    Not a single big crook in the Mahinda Jarapassa regime has been put behind bars and the corrupt and criminal politicians of the previous white van regime still enjoy total IMPUNITY and IMMUNITY for their crimes.

    The UNP and SLFP politicians under Ranil-Sira govt have become a corrupt CASTE in Sri Lanka that can only drive in bullet proof SUVs!

    Ranil has been pretending that corruption investigations into the Central Bank and Bank of Ceylon (BOC) that bank rolled Alloysius’s Perpetual Treasuries and so called investor shows in Singapore will cause reputation damage to the Central Bank is therefore not in the public interest.

    The fact is until the CB corruption under Nivard Cabraal and Arjuna Mahendran is investigated, exposed, and those responsible held accountable there will be little FDI and foreign investment in a country whose Central bank stinks of Corruption.

    Ranil Should be asked to resign for appointing a corrupt crook Mahendran and taking the Central Bank which should be under the Finance Ministry under the Prime Ministers office.

    Ranil’s economic team is corrupt, INCOMPETENT and useless and Ranil is playing a similar game to Mahinda Jarapassa – twisting truth and due process.

    This is why there will be NO investigation into the Perpetual Treasuries and Mahendran Nivard Cabraal circus at the Central Bnk. Let us hope the Inderjith Coomaraswamy pushes to investigate and recover the funds lost to pay off some of the national debt. Rather than borrowing once more from the IMF that is pushing Lanka into a Greece like debt trap and default. IC should also invite Dr. Raghuram Rajan to help sort out the mess at CB rather that running to Singapore for expertise

    Singapore has become a Corruption Hub for networks of Sri Lankan politicians and their business cronies. Ranil who appointed glib Mahendran a bond and derivatives trader, hand picked from Singapore, and took the Central Bank which should be with the Finance Ministry under the Prime Minister’s office should also be held accountable for Mahendran’s FRAUD and bond scam! Ranil is constantly running to potty Singapore which is trying to pretend that it is a South Asian leader!

    • 5

      So, Don, how much money was “Lost” through this “Bond scam?” I have been looking for an accurate figure, but have not been able to find anyone who can even explain what the loss is.

      Can you?

  • 7

    From all the articles/interviews and TV shows from Mr Jayaratne what we have read and analyzed we can only see that:

    1) There was a conflict of interest CBG v Perpetual
    2) Why BOC bid on behalf of another primary dealer.
    3) From the AG report he gives his opinion that if the CB stuck to the old Private placement set up the CB potentially could save 1.8 billion.

    So Mr Jayaratne could you please tell us how Arjuna Mahendran made money from this.

    • 2

      Commission of course. If you look in this few years later you will find Ravi Karunanayaka pocketed over 1 mil US from this deal alone. [Edited out]

  • 6

    Dear Mr Prime Minister

    Did you hear the news that what happened immediately after BREXIT results

    Please do a gentleman politics like D Cameron

  • 5

    So well laid out in great depth and detail by Chandra Jayaratne for the ordinary person to understand how it all happened.

    Rajapaksas made no bones about what they were doing. They were a familial group system who handled the bond market with some sincerity towards expanding the common man’s money, on alternate monetary system away from the powerful ones that threaten our national sovereignty. They probably lost a few billions when they lost the elections as the bond market started working in the opposite direction. Manipulations by them would have probably been non-existent, because it was a bunch of poorer countries consolidating with each other and attempting to place bets with the more advanced countries in supplicative fashion – selling of coconuts and things.

    Present GoSL on the other hand, with all the bluff democratic transparencies and high-minded principles, has shown blatant disrespect for the common-man’s money, and is brazenly using common-man’s money with all kinds of manipulations, to consolidate with the Singapore banking group of which is run by no other than that certain diaspora of which we fought a 30-year old war with.

    Now we understand their need to expand country monies with the greatest monetary denominator around (they’d say it was necessary manipulations,…….although manipulations by themselves are criminal offences worthy of jail time). But to work with the certain diaspora money market (obvious because both the former and present governors worked for the Galleons group – what a job reference!)…….now that’s preposterous!

  • 3

    Wonder whether Yahapalana PM will get a gig with Perpetual Partners as an Advisor after his retirement?.

    He has enormous contacts with Conservative Politicians world over..

    And his input and experience with the Yahapalana 30 Year T Bonds , he can be a valuable asset for Mahendrans to build their business in Asia major.

    BTW , note to Mr Wijewardana Sir, you have done a tremendous job with Mr Jayaratana. to enlighten us about this Yahapalana Bond Auctions.

    And thanks very much to both.

    But please don’t bother to copy your request to Ranajan Ramanayaka and Senasinghe.

    I don’t think they know a Bond from a Pond..

    • 1

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      There is something missing in your typing, no no, its not about the substance, ah I got it now, the word Vellala.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        My elders tell me he is a Colombo Chetty…

      • 0


        “There is something missing in your typing, no no, its not about the substance, ah I got it now, the word Vellala”

        Ane okage walla.

  • 2

    The communist Chandra Jayaratne is howling that he and other voters voted to UNP and saying “It is the fervent hope, of those who supported your election to office”. Chandra voted to Old King. He has to be honest of telling that before him calling the COPE UNP member to listen to him. There are some communist voted to New King but none for UNP Ranil, yet mixing New King and UNP also not with any purpose. It’s irrelevant whom he voted or another one voted, for UNP COPE members to be impartial in their investigation. But his dishonesty in mentioning it is impeding the UNP COPE members calling their honesty to the inquiry table. Either Chandra has to be honest and calls COPE members to be honest or Chandra stays away from meddling things so COPE members would evolve on their own to be honest. Chandra first should stop his double standards that are one for communist and other one for fascist.

    New King was brought to power by Tamils and not by Sinhalese, who did not want to change the Old King. Still that is the same case. This communist’s insincere talk is an indication of how he is convulsing to revenge a Tamil with a secret agenda. Nowhere is he mentioning the New Tamil CBG to help to trace the crime. He knows Indrajit has to see the path of Mahendran when time comes for him.

    This is the ugly Hippocratic face of the Sinhala Intellectuals. As many had commented above, the draft is rubbish but awkwardly convulsing to push through his agenda by making a political campaign the UNP COPE members assuming them at Lankawe’s average IQ level of Amerasisri’s dictum. That is a desperate ugly act in the urge for revenge.

    In old King time, 75% of the government budget was handle by three members of the Old Royal family. It is not just CB, CT reported during the PM’s speeches of the Sri Lankan Airlines troubles that the loans borrowed by Old Royals are many time hidden and cannot be readily determined as how much and where. So no question about where the loan proceeds went. There was no media exited Chandra to howl like this that time. CT would not have reached COPE members before 2015. If Chandra had penetrated with ways to do that, he might have had seat next to Sripathi. So, before howling awkwardly and hypocritically like this, he has to show balanced mentality and he has to remember his past too. While no question of this present government should be investigated for its corruptions, investigating the past government will be the strongest lesson for the members of this government to keep in their mind that when the power changes, their corruption will come out without guards to hold it. If Chandra is a person of common sense, he should know instead of convulsing that hard to investigate this government by this government (that is a difficult process even in the democracy developed West), he should start with matters that can produce larger results to smaller efforts, that is investigating the Old Royals corruption first.

    Today, the New King’s backtracking of the promise to UNHRC on the investigation of 145,000 murders in 5 months, is a main discussion point in CT. Chandra’s this howling is appears to be to distract that, because this matter is still in COPE’s table and no decision taken. No need to build a coffin for the new born baby arguing that as it is going to die one day. Once, a guru gave a pot to one of his disciple to fetch some water. Warning to take care of the pot, he gave three knock on the child’s head. Troubled by the pain of the knocks the child asked why he did that. He replied that if the boy had broken the pot then there is no point in knocking because the pot would be already broken. So Chandra should start on some cases like Sri Lankan Airline where the pot is already broken, instead of knocking on the head of the UNP COPE members.

    There was a massive loss in the first bond issue (March 2015) of the CB. Others are only trifling, but Chandra in adding them only to gain strength and reinforcement for his convulsions. But Chandra has to follow the proper channels to bring action against an employee of minority race which Sinhalese Buddhists like Chandra hate, but the Sinhala political leaders like use for them, instead of a dressing down political campaign. Provided the target is guilty, when the first legal round fails, it is reasonable to go for a second appeal round. If that fails too, it is only to take on legal system of Lankawe, not getting into underhand political campaigns like this with a half-baked illogical list he complied, against a government employee with the hope swaying minority backlash to prepare ground for pogroms.

    Mahendran was the governor of the CB. He has to explain what really happened. Mahendran was brought to CB mainly to thwart the UNHRC pressure for equal treatment to Tamils. But that excuse in not enough for Mahendran to rescind his responsibilities.
    Mahendran was a non-Tamil-Tamil appointment to fool IC. Sripavan, Illangakoon, Paskaralingam all are at same level other than Indrajit, who is a Kathirgamar’s reincarnation. These appointments are serious pain for Tamil, on one side these coolies all are used to destroy Tamils by their direct traitor works and on the others side to destroy the name of Tamils, who had earned name for intelligence, integrity hard work, in the past In Ceylon, Malaysia, Rangoon….& other Asean countries and have built a new record in Canada, Britain like new Diaspora countries. By actively contributing this game, Chandra is trying to become a new crook instead an activist.

  • 1

    A plenty of verbiage, the message is completely lost. No wonder; people don’t care too much about the opinion about these activists.

    • 0

      That’s the problem Simple Voter. That really is the problem.

      Our voters are too ‘Simple’ to even want to understand the ‘verbiage’. As long as they do stay that way, the politicians will make capital of the opportunity, because the ‘simple voter’ does not wish his simple mind to be anything more than exactly that.

      This is not a simple matter anymore.

      • 2

        You are wrong buddy;

        Too much verbiage creates chatter and obscures the true nature of the decease that has plagued my motherland for a long time. These activists have campaigned to oust one rogue-regime and replace it with another rogue-regime. Whom are you kidding; Apparently excesses have been committed at the CB for many years under the sponsorship of “Mahinda Chintanaya” ,“Yahapalanaya” and “Dharmista” banners. It is a game played by Filthy Rich Bastards in Sri Lanka, If it is not Mahendran’s son-in-law, it will be another Dirty Filthy Bastard affiliated to a political party whichever is in power. These “Justice and Fair play” activists have been attacking the symptoms not the decease.

        Chandra Jayaratne is camouflaging the real decease.
        It is claimed that this is an open letter to the President, so what? I said these excesses at CB have happened under various regimes. Who is the biggest “KAHUNA” of “Yahapalanaya”? What is the idea of writing the letter to KAHUNA, it is a simple publicity stunt, to say –I am doing something–. And drag the real issue until the next election and the same activists will campaign for another rogue to replace “Yahapalanaya” .

        Simple voter understands very well what is going on, don’t you ever underestimate their capacity to separate good from bad. They are helpless in eliminating the decease; therefore we have to look collectively for a “PEOPLE” force, a wholesome leadership outside the rotten Sri Lankan political circles that is capable of rooting-out the corrupt regimes forever. Don’t tinker with symptoms and waist time.

        • 0

          These comedies too complex than the high school Calculus. I do not know whether to use differentiation or integration theorem to understand these.

          The world’s biggest shakespearean drama theater the supreme court of Lankawe acted a highly classical drama of “The Taming of the Shrew” right after New Royals came to power. There, three hero heroines were involved. Two were fired and two apoint in a 24 hours continuous mega series. It is not that confusion when one see 2+2 makes 3. But a highly educated lawyer named Upul Jayasuriya was one of the engine driver of the fun train roller coaster. To put puttukaddi in his mouth UNP Mahata Ranil gave him an appointment. He is playing roller Coaster there too. Now UNP Mahata Ranil wants Mahendran to be the engine driver for that fun. How can Sri Lanka survive if the Fences are eating the crops? Soon that will be the next drama we going to see here. Before any attempts are made to remove the corrupted criminal from politics and senior government jobs, the serious impediments to that the called activists has to be wiped out of Lankawe for that country to take a direction to start to move.

  • 1

    The yapping chorus of Rammy and Kasu, rather late this time ! However a clear indication that Chandra Jayaratna is on the side of MR and all his louts .

    Bad luck Chandra firstly you are exposed and secondly Ranil who you have tried to lecture so often has got your measure and ignored you !

  • 1

    Chandra Jayaratne,

    Thank you for your open letter. Any replies?

    Did all the UNP MPs in COPE act together or were there some who disagreed?

    Many MPs in COPE are unlikely to understand what has been done. This is one of the problems.

    Continue your work.

  • 1

    I having doubt UNP members of Parliament is in that competent to be realized text and essence of your latter?

    They are so ignorant than Ranil.W..of visionless leader of UNP?

    Majority them are politically unwise no vision at all.
    Far from the political vision of democracy !

    See new member of UNP’s that admitted incorrigible members of Rajitha Senarathana, and his son ,P.C Ranavaka, Arjuan Ranatunge, Jayampathi Wicrmartnata, and Hirunika Premachandara are more politically backward elements than old Members of UNP Parlimentries.

    They who created and admit that a catastrophe for UNP as well as country by weakness and visionless of leader of Ranil W…. Bond scandal of money oriented politics of UNP.

    They working towards to moving for the collapse of UNP, hence that Republic and country sooner than later.
    The current government of UNP leadership is form of “compromise regime” has change of old corruptions into NEW ONE.No argument this is new experiment of democracy politics of an Island after an Independency in 1948#

    Under the UNP Ranil W… is crude and ruling allowed a Ex-SLFP’S more further backyard in Parliament.
    UNP being permitted covered operations new members who occupy post of Ministries.
    UNP want share power and corruptions move by new line of politics of “Bond democracy” by leadership an unwise political of UNP .

    The UNP democracy can perhaps stave for the disaster for the while.

  • 2

    If any mistake was made it should be admitted and action taken to avoid such mistakes. However if there was fraud it cannot be accepted?

  • 2

    Chandra please shut up, This is going too far. Do not be a Cheer leader for MR and his cronies.

  • 1

    The blind faith in RW identifying him as Mr. Clean by ill educated and blinded UNP loyalists is taking the UNP in the path of ruination. They should have faith in the Party and not on its leaders who try to appear clean but stinks! What UNP parliamentarians of the COPE should remember is that by covering up the real facts, they will be doing irreparable damage not only to their beloved Party but themselves as MPs who pledged to rid the Country of corruption. There is a great danger of wrongfully backing RW as the party faces the risk of loosing its governing status prematurely as in the case of Ranil’s last regime under Chandrika’s Presidency ! Sirimewan

  • 0


    “They should have faith in the Party and not on its leaders who try to appear clean but stinks!”

    So so! Can you also make me known whether UNP is its Sirikotha bldg, its name board, the desks, chairs and the land it is located on! Please help me becuase I am in a terrible confusion!

  • 1

    It is not difficult to understand if you look at the situation in the Country and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party today, minus the leadership of MR. Both the Country and the SLFP have moved out of the destructive path and got the ability to re-built same with democratic values. If UNP Party leader has done wrong and taken incorrect decisions with regard to Mahendran he should defend himself without limiting the freedom of UNP MPs of the COPE to act according to their conscience. If he appointed a truly Independent Commission at the outset he would have avoided this embarrassing situation for UNP members in COPE. Sirimewan

    • 0


      Hmmmmm…Oh yes! Right! You are Albert Einstein reincarnated! No? Such marvelous discoveries could have been made by non other!

  • 2

    Mr.Chandra Jayaratne people like you and former Deputy Governer W.A Wijewardene should be playing around with your grandkids instead of making your two cents worth comments on CT. Yours holier than thou attitude is what you are trying to advocate while your voice of criticism was not heard of in the past.
    I think retirement life should be better spent than holding centre stage when your past will somehow come back to haunt you although you are wearing a halo now which you wish all to respect

  • 1

    You don’t need Albert Einsteins to realise such a simple fact. If you are still in a state of confusion I will give another example to understand the point.
    Imagine that you are a SLFP parliamentarian and you are asked to defend all corrupt deals of MR family when they were in power. You would comply or ignore the request in the best interest of the Party ? Sirimewan

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