23 June, 2024


Another Sinhala-Muslim Conflict Brewing: Government Caught Napping!

By Lukman Harees

Lukman Harees

Lukman Harees

Astrologers are no strangers to Sri Lankan politics. Sumanadasa predicted a MR victory in 2015 and later gave some interesting reasons when it misfired. There was another type of astrological prediction recently in a newspaper which was both comical and uncanny. An astrologist named Sameera Chandrasiri from Helabima newspaper in his column, in a crafty way predicted an impending Sinhala-Muslims conflict soon and attributed cattle slaughter during Ramazan time( there’s no cattle slaughter during Ramazan time!), Deforestation (reference to Rishard Badurdeen), illegal settlements (reference to Murichikutti settlements of War refugees) and humiliating/insulting and challenging the Sons of the Soil/ Maha Sangha, as possible causes/ sparks for such a conflagration, and underlined the need to remove them as otherwise it will be harmful to the country’s rulers.

Leave aside the comical aspects of the prediction itself and the possible causes, there is truth in the fact, that there is an impending racial conflict involving the Sinhalese and the Muslims in the brewing and Sri Lanka is sitting atop a social volcano waiting to explode at any moment. There is no need for an astrologer to predict this calamity, as any observer with a fine tuned common sense will and can see telling signs of this gathering storm.

Ethnic or religious clashes or conflagrations have not been anything novel or new to the Sri Lankan Dharma Dweepaya. Modern Ceylon’s first ethno-religious riots targeted not Tamils but Muslims in 1915. Then, ever since Independence, there were many ethnic conflagrations mainly between Sinhalese and Tamils. Many have argued that the rise and institutionalisation of Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism in post-independent Sri Lanka bear much responsibility for today’s ethnic conflicts between the majority Sinhalese state and the minorities. Upon the heels of the end of a protracted Sinhala Tamil ethnic conflict which aggravated with the now infamous 1983 pogrom against the Tamils , there came the well-orchestrated hate campaign against the next biggest minority –the Muslims, which culminated in the Aluthgama dubbed by many analysts as a mini-1983. Sinhalese Christians were targeted too.

Drawing parallels between 1983 riots and 2014 Aluthgama riots may not be fair, but few similarities can be identified. One such similarity being not just the inaction on the part of the then-governments to act decisively and firmly on time but also shameful attempts to brand the victims as perpetrators. Post-war period under MR was a time of immense pressure for the minorities. Tamils after difficult times under the ruthless Tigers were thrown into disarray and marginalized due to the arrogant ,supremacist and majoritarian polices adopted by MR. Many were languishing in refugee camps while no plausible solutions were offered to sort out their genuine grievances .International community put Sri Lanka on the dock for the excesses committed by the Armed Forces during the last stages of the War. Muslims on the other hand went through hell when many hate groups with implicit State support, operated without fear or sanction throwing all decencies to the wind, while the silent majority watched helplessly. Muslim politicians were caught napping. Sri Lanka became once again ,almost a pariah state in the eyes of the world.

However, Sri Lanka always being a blessed country, Divine Providence intervened and Sri Lanka went to the Polls in 2015. The powerful MR regime was booted out by the people, including the racist based parties lie BJP (BBS) which focussed more on anti-Muslim hate propaganda. The incoming Yahapalana government promised many things, particularly to make promotion of national reconciliation as one of their priorities. Of course, there were positive developments in this direction and the minorities harboured lot of hope in this government delivering their promise to create an inclusive Sri Lanka. It needs no soothsayer to tell the policy makers that without national reconciliation, there is no prospect of national progress. There is an imperative need to build mutual trust and understanding among communities after decades of divisive politics and this process takes time and commitment specially from the Top, as clearly pointed in the PRC Report which summarized people’s suggestions in respect of Constitution making process.

Unfortunately, the BBS viruses and hate groups have re-emerged and begun to wreak havoc on this nation which has grown weary of decades of conflict and racist politics through hate mongering. Demagogue and the face of Buddhist Terror in Sri Lanka Ven Gananssara and his likes are roaming the streets with renewed vigour in Mahiyangana and elsewhere, spitting hate venom threatening a repeat Aluthgama, arrogantly challenging Muslims to send their petitions even to Allah through Prophet Mohamed, thus harming Muslim sensitivities.In competitio , there are other outfits emerging such as Sinhaley, and Mahason Balakaaya supported by rogue elements among the Maha Sangha spreading fear among Sinhala people at the grass-root levels about Muslim community being a threat to their existence and their heritage. These groups are making maximum use of the government’s ‘deaf and dumb’ attitudes.

Many contentious issues which arose recently such as Minaret Issue in Kandy, Bhatiya Road mosque issue in Dehiwela, are certainly not issues where battle lines should be drawn between Muslim and Sinhala communities as a whole and sorted out with knives and daggers on the streets. They were local issues which could be sorted out at the local / Police level or at worst in Courts. There were also many who tried to make CM Nazeer Ahmed insulting the naval officer into a communal issue. Wilpattu issue was turned into a communal issue rather than an issue against Minister Badurdeen , and was shown as if the whole community was plotting against the Sinhalese people. Despite public knowledge that the Muslim politicians and SLMC have lost credibility among the Muslims, Hate groups tried to blame the whole community for their unwise acts; for example ‘separate Muslim majority Muslim unit’ proposal put forward by them. It will be foolhardy to expect the entire Muslim community to offer an apology whenever a person with a Muslim name commits a crime or misdeed like what happened when a group of ‘Muslim’ drunks set fire to the Buddhist flag. It was a shameful act which should attract maximum punishment under the law.

It should help national reconciliation if the Sinhala community also acknowledge how the Muslim community has been taking more and more initiatives openly to integrate further with the Sinhalese, particularly in the recent past. They have increased their visible involvements in public amenity projects – Zam-Zam Foundation’s initiative to help poor students of all faiths, many blood donations and public benefit projects being organized at the local level, more collaboration between mosques and Buddhist temples at the local levels , active involvement of Muslims in flood relief, and the initiative taken by a Muslim to purchase a PET Scan machine were few such examples. There are many initiatives taken by the mosques and ACJU too to inculcate the need for Muslims to further integrate. Muslims are part and parcel of this country and their heritage goes back to more than 1000 in history and never advocated division and had any intentions to invade Sri Lanka. Therefore, they do not need lessons on national reconciliation and patriotism from unpatriotic hate mongers such as BBS.

The government therefore should recognize the need to put a stop to these majoritarian dog whistle hush talks and open barks whether in parliamentary corridors or in temples by openly declaring its’ policy on the nature of Sri Lanka – a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Sri Lanka and not a Sinhala State. Sri Lankan Muslims no longer can be the punching bags of these hate mongers at a time when the Muslims all over the world, are facing the brunt of a well- orchestrated Islamophobia campaign and asked to assume collective guilt for the action of the Un-Islamic ISIS. What happened in Medina should put the argument that ISIS is an Islamic group, to rest. It is the duty of the government to safeguard the dignity of Muslims ( of course all communities) by taking decisive action against those groups who are hell bent on making the life of the community difficult, fearful and insecure. All contentious issues whether regarding an illegal construction or a mosque or a conduct of a Muslim, should be dealt with in accordance with the law without dragging all Muslims into the equation. If there are concerns about ISIS infiltration in Sri Lanka, it is upto the defence authorities to take action, as the collective security is the concern of the Muslims as well.

Therefore, government should not play a waiting game to act as telling signs are already appearing on the horizon of an impending major Sinhala Muslim clash. Muslim patience in the times of the MR regime when these hate groups were at their peak, was admired even by the international community. However it does have its’ limits, as there are likely elements who may get provoked when insulting remarks are made about their religion. Cross party consensus should therefore be sought to fight hatred and religious bigotry and to promote national reconciliation. Urgent action should be taken to introduce Hate Speech Law, of course sorting out concerns of civic rights groups of the possibility of provisions being used to persecute political opponents. Legal action should be taken against all ‘Gnanassaras’ without fear or favour. A comprehensive plan of action should be drawn out to inculcate the importance of national reconciliation and the dangers of racist and religious extremism in schools, universities and Daham Paaselas of all faiths. Powerful social media should also be used for this purpose. More importantly, a mechanism should be worked out to sort out contentious racial and religious issues at the local level involving religious leaders and social activists. Civic activism is however paramount to force the hands of the government to take steps to fight racial and religious hatred and to promote national reconciliation.

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    The previous regime found it convenient to not condemn, nor immediately halt, the racist insults, attacks on Mosques, and the ultimate killing of Muslim in Aluthgama. This gave the yellow robed terrorists the encouragement to keep doing what they were doing, insulting minorities, and spreading fear among the ignorant. Gota the man who encouraged this despicable group by opening their new offices, also did not lift a finger to help the minority, nor did he stop the hatred from spreading. The present government got the votes of the minority which helped them win the elections, so we have to wonder why they have chosen to go the same route as the Rajapaksas by appearing to be afraid of rogue Buddhist monks, and throwing this over fed BBS leader into jail for incitement and appropriate charges. This man is no Buddhist, his actions are far from compassionate and tolerant. He is a cheap thug who pretends to be a devout Buddhist. We have seen video after video showing us exactly what type of a street thug he is, shouting in bad language, attacking, inciting, and causing tensions, and yet this government does not have the sense to nip this in the bud, to avoid what will be bloodshed and mayhem once again in our country.

    We do not want to be yet another Myanmar, where the leaders of this Buddhist nation, do nothing to help the
    thousands of helpless Muslims. We have always been a multi religious nation, and the minority have every right to live in peace. The government has to educated the majority and teach them that there is no mathematical equation that agrees to rumours that 8 percent of Muslims can take this country over from the 74 percent majority sinhalese. What is the Sirisena/Wickremasinghe government waiting for?

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      Opinions have been made about enactment of anti-hate laws. How do you define hate and where do you draw the line. If hate is to be strictly interpreted, first casualty will be Koran and second casualty will be Mahavamsa, as both are preaching hatred against others.

  • 13

    As the corruption investigations and net tightens around Mahinda Jarapassa and his corrupt brothers, Basil, Goon Gota, and sons and assorted cronies, in laws etc. the Jarapassa led faction of SLFP is resorting to their old DIVIDE and DISTRACT the masses from Mahinda Rajapaksa’s and family’s network of corruption and criminality.

    While Mahinda and Gota were in power attacking minorities – DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE the moda masses while distorting Buddhism was their strategy. Today Jarapassa has asked Buddhist monks to be involved in Consititution drafting. Jarapassa is spewing out SInhala nationalism and using sexually frustrated monks like BBS Gnanasara to spread racism and CHAOS in the country and undermine the govt.

    This is what is going on right now. The attacks on Muslims by BBS – are means to create CHAOS, as promised by Lalith Weeratunge when Jarapassa’s Secretary, to distract the people from Rajapaksas CORRUPTION AND CRIMINALITY.

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    Lukman Harees

    RE: Another Sinhala-Muslim Conflict Brewing: Government Caught Napping!

    1. “Astrologers are no strangers to Sri Lankan politics. Sumanadasa predicted a MR victory in 2015 and later gave some interesting reasons when it misfired.”

    Astrologers will still continue to make predictions. The gullible suckers will believe it. They may go crazy, and what was predicted may happen partially.

    The big question is the Govt. prepared to nip it in the bud?
    The question to ask is who is behind and who will benefit from such a calamity and who will lose?

    The racists and the racist politicians will benefit. The Sinhala Only has been milked so much, it has lost value for the racists. Who are the racists waiting in the wings?

    2. Thre needs to be campaign, where all the Paras are depicted and exposed as Paras in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

    a) Para- Sinhala
    b) Para-Tamils
    c) Para- Muslims
    d) Para Portuguese, Parangios
    e) Para- Dutch, Para- Hollanders,
    f) Para-English
    g) Para- Chinese
    h) Para-Indian Tamils
    f) Para-Recent Arrivals.

    3. Also need to expose the Para-Religions that are making predictions with no evidence and support. They are:

    a) Para-Hinduism
    b) Para-Buddhism
    c) Para-Jainism
    d) Para-Islam
    e) Para-Catholicism
    f) Para-Christianity


    So far, no support or proof. Only brainwashing and belief.

    “Religion is the Opium of the masses”- Karl Marx


    Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations.

    Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 28–36; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.112; published online 7 November 2013


    Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.

    The Vedda Tribe


    • 2

      Lukman Harees

      RE: Another Sinhala-Muslim Conflict Brewing: Government Caught Napping!

      1. Have you ever considered the impact of Wahhabi and ISIS Takfirism, has influenced Sinhala Buddhists and others, in their thinking about Muslims?

      Have you considered the effect of Muslim Women adopting the Wahhabi Taliban black dress code of covering up, effected the thinking the non-Muslims towards the Muslims?

      What role has Wahhabism and ISIS played here?

      ISIS Ideology – Wahhabism Salafi Takfirism


      Published on Nov 19, 2015

      ISIS ideology – Extreme Salafi jihadism. An extreme violent strain of Wahhabism. Ibn Taymiyyah, ibn Abd al-Wahhab. ISIS are not nihilists. ISIS are not crazy. They have an ideology.

      Simply treating Isis as a form of “terrorism” or “violent extremism” masks the menace. Merely dismissing it as “nihilistic” reflects a wilful and dangerous avoidance of trying to comprehend, and deal with, its profoundly alluring moral mission to change and save the world.


      The Wahhabis stepped in, with almost unlimited financial resources. Wahhabi ideas spread throughout the region not because they have any merit—they don’t—but because they were and remain well funded. We cannot defeat ISIS without defeating the Wahhabi theology that birthed it.


      Although ISIS(Daesh) is certainly an Islamic movement, it is neither typical nor mired in the distant past, because its roots are in Wahhabism, a form of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia that developed only in the 18th century
      the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, condemning IS in the strongest terms, has insisted that “the ideas of extremism, radicalism and terrorism do not belong to Islam in any way”. Other members of the Saudi ruling class, however, look more kindly on the movement, applauding its staunch opposition to Shiaism and for its Salafi piety, its adherence to the original practices of Islam. This inconsistency is a salutary reminder of the impossibility of making accurate generalisations about any religious tradition. In its short history, Wahhabism has developed at least two distinct forms, each of which has a wholly different take on violence.

      the Obama administration refuses to make public the censored 28 pages of the congressional intelligence report implicating the Saudi government in the terror strike — defying bipartisan requests from lawmakers — the two investigators who authored the long-secret section will more than likely be called to testify in the lawsuit brought against the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

      During the 18th century, revivalist movements sprang up in many parts of the Islamic world as the Muslim imperial powers began to lose control of peripheral territories.


      Like Taymiyyah before him, Abd al-Wahhab believed One of the main tenets of Abd al-Wahhab’s doctrine has become the key idea of takfir. Under the takfiri doctrine, Abd al-Wahhab and his followers could deem fellow Muslims infidels.
      Takfirism is a centuries-old practice of judging someone to be an unbeliever and rendering them an apostate or hypocrite through the most dogmatic of lenses. Those thirsty for power use it to legitimize inequities and delegitimize anyone who disagrees with their authority. Under the framework of takfirism, ISIL justifies an ideological cleansing of Kurds, Yazidis, Shia, Sufis, and anyone else who does not conform to its religious tyranny. ISIL is using takfirism to accomplish its goal of ridding the region of “impure” elements — like Christianity — and symbols — like the shrine of Jonah.

      Takfirism turned violent in the late seventh century with the Kharijites, an early extremist group that rejected Muslims who did not accept their political and religious views. Known for their puritanism and fanaticism, this group engaged in campaigns of harassment and terror. The Kharijites’ violent extremism didn’t last long, as it was quickly dismissed as antithetical to Islam by the independent and authoritative ulema (religious leaders and scholars) of the time.

      Battle of ideas within Islam. Islamophobia. ISIS ideology.

  • 11

    Muslims should join with the Tamils and together push for the Hate Speech Bill and lobby the UNHRC Chief to put pressure regarding the need for Hate Speech Bill.

    It is stupid of Human Rights groups to say that a Hate Speech Bill will affect freedom of speech.

    Britain has a Bill on the Prevention of Racial and Religious Hatred and Sri Lanka should use that as a model to draft the Anti-Hate speech bill.

    In any case why is BBS leader not behind bars?

    • 8

      Agree. I too was hoping that this government would investigate the Beruwala incident and take action against Gnanasara. We are beginning to question if Gnanasara was also part of the plot to overthrow the previous lot.

      • 8


        “I too was hoping that this government would investigate the Beruwala incident and take action against Gnanasara”

        Could you please corporate make a small change to your comment to read it as,

        I too was hoping that this government would investigate the Beruwala incident and take action against the culprits.

  • 8

    “Muslim patience in the times of the MR regime when these hate groups were at their peak, was admired even by the international community.”

    The hate groups were always at their peak, not only during Mahinda Rajapakse regime period. Muslims were not patience in the times of MR regime but Muslim leaders were enjoying the ministerial posts given by MR. It is the Muslims who gave MR the necessary mandate to get two third majority while Muslim mosques were attacked. The reality is that hate groups don’t like other than Buddhist Sinhala but they wanted to finish the Tamils first. Muslims thought they can get all the benefits by colliding with hate groups. Now it is their turn to face the reality. Hoever, tamils will never collide with hate groups against Muslims.

    • 7

      Correction: It is the Muslim politicians who provided the needed votes for the two-thirds majority wanted by MR to make the necessary amendments. As with any other communities, the Muslim community did not and do not have any control over the behaviour of these politicians once they have been elected. As it is usual in Sri Lanka’s political culture politicians, mostly Sinhala and Muslim, shift allegiance for their self benefits; it is much different with the Tamil politicians to their credit.

  • 8

    Agreed Lukman Harees.

    Tho whole nation including the Sinhalese community will be adversely affected if a Sinhala Muslim conflict is allowed to fester and allowed to break out into the open. Another orchestrated Aluthgama type murder and mayhem episode can go only in one direction. More strife to this still strife stricken country. Racial bias and bigotry is an exercise in self destruction.

    MR and GOTA secretly promoted and sanctioned the Aluthgama pogrom to achieve political mileage from the majority Sinhala Buddhists. But it misfired and they paid a hefty price – losing the elections. My3 and the IGP inaction with hate speeches by Gnanasara will also come to bite My3 and Ranil sooner rather than later.

  • 7

    This Gnanassara went to Myanmar recently and signed a collaborative agreement with His Guru- another face of Master Buddhist Terror Ashin Wirathu . What they agreed is anyone’s guess.

    It is important that the government investigate his dealings with Wirathu and how BBS gets their funds to assess and understand the nature of their hate project directed at Muslims.

  • 18

    In 1915, Muslims started the riot in Kandy by attacking the Parade/Perahara. In 2014, Muslims started the riot in Aluthgama by assaulting a monk.

    REMEMBER, Sri Lanka is ethnically Sinhalese and religiously Buddhist country while the minorities are tolerated.


    REMEMBER, Muslims should not do that would make Sinhalese-Buddhist uncomfortable.

    Ashroff destroyed the Buddhist heritage in the Eastern Province, now his reincarnation Badaudeen is destroying the North-West.

    • 9

      Not only Muslims, every person believing in a god or rebirth is wrong. Fighting for religion is the lowest class action one could do against humanity. By the way, if your name has anything to do with your ethnicity, you are neither a Sinhalese nor a Buddhist, just a Christian trying to fuel violence between Buddhists and Muslims.

    • 1


      Who are the greater Idiots in your opinion? The Muslims or the Sinhala Buddhists or both?

      The other words for Idiots are:

      stupid person, mootal, modaya, meekaraka, treskull, woodhead,

      fool, idiot, ass, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, clod; informalnitwit, halfwit, dope, ninny, nincompoop, chump, dimwit, dingbat, dipstick, goober, coot, goon, dumbo, dummy, ditz, dumdum, fathead, numbskull, numbnuts, dunderhead, thickhead, airhead, butthead, flake, lamer, lamebrain, zombie, nerd, peabrain, birdbrain, scissorbill, jughead, mouth-breather, jerk, donkey, twit, goat, dork, twerp, hoser, schmuck, bozo, boob, turkey, schlep, chowderhead, dumbhead, goofball, goof, goofus, galoot, lummox, knuckle-dragger, klutz, putz, schlemiel, sap, meatball, dumb cluck, and mook.

  • 14

    The BBS and similar groups with vested interests had been throwing different baits towards Muslims to get them hunted. but they were wise enough to not to get stuck in to their baits.
    Then they started to create utter lies against the Muslims and launched attacks on Muslims. Despite this, Muslims kept quiet. sSome may define it as a wise thing and some other call it a cowardice
    Now they have touched the most sensitive place in the heart of even the non practicing Muslims. That is talking sarcastically about our Almighty Lord and the Most Beloved Prophet (peace be upon Him)
    Now the Muslims are between the horns of dilemma. Are we to fight against it or to be patient and suffer as cowards? Even I myself has not yet found the answer
    It is really pathetic and amusing that the government who could not have come to power without the support of minorities keep mum with this regard. Even the silence of Educated and peaceful Buddhists raises many an Eyebrow when a so called member of their Mahasanga, whom they venerate cast third class sarcastic remarks upon the Almighty God and a Leader of a religion who is being followed by 2 billion people or more
    The Muslims being a minority community may not have prowess to fight against this evil elements. But they have a firm belief the Ditta Dhamma preached by the Lord Buddha himself would fall upon the conspirators sooner or later.

  • 7

    “Another Sinhala-Muslim Conflict Brewing: Government Caught Napping!” says the title.

    This is nothing strange. The Governments always gets elected on promises which they never respect and hold after coming to power. Now they have got elected and that is all they wanted from the people and they are now interested only in enriching themselves. This was the plight from the time Sri Lankans got self rule in 1948.

    Now Maithripala is well set thanks to the people who they deceived and now he will have a happy retired life when that happens with a handsome pension and a home too. Then life goes on.

    When I voted for this Government I expected this attitude of not to respect their promises after getting elected to power. I voted for Maithripala with only one expectation to rid off Rajapakse. So it was not a electing vote for My3 but a rejecting vote for Rajapakse who should be removed by any means!

  • 8

    Eid Mubarak to all my Brothers & Sisters of the Ummah

    “ …… there is truth in the fact, that there is an impending racial conflict involving the Sinhalese and the Muslims in the brewing and Sri Lanka is sitting atop a social volcano waiting to explode at any moment”

    The Government can introduce as many laws as they think fit to prevent an outburst between two religious groups. However, such moves will only ensure that there is temporary ‘peace’ between the two communities at a superficial level. Unfortunately, it cannot prevent the build-up of intense hatred towards each other that will lead to an extremely violent volcanic eruption at some unpredictable time in the future. No amount of social activity by Muslims such as distributing water at public funerals and food at dansalas can prevent the growth of this hatred. It may delay the growth, but will certainly not prevent it.

    The only way that this inter-communal antagonism can be addressed effectively is to identify and neutralize the root causes of the problem, not to keep offering palliatives for it’s symptoms.

    It is time that the Non-Political and Non-Theological Leaders of the SL Muslim Community step up to the plate and ask themselves The Question : What is it about us that creates such anger, bitterness and hatred among (some ?) members of the majority community ?

    As Al Haj Bisthan Batcha has clearly stated in one of his blog articles “We should bear in mind at all times that the tolerance of the Buddhists should not be misconstrued as acquiescence on their part”.

  • 7

    SIRISENA was a government minister holding an important post in the Rajapakse government. Yet he never said one word when minorities like Muslims,Hindus and catholics were treated like dirt. He was aware of Aluthgama riots, the burning of several churches and the slaughter of Hindus in the North and East. He was aware of the murders of several murders of political leaders,editors and civilians.
    Today NOTHING is done towards bringing justice to the victims. Nothing will be different in this government except empty promises and emphasis on impressing Western Powers.

  • 8

    Your community has perpetrated an unspeakable crime against Buddhism. You have burnt My and Our Buddhist Flag in Mahiyanganaya. You expect Buddhists to lie low until you start to torch our Buddhist temples with monks inside and repeat what your forefathers did in Nalanda, India. It is high time guys like you advice your Muslim brethren to withdraw to their traditional areas and live according to what Prophet Mohammed (May peace and blessings of Allah be with him)preached. You must remember Sri Lanka is the country of Sinhala-Buddhists.

    You represent the children and grand children of our Guest workers. How about someone burns your flag, what would be your reaction. It is a good idea that your leaders draw-up an action plan to restrain your people before it is too late. The country cannot afford to have another flare-up based on religious differences. Your community will end-up as the biggest looser.

    • 13

      Peter Pan

      “You have burnt My and Our Buddhist Flag in Mahiyanganaya.”

      You mean the flag that the American Colonel Olcott designed in 1880, a Protestant Buddhist flag.

      What has it got to do with Buddhism?

  • 7

    Well buddy your Yahapalana government came to power thanks to BBS. BBS was a grand strategy of UNP and Norway. Now there is a Sinhala saying “Kanawa Kanawa” Sarama ethule

  • 13

    if hate speech law is to be introduced, then the koran should be banned because it’s full of hatred…

    • 1

      I think you meant Mahawamsa

  • 11

    a muslim terrorist called sally has issued a death warrant to ven gnanasara thero and sally should be kept behind bars to maintain the harmony.

    • 2


      “and sally should be kept behind bars to maintain the harmony.”

      and to expose the Sinhala “Buddhism”, the dark side of it that follows Mara and MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa Amana MaRa, HoRa MaRa Dhishana MaRa.

  • 2

    When did ISIS become unislamic, when all the kuffar are fighting
    To kill Muslims ISIS fights them back. You call it unislamic, read sura baquara.
    Is Britain Islamic or because u live there your view is tainted.
    Sri Lanka Muslims will have a fight or flight situation , due to trying to appease
    The kuffar and not following the Quran & Sunna.
    Allah will test, there is no God but Allah, and Prophet Mohamed is the messenger of Allah.

    All idol worshippers are destined for Hell

    • 9

      Here comes the maniac. Every Muslim thinks what he follows is the correct path to the heaven and the rest are kaafirs. Islam is a failed religion, it couldn’t give its followers a peaceful life even after 1400 years and has made the world to spill blood from the inception to date. Do you think if Prophet knew there is a hell, he would have married twelve ladies within six years after the death of his first wife? He was forced to stop marrying further. This clearly shows that Islam is an invention of Katheeja and it had gone out of hand after her death. No one will stop praying if he knows for sure that there is a hell waiting after death.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 8


  • 7

    Muslim patience …lol..the only reason sinhala -muslim relationship is strained is because of islamic extremism and racism that is growing in SL that too with a population boom….
    Sinhalese are witnessing how their homeland is changed into a arab ghetto.

    • 5

      Sachoooooooooooooooooooooo the stupid II:

      “Muslim patience …lol..the only reason sinhala -muslim relationship is strained is because of islamic extremism and racism that is growing in SL that too with a population boom…”

      Your homeland is in South India. We don’t care how Tamil Nadu is changed. If you are concerned about Tamil Nadu please go back and fight the Muslims/Arabs in your ancestral homeland.

      “Sinhalese are witnessing how their homeland is changed into a arab ghetto.”

      We have been witnessing how our ancestral land is being transformed into a Sinhala/Buddhist ghetto in the last hundred or so years.


  • 5

    In the UK there is only one community that has a problem living in a country with a clear Christian heritage and it is the Muslims.

    The predictions for the future are that Islam, a recent arrival in the 300,000+ year history of mankind and being incompatible with the science, technology it consumes, will disappear, but will cause a lot of damage before it does so.

    So, we can go on exchanging insults and continue believing that repetition will make the point stick. However, the unfairness of what is being done to both Sinhala and Tamil people has yet to be met with a concerted response. They have been dominated, especially post 1977, by the worst people in both communities. A concerted and sophisticated response will come and it will not be a threat but a reasoned and fair response to which these current commentaries will be irrelevant.

  • 10

    “Another Sinhala-Muslim Conflict Brewing”.

    About time! We need something like that to put an end to the IS menace that is causing so much bloodshed in the world.

    If fhese “Muslim” animals can attack the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, what can’t they do to Buddhists?

    They are evil and evil has no place in civilised society.

  • 5

    Muslims want legal cover for their indecent practices like insulting all other religions five times a day announcing over the loudspeakers there is no god but Allah, yes we Buddhists do not have specific god to worship but it is said that buddha on his last day summoned Maha Brahma and instructed him to looked after welfare of Buddhism here in lanka as lanka is the only place where his preaching would be existed for next five hundred years.as such Muslims when Muslims announce there is no god but Allah. Buddhists have every rights to question it.Muslims say they are the only decent human on earth,others are vile or wild animals . how come Muslims expect decency from such wild animals. unless they spread universal brotherhood.why do Muslims want to build mosques in our sacred sites and continue their insult against Buddhists five time a day, they should know wild animals can dash into their mosques and kill all of them.Culture and civilization of any country depend on environment of that areas.flora and fauna is unique to those areas but you can not force them to change it. but Muslims do that they want to build only mosques everywhere but flora and fauna unique to Saudi Arabia as well.to be planted here. dates tree is not suitable for our climate but tamarind is the unique three.that way Muslims create doubt in others mind.Halal is something unique to islam not for Buddhists. traditionally Buddhists do not offer anything impure to Buddha.Halal is something prepared as per some other unknown god recipe. as such it is not good for offering to Buddha. simple as that.in Burma too same situation. Burmese are not responsible for rohigyya. British who brought them there should take responsibility Burmese can expel them as it is a headache for them. otherwise kill them. it is not religious issue it is a political issue.even Indians for India is paraya. as human kind was not evolved in India .begalis are not mongoloid Caucasoid as such if anybody try to make our origin with bengalis is lunatic as we are more resemble with Caucasoids and Australoid races. Tamils or darvedians origin couple with harappa civilization. still Baluchistan people consider as darvedians speak language of daverdian family.as such two of our friend idealism on our origin is a myth just like mahawansa myth.

    • 1

      Then u can think of going back to Orissa, India from where your ancestors came from.our land is the original land if the Veddas. So take a hike bud.

  • 2

    Hatred begets hatred; violence begets violence.

    There cannot be room for violence and hate and suspicion amongst people in that small densely populated Island. This is the month of July. On Black July the UNP goon thugs unleashed a pogrom that lasted for 4 days. It was the reason a small rebel group got legitimacy and sympathy. What was the end result of that pogrom against innocent tamil people?

    There cannot be room for so callled Buddhist Monks and their Thuggism. There cannot be room for Islamic Jihadism. There cannot be room for open threats of maragena marenewa. Sri Lanka does not have a tradition of free speech unlike the USA. In the USA you can say “screw x, y or z” being the Deity or God or Goddess of your choice or you can also say without fear PRAISE x, y or z again.

    But in multi religious societies sensitivities need to be evaluated and taken into account when passing laws or apprehending people for saying things that disturb the peace.

    It was the despicable UNP thugs who unleased black july. That terrible leader at that time tried to blame and frame everyone else when it was an open secret at that time whose JSS and party leaders unleashed hateful violence. This was similar to how Cong-I Hindu goons in New Delhi and Haryana unleashed violence against Sikhs in Oct-Nov 0f 1984. SAME pattern. SAME thinking. What was the end result?

    Add to that the dimensions that over 600,000 Sri Lankans are employed in the Arab Middle East and 47% of SL’s foreign currency earnings are from those people and their blood sweat and tears.

    Hate speech is speech that offends, threatens, or insults groups, based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. But SL has enough laws to prosecute people for that. What it cam do is add hate crime legislation akin to the USA to tackle crimes committed against people because of those factors.

    It is hard to prosecute someone for hate speech unless you can prove causation. Correlation and Causation are different. There is correlation but can that stand in an independent court of law?Other option is to jail people under Emergency regulations right? Both Gnanasara and Salley have now made threats of an absurd nature. Those are not conducive for harmony.

    However look into the spread of extreme Wahabism and hate speech too. ISIS is a global threat; if what happened in Bangladesh is allowed to happen in Sri Lanka, it will slide back into hate again. There are foreign powers waiting to pounce on it and take advantage of such situations. SL cannot allow that to happen. The failure of doing nothing is catastrophic.

    Mano Ratwatte

    • 1

      Mano you say;

      “Add to that the dimensions that over 600,000 Sri Lankans are employed in the Arab Middle East and 47% of SL’s foreign currency earnings are from those people and their blood sweat and tears”

      I agree with you on “their blood sweat and tears”. Who put them into this situation. Economic policies of the biggest scoundrels in politics of our nation: SWRDB and JRJ. These two scoundrels ruined our economy and due to their inability to create employment opportunities for our poor citizens, their policies open the gates for SLAVE TRADE. 600,000 and more you are talking about are the modern day slaves. There is a minister responsible for selling slaves. So do not hide the truth, so much damaged has been done to our country by SWRDB, JRJ, their families and their cronies.

      • 3

        Peter Pan

        “I agree with you on “their blood sweat and tears”.”

        You don’t really care about them do you?

        “Who put them into this situation. Economic policies of the biggest scoundrels in politics of our nation: SWRDB and JRJ.”

        You have left out Siri Mao and her merry men. If she were alive today she would hit you with saucepan and handbag you wherever for not including her in the above list of leaders.

  • 4

    well, writer says this country has always been a muti ethnic country, [Edited out] The Sinhalese and the Buddhist culture built what it become today. Invading forces only brought destructive minorities to this country. Muslims do not have any right to comment on what right and what wrong. Their behading barbarism is the only known to them, where ever muslims in this world , there are problems. if i’m telling a lie, tell me one place on this earth that muslims live in peace? they are killing eachother, they are trying to kill others..thats the ultimate truth.[Edited out]

  • 8

    It appears that Muslim racists and fascists have engineered and launched a campaign to deny my birth rights: SriLanka-Sinhala-Buddhism identity and the cornerstone of the nation. How can we be silent any longer?

    Lukman you have said:

    “The government therefore should recognize the need to put a stop to these majoritarian dog whistle hush talks and open barks whether in parliamentary corridors or in temples by openly declaring its’ policy on the nature of Sri Lanka – a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Sri Lanka and not a Sinhala State. Sri Lankan Muslims no longer can be the punching bags of these hate mongers at a time when the Muslims all over the world, are facing the brunt of a well- orchestrated Islamophobia campaign and asked to assume collective guilt for the action of the Un-Islamic ISIS”

    Are you proposing to restructure a nation to accommodate your wishes? You may get your wish if we allow Sinhala-Buddhists to be divided along the dirty political tricks introduced by the SWRDB School of Political Science and JRJ School of Political Science. It worked from 1953 but not tenable any longer. Sri Lanka was founded by SINHAL A people even before your religion Islam was introduced to the world. Sri Lanka became a Buddhist country more than 1200 years before the first Muslim saw the light of the day. So final conclusion is the SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM linkage and the civilization (even Tisa Mahaweva and surrounding Paddy fields and Buddhist temple of my village are older than your religion). When your forefathers were wondering as gypsies looking for greener pastures, my forefathers were studying in the BUDDHIST SCHOOLS (PIRIVENAS.)

    It is not a “these majoritarian dog whistle hush talks and open barks whether in parliamentary corridors or in temples by openly declaring its’ policy on the nature of Sri Lanka”-

    I will accept that dogs and Pigs have entered the parliament of Sri Lanka with your sponsorship, but my dear fellow; whether you like it or not SRILANKA is a SINHALA-BUDDHIDST country. The present leadership knows it is the truth but they do not say it openly for the fear of losing your support. A very simple argument, if you withdraw propping-up the present government, it will fall. Bunch of Muslim FASCIST politicians are calling the shots or in fact guys like you keep on bullying SINHALA-BUDDHIST-MAJORITY. Enough is enough; as I said before we were duped very cleverly by SWRDB and JRJ. That is why you have become bold enough to desecrate and denigrate My (OUR) religion; BUDDHISM openly.

    The Muslim community has forgotten, including you are the children and grand of GUEST workers who came to Sri Lanka mostly illegally from South India. Now you have the audacity to suggest that Sri Lanka is not a SINHALA State. It is like saying GERMANY is not the STATE of GERMANS, or FRANCE is not the STATE of FRENCH or SWITZERLAND is not the STATE of SWISS. The bottom line is Sri Lanka is the country of SINHALA people IT IS THE OFFICIAL STATE OF SINHALA BUDDHISTS. You are a minority and learn to live like a minority as we have not barred you from any of your legal activities. Of course we had to arrest so many of your Muslim Brethrens smuggling dangerous narcotics into Sri Lanka recently. I wonder whether there is any connection between Muslim narcotic smugglers and the anti SINHALA-BUDDHIST Campaign in Sri Lanka.

    You are not a punching bag, we the Sinhala-Buddhists never treated you badly or discriminated you. Let me emphasize that our Education system is older than your religion to be exact more than 2300 years. One of your Brethrens, Baduddin Mahamood , a graduate of SWRDB School Of Political Science, gave your community a ladder to jump over the “ gate of entrance” of the Universities of CEYLON. That was the beginning of the downfall your community and one of the major factors that triggered the darkest period of our history- LTTE Terrorist campaign and the destruction of amity between SINHAL-BUDDHISTS and our HINDU/CHRISTIAN TAMIL brothers and sisters. It is not SINHALA-BUDDHISTS who introduced “Standardization” criteria that contributed to engulf our country in ruthless war for nearly thirty years. The dirty move was engineered by Baduddin Mahamood under the sponsorship of the graduates of SWRDB School of Political Science. The purpose was to hoodwink the masses to enhance electability. So don’t blame Sinhala-Buddhists. SINHALA-BUDDHISTS introduced the free education irrespective of ethnicity or religion in Sri Lanka. Read about the great qualities Hon. C.W.W.Kannangara and the great Buddhist leader in the post independence era ; Hon. D.S.Senanyake. We the Sinhala – Buddhists learn the word “Equanimity” from Buddhism. So my dear fellow Lukman; at least learn from your own religion and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) without scuttling already damaged relationship between Muslims and Sinhala-Buddhists due to your short memory and ignorance.

    Finally, something from KORAN for you, apparently you have not read the following. Please recite and under the context of; SRILANKA-SINHALA-BUDDHISM is inseparable.

    “Say: O disbelievers!
    I worship not that which ye worship;
    Nor worship ye that which I worship.
    And I shall not worship that which ye worship.
    Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
    Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.”

    (An extract of Translations of the Qur’an, Surah 109: )

  • 5

    Harees, The good deeds done by Muslims in SL for the past few years were just for the media cameras. Don’t try to white wash SINS OR ATROCITIES done by Muslims in SL for the last few years.

    1. The clearing of Jungle next to Wilpattu by BADURDEEN and his henchmen with the help of Basil Rajapaksha and continues up to present time without any hindrance. Even though this area declared as a forest reserve, they made fraudulent documents to prove that there were some muslim families lived there before war start. There were human inhabitants since Kuweni’s time in that area. And the other thing is the families settled there not only Srilankans but some expelled Pakistan families too.

    2. Unlawful and unethical grabbing of government lands in Yan-Oya valley in Pulmode-Kuchchaveli area. This is going on very rapid way that any muslim who need a land what he want to do is just fill out a form and within week he can have a land permit to settle down. Even young kids like 15-16 years old getting land permits. But a Sinhalese apply for a land by fulfilling all the requirements he has to wait years. Before war in Kuchchaveli area only about 25 families lived there and half of it were Sinhalese. But after the war in 2009, now close to ten thousand families lives there. From where these muslims came from is best known to them. And the Mineral Sands Corporation now under Bathurdeen, he gave jobs to muslims as he wish,[ the jobs even not exist in the factory]. Pretty soon this factory will bankrupt.

    3. While Bathurdeen clearing protected jungles in Wilpattu and Yaan-Oya basin, Minister Hakeem doing the same thing in Eastern Province in Pothuvil area. Many buddhist sacred places bulldoze and encroach and settled muslims. He and his henchmen engage in a silent war with the Sinhalese in the area. If anybody wants I can give details.

    4. THE poison of Sinhalese and their children going on with the help of some Muslim countries. From a spices to a candy they put poisonous herbal mixtures, chemicals etc.. Sathakuppa mixing is an one example. And import banned contraceptives and sell in black market is another lucrative own by muslims. And even some muslim doctors prescribe these pills to their sinhala patients. In Colombo, Kandy and Rathnapura those incidents happened.

    5. Build muslim mosques around famous Buddhist religious places going on very rapidly. Their aim is when the right time comes, they build further up the existing mosques so that nobody can easily see the Buddhist temples, Dagabas etc.. The way things happening now, thanks to the Yamapalakayo, that day is not far.

    I can give many more examples. But I want to give the readers that these crooked opportunists hiding the true facts on the ground. Because of these crooked muslims irresponsible,drastic and somtimes fatal mindset the reason to pop up organisation like BBS. Without doing anything to erase doubts in Sinhala Buddhists minds, muslims activities in the island once again divert to a bloodshed pretty soon.

  • 1

    Don’t you get it? A referendum is coming and Ranil needs to alienate all muslim votes if he has any chance of winning it. US, UK embassies should be plotting as we speak on how to ignite the next Sinhala-Muslim clash.

    • 1


      What referendum are you talking about? And also why USA-UK should plot to ignite racial violence in Sri Lanka? USA and UK are our friends . Ranil needs Muslims support, he always enticed Muslim Chauvinist politicians. Do not BS.

      Muslims of Sri Lanka have been plotting against the Sinhala-Buddhist for more than 40 years. The devious plan includes moving Muslims from their villages to urban and suburbs, procreating at a rate not seen anywhere in the world, Encroaching into Buddhist sacred places, Denigrating Buddhism and Destroying eco-friendly environment. These are facts not fabrications that the writer has made. So the Muslims are totally responsible for the conflicts with Sinhala – Buddhists. In Sinhala we say “ Angilla dhanna dunnama oluwath dhanna hadanawa”. Some Muslims have got embolden to challenge the roots of Sinhala-Buddhists due to the policies promoted by corrupt Sinhala politicians. The present leaders are beating around the bush and not even ready to acknowledge Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation.

      • 4

        Peter Pan

        “Muslims of Sri Lanka have been plotting against the Sinhala-Buddhist for more than 40 years.”

        If true they are not doing a good job. They should be advised to abandon it as their efforts don’t seem to bear fruit.

        “Muslims from their villages to urban and suburbs, procreating at a rate not seen anywhere in the world,”

        Could we have some evidence to support your paranoia that Muslims are procreating faster than the other Kallathonies including Sinhala/Buddhists.

        “Denigrating Buddhism and Destroying eco-friendly environment.”

        Both wrong, however, Sinhala/Buddhists are capable of doing exactly that and we have seen it since the advent of Duttagamini Dharmapala protestant Buddhism.

        ” So the Muslims are totally responsible for the conflicts with Sinhala – Buddhists. In Sinhala we say “ Angilla dhanna dunnama oluwath dhanna hadanawa”. Some Muslims have got embolden to challenge the roots of Sinhala-Buddhists due to the policies promoted by corrupt Sinhala politicians.”

        Once you convert yourself from Sinhala/Buddhism to Buddhism, you are rest assured you won’t see it that way.

        Give it a try.

      • 2

        Referendum on the new constitution. The constitution that Ranil promised to TNA before the election which will lead to a self governing authority in north and east.

        Yes Ranil needs all the muslim support it, for that he needs a sinhala-muslim conflict and then blame it on the opposition. Remember how his idol and uncle created the black july (to make ordinary tamil citizen sympathize with the terrorists) and then blamed it on effing Wickramabahu and Vasu? Don’t underestimate the nephew.

      • 3

        HI Peter Pan

        Don’t be a moron. Without making irresponsible statements , study history .

        As historian Nira wickramasinghe says Sinhalese are a majority race with a minority mindset. Besides, although Buddhism is a peaceful philosophy, its’ combination with Sinhala nationalism had unfortunately been less than peaceful in the past. Analyst Jayadeva Uyangoda(1996) has argued that “Sinhalese Buddhism has made no significant contribution to the evolution of a non-violent social ideology. On the contrary, the Sinhalese Buddhist historiographical tradition and ideology inherent in it supports ethnic political violence”.

        True there were distrimination against them by the colonial masters. But they did the worse betrayal against the minorities after independence . Independence would not have been a reality if not the support of the minorities and was based on the Article 29(2) of the Soulbury Constitution . As Prof G.L. Peiris(1997) said : ‘..It was on the basis of this safeguard that the Tamils acquiesced in the granting of independence in 1948..’.
        But what happened was total betrayal . Please read what Prof Marasinghe and other constitutional experts says about these betrayals. Prof Lakshman Marasinghe in an article sees the removal of Section 29(2) from a psychological viewpoint. when he says ; ‘ As for the minorities, they were entitled to feel that they have been left in the hands of a governing autocracy with wide and unfettered powers. The 1972 constitution permitted the establishment of Administrations with an abundance of uncontrolled power to govern. The people in Sri Lanka under the 1972 constitution were denied of any meaningful constitutional protections of their “Fundamental Rights and freedoms” As subsequent history has shown, these provided a fertile breeding ground for political dissent and for agitation and violence.’ He also said in foresight : ‘We have reached such a stage here in Sri Lanka, where it has now become necessary to arrive at a constitutional settlement which would not only provide cast iron constitutional guarantees to all persons equally, which human ingenuity could devise, but also provide the legal institutions that could protect and enforce those guarantees. Unless that is achieved now, this nation would have lost yet another opportunity to solve its ethnic conflict which might in its next phase wrench the country apart’.

        Read what Muslim leaders acted those days in giving their full support at independence. Let me quote what TB Jayah said then
        Dr. Jayah said during the Debate “I speak with the full support of members of the Muslim community of Ceylon. I saw to it that the Muslim community was consulted with representatives in different parts of the country on the important issue before the House; and I am in a position to say that the Muslim members of this Council have the fullest backing of the Muslim community of this Island. When the Muslim members of this Council decided to take a definite stand at the time the ‘Sri Lanka Bill’ was introduced, they did so for one and for one reason only. The reason was that where the political freedom of this country was involved, they were prepared to go to any length, even to the point of sacrificing advantages and benefits as a result of such action.”In keeping with this policy the three Muslim representatives in the State Council extended their whole- hearted support for the “Dominion Status Bill” – a Sri Lankan bill sponsored by the late Mr. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike when it came for the vote on 9 November 1945. T.B. Jayah and Dr. M.C.M Kaleel spoke in favour of the bill while Sir Razik Fareed and Dr. Kaleel voted in favour as Jayah was not present during the time of voting. Tamils leaders too supported the motion.

        As this author says Muslims have a long history of patriotism. They were the goodwill ambassadors who took Sri Lanka to the then known world when Sinhalese were resting withn a cocoon. Then Kings realized their value. During tiger rule , if not the Muslims SL would have lost the East.

        What this author was trying to say was that Sinhalese should understand and acknowledge the contribution made by the Muslims and not allow extremist viruses and hate mongers to spoil the harmony.
        Many writers have argued that the rise and institutionalisation of Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism in post-independent Sri Lanka bear much responsibility for today’s ethnic conflicts between the majority Sinhalese state and the minorities.Sri Lanka cannot move forward on the basis of a Sinhala state. It can only move forward together as multi ethnic multi lingual nation.

        • 0

          Hi “dignity for all”

          You have sais;
          “Many writers have argued that the rise and institutionalisation of Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism in post-independent Sri Lanka bear much responsibility for today’s ethnic conflicts between the majority Sinhalese state and the minorities”

          Are you from;
          “Shangri la” or hallucinating; As far as Sinhala-Buddhists are concerned they don’t have to institutionalize their birth rights. Sri Lanka is the country of Sinhala people, just like Germany is the country of Germans, Thailand is the country of Thai people. If Tamil speaking people can’t take the heat in Sri Lanka, there is a homeland for Tamils;TAMIL NADU (STATE OF TAMIL). But there is no other homeland for Sinhala people anywhere in the world. My dear the Sinhala people will defend their sovereignty and Unitary state just like the Germans defend their own country and the Jewish people defend Israel, So stop disputing the truth learn to live happily with the Sinhala-Buddhists, otherwise you have a choice.We don’t have to institutionalize our religion because all our institutions are defined according to the Buddhist doctrine.

          • 3

            Hello pea brain

            Did you not get the idea i was trying to drive into you. It was Sinhala Buddhist writers who say Sinhala Buddhist nationalism and majoritarianism responsible for all the ethnic political violence. Historians and social scientists such as KM de Silva, Jayadeva Uyangoda , Nira Wickramasinghe have maintained this position.

            This is the politics of numbers . Just because Sinhalese are more in numbers in SL does not mean that this will become a Sinhala state. It has everything to do with the evolution of the races . Tamils also claim to have similar claims like Sinhalese whereas Muslims are right behind with 1000+ history. Try to accept these social realities and accept Tamils and Muslims as equal partners. If not the minorities, there will not any Independence . What do you then@ After promising safeguards for minorities , your Sinhalese leaders betray the minorities in style. Besides, haven’t the Sinhala leaders made a mess out of Sri Lanka even after 65 years of Independence, leave aside safeguarding the country?.

            Do not just rely on your Mahavamsa to prove your heritage. It is only a fable . If you believe , then your race came into being due to a sexual union between man and a beast like a lion. The son killed the father and brother married a sister. In today’s standards, these are all crimes punishable under penal code. What a race you fellows are as per this stories. Still you believe this rubbish. So grow up ,Man!

  • 0

    Harees, Malaysia is only about 60% Muslim with their Malay Population. Rest are Chinese Buddhists, Hindus and Christians.

    Malaysia is a multicultural acountry. As of the 2010 Population and Housing Census, 61.3 percent of the population practices Islam; 19.8 percent Buddhism; 9.2 percent Christianity; 6.3 percent Hinduism; and 1.3 percent traditional Chinese religions.

    Yet, Harees and other Sri Lankan muslims did you know the OFFICIAL religion of Malaysia is Islam? Why? So in SL Buddhists are about 74% and there is NO official religion but the constitution of 1972 says to give prominent place to Buddhism.

    Now we all know if you were 51% Muslim you will force Sharia and Islamic rule and definitely want your official religion of Sri Lanka to be Islam. Why are you advocating a different set of standards for Sri Lanka as opposed to Malaysia? Give a straight answer. This goes to Jewish hating rabid racist Lateef, the kind man Izeth and the more subtle racist Hilmy. Give a straight answer please.

    Is it ok for Malaysia with ONLY 60% Muslims to have Islam as their official religion and in some states even to impose Sharia law and cane people for dating ?
    YES OR NO?
    YES OR NO ?
    YES OR NO?

    • 1


      Is Buddhism a religion ? It is a “yes” and a “no.”
      Buddha is widely thought to be a philosopher .
      If a philosopher is to be worshipped then Abert
      Einstein could be worshipped too. Aristotle , the
      father of philosophy ,Plato , Socrates all could
      be worshipped ! Still in India , for a considerable
      size of Tamils , MGR is an Idol worthy of worship.
      I think you find an answer if you can find the
      works of prof Bernard Lewis an expert in Middle East
      history . He describes Islam as not only a religion
      but also a culture , civilization and politics .
      Buddhism has never been an authority of law . But
      read the history of Islam and then look into your
      questions please .

  • 0

    Malaysia’s Malays are the BHUMIPUTHRA Muslims. They forced everyone to study in Malay and created a disaster. SMART secular open transparent Vibrant Chinese dominated Singapore laughs at Bhumiputhra Malay muslims. So in Sri Lanka basically the Sinhalese are like the Malay Muslims. But Sri Lanka HAS NO OFFICIAL STATE RELIGION; Malaysia does and it is ISLAM!! whoo hooo.

    • 0

      In peninsular malaysia original inhabitants are Orang Asli(ancient man)
      and are the real Bhumiptras or the true owners of peninsular Malaysia. Malays are immigrants from neighbouring islands of Malay archipelago. Malays are fraudulently claiming Bhumiputra status though they are the first immigrants. The first religion to be practiced in Malysia was Hinduism spread there by Pallava rulers. The decendants of Pallavas split the Kingdom and continued to rule them. Islam was subsequently introduced into Malaysia when King Parameshwara the ruling monarch of Malacca was converted to Islam and took up the name of Iskander Shah. These facts are deliberately suppressed by Malay racists to continue their enforcement of Malay language and Islam. These Orang Asli are dark skinned with afro hair and have genetic similarity with Veddhas of Srilanka, Adhivasis of Tamil Nadu and aborigines of Andaman.

  • 2

    If a muslim-sinhala clash is on the cards, then what the muslims need to do are.

    1.Have a modern fast method of conveying news.
    2.Form a group of eminent persons to interact with India, Pakistan , mideast and the west.
    3.The above group need to be in eternal vigil and ask for help from the those countries.
    4. Facilitate a humanitarian evacuation involving India and US.
    5.Get PR from like countries like Malaysia.
    6.Organise resistance until help from overseas come

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