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Answer the question Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleka !

Conclusion of Debate on the Theoretical Sophistry, Political Sycophancy and Craven Apologetics of Dayan 

By Surendra Ajit Rupasinghe –

I shall conclude this debate with the following piece. I thank all those who engaged in the debate, and hope that it raised some crucial issues and provided some food for thought. Dayan Jayatilleka is simply not worth wasting any more time and energy. My intention was not to awaken his mind, which has now petrified into intellectual and theoretical morbidity, but to raise some serious issues with our readers and draw some lines of demarcation. The issues discussed are crucial for engaging in a process of reconciliation, and I believe that it beings with recognizing the political status of the Tamil nation and a political solution based on sharing power with all the various nationalities and communities that constitute the people of Lanka. For this, of course, we would have to dismantle the military-chauvinist/ hegemonic-supremacist/ mafia-terrorist  dictatorship foisted on us by the Rajapakse troika. I am aware that I may have to pay the ultimate price for my convictions, for  my integrity, honesty and openness.  So, lets get down to some conclusions.

For this, of course, we would have to dismantle the military-chauvinist/ hegemonic-supremacist/ mafia-terrorist dictatorship foisted on us by the Rajapakse troika.

Again, distortion of historical truths and linguistic-theoretical sophistry of an elegant kind. In the war of national liberation in Viet Nam, Giap called for a war of annihilation of an invading force– The US. He called for the annihilation of invading enemy combat forces. He did not wage war to liquidate the status of the American nation, nor did he deliberately target US citizens, with ‘no regard for collateral damage’! The Viet Cong did not bomb hospitals and shell civilians in No-Fire Zones. It did not hack, mutilate and rape prisoners of war. It did not corral survivors into barb-wired concentration camps, to silence them. To quote Giap is an unpardonable  act of theoretical sophistry and vile, willful deception. This distortion of truth is born of sheer stupidity or deliberate eclectic machination- or both! A war of annihilation in an internal conflict, against a political phenomenon created by the State! Are we to justify parents annihilating their own children? The LTTE is an effect of a cause, of a hegemonic chauvinist State built on the foundations of Sinhala supremacy. At least on this fundamental issue, take the report of the LLRC seriously. Can you just believe it? The good Dr. brings in the carpet bombing of Dresden during the 2nd World War to justify his defense of a war of annihilation against the LTTE!

Peace in North Ireland, So. Africa, Philippines and elsewhere was achieved not by wars of annihilation, but to establish the balance of power so that each side would finally negotiate! Do some serious study and research Dr. I really wish Dayan would base himself on historical experience and not rely on his demented mind that seeks blood revenge from a historically constituted minority nation, and from a political product of a rabid chauvinist-hegemonic-terrorist State.  Why then was a war of annihilation not waged against the JVP? Why were civilians not bombed indiscriminately? Why were their leaders carefully cultivated and  released from prison?  How is it that their representatives sit in Parliament, and had even occupied ministerial positions, and now constitute a legal Opposition? Surely, the JVP also practiced a form of barbaric terror in countering the barbaric horrors of State terrorism, and they were out to grab state power!

However distorted, the LTTE represented the national-democratic aspirations of the Tamil people, as did all other Tamil militant groups. Why else would the State and the Co-Chairs of the Norwegian peace process- US, European Union, Japan and Canada, and the Mahinda Rajapakse regime –  negotiate with the LTTE, and with the LTTE alone, with such sustained commitment? Why would Chandrika offer a package which included self-rule within a ‘union of regions’ to the LTTE?  Why did the Co-Chairs and the GOSL agree to a form of ‘internal self-determination’ in Oslo as a result of negotiations with the LTTE? Answer the question, Ambassador.  Were all these key players out of their minds, and only Dayan Jayatilleka has the monopoly of truth?

The LTTE practiced a form of  regressive “Tit for Tat’ ‘Eye for an Eye” politics, including barbaric forms of terror that has no place in any liberation movement. NOW, NOTE THAT WITH CLARITY. Maoists reject this form of struggle, and place their faith in the ability of the proletariat and oppressed masses to liberate themselves through engaging in revolutionary struggle to transform the world and themselves in the creation of a world free of all forms of domination, exploitation and oppression, with the final victory of Communism worldwide.  This is the scientific essence of  Marxism-Leninism, of which Maoism is a crystallization.

However, the game plan to label the LTTE as fascist in order to justify an internal  war of annihilation, along with justifying and covering up for the  gross and repeated crimes against nature and humanity, simply to bail out the militarist-chauvinist-hegemonic dynastic dictatorship led by the Rajapakse troika will not be tolerated by all those who stand for truth and justice, who seek genuine reconciliation, who love this country, who cherish freedom and democracy. They shall join forces in  ending the era of dictatorship once and for all. They shall build a people’s democratic state, along the path of leading humankind towards the goal of a liberated world, in unity with the international proletariat and the oppressed people of the world.

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