10 June, 2023


“Anti-Muslim Attacks Well-Planned Government Effort” Says Mangala

The Rajapaksa brothers should bear the responsibility of every drop of blood shed during the Aluthgama violence and at anti-Muslim clashes that occurred subsequently, UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera says.

Mangala Samaraweera MP

Mangala Samaraweera MP

MP Samaraweera in a statement that was issued last night has held the Rajapaksa brothers responsible for the anti-Muslim violence that erupted in the country since last week, adding they owe an answer to the public – particularly to the victims of communal violence who lost their loved ones and suffered extensive property damages due to the clashes.

The statement released by the MP further accuses Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa of sponsoring the operations of the BBS. “The extremist Buddhist group is even managed by the intelligence units of the security forces. The events that expired during the past couple of weeks have made this fact abundantly clear,” he states.

He has gone on state that the anti-Muslim violence in Aluthgama and several other areas are results of a well-planned government effort to promote racism in the country.

He points out the failure of the military and the police to curb the violence that erupted in Southern Sri Lanka have raised grave doubts. “It is puzzling to think of how the military that defeated the world’s most ruthless terrorists have failed to contain these clashes.”

MP Samaraweera has asserted to the Rajapaksa government on the importance of remembering that their duty to protect is not restricted to a particularly community or religious group but is applicable to every citizen in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore he has called on the government to take immediate measures to arrest BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara for the role he has played in the systematic escalation of anti-Muslim sentiments in the country.

Read the full statement in Sinhala here

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    Dear Mangala Samaraweera MP

    RE: “Anti-Muslim Attacks Well-Planned Government Effort” Says Mangala

    Yes, the evidence points to that. The Monk of Kanda Vihara and the the driver seem to have been been set up for this false Flag operation.

    “Most importantly, why did the Inspector General of Police N.K. Ilangakoon state that a Buddhist monk had been assaulted when he had no evidence to support the claim? The Judicial Medical Officer’s report which would have either proven or refuted the said monk’s claim (as of Friday) has not been issued. Highly placed sources at the Attorney General’s Office could not confirm that the monk had indeed been assaulted”

    Why lie? What is the need to lie?

    1. The problem is that these Sinhala “Buddhists”, and the State and Mara have been making so many lies, both small and big, for so long, they are unable to distinguish between a small lie and a big lie and the repercussions of the lie. So in order to sort out the lies, the chain of events need to be sorted out with factual evidence, insted of he said-she said arguments.

    This is what I gathered from the grape wine, the actual events need to be confirmed with more independent eye witness news.

    2. There was an altercation between a three wheeler owned by two Muslim youth and the driver of the van the Monk from Kanda Vihara was travelling. It was not clear if it was related to a parking or accident or a verbal exchange that resulted in the exchange of blows between the drive rand the two or 3 Muslim youth.

    2, However, even though the driver and the Monk were hospitalized, apparently there was no medical evidence for any injuries on the Monk. so what is the truth? Did the Monk lie? did the driver lie?

    3. There are rumors that the Monk attached to the Kanda Vihara, Alutgama,is an agent of BBS, though not a member, and may have participated in a False Flag Operation, set up for a rally on Sunday, with the President out in Bolivia. Was it a random traffic altercation, or a well planned operation to come up with a reason for the rally on Sunday the 15th and the BBS terrorism later on?

    Circumstantial evidence and the chain of events appear to show that it was planned ahead, well ahead of June 12th.

    Did the IGP have complicity?
    Was Gotabaya Rajapaksa behind it?
    Was is exclusively BBS? What role do the police play>
    Why were they spectators and assisters?

    4. Rumors were spread saying that a Monk was killed by Muslims. So clearly, this was planned. Besides, the BBS and Gotanaya Rajsapaksa, who knew of the plan?

    5. “It was not, let us repeat, not a peaceful procession”

    Yes it was not a peaceful procession. They were looking for trouble.

    Initial Attack by BBS and other Terrorists looking for a fight in Aluthgama.


    6.. One can see the BBS thugs were protected by police and the people in the procession stated firing or the police stated firing.

    7. “If there was convoluted justification of last Sunday’s violence and if justification spurred further violence the blame falls squarely on the IGP for making the following (irresponsible) statement: ‘Three Muslims in a trishaw assaulted the driver and the Buddhist monk. The Buddhist monk was in hospital receiving treatment for two days and then discharged. He was to be taken to the temple in a procession when the incident occurred.’”

    The Govt, is trying to whitewash the BBS and Gotabaya Rajapaksa using Shills.

    8. So, who are the suspects?

    a) Gotabaya Rajapaksa
    b) BBS and its members and riot participants
    c) Police
    d) Special police
    e) Monk of Kanda Vihara. Authgama
    f) The Driver
    g) The three Muslim Youth
    h) The Editors of Silumina for Lying
    g) The Editors of Daily Mirror for lying

    h) The Editors of Daily News.
    i) Host of other shills.

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    Mr. Samaraweera,

    Please creep under the first pile of shit you can find, NOW!

    Sri Lanka does not need the likes of you in public life at ANY LEVEL.

    You are a hypocrite of the highest order.

    If anyone has any memory, we should remember the Rajapakses’ are in power because of this…… He promised to reveal everything in short order, as did his side-kick Tiran Alles. Remember that piece of trash?

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    This is a wake up call to everybody including the Majority Buddhist Sinhala and Christian Sinhala/Burgher/Tamil community, Muslim community and Hindu community and politicians to unite to save our country.

    Soon Rajapakses who have embraced Sinhala Buddhist Racist BBS/ Rawaya/ JHU will be after everybody who oppose their racist dictatorial rule.

    Therefore this is the time for all including Sinhala, Muslim and Tamils of all religious groups to unite and protect each other against these types of fanatics carrying out murder, injury, loot,arson and vandalism.

    First they came for my neighbour and I stayed silent. Soon they will be after me and my family.Therefore everybody should unite to save our country from these thugs, looters, murderers and terrorists.

    Dictatorial fanatics do not have boundries. They will do anything to stay in power. Their motto is to divide and rule everybody.

    Wake up every patriot. Protect your neighbour. Pray for peace.

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    Intolerant, power drunk Gota must be in a fit of fury. After reading Mangala’s accusations.

    Must be plotting to take immediate measures to lift Mangala off the street in white van.

    Forget about arresting hatemongering Gandasara. He is Gota’s blue-eyed boy.


    • 4

      Ben Hurling

      “Intolerant, power drunk Gota must be in a fit of fury. After reading Mangala’s accusations.”

      Here is some information through the Grapevine……

      “Everything ready for Gnanassara’s melodramatic arrest : only Gota must give the date”

      “When the police media spokesman had stated , ‘Sir, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our transparency.’ Gotabaya had replied , ‘ we cannot allow the Thambis to dance as they want. What was done at Alutgama was very good . Now we must do something in a manner that will not incommode our forces.’ (making the arrests). I shall be informing the date. In all probability it will be a Monday or a Wednesday.”

      “Keheliya undertook to make the necessary arrangements for the melodramatic display and publicity. They are to be given live coverage over the television channels. But there is an impediment to this , as the police media spokesman had been coordinating with Gnanassara when the Muslims were being attacked and their properties destroyed most ruthlessly and with impunity at Alutgama and Beruwala.”

      “During the Cabinet media briefing that same day at noon , when the media questioned , why the BBS leaders were not arrested when they were inciting the people to racial violence and mayhem , even before at various places like how they provoked them at Alutgama , the IGP gave a most crude and rudely shocking answer : he said, they cannot take action until the damage is done . There ought to be laws to take action against the organization, but that is only after the wrong is committed. What a wonderful answer from the IGP , the highest in the hierarchy of country’s law enforcement Institution ? “

      A high rung officer of the same police force on the other hand revealed , the IGP is misleading the people on purpose . Under Sri Lanka penal code , unlawful assembly , conspiring or instigating such activities are crimes under section 101 , 113 b , 138, 140, 290, 290 b, 291 b , and 332 , and those laws are already operative. Hence , if the IGP is saying there are no laws to take action against Gnanassara and others who are obviously liable under the aforementioned sections of the penal code , this IGP is not worth his salt and is not deserving of his official post, the same police officer pointed out with regret.

      “The high rung police officer also pointed out that if Gnanassara is taken into custody on the above charges he cannot be enlarged on bail “.

      “Upon inquiries made by us from a senior attorney at law , he said with a hearty laugh ,if Gnanassara is to be truly arrested even all the criminal charges mentioned in the penal code are not enough, for he is guilty of charges singly and collectively ,even more than all those incorporated in the code.”

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    There is NO doubt the rajapaksa’s are supporting extremist terrorists who don saffron robes, make hate speeches, and incite violence, resulting in arson, looting, and now death.

    Now that we have seen and heard the viciousness of these people, and the ruthlessness of the STF, who turned their weapons, not on the violent mob, but on the VICTIMS, we can only imagine what horrors the poor civilians in the North had to face, and the violence against them. If the rajapaksa’s can order their armed guards to shoot on Muslims here, what would they NOT have done up in the North, where the media and aid workers were not allowed to report back. Thanks to social media, we have on record every violent step committed by the BBS and their brainless servants who ran rampant in Aluthgama and Beruwela.

    The rajapaksa’s are stupid to think the world believes them, when they blame the victims. Stupid.

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    Despite your not so illustrious past I am glad that you have come out even at this late hour to condemn the government organised mass hysteria against the Muslims and the ensuing devastation.

    It is well established now that the Rajapaksa Mafiosi is behind all racism in Sri Lanka. Gotabhaya delivered what Mahinda wanted therefore we cannot separate the activities of the two brothers. They know very well that getting the Buddhists onside will ensure continued control of the country – after all 70% of the population are Sinhala Buddhists.

    As far as I am concerned the rot began when SWRD successfully adopted racism into politics. Successive governments used the same racial politics to achieve their nefarious ends. The Rajapaksa brothers have carried racial politics to an even higher level.

    I for one can’t imagine how Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankans could ever step out of the racial quagmire that it had been wallowing in for the last 6 decades.

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    Obviously ,Mr Samaraweera is not in the inner circle of the Leadership Council.

    Otherwise how could he not have known about the high level talks between Ranil and Gnanissara even as late as late Last year?.

    May he is just used as a guard to Poof… Poof , when ever an important issue comes up…

    • 1

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “May he is just used as a guard to Poof… Poof , when ever an important issue comes up… “

      Have you gone completely out of control, out of your mind?

  • 2

    This was how they, the instigators create false rumors. All the anti Tamil riots were well planned and done just like this. They can spread rumors just like that any time , anywhere. Either they say a Tamil has killed a Sinhalese, or touched a Sinhala girl or something to rouse the anti Tamil or anti Muslim racist feelings and create havoc, destroy properties, lives. It’s all jealousy, hatred and sheer racism.
    They did it under criminal minded leaders like SWRD, Srimavo, JRJ and all the racist leaders. They are vet good in that but talk big about Buddhism and all nonsense. These politicians will never allow the country to prosper or worried about the welfare of the citizen.
    They all hate Tamils and Muslims and all other minority races.
    It’s our damn karma we have to put up with all these rascals, loose our dignity, lives, wealth, profession and everything. The country is always ruled by hyenas, foxes and racists. Can anyone remember a decent human ever ruling our nation ? Rajapakses are the worst and the majority modayas are still supporting these idiots , BBS thugs, Ravaya donkey racists and where the country will go ?
    People gave a wonderfully made flower garland to Rajapakse monkeys and donkeys and they don’t know how to handle it. They are cheating every one and we don’t have any one to stop their vandalism, rape of the country, destruction of lives or anything what they do. They have many stupid and like minded supporters all over the country.
    Yesterday Aluthgama burned tomorrow the whole country will be burnt by the same thugs you all elected to rule you and us.

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    Because of these UNP [Edited out] one Sri Lanka will fall into Hands of Muslim extremists.

    • 1

      We are being mislead, in fact what is happening is, Sri Lanka is falling into the hands of Sinhala Buddhist extremists like JHU and BBS. Listen to Champika Ranawaka’s speech, he wants to be the UKIP or Marie Le Pen and take control of the country. Extremest of any kind be it Muslim, Buddhist, Christian you name it will sacrifice yours and my children to fight their dirty deeds. If you love Sri Lanka and Buddhism, find a Muslim you think is like you and make friends. Use your knowledge of the Buddhist philosophy and learn the truth about the Muslim’s religion and what he wants in life. There is more we have in common with Muslims than we think. Don’t be fooled!

  • 4

    It is a fact that Sinhalese monkeys do not get proper sleep without harassing minorities.

  • 8

    I salute Mangala Samaraweera for being forthright. He
    has nothing to gain with this statement except the earn
    fear and threats from the all powerful murderer Gota.

    Now to the all important question – Why is Ranil Wickremesinghe,
    self acclaimed National Leader of the UNP keeping quiet. He
    has neither visited the Sinhalese nor the Muslims in the
    Beruwala, Alutgama and Dharga Town areas. He still wants to be
    UNP’s presidential candidate in a secret pact with MR.

    This is why he does not say anything consistently against
    Rajapaksa or his entire family. He always gets others in the
    party to do that dirty work.

    The recent government resolution against UN resolution. Ranil
    got Long John Ameratunga, who has one leg in the governemnt,
    to make a speech in Parliament. He avoided it and made a tame,
    speech which only asked one question – who gave permission to
    hold the meting in Alutgama?

    At the end of the day, MR is stronger only because of that
    Quisling Ranil Wickremasinghe.

    • 1

      well said Nandana , it’s pity that Ranil stooges can’t see what is happening behind the closed doors !

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    A police officer of the Panadura Police says: The Muslim houses at Thotawatte, Panadura were destroyed by the Muslims themselves. [Edited out]

    • 2


      Now Everybody lies, including the police officer. They are Sinhala “Buddhist”, They Follow the Buddha Dhamma by lying. Monks lie. The laymen lie, the Paras, the Lying Paras, in the Land of native Veddah.

      The Parade of liars

      The President
      The Ministers
      The monks
      the shills
      The State newspaper Editors

      What has happen to the True Buddhists who happen to be Sinhala or Tamil?

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    Muslims now have a job to identify the Muslim
    politicians,Muslim clergy and other leaders
    who are betraying them.Selling their names for
    money,status and luxury.They must insist that
    Aluthgama-Beruwala perpetrators must be
    brought to justice without delay and within a
    specific very short period of time,like in a
    month which is also a long time because the
    criminals are in the open.Criminals committed
    the crime without mask and in public.Do not
    get deceived by your false leader’s elastic
    explanations.Remember the names that stand
    fully naked,look at them how helpless they
    are to protect you and how shameless they
    are to tell baby stories to hide their
    cowardice and deception.Remember that this
    is a govt that is determined to do anything
    to stay in power and that’s what the Muslim
    politicians want too.They don’t have a
    different agenda.Also watch carefully what
    the UNP doing for justice.

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    Well said Nandana Pushpakumara. How can Ranil Wickrmesinghe
    say anything against MR or his family. RW is there only
    became MR made it possible by giving the votes at the
    party convention for him to win. The card holders were sent
    by Mervyn Silva.

    He is under obligation not only to MR.He is deeply obliged
    to Gota. Whenever old constables are given to his security,
    he changes them to younger people.

    Ranil Wickremesinghe is there not to become President or Prime
    Minister. He would not mind losing the presidential as long as
    he can continue with the perks, travel first class on foreign
    visits and have a heavy security team. MR has made sure his travel
    vote is quite fat.

    So RW is just one of MR’s men. Little wonder this country is
    in a mess. Even if RW loses, he will not go.

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    [Edited out] We are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

  • 0

    These UNP [Edited out] must know that these Muslims are trying to destroy our country and rhe whole world by foaming many terrorists groups This is the most ruthless religion in the world..If these UNP [Edited out] can mention one country in the world that these bloody Muslims are living peace fully with other religions before shouting like puffthas.
    Islam by nature is backwards and barbaric and will never find itself in the 21st century. It will strive with it’s ignorant peoples under barbaric laws and systems to fight a long and global jihad untill they subdue the world, or the world smartens up and defeats Islam. Islam has the highest birthrate in the world and islams leaders have declared that they will win the war with their women and their babies. Basically saying, just by numbers alone, we will outgrow you and get into the political system and the numbers will democraticly put us there so that we may bring islam and sharia to all you conqured countries and people. Islam says there will never be peace until all this is done and their global fight we see in every part of the world, proves it.

  • 0

    Mangalam wewa,

    Please join with Chandrika and contest for joint Presidency , abolishing executive presidency. Defeat these thugs before they ruin Srilanka.

  • 0

    RANIL, RAVI, MANGALA, VASUDEWA, MERVIN, WIMAL, ANURA KUMARA now time has come to curcumsied your self. Specially RANIL, MANGALA, RAVI AND VASUDEWA this is a very important event in your life because you have contaminated blood in your system.

  • 0

    Our stupid Sinhalese should never vote for these [Edited out] for any reason in the future.

  • 0

    A good request by the Gnanasara Thero of the BBS. Sinhalese should not have anything to do with Muslims or their businesses or their money.
    I spoke to some Muslims and they said it is fine, they are prepared to leave Sri Lanka there is only one problem –
    1. The government should recall all their workers, males and females from all Muslim Countries where they are working – because they are earning Muslim Money.

    2. The Government should refuse any funding or assistance or loans from Muslim Countries – as that is Muslim Money.

    If the Sri Lankan Government can implement this today, we leave tomorrow, they said.
    Fair enough.
    Buddhika Lokubandara.

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