26 May, 2024


Anti-Muslim Violence: Another CCTV Footage Confirms Security Forces Collude With Goons

Colombo Telegraph is now in a possession of a video footage from another angle that shows members of the Security Forces of Sri Lanka in cahoots with those who have perpetrated violence against Muslims in Sri Lanka.

Today Colombo Telegraph carried a footage where the Security Forces joining with mobs attacking a Mosque in Thummodera.

Yesterday Colombo Telegraph carried a footage which shows mobs moving through towns while curfew is in place in full view of the police. Mobs burnt vehicles meters away from the Hettipola police station.

“Captured on another angle from the same mosque recorded on CCTV camera. Here it shows army gathering all the muslim guys in the mosque to sit on the side. Then mobs are invited by one army (shown on the CCTV camera in the Colombo Telegraph initial post). The mobs start hurling stones at the mosque and the seated muslims guys started running. The muslim guys who remain take the stones thrown at the mosque and throw them back at the mob. In the initial video which Colombo Telegraph posted today, you can see the mobs dispersing after stones are hurled back at them. Well planned by the army to gather the guys inside the mosque outside to a side so the mobs can hurl stones at them and at the mosque. What the army didn’t know was, there were another set of muslim men observing all this from upstairs,” an observer told Colombo Telegraph.

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Watch the two videos below:

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    The Army has just rejected CT allegations. It appears CT is taking an active part in spreading the canard that the state security forces are involved in a planned pogrom against Muslims. CT’s true colours are appearing confirming that it is in fact an arm of the dark forces.

  • 4

    While there is no doubt that man originated in Africa and spread to all corners of the world from where mixed groups of people emerged, Sinhalese people remain the only group of people who evolved in Sinhale/Sri Lanka with its own language, culture and traditions. Sinhalayo are not found in any part of the world whereas Tamils & Muslims are.]

    Blind Eagle, you are a top class moron and no wonder you write such nonsense. What a dumb fool you are and no wonder you are leading a bunch of racists in Down under having run away from SL long years ago. Moron if so why dont you come back to SL? What history you know and with your primitive brain can you read and understand the world human history. A mentally warped man like you have no place in humanity. What a fool to say Sinha-Lay an exclusive product of SL with its own language. Moron do you know the sinhala words and form where it is borne. More of Tamil and little sanskrit and pali. You guys have nothing to do with the natives naga or yaksha instead a mixture of every thing. Ha Deshapriya…booru is this Sinhala? Swarnalatha? Somasundera? Mahinda? Maithree? Isthri? Purushya? Puthra? Manushya? Kakoosiya? Alavanguva? Kamissa? Mesa? Pinthuru? Navaratna? Jayaratne? Wickremasinghe? And finally you morn “Runner Sinha”!

    One think now it is difficult to find a race like Sinhala in any part of the world, a very unique bunch of idiots like you. Have you seen looting for an existence instead of working hard? have you seen such sinhala buddhist clergy? Better you keep quiet.

  • 0

    Guys we all are humans. We all come from one father. Down the line we evolved into different physical and culture. Some were chased and some left their main group. They formed new culture. Based on their common beliefs and practice they were categorised as race. Now remember if we fight each other we will be fighting with someone who was once upon a time our brothers and sisters. It is good to have different race and culture. But don’t rundown other race. don’t try to change the history as well because you want to standout being the best ethnic. Always respect others and you will be respected. Try to love one another. Don’t kill each other.

  • 2

    sooo this is not racism CT admins? For your information you moron. Sinhala was NEVER a mix of tamil. Tamil has a different language family called Dravidian while Sinhala originated from Indo Aryan language family which has no connection to dravida. the words isnt even nearly the same, they are super different. Its direct ancestor is pali and tamil is not even in the family chain. its pretty hard to find a race like tamils too, a race without a country while having millions of people. sad. oh btw for looting, the only reasons tamils are in sri lanka, is either because they came here, to loot. or they came here as indian slaves. if you want to be racist, at least know your history.

  • 1

    Any excuse for the Sinhala money-hungry animals to violate and attack the Muslim minority. It’s what they’ve been waiting for.
    First the Tamils, now the Muslims.
    Stay strong.

  • 1

    Check again- The soldier is just adjusting the gun strap on his shoulder- going towards his group after seeing a group approaching – not “ shinkalavanka kayyaale koopputta” as that guy says-

    CT ! What the hell are you up to?

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    Army Commander, after a thorough investigation has confirmed that the soldier concerned has not aided the rioters in any way. CT is notorious for spreading falsehood to tarnish the image of the country, the government and mainly the Sinhalese Buddhists.
    Time that stern action taken against such distortion of facts.

  • 1

    Colombo telegraph
    Stop being biased.. do a proper background check and gather all the evidences before posting such news…
    Check below link.
    Youshould be ashamed and apologise for speeading fake news..

    See this now


    • 1

      CT didn’t do any double checking before it published the video the very next day after the incident. But now its over 2 days since the army exposed the lie and yesterday even the man who was behind the distribution of the CCTV footage says that it was not the truth, after seeing footage from another 2 cameras too – yet Colombo Telegraph has not done anything to correct itself. Any fool can see that the soldier is adjusting the strap of the gun.

      Colombo Telegraph should know that this kind of false allegations can give ISIS reasons and excuse to attack again. Think of the damage you are doing. Truth is often is the simplest thing right before ones eyes – one doesn’t have to publish articles after article arguing what the truth is.

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