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Arjuna Mahendran Hunts For Central Bank Whistleblower

Governor of the Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran is on the hunt for the Central Bank whistleblower who disclosed his credit card details to National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader, Wimal Weerawansa.


Colombo Telegraph reliably learns that ever since yesterday’s revelation by Weerawansa about the high spending lifestyle of Mahendran, the Central Bank Governor has launched a hunt to find out who leaked the confidential information from the Bank’s Finance and Internal Audit Department about his expenses.

On Thursday, Weerawansa alleged that Mahendran had spent a staggering Rs. 14.5 million rupees in 2015 alone as personal expenses which have been paid by the Central Bank, an allegation rejected by Mahendran as ‘baseless’ and claimed that all his personal expenses were paid by him from a credit card issued to him by a private bank.

But, Weerawansa citing a credit card statement issued to Mahendran from the Central Bank said that his food bill alone has been Rs. 3.6 million, while his hotel bill was Rs. 4.7 million from February to December 2015. “If you break the food bill for this period, he has eaten for more than Rs. 10,000 a day,” Weerawansa told a news conference.

Apart from the hotel and food bill, Mahendran has also spent Rs. 1.7 million last year for entertainment purposes. “So to eat he has spent Rs. 10,000 a day, and for his entertainment another Rs. 5000 a day,” Weerawansa said.

The cost incurred for Mahendran’s inbound travelling alone during this period is said to be around Rs. 650,000. “Basically when you look at the travelling cost, it seems like he was never at the Central Bank, because he was always out travelling,” Weerawansa said.

He also claimed that the Central Bank had paid Rs. 2.1 million for Mahendran’s clothing bill which he had purchased overseas. “I don’t know if the clothes were made out of gold, but no Governor in the history of the Central Bank has ever wasted so much money as much as Mahendran has,” Weerawansa said.

Weerawansa added that everyone was talking about alleged robberies during the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, but everyone was now silent when daylight robberies such as these were taking place out in the open.

The government is coming under increasing pressure to not extend Mahendran’s term as Governor, which is scheduled to end later this month.

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