27 November, 2022


Army Intelligence Officer Who Assaulted Editor Upali Tennakoon Identified

Former editor of the Rivira newspaper, Upali Tennakoon has identified Army Intelligence Officer Premananda Udalagama as his attacker.

Upali T colombotelegarphDuring an identification parade at the Gampaha Magistrate Court, Tennakoon had identified Udalagama as the person who attacked him and his wife.

Just days after the assassination of Founder Editor of Sunday Leader Lasantha Wickrematunge, Tennakoon and his wife came under attack in Gampaha in January 2009. The culprits came on motorbikes and followed a similar attack style which was carried out to attack Wickrematunge, although the attack on Tennakoon was not meant to be fatal.

Udalagama, who is already in remand custody in connection to Wickrematunge’s assassination has been ordered to be further remanded till August 29.

Last month, Udalagama, who is a Sergeant-Major was identified by Dias, driver of Wickrematunge as the man who abducted him. In July, the CID arrested Udalagama claiming that he was involved in Wickrematunge’s murder.

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    Our country has kekille courts and a bifurcated legal system . One for the top politicos and influential magnates / moguls where law is akin to gold, malleable, and compliant with adjustments mutatis mutandis to suit the the offending person’s stature and circumstances AND another of strict application in terms of criminal and civil codes and procedures to the helpless ordinary citizenry.Any sane person who watched the happenings of the immediate past will unhesitatingly agree . WHEN WILL SOCIAL JUSTICE GET REINSTATED TO ITS PRISTINE GLORY IS A FAR FAR CRY AND A DREAM BEYOND REACH.

    • 1

      If Army intelligent officers have fallen to this level -now it is being revealed NO doubt – that Lasantha s murder was similar to that of Wasim Thadjudeen s murder.

      Alone for all the plots related to these murder cases – Rajakashes should be accountable.

      This can be used as the first proof to the allegations levelled at Rajakashe adminstration to have mastered all the high crimes.


      I am not a traitor, but I want to see its happending the way Sadam Hussin was punished, Mahinda Rajakashes deserves to be hung for all the high crimes deliberately being carried out by his men under his commands as the minister of defence.

      He today publicly makes statements, that CBK and today s govt under Mr Sirisena to have damaged the party not him, all theseshoudl be analysed by people not allowing them to turn their minds in favour of Rajakshe men.

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    What is the point. He will get arrested , put into remand for a few days at the most, and then be bailed out. End of story, And so we will see another “MERRY GO ROUND ” in the Justice meted out to criminals in Sri Lanka ! SIC !

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    I recommend scotland yard or FBI to investigate and put an end to this whole episode.If not International Judges.

    • 7

      You might be living in a well. Those agencies have enough work within their respective countries.

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    Will the VIP who ordered Udalagama to kill Lasantha and attack Tennakoon be arrested?

    Sudu Kukula

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    This is all dirty politics. If the country had laws regulating high treason and traitors, these journalists would be in jail another 10 – 15 years. Most probably, CBK haunting inside the govt. During the war, many things may had happened against the wishes of those who supported the war. Now, Yahapalana govt is doing this. Because, there is no proper leader in the yahapalana govt. Both MY3 and Ranil are weak leaders. Besides, Ranil is busy protecting his but. MY3 is manoevering from Mahinda Rajapakse games to come back.

    CBK is making British LTTE rump happy because her children are living there. She thinks Sri lanka is her dowry because her father screwed up the country and mother also was a prime minister, therefore whether she can do it or not she has the right to do it.

  • 18

    I Think Jim Softy needs some shock treatment. Please stop your stupid comments.

  • 7

    I quite agree with you PRINCE ZAID. Jim Softy should be given a sock treatment to remember for the rest of his life.

  • 3

    The wheels of “KARMA” are turning. There are many culprits out there who have to be roped in for all the dastardly acts they committed during the Jarapakse regime.

    This Government campaigned with the pledge to bring all the CROOKS, MURDERERS & other CRIMINALS before the law and now that the people have given them that mandate it is their duty to deliver on their promises, if not what is in store for our THRICE BLESSED nation is anybody’s guess.

    The poor and the underprivileged are still yearning for better life for them and a comfortable future for their children, which was & is the prerogative of every Government that were in power since Independence.

    Some delivered whilst others failed, among which the SWRD & Sirimavo governments brought complete chaos to our education, administrative, plantation and all other sectors during their rule for which everyone is suffering today though they fail to acknowledge it due to die hard political affiliations especially in the villages.

    The Mahinda Rajapakse regime went very much further and plundered the people’s money in the name of development. They completed Mega projects that were in the pipeline for years spending colossal amounts of money most of which were filtered surreptitiously to accumulate in their own bank accounts.

    Sri Lanka is NOT A POOR country we have all the resources to be a gem of a nation, not only in Asia but in the World too, but we need a leader who would do what is right and that too firmly and without fear, whether the MY3/Ranil combine would deliver is the BIGGEST question on every one’s lips.

    We hope that we would have a different Sri Lanka at the end of their term.

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    It is a cardinal sin and great offence to suspect, investigate or inquire a security force member regarding any offence committed.

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      Pacs, sounds like you are caught up in a time capsule – in Stalingrad Russia, post WW2!

    • 0

      Pacs !

      Any human being anywhere, whether he/she is naked, dressed or in uniform should be investigated, charged, tried and punished if he/she has committed an offense against another human being.

      Only then could the others call themselves human beings, if not we would be all nothing but ANIMALS.

      The protection of Human Rights are based on this principle.

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    No one is above the Law. Whether it is Uniformed officers or others in cloaks.
    Justice must not only be done but it must appear to be done too .

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