27 November, 2021


Arrogant Ravi Bites The Dust

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lotteries Ravi Karunanayake has resigned from his post today.

Ravi Karunanayake

Making a special statement in Parliament today at 1.32 pm he announced his resignation. He did not admit any wrong doing instead he attacked the Attorney General’s department for the way he was questioned at the Commission investigating the Bond Scam. He said he never earned money using politics.

He said accusations against him are baseless. “A well-planned conspiracy mooted by certain groups with vested interest to sling mud at the Yahapalanaya government,” he said.

“Even though my innocence is clear, it is obvious there is an attempt to use the Penthouse incident to tarnish government’s image. So, I’m resigning from my position to protect the Yahapalana government and I will work as a back bencher,” he said arrogantly.

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    Adios you thief.. Now to get that moron Ranil to face the inquiry.

    It’s common sense that the bond scam was his brainchild

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      You hit the nail on the head .

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        What has to be said is this. For the first time in the recent history of SL, a presidential commission was installed to look into a scam and a minister has actually resigned! ……………. Which would have been unthinkable under any previous regime.

        …………. If this presidential commission now starts to investigate all the scams and murders of all the prominent past and present politicians I am all for Yahapalanya. Let us have more and more Yahapalanaya! ……… This is a blessing in disguise; now a government minister is forced to resign, Mahinda’s JO crooks can’t take cover in “political victimization” accusation crap anymore.

        And boys, gotta remember, that murder is a vee bit of a bigger crime than a penthouse.

        Rejoice Yahapalanaya is working! …………………. eh?

        Or do we have to catch Ranil’s crooks and not Mahinda’s crooks ….. or do we have to catch Mahinda’s crooks and not Ranil’s crooks …………….. or do we want to catch all the crooks?

        Any thoughts …………… from anyone?

        Silence is not an option …………..

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          This is not the first time a presidential commission was installed. In 1997 a commission was installed to look into Batalanda tourture chambers and the commission found Ranil is accused of torture. It was recommended to revoke his civil rights. But today he is the PM

          Ravi resigned after the UNP and My3 continuously pleaded him as they could face a no confidence motions against Ravi in parliament. Ranil successfully forced the prostitute in the speaker seat, karu to postpone the no confidence motion so he can save the gover from shame.

          • 10

            I don’t know much about the Batalanda commission; I wasn’t in SL but if I am not mistaken I believe it was set up by CBK to investigate the leader of the opposition. If that’s the case there is a clear distinction between the two commissions. This commission is set up to investigate not the opposition but members of the government in power which I believe is a first in SL.

            Rightly or wrongly any previous commission/commissions can be accused of political victimization at worst or at least partiality at best. That accusation cannot be aimed at this commission because it is set up to investigate the members of the government in power.
            It’s a step in the right direction and needs to be applauded.
            This is beyond partisan politics. Or beyond any individual politician or a party.
            I have never voted in SL so for me all crooks of whatever color needs to be dealt with.
            My concern is not for any individual or a party but for the country.

        • 2

          Nimal ,

          Thank you for your invitation for thoughts on your comment.
          Let us go to the first point first . Who are the masters in a
          democracy ? Everyone knows it is people . And in that
          democracy , when a crime is committed by general public
          it is the police that rush to the scene and you know well
          what is next ! That is just for any crime , even by a 12yr old
          for a theft of five rupees from a neighbour . Now , who is
          RK , what is bond scam , what is this PCoI and where is the
          complaint and the normal course of action ? Leave it aside
          for a moment . Why did RK resign and when and how many ?
          I mean , we need three resignations from him !
          1. From the ministry of foreign affairs and lotteries.
          2.From the post of MP.
          3.From his party .

          Just a couple of days ago , RW said UNP is not a party of
          thieves and another leader said he won’t vote for thieves.
          And his resignation comes in the face of heavy pressure
          from around many circles including the no confidence
          motion by the JO , the den of thieves . We have this much
          in the background of RK resignation . A little credit goes
          to YAHAPALANAYA for listening to the outcry but it is
          not a pass mark because it came late and after so much
          hesitation . And the bond scene is just opening , there
          are more out there . And remember this YAHAPALANA
          theme song of My3 Ranil is the CYANIDE for them .
          They don’t have the RESOURCES for such a PALANAYA.
          What this My3 and Ranil are playing is a game . We had
          this from 1977-1994 , in the name of DHARMISHTA
          (righteous) from Rani’s uncle and master JRJ followed
          by his dance partner CBK’s MANUSIKA MUHUNUWARA
          (human face). In 1977 Sirimavo bit the dust because of
          her RICE FROM THE MOON but there was luckily JRJ
          to replace that rice with “ETA ATA” which was ridiculed
          as “JRJ’s balls” promise . I was one of those who wrote
          on this forum fiercely against the MARA regime and
          it is unfortunate that I repeat it here today even against
          a little better one .

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            “RW said UNP is not a party of
            thieves and another leader said he won’t vote for thieves.”

            Ranil is no saint.
            There are no saints in politics anywhere in the world.
            It’s the “systems of governance” that societies have put in place that keep the bastards honest as far as possible. It’s just a case of how far they can get away with before having to face the consequences; always testing the boundaries.
            The presidential commission – of course due to the hue and cry of the civil society/groups – to investigate one’s own government and the consequential resignation sets a precedent as a step in the right direction for subsequent governments.

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              Commendable of course, even after a little delay the govt
              and the UNP managed to avoid a no-confi defeat . One
              will have to wait a day or two to listen to JO drum beat !
              And if anyone believes that politicians of today in our
              paradise are interested in precedents set by their peers ,
              I would like to throw few past examples how their
              leaders guided them .

              1.J R Jayawardana didn’t ask for a residence to retire
              and Mahinda kept mourning until he got one .
              2. .Dudly had only about four hundred rupees in his
              savings when he died .
              3.W . Dahanayake , one time prime minister , travelled
              to Colombo by train in 3rd class compartment to
              attend parliament.
              4. MP Panini Ilangakoon in 70s also took train to travel.
              5. In 90s Mano Wijeratne took bus travel to Colombo
              from Kandy .
              Srilankans are more ready to live WITHOUT A HISTORY .
              That is the real curse !

              • 3

                “and the UNP managed to avoid a no-confi defeat”
                ……….. That’s the reason the process of no-confidence motions is in place in “well-functioning” democracies – unlike in iron-fisted dictatorships – to compel governments to face the consequences of their actions. It’s only natural for any government to try to avoid defeat. …………….
                “few past examples how their leaders guided them .”
                This is not unique to SL, it happens all over the world. And the examples fall off like water off a duck’s back. Not even the pope follows Christ’s example and likewise no Mahanayake follows Buddha’s example …….. they all eventually evolve into the usual vices. …………….
                Before anyone living in Japan or visited Hiroshima or Nagasaki comes roaring at me let me say, I am no fan of Truman but this is what he did,

                ” When his eight years as President of the United States ended on January 20, 1953, private citizen Harry Truman took the train home to Independence, Missouri, mingling with other passengers along the way. He had no secret service protection. His only income was an Army pension.”

                And contrast that with the subsequent leaders …………….

        • 2

          Yes now clear the backlog of scams and thieving by Rajapassa and his extended family, their acolytes and supporting politician (free for all) criminals, as well as those UNPers in the current government with a record of corruption and bribe taking.
          What about the “miniha” that gave instructions to Ravi to pay a blind eye or give inside information to the bond scammers

      • 9

        It is the right thing to do. We all should thank to those public who dared to throw away the brutal Mahinda regime in January 2015. Unfortunately, the real enemy of the nation still not caught and brought under the justice. They robbed the nation and they still want to completely wipe out the nation.

    • 29

      Thief is not a thief until invesitgatios reveal it.

      According to you Rajapajshes are then real thieves

      1) Mahinda Jarapakshe on the top of the list
      2) Basil Buru Rajapakshe
      3) Gotabaya Rajaapkshe
      4) Namal baby Rajaakshe
      5)Shiranthi Minimaru Rajaakshe
      6)Yoshita Minimaru Rajakshe
      7)And lot more that abused the state for a period of 10 years
      Today aftermath of their high crimes are reverberating.

      Kunukanda and Nayakandha are all made by Rajaakshes
      SRILANKEN IS MADE WHITE Elephant Rajaapakshe
      A set of Bond Scam are believed to have taken place prior to Arjuna Mahendran.

      • 23

        Congratulations!!! You have spoken the Gospel Truth…… but you have forgotten about the another Major Thief ….. Mahindananda Aluthgamage and his wagon of Prostitutes…… The latest addition to his wealth is the Mansion he Built at Udayana Mawatha in Nawala……. It should be investigated as this too was financed by people who are under investigation. Any body’s Guess??????

      • 0

        Burampisicho modaya: Why are xcrying out loud. Now, Ranlil has proved his party has thieves. He is holding one thief becuse, if he is chased out Ranil also has to go.

    • 9

      You stupid dumbo you should know what a citizens Fundamental Rights are….. you are not Guilty until one is proved by the correct Authority……. Hon. Ravi Karunanayake has not been proved…… but you Idiot by the name of “Words” ….. the Hon. Minister resigned in order to uphold the Regime of “Good Governance” (Yahapalana).

      Go you Stupid and learn before you wag your tongue.

      • 3

        Do you have a funny taste in your mouth after licking this minister’s asshole? You should. That brown stuff is not chocolate.

        • 1

          You seem to be as crude as Ranil, Ravi and the whole bloody stinking lot.
          No wonder SL is going to the dogs because of left handed wankers like you.
          Have you heard of toothpaste ?????????
          No ! then find out what it is and brush your mouth with it.
          When finished, do not, repeat do not swallow it but spit it out and rinse your mouth with clean water. Enjoy yourself.

      • 3

        HE is not HON now. I KNOW NOTHING RAVI IS DISGRACED.. fcid can not jail him, but they have accepted they got laundered money and some donated a penthouse to the finance ministry which deny that only the daughter and wife know. that is also living over one year in it. There are more thieves in Ranil’s party.

      • 2

        DEMOCRACY BOZO: He had accepted infront of former Judges. What else you want. IT has to be in side the court with a judge appointed by the party itslef, just they way money laundering case of Penthouse RAVI was set aside because of a technical maater. Does that mean, Penthouse Ravi was exonoreated.

    • 13

      Smart move Minister Ravi K! Now clear your name before coming back…
      Please make sure the media explains to the public clearly what wrong doings you were suspected of and how you were proven innocent/guilty in a way that the average Sri Lankan can understand.

      Spicing up stories are only good to sell newspapers/ get more reader to a website/ get activity on your page so on.

      But always keep in mind what your unintended consequences are when you do so!

      Media be careful when you play with the perception of the masses.

      It can lead to some serious unintended consequences if not careful.

      Please keep that in mind.

    • 11

      Democracy prevails!!

      PEOPLE ARE SPEAKING ? This is democracy.

      No More White vans, No more Murders, No more FEARS!! General Public spoke ! Well done PRESIDENT ,
      This is the best day for Srilanka! Best day for Democracy.
      God save all Patriotic Srilankans.

      • 2

        The past JARAPASSA GOVERNMENT SAVED and Protected The crooks , The thieves, The Murderers , the Public Money Looters , Drug dealers and the list goes on and on and on,

        PEOPLE that’s the difference between the past and the present,

        Thank you Preseident for giving back POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

        • 3

          Its Jarapaksa that brought Perpetual Treasuries into CB.

          “Communications Department
          30, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.
          Tel : 2477424, 2477423, 2477311
          Fax: 2346257, 2477739
          E-mail: dcommunications@cbsl.lk, communications@cbsl.lk
          Web: http://www.cbsl.gov.lk

          Press Release

          Appointment of Perpetual Treasuries Limited as a Primary Dealer in Government Securities in terms of the Registered Stock and Securities Ordinance and the Local Treasury Bills Ordinance

          The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has appointed the Perpetual Treasuries Limited of No. 10, Alfred House Gardens, Colombo 03 as a Primary Dealer in Government Securities. Perpetual Treasuries Limited is expected to commence its business as a Primary Dealer in Government Securities on 04th December 2013.”

    • 4

      When was the last time powerful Sri Lankan Gov minister resigned from his post?
      Won’t there be police investigation after this resignation?

    • 4

      Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lotteries Ravi Karunanayake,

      Congratulations. Now time to move on to other projects.

      What other projects? They say. Now there are 223 other thieves in the 224 Parliament. Now that the other thieves, called JO, have caught you, take revenge by catching the other 223 thieves.

      Start with Alutgamage. Then on to Wimal Buruwansa. Thn on to Mahinda Rajapaksa. Then on ti Wijedaas Rajapaksa, who s protecting them all,, thieves and killers as well.

      As a backbenches, if you do that, people will forgive you. and will make you a hero,

      Your , Penthouse, “gift” to your wife , was only US $1 million., Mahinda Rajapaksa pocketed US $600 Million in the Hambantota Harbor Project. that is 600 Penthouses.

      What about the other MaRa crooks and Cronies.

      Please go after them, please.. The People want you to. All the others are F****** around only.

    • 6


      “Adios you thief..”

      When will you bid goodbye to chief kleptomaniac MR, war criminal and national hangman Gota, 10 to 30% Basil, …… ?

    • 5

      When will people realize there was never any bond scam to start with!? It’s the fault of the media for not investigating and fully understanding the nature of the transaction and the rules and regulations governing the bond trad!! This led to the media misleading the public too. (The media owes the public and all affected parties an apology once they realize their mistake)
      Don’t get me wrong if there was a crime they should be punished for sure.

      The Rajapaksas were at the forefront of the campaign to mislead the public to gain some positive points…

      Respect to the UNP how they handle the whole situation and made the best of a bad situation.
      The resignation of Minister Ravi K was a good example this Government is willing to follow due process and abide by the law restoring the confidence of the people. That being said this standard set by the government should spills over into all areas.

      1.Speed up the Investigations into the Rajapaksas Criminal Network with #INTERPOL Involvement all the way in all aspects.

      2. Investigations into the UDA and all development projects in colombo to make sure all projects have obtained proper clearance and the required license following due process in keeping with good development practices. (There is a project in kollupitiya that is not following due process that has to be investigated immediately)

      3. Proper compensation for all affected by development projects.

      4. Make it compulsory for police to make a written summons with copy of official summons provided to both parties involved.

      Just to name a few areas of improvement for now.

  • 17

    As advised you should have stepped down earlier to stop all the daggers pointing against you.
    Even a Rapist when he’s got caught in the act pleads NOT GUILTY.
    World is full of Rogues and Liars.
    Even the yellow Robed Drama Queens Lies through their teeth , they PREACH THE LAY PEOPLE , lying and stealing is bad, the Ten Precepts out through the window when lying.
    You will have a lot of Rogues to keep company to rally you round. Don’t worry Ravi.
    As you say you’re innocent prove it in court I mean the BANANA REPUBLIC COURT.
    Even deal Dasa is there to protect you to protect MRpassas!!
    Crooks Galore!!!!

    • 22

      None of this mud slinging and bringing everyone and the country into disrepute would have happened, had Ranil Wickremasinghe at the very outset, asked the then Central Bank Governor to resign.

      The fact that he didn’t do so causes concern. The fact that it suggests he lacks common sense causes further concern.

      He is the Prime Minister after all and God only knows where he will end up leading this country to.

  • 15

    Now AG should move to file amended charges for those 3 foreign exchange cases

  • 17

    The Rajapakse family who swindled the country billions is roaming freely. Ranil, who has no back bone have to let hi minister go!

    • 5


      “The Rajapakse family who swindled the country billions is roaming freely.”

      MR clan earned every cents you think they had swindled. MR clan killed more Tamils than any other elected leader of this island and kept Muslims under check. Therefore no one has the right to question the Clan . What more did you expect from MR and his clan?

      I think you should visit your local village pub often and vote for the most right wing government in the UK.

  • 10

    This is a gimmick. Keeping all the perks of a minister, this man sits in the back bench. In no time, he will return to the same old position or a higher, with the blessings of yahapa leaders. After all, this is Sri Lanka.

    • 5


      “This is a gimmick.”

      Is it? Once he has resigned what perks he is entitled to?

      ” After all, this is Sri Lanka.”
      Yes since 1956.

      • 0

        Hi Native V, hope your fine. Nope. Not since 1956, but since 1833!

        • 1


          “Not since 1956, but since 1833!”

          What is special about 1833?
          Was it the year in which your ancestors arrived on the shores of this island on Kallathonies directly from Erivirapattinam in Tamil Nadu, or brought to work in the Coffee plantations?

          “Hi Native V, hope your fine. “

          Thanks, I am always fine. How about you in your adapted country?

    • 2

      Max the most known to have been blessed with the oldest profession of the world – would never see it right, for him, gimmick is everything except his pay masters (Jarapakshes) – even if they would do anything and everything harming this stupid dominated folks. I have no doubt, Max would have allowed his wife to do the same job with Rajaakshes on and on.
      God help srilanka so long the MAXes would not sink in the flowing toilet pits of Madamula musalaya.

      • 0

        Uncle Simon, you must have the experience of allowing your wife/partner/boy to share the bed with your political or otherwise masters. Hence your write all these crap and become a ‘moda musalaya’ and a bloody joke to the readers of CT. Anyway we need laughter Uncle, so pls dont stop be a stupid that you have been since long time.

  • 10

    Just wait for the dust to settle down. He will be back in the Cabinet.

    Like the Four Great Primaries they are inseparable.

  • 14

    We as taxpayers expect the Yahapalana politicians not to sweep the serious allegations against the companies owned by this man just because he resigned as a Minister. They should proceed with the investigations.

    A staring point should be how his Company Chairman Lakshmikanthan residing in England earned Rs 70 Million and another Rs 75 Million in Sri Lanka.

    Then whether Lakshmikanthan has declared these earnings to Dept of Inland Revenue and also Bank details from where he withdrew this money.

    Also Yahapalana clan should not stop investigations on the infamous Bond scam just because one Minister had to resign.

    We should compliment AG’s Dept for the professional manner in which the investigations were conducted.
    The corrupt governing politicians should NOT blame AG’s Dept for delays on investigations regarding MR and the clan. It is well known that the UNP is delaying them to destabilize the PA and UNP can only blame themselves.



  • 6

    This is a good lesson for all politicians.
    Let it be start for all .
    No one should be above rule of law .
    Let court of law take its natural course and punish all who broke laws ..all those who have frauded the system.
    They should pay the price for the mistake they done..
    They have been taking this country into a failed status ..
    ..so all who looted the country should pay the price..
    Bring that system now ..
    Unfortunately Ranil and M3 all support secretly all crooks ..they protected crooks and they have givrn safe heavens for them .
    Why they took more than two years to punish them all ..
    Courts and judges are politicised now ..
    What left now is crooks.
    No way we would be another Singapore if we had these type of leaders ..
    Sorry for Sri Lankan public .
    They are victims of this bad political tradition we inherited ..
    We need a honest and dedicated leader as Singapore had ..
    We need a real patriotic leader..who do not accumulate wealth for his pocket rather work for people ..

  • 4

    [Edited out] will be lurking at the back benches. When the correct time comes he will go for shit again. Eating shit is in his blood.

  • 3

    The bar has been set high after many decades in Sri Lanka.

  • 5

    Who said Ravi resigned……….He vacated his position to become the Anti Corruption Crusader of Yahapalana Government………HeHeHeHeHeeeeeeeee………………………..He is going to sit on the back bench …. And fight for his Party……. His people in Colombo central ………And fight for even the President to protect Yahapalanaya…………. He even compared himself to the UNP Icons from Sir John right down to even Dr Ranil’s Uncle whom he thought were put in the same category as himself , by the jealous conspirators … But didn’t say whether from inside or out……..And you should have seen the fellow crooks cheering him , thumping the desks…………..Didn’t see Dr ranil though………..Only his Alsatian dog. but doing half hearted thumping…………..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera


      Can’t you buy Namal Rajapaksa, Yoshitha Rajapaksa, Rohitha Rajapaksa & Basil a pet they can play with. Alright you are MR’s b***s carrier, does it mean they have to humiliate you by tickling your tummy?

      When did you last go to your watering hole? Anything unusual happened, perhaps spiked drink?

  • 3

    going going not going going not going going going finally gone
    at last justice has been done but how long it took
    hope the AG will start on the jarapaksas soon

  • 3


    “The Rajapakse family who swindled the country billions is roaming freely.”

    MR clan earned every cents you think they had swindled. MR clan killed more Tamils than any other elected leader of this island and kept Muslims under check. Therefore no one has the right to question the Clan . What more did you expect from MR and his clan?

    I think you should visit your local village pub often and vote for the most right wing government in the UK.

    • 0

      Native Vedda – yes Kill the Tamils and you can get away with not just murder but billions of rupees

      • 0


        Where is your smiling red avatar? Have you gone to Thailand once again this time around on your own with some mates?

        • 0

          I am in Japan hence no activity

        • 0

          Only CT can explain why I get different avatars every time I post

  • 2

    The momentum started must not stop with this resignation. Now the Bribery Commission must start its work immediately to indite this Ex Minister of Finance in a Court of Law for “Bribery & Corruption” committed during his tenure in office. The “Resignation” must neither be considered a “PUNISHMENT” nor a thing to “REJOICE” as a victory. Now is the time to bring PRESSURE on the proper Law Enforcement Limb of the Government, i.e. The Bribery Commission to proceed with the case and seek appropriate PUNISHMENT on behalf of the PEOPLE.

  • 1

    still it is too early to sing ‘another one bites the dust.another one bites the dust’.Maybe in another two years have to sing’the only one to bite the dust ,the only one to bite the dust’.This one also bit the dust because of anika’s testimony,otherwise if she had just destroyed the lease agreement as aloysious wanted her to then when ravi is asked who paid the rent,he would have got offended and said ‘do you think we come from a family that has only 10 rupees and can’t pay rent with our own money.

    Anyway good luck for his new job as high commissioner for UK which sanga once rejected. Sira always has this job in hand for people he likes,but does not want to be in the country.

  • 2

    Until CB bond scam is unsettle issues because of that money belongs to Tax payers of Sri lanka?
    Such huge amount of Trillions of Rupees of that fraud and graft by looting people money from public treasury is a National crime.
    The key accountability of CB Bonds scam must undertaken by Prime-Ranil Wick, Malik Samarawickrama and Kabir Hussan of higher echelon of UNP’s!
    The crux of the matter CB Bond fraud has not yet address law by the enforcement authorities until today?
    Ravi K has been committed many financial crimes, while he was in opposition by that time an inside Trading of Stock market by LTTE Rajarathanm in Wall Street .
    The LTTE-Rajartham is now in enjoy 15 years Jail terms in USA. Ravi has committed illegal transaction of foreign currency from Rajarathan that funds are not yet clear by courts of law in Colombo??
    Resigned of Ravi K …from— MFA is not going to absolved his crime against which Looted funds from People of Sri lanak is not over! It has to go long way?. In some way punishment still behind Ravi.K….?
    Chief culprit CB Bond scam is still hiding behind bar by in center of State.

  • 1

    I have to admit that I got this one wrong – but only the preponderance of evidence cause this to happen and not any moral obligation from RK. I am sure he must have tried everything to hold on to the post. If he had done this as soon as the evidence came out, it would have been different. Yet, there is no admittance of guilt in the face of overwhelming evidence of serious conflict of interest and criminal collusion. Hope this sideshow does not put paid to the investigation on the scam.
    The PM now implying that some sort of a miracle has been achieved, when in fact this should be the basis of any democracy. Yes, this would not have been possible in the previous regime, but that is the very reason that you are in power now. Your nose has to be practically rubbed in the dirt for you to take this action – it is not like that you jumped into action to defend the democracy.
    As for RK – maybe you are a very wealthy man – but in that case why did you accept a bung from a crook? In any country if someone paid cash of over $1m to buy anything it would immediately raise risk flags. As a member of this administration, it would be good if you explain how this money was obtained.
    Finally, those who are constantly making statements like ‘we all know how MR and his cronies stole billions ‘– this is the time to present evidence and demand action. Remember, the only reason that RK is out of office today is that some upstanding citizen has the courage to come up with tangible evidence, not just stories. That is the only way to send someone to gallows – everything else is just hearsay.

    • 0

      Exactly what I feel too!
      It is the preponderance of solid evidence.
      Not the daily changing stories of the likes of Rajitha & Company.
      And PM need not congratulate himself – This was what was expected of the new regime.
      Instead the PM should apologize for dilly dallying.

      The relevant authorities should peruse the case separately from the Bond Scam case.
      In fact he should be arrested immediately.

  • 2

    A proper inquiry must be done and if Ravi is found not guilty, he should be reappointed Foreign affairs minister and adequately compensated. If found guilty, he should be removed from parliament and the UNP and memberships of all professional bodies, fined and jailed. Only then there is good governance as otherwise a clerk who gets jailed for a Rs 100 bribe will feel he is not having equal rights.

  • 1

    Let’s cut to the chase – 10 million is peanuts in political bribes on both sides.
    Ravi was either totally naive or utterly stupid – or both – to have the main perpetrator of the bond scam pay BY CHEQUE and take the lease under HIS COMPANY NAME. If Anika refused to give the apartment to a politician all he had to do is get a third party to take it or choose another location.

    In politics where ‘support’ is expressed strictly in cash this is seen as a betrayal of all those around him on both sides as it has now exposed how casually such ‘benefits’ are made available.

  • 2

    The winner here is the free media. The information about Ravi K reached the public domain so liberally because of freedom of speech and there was no way he could continue.
    This was never possible in the last ten years of Rajapakse regime. Then the media was shit scared of the white vans. If only the media will expose the truth about Rajapakse’s even now then we could clean out all the rubbish from our parliament.
    Will they have the nerve to do it? Will they come clean on the Thajudeen murder, Lasantha murder, Eknaligoda assassination and the abduction and elimination of so many of the public including students for ransom?

  • 0


    Looks as if the only way you will leave the Parliament will be kicking & screaming. I am sure you will be at home in the back benches with those who are not new to corruption. Since every man is not guilty untill proven, you should insist on a full investigation of your wealth to prove that you have not benefited financially from politics, so that you can be reinstated without a blemish in your character (I am sure you are intelligent enough not to leave a paper trail even if you have, & as for any under payment of taxes, it’s not a problem because even the President of the US is cagey about his tax returns)

    However, there is a question of ethics & conflict of interest, particularly when in a high office. In your case, the penthouse scandal implies such a conflict of interest & the manner your wife used to buy the penthouse from cash deposits of a third party, raises some eyebrows. Anyway, you may be naive when it comes to money laundering, even as Finance Minister, but as Foreign Minister, such naivety send out wrong messages to potential foreign investors.

  • 0

    Dr. NAS: You said: “They should pay the price for the mistake they done”. Do you, in your professional analysis define all these corruption, bribery, theft etc. are MISTAKES? Please do not even mention that word “Mistake”; because that word is enough to get out of all the ROBBERIES and CRIMES they have committed after laborious planning and in some instances of precision accuracy. That is why all these investigations are taking time and leading to “stray” alleys. Some of the examples are the “Bond Scam”; Thajudeen and Lasantha Wickramatunga murders; Mig Deal; Nilwala Project; CSN; Rajapakse Memorial Project etc. etc. No doubt, some of the “Delays” are well manipulated and “directed” to be delayed.

    I read the speech of Ravi K. It is nothing but “Soapbox Oratory” and it was delivered in a place where all the indecent, unruly, law breakers gather to talk and evolve ways and means of robbing the country and make a GOOD LIFE for them and their families. So that speech does not carry any “weight”. As I said earlier, let that speech not “Distract” the attention and follow up on the REAL CULPRITS. They will definitely interpret this as a “victory” of Democracy and Good Governance and GET AWAY with that DAYLIGHT ROBBERY. That is their PLAN. The PEOPLE mus stay FOCUSED.

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    I don’t think any one bit dust. Ranil is the gang leader of thieves. It says, there are forty politicians connected to this. Maithripala sirisena syas, a handful f people are talking and not the ones who are contributing to the Sri lankan economy. Maithriapa Sirisena is dishonest. Maithripala does not want to admist they are playing with the remittances send by those who talk. Ranil wickramasinghe increased salaries, benefits and issue luxury car permits to sell, all with remittances. Otherwise, the money earned by exports are not going backIn a law abiding society, RK should be in the jail for money laundering and accepting of bribes. IT is proven beyond doub that RK lives in a house got through bribes. IT is common in the sri lankan political culture to get everything via the wife. Now, it has extended to family member and even friends. IT says, one fisheries minister inthe last govt bought and commissiones trawlers via a friend.

  • 1

    RK should have resigned the day the scandal broke out. That would have been more honourable on the part of RK. He should not have waited this long to resign. It is obvious he resigned his post due to heavy pressure from Yahapalanaya government.

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    These buggers are still trying to safeguard vahapalanaya………..There’s NOTHING called yahapalanaya left. You buggers cannot fool the masses any more. Rather than writing certificates of good behavior please request the junta to hold the over due elections to allow the people to exercise their democratic rights. They will give the verdict……………..

  • 3

    How quick we are to judge others! In the scriptures it is written. “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”.

    It is also a human right that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty in a properly constituted court of law. That’s why those of the former regime who are alleged to have committed offences are still walking free.They are all innocent until proven guilty.

    I think RK’s decision is right and unprecedented in the annals of Sri Lankan parliament. Ironically. MR has the files of his Ministers hidden under his pillow?

  • 2

    I watched the parliamentary proceedings on Ravi K’s resignation.
    I’m glad Ravi K has resigned and the timing is right. He on the advice of Maithiri & Ranil has created the opprtunities for Ranil W and Sunil Handunnetti to make very good points. Transformation time.

    I sincerely hope now that a turning point for better has come,
    JVP will make Yahapalanaya to act smart and bring up all corruption cases after May 2009 . Does not matter it under the previous regime or the current regime.

    Do not allow crooked politicians supported by the so called SMART PATRIOTS to stirr up the language and religious issues and distract the citizens from Law & Order issues and Economic and Scocial Mobility issues.

    Writers like Shymmon must nurture politicians likr Sunil HN and Anura Kumara & others in the Yahapalanaya.

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    Not a fan or foe of RK , as a neutral peace lover and an observer of
    Srilankan politics from a distance , both the govt and the JO has
    reasons to feel comfortable and uncomfortable about the outcome
    of the resignation .The govt only saved its face with the resignation
    if not , could have been a catastrophe ! It is not a single party govt
    to claim credit or to face humiliation for their actions . Both major
    parties are responsible for both good and bad deeds and due to this
    share holding , the JVP should be the winner to a frustrated voter !
    But the question is , if the JVP or the people are ready for this ?
    The two major parties are now openly proving what the JVP
    lambasted at their platforms and on posters that ” unuth horu ,
    munuth horu .” What I have seen in major democracies is that
    anything works for them when done in good faith . It is surely due to
    the strength of their economies that allow tolerance of failures and
    risk taking whereas we jump the gun as soon as one single shot is
    missed as if that is the end of the world . Coming back to this RK
    resignation episode , the govt won it by defeating the efforts of the
    JO but with a reasonable loss of a very senior guy and the JO did
    penetrate into the territory of My3 and won support for the action
    and also made men like Sajith of UNP to voice support for them in
    that move . That left My3 Ranil helpless except being observers !
    What is apparent now in the ordinary man’s eye is that a man called
    Arjuna Mahendran is no more the governor of CB and the finance
    minister was first removed from his post and given another ministry
    and now no minister , all within a few months . All this for what ?

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    All you crooked Rowyell Kolleyge Ranil acolyte bois read this from an honorable rare man who is diehard UNP

    Below is a statement by former UNP mayor of Kandy Harindra Dunuwille.

    Listening to Ravi K making his statement and to the comments made by his Parliamentary colleagues, including JVP, they all seem to have missed the point. Ravi K`s misdemeanor and the demand for his resignation is not because of his involvement with the Bond scam, that is yet to be established.The reason that he needed to resign is because of the palpably false and totally untenable evidence he gave under oath with regard to the renting of the apartment, the payment of a monthly rent of over 10.0 million by the principal suspect in the Bond scam and the purchase of the apartment for Rs. 165 million and his pleading total ignorance of these transaction whilst living in the very same apartment.He, by his evidence proved that he is unfit to hold any public office much less that of a Cabinet Minister.

    He is now being portrayed as an honourable man for resigning, making a huge sacrifice and acting in the best traditions of Parliamentary democracy, that he did it for the country and his Party. This is typical “Old Boys` Club’ attitude covering up for a Colleague and paving the way for his return.

    I hope no one would dare to compare him with Late Honourable Gamini Jayasuriya, who resigned opposed to the Indo -Lanka Pact not only from the Ministerial post but from Parliament as well.

  • 0

    Till and until RK is proven guilty, we Lankans will agree that he was pressured to resign. He will fight another day.
    After all the MR crowd is doing exactly that and may succeed!

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