18 August, 2022


Arrogant Ravi Bites The Dust

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lotteries Ravi Karunanayake has resigned from his post today.

Ravi Karunanayake

Making a special statement in Parliament today at 1.32 pm he announced his resignation. He did not admit any wrong doing instead he attacked the Attorney General’s department for the way he was questioned at the Commission investigating the Bond Scam. He said he never earned money using politics.

He said accusations against him are baseless. “A well-planned conspiracy mooted by certain groups with vested interest to sling mud at the Yahapalanaya government,” he said.

“Even though my innocence is clear, it is obvious there is an attempt to use the Penthouse incident to tarnish government’s image. So, I’m resigning from my position to protect the Yahapalana government and I will work as a back bencher,” he said arrogantly.

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    You are a Born crook! You stole from me when you were a back benches under the Raja aliya! Rotor Wander was the Base of your dirty work….. you….bu er $#@%¥£□●○■

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    This is a bloody scam. Ranil is behind all this and our legal system stinks. We the public has no idea why some 800 files are in the back burner and Ravi’s file was fast tracked in a mighty hurry . This is done intentionally by Ranil when the time is right will sacrifice even the President to make his way to the top post. All these senior political rogues must be thrown in jail Wijedasa, Ranil, ,Ravi SB, Ranjith all made money and sold the country and its people We do not have a independent judiciary, police commission or election commission these are all cock and bull stories, In Bond scam Ranil must be taken in for questioning and the chap must resign. He gives the acknowledgement speech after Ravi to show he is Clean. You are a bigger Thief and a brocker. This clumsy President will not know when he will be ejected to Polonnaruwa or Welikada

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    “Incredibly, that Minister maintains that it did not occur to him to ask his wife and daughter from where they got that much money!” (D. Hoole )

    That is the way his family is. They do not know what each other is doing!
    Do you know the wife and daughter does not know that their husband/father were summoned for inquiry and the results of which he had to resign his post.

    The husband / daughter are so busy they still think he is still a minister.

    The funniest thing is this idiot Ravi Karunanayake thinks he resigned with dignity and he things what he did /or accused of doing is something of pride an honourable. I would have certainly hung my head in shame.

    Even the PM has gone on record to say what RK did was honorable. There was really nothing honourable to steal public money or been accused of. If that is something honorable he should not have resigned. He got is thinking mixed up and got himself confused of what is shameful and what is honourable. I think PM too has to go.

    I will not be surprised if SwissKumar, the mastermind of the rape and murder of the school girl Vithya, at his conviction declares in open court he is going to jail with pride and honour and by doing so will safeguard the dignity of the community he belongs to!

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    Don’t worry he will be back with another ministerial position. Its just a matter of time. If not he will jump ship and become an MR ‘loyalist’. This is what our politicians are like. Men of straw without backbones. The scum of the earth living off the backs of the poor.

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    All these are WR’s manipulations.

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