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Assault On Army Major: Police Fail To Nab Minister Mervyn’s ‘Criminal’ Secretaries

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Police has failed to nab the main suspects of the  Major Chandana Pradeep assault case. Army Major was assaulted by Malaka Silva, Former Minister Mano Wijeratne’s stepson Rehan Wijeratne and five other persons at the Jaic Hilton car park at around 3.30 early morning last Sunday.

According to the detailed statement made by Major Chandana Pradeep, both of them were on duty when they had been assaulted by Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne. Meanwhile main suspect Malaka Silva’s driver came on Sunday evening and handed over the pistol and the cell phone of the Major to Slave Island police.

Both main suspects are government servants. Malaka Silva is the private secretary to his father Minister  Mervyn Silva and the other main suspect Rehan Wijeratne is the Media secretary to the Minister  Mervyn Silva. Rehan Jayawickrema Wijeratne is the son of the present Sri Lanka Ambassador to Turkey Bharathi Wijeratne, the second wife of the late minister.

Meanwhile the Minister Mervyn Silva, his son Malaka and Hirunika Premachandra are seen paying homage to the sacred relics at the Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya this morning.

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Malaka and Rehan

Malaka and Rehan


Rehan and stepfather late minister Mano Wijeratne

Rehan and his mother Bharathi Wijeratne – present Sri Lanka Ambassador to Turkey


Malaka , Hirunika and Mervyn

Malaka and Mervyn


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