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BBS Gnanasara Threatens To ‘Split The Ear’ Of Journalist C.A. Chandraprema

Prominent political commentator C.A. Chandraprema said that buddhist monk Galagoda Atte Gnanasara of the Bodu Bala Sena had abused and threatened him at a funeral in Narammala yesterday.


According to Chandraprema, as he was leaving the funeral of the mother of Ven Medagoda Abhayatissa Thero in Narammala, he had been accosted by Gnanasara, who had proceeded to abuse and threaten him.

“I was speaking to the Chief Incumbent of another temple when Gnanasara accosted me and asked me if I was Chandraprema. On answering in the affirmative, Gnanasara thera said “mama thamusege kana palanawa (I will split open your ear),” Chandraprema told Colombo Telegraph.

Chandraprema said: “I told Gnansara that this was Ven. Abhayatissa’s monther’s funeral and if there was anything to be discussed, that should be discussed outside the premises.

“While moving a few steps towards the road, Gnanasara told me “Mama dannawa thamusege Kolapata Samajaya gena (I know your Green Society. This is the title of a book Chandraprema wrote several decades ago –Ed)” and then again Gnanasara said “mata puluwan thamusege kana palanna.” Whereupon I told Gnanasara “Ehemanam hamuduruwane kana palanna (in that case reverand, proceed to split my ear).

“At this point, some senior monks intervened and sent me away. This is a strange experience. I have been threatened by a Bhikku who wears the robe of the Buddha whereas I have never been threatened by a politician in that manner in all my years in journalism!”

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