2 April, 2023


BBS To Promote A Sinhala Buddhist Leader To Further Their Agendas

The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has annonuced that they will select and declare a leader who can promote their Sinhala Buddhist campaigns in politics, during a Sangha Sammelanaya (Summit of Buddhist monks) on Sunday.

BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara had stated that Sri Lankan Buddhists are in dire need of a leader who can ensure their rights are won and had added that they will be taking up the task of choosing an individual capable of leading the Sinhala Buddhists.

Gota and BBS“There is a need to promote a set of principles that will teach a good lesson, particularly to politicians who have demeaned Sinhala Buddhists,” Gnanasara had stated.

He had said that politicians who ‘barked’ at Buddhists were taught a good lesson at the recently held Uva provincial polls.

“We have turned into an invalid community in our own motherland. The Tamils with just a 12% and the Muslims making up for just 7% of the population, are demanding their rights and yet no one calls it racism. They are demanding for the whole pound of flesh,” Gnanasara said.

Furthermore he had stated that it is time for all structures in the country to change into a system that is governed by true Buddhist values and he had added that the BBS is aligning the country towards such a system.

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    Any guesses who this will be? GR, Gnanasara?

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      Ghanasara can do a great job – and liberate the nation. There only, people will respect him. All we want is him to be an another SOMARAMA – destroying Rajapakshes /(MR AND GR and anyone close them) They deserve that for sure.

      • 8

        The fat bastard has a lot of Zionist money and the backing of the CIA to destabilise the country.

        He openly swore allegiance to the Mass Murderous Zionist Is real and have threatens the Muslims of Gaza type genocides…. Wait you bugger wait….until the time comes for the Zoo lists from Russia Fat Bastard Gnaney can so all the dances as he likes….

        Bastard was accusing the Sri Lankan Muslims for the CIA ‘s bastard act in deploying proxy group ISIS to defame Islam.

        Let us see how the BBS donkeys are going to fight with their own financiers and backers CIA/Mossad/Zionists on their own stupid games.

        ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin…: http://youtu.be/dYXXcwuJtbQ

        al-Baghdadi, a Mossad agent named “Elliott Shimon…: http://youtu.be/QdwksvcSzLE

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          This clip has more clear details about ISIS a group created by the CIA for the benefit of the Zionists to take control of the rest of the oil fields in ME.


          zionist jews stalin bolshevik starved Christians …: http://youtu.be/AujuXTsaXTI

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        To bring about another Somarama, much as they would love to, the Catholic Action Team will have to rally behind Gnanasara thero, just as they did then..:-)

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      Hey guys, please check this out… Gotabaya and GOVT say that they dont support BBS. tHIS particular monk I myself have seen working with Ghanasara – bringing stories that muslims serve sinhalese unhygenic foods because we are sinhalese. That alone is a myth that is spread among the Raja men. So this is video is a proof, that Gotabaya being anchored with so called sinhala buddhists spread only hatreds.

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    From Ven Migettuwatte Gunananda Thera to Angarika Dharmapla to Ven Walpola Rahula to… Galagoda Atte Gnanasara? Is there a decline in standards?? to early to tell???

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      BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara,”

      “The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has announced that they will select and declare a leader who can promote their Sinhala Buddhist campaigns in politics, during a Sangha Sammelanaya (Summit of Buddhist monks) on Sunday.”

      Were D.S. Senanayaka, Dudley Senanayaka, Sir John Kotalawala, SWRD Bandaranaike ( Killed by a “Buddhist” Sinhala Monk). M. Dshanayaka, Srima Bandaranaika, J R Jayawardane, R. Premadasa, Chandrika Jumaratunga, and Mahinda Rajapaksa Sinhala Buddhists?

      Or do you want a Sinhala “Buddhist” Mara who follows Mara and not Buddha, just like you?

      Were you abused by the senior Sinhala “Buddhist” Monks?

      Read up on you Buddha Dhamma and Read up on the Tripitaka.

      You are an insult to Buddha. Do you want to propose Ven. Magama Hemasiri of Habaraduwa?

      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010
      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going.

      Two Buddhist monks accused of physically abusing child




      Buddhist Meditation Monk in London Sentenced to 7 Years for Child Sex Abuse


      Ordination of Children as Buddhist Monks is Child Abuse.


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    Buddhists don’t have rights? The rights to subjugate and intimidate minorities probably.. He is not a Buddhist leader, he is an anti minority leader.

    If he thinks the country needs a strong leader who thinks like him, let him run for presidency. Let him walk the talk without being a [Edited out] hiding behind those orange robes. Lets see how many votes he gets..

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    I may not like Bodu Bala Sena, its policies or its ways, but I certainly like its candidness!

    BBS says that Tamils and Muslims demanding ‘equal’ rights is racism.

    … We have turned into an invalid community in our own motherland. The Tamils with just a 12% and the Muslims making up for just 7% of the population, are demanding their rights and yet no one calls it racism. They are demanding for the whole pound of flesh, BBS General Secretary has said.

    It could have been said by any of the many adherents of Buddhist values. You may argue saying, ‘No. It is the position of BBS, not Buddhists’.

    I would like to believe you.

    And, you could make me a believer by denouncing BBS and those who fail to denounce BBS.

    Nothing sprouts in a vacuum. BBS is no exception.

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      Nathan, you are on the dot according to my understanding.. BBS is just a symptom, not the core issue. Really, BBS is helping us by surfacing these issues, hatred among tribes, in Lanka and it shows the magnitude of these issues too.

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    It is reverse discrimination.

    Tamils, church and the mosque are trying to over power Sinhala buddhists.

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      Jim softy and Avtars,

      “It is reverse discrimination. Tamils, church and the mosque are trying to over power Sinhala buddhists.”

      Yes, it is reverse discrimination, when Sinhala “Buddhists” are allowed only No soul, anatta, and the Hindus have a permanent Soul, and Muslims have a heaven and Hell
      Sinhala “Buddhist” do not have an option, not to be reborn.

      They needed to be reborn, again and again with no soul, Anatta.

      So, this is discrimination.

      People should be given a choice to be reborn, have soul, no-soul, heaven or hell.

      The Sinhala “Buddhists” by destroying Hindu, Temples, Christian churches and Muslim Mosques, is practicing reverse discrimination by not-allowing the practice of others myths.

      • 1

        Yes, it is reverse discrimination, when Sinhala “Buddhists” are allowed only No soul, anatta,

        You simply don’t know what you are talking.

        Even though you use a sinhala name, you are not sinhala.

        You are just a fraud.

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    Is this guy nuts to analyse UVA results as a victory to Buddist Supremacy? Dumb idiot, has he not know that Monaragala sinhala vote is at 90% and they only got 50% of it, rest went the other way. Most importantly UPAF won Badulla only because of CWC-estate tamil brothers votes. Plus majority of Sinhala Buddist votes went to the opposition parties. They won on the back of tamil brothers and still yell Buddhist power. That actually says we they hate extremist Buddist views. Journalist must expose his false analysis with facts. Who doesn’t know your this so called buddist incarnation leader you are going to present is the GOTA.

  • 12

    Good move BBS.

    Field a strong Singhala leader at the next election and that will SPLIT MR’s vote making it easy for Ranil to win.

    I thought only Tamils are modayas. BBS is worse!

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    What we want is not a Buddhist leader but an honest leader. A leader who knows that he is responsible for his actions or inactions to his people. A leader who is humbly serve his people without abusing power. All what I see in Buddhism (going by the behaviour of Buddhist clergy like Gnanasara is pride, arrogance and disrespect and shameless behaviour. If these people promote a candidate then we have to go after the fourth sarana. The latest addition to the thun sarana – which is ABA SARANA.

  • 3

    What about Champika or Udaya? If not the devil himself?

  • 3

    To Bedrock Barney: There never was a Buddhist priest called `Migettuwatte Gunananda`. The particular priest you are referring to wrote his name and signed his letters as ` Mohottiwatte Gunananda` Somewhere some one has made a mistake. And our stupid Sinhala Buddhists go on repeating the same mistake without even knowing the name of their hero! (2) Anagaarika Dharmapala? He was a fraud. An uneducated person who did not have even a good knowledge of Buddhism.From the day he fell out with his mentor Olcott he launched a vicious attack on him & the Theosophical society. It was for that purpose and also to build up his image that he founded the Sinhala Bauddhaya newspaper. But Ven.Walpola Rahula was a great scholar who deserves respect. He was not a religious fanatic.

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    There Gnansara started to bark from ‘dream world of love for girls’ (he said it himself)….
    He surely a threat to MR regime and it’s time GR to get rid of him or it’s too late for their very survival in politics!!!!
    He’s eying on equally another corrupted racist Chammpika Ranawaka, pretend to be saviour of Buddhism!!
    Beware folks……

  • 5

    What a bunch of idiots!

    What they are trying to identify and project, will be the poison chalice for Sri Lanka!

    Rot indeed begets more rot.

    What we urgently need is a leader, who is a true ‘SRI LANKAN’ and can govern on behalf of all Sri Lankans.

    The Sinhala- Buddhists, being also Sri Lankans and the majority will benefit in greater measure as a community and in equal measure as individuals in other communities.

    This is the democracy we need NOW.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 3

    well can they classify Casinos and brothels as Buddhist values as they dont seem to protest about them

    Please can the BBS make known their stand as regards to Casinos and Brothels ?

  • 4

    Nominee for Presidency? Coming from these BBS sages? Surely, this must be Champika of JHU fame. A born free thinker with Ministerial Cabinet portfolio including his own party leadership experience, who can weave a story without batting an eyelid. Just like his famous speeches made in France to a servitude audience, spellbound by his hocus-pocus knowledge on everything Sri Lankan. His keen knack of mystical knowledge on the existence of a Jihad ‘kalliya’ in SL (he even authored a book), which to date, (like the missing stockpile of weapons of MD in Iraq), has still not exposed themselves within the island shores, in spite of the many serious provocations to induce some type of response. Another reason is they both (BBS and JHU) compliment each other in so many ways, like they both fib incessantly, contort the truth in the actual events that took place to suit their agenda, blame victims for instigating all the violence and mayhem, absolve themselves of having committing any sin nor harm to another human being, etc., and thus, he seems to fit the bill perfectly.

    In short, if these radicals get their man elected, it will be another Myanmar in the making. Much worse off than an accountable Rajapakse regime.

  • 1

    Good move by BBS.

    Now MR is forced to listen to BBS and GIVE their demands (or lose the election).

    Demands should be:

    1. Illegalize Sharia Law
    2. Illegalize thesavalami law
    3. Scrap 13 amendment
    4. Punish all terrorists
    5. Execute 6 amendment
    6. Ban construction of new mosques

    • 0

      Aluthgama Sinhala add the following too:
      1.Roast Gnanasara
      2Stick a red hot iron into Kirama mans back side and rotate it
      3.Roast all Sinhala Ravaya jokers
      4.Roast all Ravana Balakaya jokers

  • 0

    Gnanasara might support a French for the Presidential Election.

  • 2

    Yes Good move:

    – Create more Tuk-Tuk drivers like Aluthgama Racist Sin-hala.
    – Build more temples, if possible in every corners and junctions of the roads with tax payers money (Tamils, Sighelse, Muslims, Burghers, Malay, Chinese, etc).
    – Gnanasara’s filth in every temple mornings and evening
    – Champika Hitler’s hate speeches that instigate violence in every radio and TV channels mornings and evenings.
    -Build world biggest dagoba, temple if possible the biggest loud speaker.

    Welcome to dawn of dark era of Sri Lanka soon (if that ever happens)……

    • 1

      also build or allow subsidised massage parlours and brothels for the BBS guys to relax after a hard days work!

  • 0

    What a bunch of idiots.

    These people violently arguing over religion is laughable if not for the innocent people getting killed in the process. All religions are bunkum for the very reason they require beliefs in the supernatural or magic that cannot exist. The books based on these imponderables were written by fallible men centuries after the demise of the protagonists. Even Buddhism, the most logical of the religions, is a set of philosophical doctrines voiced by Lord Buddha to educate the people and had no intention of forming a religion which would have made him cringe. We are grateful for his teachings and wish to remember Him but never to harm others who don’t take to His teachings.

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