25 June, 2022


Bodu Bala Sena Handlers Unroll Plan B

By Hilmy Ahamed

Hilmy Ahamed

Hilmy Ahamed

The Bodu Bala Sena has unrolled its plan B by merging with the ultra-nationalist break away group of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) led by Udaya Gammanpila after attempts were made to form a Sinhala Buddhist alliance under the leadership of Venerable Ellawala Medananda Thera, the former head of the JHU failed. The formation of a Sinhala Buddhist party as declared by Gammanpila with the support of the Bodu Bala Sena and the Ravana Balaya comes as no surprise after the Bodu Bala Sena failed to gather even a few hundred people for their much-publicized meeting at Hyde park a few weeks ago. The Sinhala Ravaya, the radical wing of Wimal Weerawansa’s party has been deprived of membership to this ultra nationalist camp. Is this because of the suspicion that has been highlighted about Wimal Weerawansa’s motives or is it just a clash of ideologies?

Gammanpila, only a few days ago spoke of corruption, good governance and nepotism within the Rajapaksa administration, has suddenly gone in to reverse mode with the repetitions of his verbal trash of “foreign conspiracy, NGO strategies to destabilize Sri Lanka, Tamil Tiger infiltration and saving the Sinhala race. How does one change overnight? Is it the lure of power and positions or is it the right price paid, or is it really the commitment to one’s religion and race? A man who committed to run a noble election campaign at the provincial council elections has made an about turn within a few months to become “just another Sri Lankan politician”.

Gnanasara |Picture courtesy Foreign Correspondents' Association of Sri Lanka Facebook page

Gnanasara |Picture courtesy Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Sri Lanka Facebook page

The defection from the Jathika Hela Urumaya by Gammanpila, is probably the work of the forces behind the Bodu Bala Sena who failed to achieve their objective of harnessing the majority of the Sinhala Buddhist vote for Mahinda Rajapaksa. The cross over of the main architects of the JHU, Ven. Omalpe Sobhitha Thera, Champika Ranawaka and Ven. Athuruliya Rathana Thero to the Maithri camp broke the agenda of Buddhist extremists to place foreign conspiracies and threats to the nation on election platforms. The government’s attempt to deprive the minority votes to the Maithri camp by highlighting the presence of the JHU in the common alliance camp too failed. It is believed that over 80% of the minority votes would end up with Maithripala Sirisena unless the President addresses the core issues confronting them. With no attempt being made to address minority concerns, it seems that the incumbent has given up on the minority votes, hence the elevation of Gammanpila to head a Buddhist party that will place a racist agenda and thereby harness support for Mahinda Rajapaksa to bring in a sizeable extremist Buddhist votes to his candidacy.

The Muslim community as well as other minority groups attempted to engage the government in discussing their community concerns over the last two and a half years. There are 1.3 Million Muslim votes alone and the President had at least 40% of this vote until the Bodu Bala Sena unleashed its hate campaign against the Muslims. The government allowed the BBS to continue its hate campaign with impunity. When Muslim religious and civil society brought this to the attention of the relevant authorities, it was always dismissed as an “insignificant nuisance” that would go away with time. Will this cost His Excellency, Mahinda Rajapaksa his third term?

The Muslims as a community are disappointed at the total lack of government concern over 350 acts of violence, intimidation and threats against the Muslim community over the last 2 ½ Years. The attack on the innocent Muslims in Aluthgama and Beruwela in June this year, as well as the absence of the rule of law on racial crimes committed by extremist forces has certainly driven away not just the Muslim but also a large percentage of the Christian votes from President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Was he not aware of this threat? Is there a force behind these groups who have ensured that Mahinda Rajapaksa would be defeated at the up-coming polls? Even though these conspiracy theories may be hard to believe, an in-depth analysis would be appropriate for the Rajapaksa camp.

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has still not decided on whom they would support at the 8th of January 2015 elections. Rumours of crossovers of Muslim politicians and others have put the bookies in in to big business with their daily betting exceeding any horse race. The next two weeks will certainly keep Sri Lankans more entertained with the crossovers than any cricket we have witnessed.

The common candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s manifesto has been released, and there seems to be no mention of addressing the concerns of minority communities. There is absolutely no chance for Maithripala Sirisena to win this presidency without the support of the Tamil, Muslim and the Christian community, hence it would be imperative that the common candidate camp addresses this issue and declare their stand on minority concerns without further delay.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Art of roping in both MR and My3′: Heads I win, Tails you loose. Typical Muslim game.

    • 20

      Do not worry guys….

      Mahinda is already heading and entered the disaster zone.
      No matter how many Defense Ministry funded goyyos spit out racist slurs…the king is near the garbage bin.

      There is a phenomenon called Almighty God. It is that which has brought about his downfall. Mahinda thought he is above God and His power and he believed he has the full control of his fate and situations. He never would have ever imagined that he is near his timely political death.

      His childhood dreams all been achieved. Displaying his monkey figure in currencies, naming Airports and sea ports, drama houses, photo ops with world leaders and pada-shows, wealth hoarding by criminal means, mass murders….last but not least, their family heritage in Anti-Muslim hatredness. He had everything been fulfilled. But, now what???? It has come around to him… the digging of his own grave.

      I just love to see how his last is going to end up as how.

      Even Dayan Jayatilake the pseudo political Sayang-tist roped Mahinda into believing himself as a great master tactician in his writings. DJ knew how to gook the ego-filled Mahinda into believing his praises through his writings. DJ has done his job according to his pay. He laid the mouse trap in the proper place to trap this Gorilla Mahinda.

    • 18

      Hilmy Ahamed –

      “Religion is the opium of the Masses-” Karl Marx.

      ” Good people do Good things, Bad People do Bad things. To get good people to do Bad things, it takes, Religion”- Steven Edinburgh, Physics Nobel prize laureate.

      Examples. Wahhabi Islam and its Clones, Sinhalese Buddhism and its clones, BBS, Burmese Buddhism and its Clones, and many others…

      • 7

        Yo Amarasiri,
        Let me begin with this….
        A quote by George Bernard Shaw comes to my mind:
        “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.“

        You have been funded and brainwashed by the Jewish Mafia….

        All those gooks you mentioned from Karl Marks onwards, were all bloody Zionist Jews.

        You know what they did to this world??? They brought corruption, death and destruction. Like how they paid you to become a Gota/Mahinda/JHU like anti Muslim crackpot.

        First of all you must go to the real news media for real informations…Too much of CNN, BBC, SKY and all those Zionist media etc., have fogged your grit filled doggy eye. Just forget about bashing Islam and come to the main subject the real danger faced by the world populations…ZIONISM.

        You will become a true gook to your own self the day you start honestly investigating about the Zionist Jews and their crimes against the entire humanity.

        Otherwise, you will be considered as a donkey just writing without any understanding about the world and its history in these forums and fooling YOUR OWN SELF.

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          The world and its political/Military supremacy is criminally held by the Jesuit Order based in the Vatican propelling the Nazism, Zionism and anything that is worth to propel the ONE WORLD GOVT., as propounded by Illumniti/Freemasons/Knight Templars…etc.

          Jesuit – Pope Francis I – 666 Mark of the Beast – Final Warning Video

          • 5

            Desert Storm

            “Mark of the Beast”

            Ho ho the camel dung!

            Go Belch and Fart in the Medieval Desert it would turn into black gold for the consumers worldwide.

            • 0

              Yo Javi,

              Truth hurts isn’t it..? Thank you for watching the Video…

              Oh maybe you have not watched…thank you again for not watching and you are an Very Intelli-Junt man now….

              Thank you for being a Pro Zionist dumbo….

              • 5

                Hey muzzie you can just belch and fart and not for too long.

                the big 3 with hindia is planning an all out liquidation of the uncivilized.

                BTW who cares for pope or doc you are just a camel that belches and farts.

                BBS has done the right thing. Only thing is they have to refine that art and make muzzies vanish for the face of the earth like your own satwa.

                Keep living in styscrapers till the methan blows you up- Phew!!

            • 0

              Yo Javi,

              Here’s one more Camel Dung for you….

              Your pope is a criminal man….the truth has come out…don’t be an ostrich….

              is the Vatican the real power behind NWO?

              • 5

                Barak the muslim is going out soon.
                Jeb Bush will win and it will be Whey Hey all the way.
                No to burka no to satayaka, No to Sarema.

                Happily Agonistic

                • 0

                  Javi – the son of Zion

                  Zion is going down baby…

                  You don’t need a rocket science to spot a stinky Zionist criminal.
                  You reaction for the mention of ZIONISM made you go crazy….

                  More shit coming for your Zionist masters

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                  • 2

                    Robber Camel mulla in tainted knickers of Osapoop in the seabed,

                    You say Mulla finally got bad teeth, foul breath and smelly feet??

                    Sounds like you got foot and mouth disease – camello loco, putte!!

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                      Javi my Boy…you the Pro Zionist….

                      Know very well that you still going about in your perception that is very well in sync with what George Bernard Shaw said:

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                  • 0

                    ““Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.“”

                    All knowledge you have may be your stupd point of view!

                    all the knowledge you have seems from sifted camel dung.

                    Knowledge is useless if you have no `imagination` stuck up mutt in the rut like a ratton jumping ship.

                    keep on keeping on!

          • 0

            The group also has a small presence in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, which have never been fertile ground for al-Qaida. While the number of Islamic State recruits from these countries is counted only in the dozens, it is much higher than al-Qaida was able to manage.

            BBS and any new administration do you want to have indefinite terror from the days of Mussie Nasser. (to a mussie anyone who is not a member of their subhuman paedophile mahamood is an infidel to be killed. Their slaughter houses are empty make soylent green or you making them a catalyst for terror will be exposed by your actions.

            You have proved it “ make them disappear” there won’t be a prince Charles to intervene on behalf of a Russian girl assisted by British Russian MP and 20 Russian Oligarchs of Sloan Square.

            Don’t Think Just Doo It!

            The more the merrier.

            • 0

              Javi the Zionist pimp…

              You won’t get tired are you???? You are on pot…I am damn sure…

              Look Al Qaeda is a branch of your Head Quarters based in Tel Aviv…

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              BBS is another creation of the Zionist bastards…

              Anywhere in the world if there is a violence against Islam and the Muslims in general there;s ISRAEL behind it….Mossad/CIA/MI5 etc funds those projects as they want to their way for the NWO mass murder.

              nwo depopulation agenda

    • 0

      Some people are able to learn until the journey to their
      end but very many,especially the third world ones suffer
      the quite opposite.Muslims in Srilanka stand united both
      in good and bad times with the greens and blues.If this
      election has been made a “game,” then voting is the
      investment,even if it’s not a game,voting is still an
      investment.So,why invest to lose?How is it when Sinhalese
      choose to switch from colour to colour?Not typical?
      Mouths are made very flexible to operate both ways,open
      and shut when not in use.The key to both application is
      something called “gray matter” that got to be activated
      before any attempt of the operation.

  • 8

    Extremism from any organisation has to be condemned whatever the backing they have. The country’s problems are from these eextremists whether they are racial or religious based.. in my personal opinion they must be banned by law.

    Regrouping by the group who defected from JHU for very personal reasons (not for reasons of policy) together wth BBS and establish a political force is a democratic right, but how they conduct themselves is the important question. If they try to propagate racialism, communalism or religious disturbances they should be condemned and the public should never support them. It is the bankrupt politicians who do not have any policy who advocate the racial or relgious problems.

  • 9

    The minorities in Sri Lanka have got the message loud and clear. The Rajapaksa’s do not give a damn for them, will use them, but is ever ready to set their saffron thugs on them. The thugs and goons called BBS can continue their campaign of hatred and fear, with no fear that they will be muzzled, or held accountable, for any of their hate crimes. If there was one iota of fear for law and order, they would think twice before inciting mindless rabble, and sending thugs in buses to attack minority businesses, homes and places of worship.

    If the majority thinks for one moment, that the Rajapaksas will be kinder and support them, they should think again – what they did to the poor people of Weliweriya, is a good example of the Rajapaksas unleashing their dogs on people who stand up for their rights, or protest for clean water. The Rajapaksas only care for themselves, those around them who are equally dishonest, and those who are useful to them.

    The minorities must unite and vote against them. It would be foolish to think the Rajapaksa’s will change their racist and selfish ways, after the elections. The next time the BBS is unleashed to spread their hate, it might be worse.

  • 11

    from the days of postman’s son Nasser of Egypt.

    You folk turned anti-Semitic and took the nation on protest on behalf your faith.

    When the Buddhist form associations you get very cheesed. Why so??
    Did not Buda Udin hang us all into standardisation and give you folk the best- English medium and sihala second language while you spoke Tamil at home.

    For 66 years you have enjoyed the fruits of all tamil speaking folk in every government so for once take a back step- democracy is sharing not Koran or Sangha in any way.

    One corrects customs by laughing at them.

    • 4

      Javi you really know what’s what. I hope the readers understand.

      • 6

        When they know that there is nothing called absolute truth they would be laughing- absolute scum.

        eg. It’s the very american infidel who came to their rescue pronto and also branded the BBS. How long did it take the west to brand the tigers??

        They are a blessed lot and must stop digging graves.

  • 11

    I see this completely different:

    No chance Tamils will vote for MR. Tamils always vote for RW no matter what the TNA says.

    Muslims for obvious reasons will vote against MR no matter what their MPs choose to do. They remember what happened in Kattankudy as MR reminded them about this afternoon. But they remember even better what happened more recently in A, and with that No Limit – the ruins still there as the biggest cutout of MR’s inaction, just south of Colombo.

    MS meanwhile keeps his mouth wisely shut and his program mildly formulated not to scare the southern Sinhalese voters away while also preventing himself to be attacked by MR’s team who are – as we speak – working on their manifest 24/7 in response to what the MS team has presented today.

    What a marvelous chess game!

    • 1

      agreed. Also, MS never promised to do anything about the ethnic issue. Whether this is part of the chess game, or just a practical move (not even the gods can solve this ethnic mess in 100 days), or a combination, I dont know. But as things go, MS doesn’t have to say anything to get the minority vote: Mahinda’s doing that for him!

      • 2

        What’s crucial for any future govt will be,full
        function of democracy and that’s the best
        guarantee to all communities for a just society.
        True democracy that delivers justice to all.A new
        man can do that if he really wanted,and a national
        govt,of course we never had one before and let’s
        give it a chance!Just don’t do anything to disturb
        the peace and that’s enough.

      • 0

        MS is not promising any special favours to anyone includimng Buddhists. What he promises is an independent judiciary and rule of law to be brought back. So, any community if intimidated will have recourse to legal intervention. So, F..k the racists and BBS. They would be history on the 9th and we can look forward to living together as one. This is what religions have preached.

  • 4

    love it, The common candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s manifesto has been released, and there seems to be no mention of addressing the concerns of minority communities. There is absolutely no chance for Maithripala Sirisena to win this presidency without the support of the Tamil, Muslim and the Christian community, hence it would be imperative that the common candidate camp addresses this issue and declare their stand on minority concerns without further delay.

    • 6

      Has it not occurred to you that the Tamil, Muslim and Christian community vote bank is already in the Sirisena bag. He does not need to address the concerns of the minority community. Rajapakse & his cahoots have ably alienated these communities so well that Sirisena has’nt got much to do.

  • 2

    How much I would love to be a fly in the wall…when strategy is being discussed at both camps.

    With the ‘Corruption’ flags flapping freely, with every discussion between people being framed thus, the Rajapakses are having to do more than just cut-outs and TV adverts.

    Everyone is talking about the Cost of Living and the Corruption and they all seem to understand the co-relation without any help from the candidates.

    What started as Sirisena’s election to win has become Rajapakse’s to lose. Not a comfortable situation to be in, with Millions being spent and many more Millions of future earnings on the line.

    This explains the conflict the business crowd have with the vote because they have all adopted the Rajapakse style of ‘bribe first – deal second!’ A Sirisena administration will require major adjustments, although bribery will still be there with different pockets and different amounts !!!

    Sri Lanka needs to make a U-turn with regards to respect of law and good governance. There will be no future for generations to come, unless we make that move NOW.

  • 6

    In the world, Muslims are Two billion. Christians/Catholics are Two billion and Tamils are 100 million.

    So, how do they become minorities ?

    So, if Muslims were to be considered muslins, wahabis, sunnis, ahmadia, sufis, tamil speaking, sinhala speaking, arabic – muslims etc, should be identified differently.

  • 7

    This Hilmy Ahmed is a shameless liar.

    He does not talk about how Muslims destroyed Sinhala Neighbourhoods in Aluthgama.

    • 5

      And Jim ? Is a honest Sinhala bhuddist ?…….

  • 1

    It is not a matter of choosing between what is good and what is bad for the minorities in this election. It is a matter of choosing between what is bad and what is not so bad.

    Sengodan. M

    • 4

      “minorities in this election.”

      The muslim minorities are never happy until they have both sides of the coin- both parties.
      The sihala buddhist are the cause of the catalysis and used the greedy muslims against the christians, hindus and even buddhist.

      The muslims high jacked almost everything from the very best education and still buy and sell. The camel that belches and farts.

      They are now disenchanted that they are being exposed as vermin not fit for democracy which is a western concept and includes charity for all- Muslims give only to Muslims.

  • 2

    The writer is raising conflictual issues,But MS and joined opposition is trying to clean up the systems so that every citizens concerns can be addressed free from ultra-nationalistic or ethnic drives.

  • 0

    It is good to see the Sinhalese Hardline good diving themselves up into Sinhalese Hardliners and Buddhist Hardliners. Mahanama did a combo deal – and what we see is a replay of that. Centuries latter.

  • 0

    It’s really sad to read about narrow view points of part of article and comments. I strongly believe this country is gifted no force will be able to deceive people or country for ever. Some things rural area are full of fools along with most of our fellow citizens there’s is strong opinion waiting from general mass and that will unless truth about our nation the opinion of people will reflect how well they been informed about country affair and their concern of future of our nation. The opinion will be beyond narrow mind vision which fills the stomach of racist few. Long Live Sri Lanka. Sri lankans create history for better global society.

  • 0

    BBS handlers have no imagination.

  • 0

    No matter who comes to power or even if Maithri group wins the election, nothing much will change unless the rowdy and racist monks are completely kept inside the temples and not allowed to take part in politics.

    They are the most disruptive forces behind communal and religious disharmony next to the educated and uneducated racist, the so called Sinhala-Buddhist venomous evil souls. They are the ones destroying the country and MR & Co is using them to stay in power and play dirty, murderous politics.

    What is “Sinhala-BUddhism” ? it doesn’t sound good or real
    There are no Tamil Hinduisn or Tamil/Sinhala Islam, or Sinhala/Tamil Christianity. Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or any religion has no RACE. Religion and Race are two different things and should not be bundled together. Sri Lankkan racists are confusing and brain washing the Lankan Buddhists and making them a retarded, fanatical racist group and bringing disrepute for Buddhism. Myanmar (Burma) is a good example. When this racial bias and the majority mentality is gone, things will get better. Racial discrimination should be abolished, equal opportunity be given to all, standardization and favoritism be abolished for the country to prosper. Human dignity, rule of law be maintained and preserved for all to live in peace.

    These are just my dreams and I know that nothing will change sooner or even later. Lankan politicians and voters are not so intelligent , smart or wise enough to change things. The root cause is Racism, jealousy, hypocrisy and Mahawansa mentality. They don’t want to grow, go with the flow, follow the world or get educated and be honestly religious. While the world is moving towards prosperity, Racist Lankans are going in reverse gear. Mahinda, Maithri or all of them are birds of a feather..These guys will never help the people or the country prosper. They all play racial politics in different ways to grab the power. JRJ, Premadasa,Ranil, CBK, Mahinda, Maithri…Not much difference ?!!
    Minorities will continue to suffer and majorities are not going to have much of a peaceful existence either !

    Banish the saffron clad thugs, ban JHU, BBS, Sihala Ravaya and all racist parties…then, there may be some chance for harmony.

  • 3

    jim softy, only few houses of sinhalese were burnt in aluthgama which was done by sinhalese thugs, to frame the muslims and its also said that those houses (of sinhalese )are those which failed to hang the buddisht flag( sinhalese people were requsted to raise buddist falgs one day before the riots, so that thugs can differentiate them from houses of muslims)..the current result is already foreign investors from west are refraining from investing in srilanka because of its situation where economical sanctions can be raised any time by the west for warcrime..geniwa etc..few middle east business men were investing in companies like prima , etisalat etc. however aluthgama incident reduced middle east investments in srilanka.

  • 1

    Very interesting combinations. – Booru Balu Sena and Gamman Pillayan. Traitors to the root against genuine Sinhala Buddhists.

  • 5

    Hilmy Ahamed,

    No Halal,

    No Burka,

    No Mulla,

    Only the Swiss dog will lead other dogs of prey.

    Learn to pray at home like the rest of civilized society in the world.

    You never saw alla but now you will see the real Balla courtesy Goota- werewolf.

  • 0

    To be honest the minorities, regardless of how important their vote may be, have been ignored in this campaign. There has been much talk of addressing grievances, but as rightfully pointed out, no solution has been put forward and it all comes down to poor and indecisive leadership from respective parties. If the grapevine is to believed, the only realistic consideration for which camp to pitch a tent in is the price. As minorities we are all left stranded but then again this has been the case for the better part if the last decade!!!

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