3 July, 2022


Is Maithri The Next President?

By P. Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

It is evident that the Maithri’s camp is fully confident that Mr. Maithripala Sirisena will emerge the winner at the Presidential Election scheduled to be held on January 08, 2015. According to a statement made by Mr. Rajitha Senaratne, former Minister , recently, Maithri will win the Presidency with a majority over 55 per cent. There is no reason for me not to believe in his statement because the majority of the people from different walks of life I talked to during the last two weeks said they would vote for Maithri for different reasons. I would like to list the responses of the people I talked to in connection with the Presidential candidates. The readers are free to draw their own conclusions.

A friend of my son who comes from a SLFP family. He is from the Kalutara district.

“ My wife and I will vote for Maithri because one family robs the country. My father is for Mahinda and he told us not to return home after voting for Maithri. One of my aunts who has never voted for any party in the past said she would vote for Maithri.”

A software engineer in Matara who spoke to me on phone said,

“I will vote for Maithri because of the rampant corruption in the government.” He further said that according to her sister who works in Colombo in an office where around 50 employees work ,there are less than 10 who are ready to vote for Mahinda.

Maithripala FB

An English In Service advisor who lives some 40 kilometres away from my village said,

“ We are from a SLFP family. We voted for Mahinda in 2005 and 2010 but at the next election we will vote Maithri because one family is running the whole country.”

A motor mechanic who lives a few mile away from my home said,“ I will vote for Mahinda. It is because of him we live without fear”.

An owner of several businesses who benefited from this government said,“ I will vote Mahinda. This freedom and expressways are enough for us to vote for him. I am not concerned about the other allegations against the President.”

Another motor mechanic who lives around 25 kilometers away from my home said the following when I asked him who he was going to vote at the Presidential election.

“ We have never voted for the UNP. We have never got any benefit from the government and we don’t expect anything in future too. I hate the cutouts and posters of the President. I don’t know why. My mother also is going to vote for Maithri. My wife and I will vote for Maithri. My father is for Mahinda. Therefore I will not take him to the polling station.”

The following is what a family that runs a wayside eating house in a nearby town said to me when I went there for lunch recently. First they wanted to know who I was going to vote for. Without responding to their question I asked them who they were going to vote for. They promptly said “To Maithri” and asked “ Sir ! What about you ? I said “To Maithri”. Their immediate response to my answer was “ kiyana kiyana dena kiyanne maithrita denawa kiyalane. Den beluwama janadhipathi thumata dena kenek nehene.” ( A rough translation of what they said in Sinhala is “ Everybody says they will vote Maithri. It seems that there is nobody who is going to vote for the incumbent President.”)

Next I met a person who had visited Hambantota a few days ago to attend a funeral. I quote what he told me regarding the Presidential election.

“ There is less support for Mahinda in Hambantota because people’s lives have not improved under Mahinda’s government there. Instead of giving lands to the poor, lands have been given to the rich and family friends of those who are in power. The carpeted roads have not benefited the poor there”.

Then next person I talked to was a 25 year old youth from Bulathsinghala in the Kalutara district. He said,“ I have talked to around 15 persons. All of them are for Maithri except my father. People are angry because the cost of living is unbearable”.

A three wheeler driver I interviewed said ,“ They say Ranil will be appointed as the Prime Minister by Maithri. Therefore I will not vote Maithri”.

An agriculture instructress who went to Kalpitiya, Trincomalee, and Seruwavila on a field trip a few days ago with her colleagues had met some farmers and officers in those areas. She said that the majority of the farmers and a lot of agriculture officers preferred Maithri to Mahinda. The farmers at Seruwavila had told her it was thanks to Mahinda that they live without the war but as the cost of living is unbearable they would vote for Maithri.

A Samurdhi officer of the Divi Neguma Department expressed her view said,“I work in an office situated in the premises of to a Divisional Secretariat. 90% of the employees there say they will vote for Maithri because they have not been given motorbikes by Mahinda”. Some of the Samurdhi officers are campaigning for Mahinda but some are silent. I will vote Maithri because I want see a change. We are with Chandrika. It is she who appointed us as Samurdhi officers”.

The last interviewer before I started to pen this article was a bus driver attached to the Aluthgama SLTB depot. He said,“ The President will lose this time. People were transported to the President’s rally at Panadura from Aluthgama by our buses. People had to sign in attendance sheets at the meeting”. That is how they show they have a big crowd for their rallies”.

The above discussions I had with people prove that there is an overwhelming support for Maithri at least in some parts of the country. According to many online opinion polls Maithri is most likely to win the election with a comfortable majority. The decision taken by the Opposition not to display Maithri’s cutouts and deface walls, parapets, trees and lamp posts with propaganda posters seems to have won the hearts of the public. Is this not a new situation in the country? Has Sri Lanka’s population come of age? Have the voters given a new message to the politicians? Have they said that they could no longer be duped by giving concessions and reduction of prices on the eve of the elections? Do people hate those who harm the beauty of the environment by sticking posters in every nook and corner? If it is so, Mahinda’s excessive cutout and poster campaign has boomeranged against him. It is not wrong to conclude that many thousands of cutouts and millions of posters of Mahinda have done an irrecoverable harm to Mahinda’s re-lection bid.

Though all the signs show that Maithri will win, Mahinda, his family and his government will fight until the last minute to defeat the common candidate. His lackeys are doing everything in their power to obstruct Maithri’s march to victory. A number of venues reserved for Maithri’s meetings have been cancelled by pro Mahinda chairmen of local government councils. There is no doubt that more violence will be unleashed until the evening of January 8th. They may do whatever possible to scare away the anti Mahinda voters on the polling day. On several occasions in the past anti UNP thugs went to estates that are surrounded by Sinhala villages at night and grabbed poll cards from Up-country Tamils and threatened them not to come out on the election day to vote. We can expect the repetition of the past again on the eve of the Presidential election to prevent Up-country Tamils from voting Maithri.

Another challenge for the Maithri’s camp is how to garner the votes of the Tamils and the Muslims in the Northern and the Eastern Provinces. The government is well aware that the majority of the Tamils and the Muslims will not vote for Mahinda. If Maithri expects an overwhelming support from them he has to tell the people in the North and the East of his solutions to their urgent problems. It is true that he said that he would implement all the recommendations in the LLRC report. Yet I doubt that the Tamils are aware of it as he has mentioned it only once. However there is a possibility that transport services would be disrupted on the election day by organized groups in the North and East in order to prevent the voters from coming to polling stations as every vote that is not cast would be advantageous to the incumbent.

Therefore while taking steps to prevent sabotage in the North and East, Maithri’s camp must have a mechanism to garner every anti -government vote in the other seven Provinces. So far Maithri’s camp has failed to launch house to house campaign probably due to the delay in releasing his election manifesto. The house to house campaign has to be particularly carried out in the remotest parts of the country. For example there are very remote villages in the Monaragala district where there is no electricity . They are unaware what is going on in the rest of the country as most of them do not possess radios and TV sets. At the last Uva provincial Council elections they were threatened not to vote for the Opposition . Unless the Opposition takes remedial actions government thugs may threaten the innocent rural voters to vote for Mahinda.

There is little doubt that January 8 2015 will be the day that decides the fate of Sri Lanka. IF the incumbent wins, he will be in power at least for another 8 years. The UNP most probably will split into several factions and some will join Mahinda’ government. A referendum to lengthen the life of present Parliament can be expected. Neither Ranil nor Sajith will be able to resurrect the UNP for decades. The Tamils will be subjugated further and the organizations such as the BBS will declare war against the Muslims and non Buddhists. Sri Lanka will be a fertile land for insurrections and Al Khaida type terrorism.

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  • 31

    Well done – thanks very much for the valauble summary – I likes it very much :).

    I also made similar experience having being able to speak to varied kind of people coming from all walks during my very recent visit paid to the country. Most of them were silent but their likes were towards Maithree. Those who praised Mahinda argued that he ended the war. Young generations did not like the way Mahinda s supporters harassing people for their campaigning.

    I believe there will be a CHANGE after 9th of January. Jaya wewa our motherland.
    False propaganda, filthy mouth pieces and wrong analyses of ruling bunch accerlate gain more votes PRO Maithree.

    • 2

      “the majority of the people from different walks of life I talked to during the last two weeks said they would vote for Maithri for different reasons.”

      Oh, God, give me patience.

      Is this the modern “Maaru Sira” version of opinion polling, BER-TEA?

      Reveals nothing more than the fact you move in stupid circles. Take a look at the photos and videos of election rallies of the two candidates to get a clearer impression.

      Did you see the MR rally at Mullathiev? Watch how elderly Tamil ladies embrace him.

      You are going to be one weeping mess on 9 Jan 2015, BER-TEA.

      • 12

        Did you count he number of CTB buses used to transport people to Mullaitivu ?
        And the threatening instructions given to those people ?

    • 3

      Numbers to play with upto 8-1-15:- Registered Voters for 2013 = 14,762,168, broken up into 22 Districts as detailed below:- (Source: slelection.gov.lk)

      Colombo 1,552,734 Gampaha 1,590,076 Kalutara 881,814 Kandy 1,031,980 Matale 373,315 N.Eliya 520,767 Galle 809,882 Matara 608,524 H`tota 455,398 Jaffna 516,989 Vanni 241,935 Batticola 358,205 Amparai 456,942 Trinco 251,690 Kurunega 1,248,987 Puttalam 540,706 A`pura 625,740 Polonaru. 303,192 Badulla 609,965 Moneraga. 332,764 R`pura 795,759 Kegalle 644,803 Total: 14,762,168

      SL^s LAST CHANCE – 10 WISE JUDGES GAVE US THIS CHANCE (thus Mohan P cheated MR!)

    • 3

      “It is evident that Maithri camp is fully confident”. Not exact. All camps inland and out are more than confident. Most notably, ethnic minorities, religiously persecuted and the politically oppressed. This assessment holds more strongly in Diaspora opinion.

      Collective energy that lay dormant in November and was static in early December has now gone kinetic. Next is ballistic.

      • 5

        To go on a hissy fit is lunacy- po ai ya:)

        anything cam happen in the 100 days- he may stay on or ….

        • 1

          You should be a born dimwit.. can t you please write bit more precise ? What kinda have you been adding to your comments ? Why that pessimisitc about 100 days ?

          • 7

            The term Buro was synonymous with you so stop your school drop out 2 pence from the hind legs.

            A bird in the hand is worth 2 on the tree.

            Power corrupts and your culture Sihala Buddhist have shown in 66 years that you like to live with power indefinitely.

            Sirima did not want to leave once she lost- there was pressure from beyond your imagination.

            JR did not want to resign either.

            Chandrika did not want to either.

            So I always think of you southern folk as gass gembo.

            Buddha teaching is nothing is permanent.

            But for you scumbags Sunday Sil… Monday kill.. Kill the Veddha… Rob the Buddha and blame the Suddha.

            Perfecto hombre!

    • 2

      P. Bertie Ranaweerage –

      Thank you for grassroots, primary information.

      Q. Is Maithri The Next President?

      A. Yes. He will win with more than 65% of the vote, and Mahinda with 35% or less, unless there is widespread fraud.

      Q, Will Maithri will be able to win with widespread fraud? ?????


      “So far Maithri’s camp has failed to launch house to house campaign probably due to the delay in releasing his election manifesto.”

      P. Bertie Ranaweerage , you will vote for Maitri, and I will vote for him too, for all the reasons given plus more reasons.

      Now that we are on the same side and want to see an End to the Medamulana MaRa “Yugaya”, Period, A Common Sernse Phamplet, Sri Lanka 2014, in the hands of every Sri Lankan voter, can convince those who are on the fence to vote for Maitipala.

      So would you undertake to put out a short Common sense pamphlet, just like what was done by Thomas Paine? 19 Days to go.

      Sometimes, I feel like a bad salesman not being able to convince a Sr Lankan Writer in 2014 to write a Common Sense Phamplet? However, i had no problem selling other stuff, that had equal or lesser value to the receiver.

      Common Sense (pamphlet)

      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

    • 1

      P. Bertie Ranaweerage –

      Thank you for grassroots, primary information.

      Q. Is Maithri The Next President?

      Listen to Samantha Fonseka… and the Lies of Medamulana MaRa…Despotism and the environment..


  • 13

    Thanks Bertie for a wonderful article and it shows the pulse of the masses in the rural areas which counts 70% of the voters.

    The Rajapaksa state machinery and all that force and money have not done much chnage in the rural folks and it will be a new beginning for the modern Sri Lanka come Jan 9th which we need to celebrate with Kiribath and sweets.

    With rural voters voting for UNP and with minorities scared away with BBS goons, Mahinda have dig his own grave.

    • 4

      No Matilda, we dont need to go celebrating it eating kiribath but introducing an austerity measures to almost every household after fuel and gas prices gone down, people will gradually realize the mess they have been fallen in. Dansalasa and the tamashas should be curtaled and the funds should be more focused on Rajarata people (0,5millions) that struggle with their lives. Best remedies would be to introduce them clean drinking water; encouaraging those families living with fears and desparity. Machines that needs to give them life – i mean dialyse machines should be provided to them immediately in the same time taking all immediate action against any hazadous fertilizers of insecticide ban appointing a commission to scren that. If an University woudl be given the authority to work with those committees coudl save the lives of innocient people. Us being out of country should be given more chances to help them allowing a dual passports which is now totally suspended for the last 3 years by Gotabaaya the minimaruwa.

      • 13

        “and the funds should be more focused on Rajarata people (0,5millions) that struggle with their lives. “

        you are no different than gamme godde magic kolla escapee to alemán

        now forcing the rest of the nation to concentrate on rajarata because they have `bat breath` like the Humbugtota passas- hyena troop like the Hitler concept

        • 1

          so what is wrong with helping out those Rajarata people JAVI ?
          Are u stone hearted ?

          I agree with Sun above.

          I got the statistics that 49yr olds have no hope there. It is all because those people are not accessed proper treatments though repeatedly promised to them.

          • 8

            “I got the statistics”

            I don’t care for personalities or politicians.

            the statistical average of all the frogs is not equivalent to each and every frog.!

            Deserving has many a criteria that cannot be run over to anybodies whim or fancy.

            Have you ever thought of going to Africa to treat Ebola patients?/ why not holy man – holier than you!

            Why what did Maithripala Senanayaka a former deputy PM do??

            Lefty Loon Tunes

        • 2

          No worries then spend more for eating Kiribath – while looking at the way those poor of the poor in Rajarata are dying. This has nothing to do be you are from Hamba or Rajrata,, you need to prioratize… I have got reports on Rajarata problems today – we a volunteer group of professionals from EU will get help them in February.. Patthetic you guys compare it with those in Hambantota… ? OMG

    • 2

      Dear Matilda Wallepol

      “Thanks Bertie for a wonderful article and it shows the pulse of the masses in the rural areas which counts 70% of the voters.”

      Try to find Bertie’s contact details. You two would be a match made in (Fools’) heaven!

  • 9

    It is apparent how one family manged to rob the nation. Look at the finacial position of MR family before he came to power . For his first presidential election he was finding difficulty to fund it now he and his family are one of riches in the country ? Who’s money is that become rich of it ? It is your money and it is money 20 million lankans. MR uses all give government apparatus, officers, buses and even army to win this election ? What is difference between him and Sadam. What is difference between him and Qadafi. All live on public money?
    I think any Lankan vote for Mahinda this time is not really loves this country : he or she is not a patriotic .
    Any one support MR is supporting corruption and any one support MR is supporting nepotism
    So he can not be true Sri Lankan rather they are agents of MR
    70% of people want a change
    All most all communities want a change
    But it feared that MR may use army to steal votes and do dirty things to grab Maithiri’s victory :
    Then we will see 1980’s war
    Then we will see JVP
    Then we will see more problem

  • 6

    It is interesting to note that most of the Sinhalese who preferred Mahinda instead of Maithiri because Mahinda is the one who ended the war and for that reason they will vote for Mahinda. It is true that Mahinda was president, his brother Gotapaya was sec. of defence, his other brother is economic minister, another brother is head of parliament and one of his son was youth minister during this period. This is the image Mahinda created among Sinhalese people. Is that enough to explain the victory of war with LTTE?
    When was LTTE was banned in USA, European Union and other countries?
    It was in 2001, not 2006. Who was the president at that time. It is Chandrika who was the President and it was Kathirkamar who saccrified his life for betraying Tamils but succesfully convinced the west to ban LTTE.
    We all know Vinayagamoorthy Muraleetharan (known as Karuna Amman)who was the former Eastern Wing LTTE leader who was the one who massacred Muslims in the East and killed 600 Sinhalese policemen and responsible for number of abductions and murders. Who made him to breakaway from LTTE? It was in 2004 by a UNP muslim parliamentarian under the presidency of Chandrika.

    Again, who brought LTTE into peace talk and broke the LTTE strength during this peace talk. This is the period LTTE war machine weakened and their international supply of arms prohibited and it is the US supplied inteligence to stop the arm supply.

    Finally, it is Sarath Fonseka who lead the war to the victory.

    On the other side in the North East Tamils think that the loss of war, loss of people, loss of their livelihood, loss of rights are soley by Mahinda Rajapakse and his family. In fact, there are several other factors and people responsible for this.

    The reality is people only look in to the surface of a matter and do not go even slight deeper into the matter to find the truth.

    • 4

      Hear Hear Ajith.

      Lest we forget how International Wheels turned to get the non-state actor, the LTTE out of the pic.
      CBK’s military strategy to launch DPU’s that kept taking off one leader after the other of the LTTE.
      Then, peace talks that led to the Eastern Fighter breaking off from the LTTE.

      And then we lost the peace with the Tamils and turned on the Muslims and Christians.

      The extremist Govt we have, didn’t want the people to know about the LLRC report. A thoughtful way forward to sort our issues.

    • 4

      “In fact, there are several other factors and people responsible for this.”

      This is very true and that is how it works.

      Mugabe is a case where western sanctions alone cannot make him leave as there are many more to fill in his shoes.

      The PM Rathnasiri once insulted Hillary Clinton yet more USAID and defence training.

      As Cameron said once before Libya ” when the time is right we will check Syria too.”

      Its only a matter of time that Russia gives in.
      Remember before Gulf War 2 both Putin and wife visited Bush because they needed hard currency for the country which was in dire straits- they received $2 billion to start with and finally with Libya they got WTO membership.
      Once he got WTO he tried to repulse- lets see how long.
      Same with China WTO membership but Xi realises its futile to antagonise and caves in as if he saw nothing. eg letting the American marines board & inspect their one and only refurbished aircraft carrier.

  • 3

    ‘IF the incumbent wins, he will be in power at least for another 8 years’

    The incumbent has said that even if he loses he still has another two years to go. Of course this is another lie but a suitable judge can always make it true. The cucumber is testing the waters to see whether the masses would tolerate this stunt. If he feels that they won’t, he might try other means.

  • 7

    My own experience talking to people seems different to yours, many are expecting a Mahinda victory.

    The rural vote still seems to lean towards Mahinda.

  • 6

    Yes, I am working in Colombo. I too do my street and field survey on this election. I have spoken to nearly 30 people, from my office and street. 98-pct says they will vote for Mahinda. I know a doctor from Kuliyapitiya, a strong UPFA loyalist is planning to vote for Maithri, so does his sister. However his father and the elder sister will vote for Mahinda. I know another sales executive from Boralasgamuwa, who has voted for Mahinda is planning to vote for Maithree. There is a senior executive in Colombo, who voted for Mahinda twice, is waiting to vote for Maithree. A guy from Kurunagela, is still waiting to make a decision. They are strong slfp loyalists, but yet to make a decision whether to vote for MR or MS. I think on a minimum scale Maithree will gain 52 to 53 percentage of votes.

  • 2

    Well Dears!

    People of the sinhala nation are worried about the “Change of Government.” But the Tamils living in Jaffna Peninsula are worried about Silent Genocidal Agenda of the Government!
    It is learned that in 2012 itself the Chairman of the National Water Supply &Drainage Board had specifically mentioned the contamination caused by Northern Power -Chunnakam and warned that “Continuing of this destructive disposal would definitely affect the existing environment in the area with an unrecoverable manner.”
    But for some ulterior motives, no action was taken by the Director General of the Central Environment Authority, and licence was granted to the Northern Power – Chunnakam for the continued operation of generation and supply of electricity.
    Now over 700 wells in Vali -South, Vali North and Vali East are confirmed as Waste oil contaminated wells. Others have not been tested.
    The underground water getting contaminated with Waste Oils would cause a mass exodus in the near future.
    The Tamil political parties of the North keep silent on this genocidal agenda of the Government but talk about Presidential Election, “Development” and “Rights of the Tamils”!
    The Administrators are reluctant to declare the affected areas Vali South, Vali North and Vali East as “Disaster Areas” !!
    Those who filed a case at Mallakam Court and the lawyers who appeared on behalf of them are accused by the Northern Power Ltd as “Tiger Terrorists”!
    Thus could be arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and put in detention!
    Do you expect the Tamils in the North to worry much abot the “Change of Government” ?

    • 5

      The Tamils have to choose between the better of two evils. If they don’t vote they will get more Rajapakse. Simple as that.

      • 4

        that is no carrot.

        The sihala buddhist are more interested in leaving but your passport has no value so the trip. Very soon thuggish governments would be fined for letting in refugees- go into reclusion like North Korea.

        The west especially UK,US wont take refugees even from Syria.Try Australia and end up in papua PNG with over 800 ethnicities and unwelcoming.

        The tamils shall have something or you will never have peace but end up cannibals is their message.

        It’s the power of the combined diaspora.

  • 5

    The most important points are given in the last paragraph.
    Hence, Please the UNP ers do not avoid from exercising your votes on 8th Jan 2015 if you want to have a strong Party irrespective of who is going to be the prime minister . The important point is to ensure that the party is resurrected for the wellbeing of the country and its people will have to suffer for at least another 25-30 years.
    Please ignore internal conflicts and chase this single family out of Sri Lankan politics.
    Also the minorities of Sri Lanka please ensure that you all exercise your valuable franchise on this historic day of our mother Lanka.


  • 1

    Sorry ,

    Mr Ranaweerage

  • 9

    Mr. Bertie Ranaweerage,

    Thank you very much for your great effort.
    Your article is very inspirational and thoughtful.
    Yes…definitely most people do not like Rajapaksa regime and Rajapaksa Private company Unlimited.

    People Must change this horrible regime.

    Maithreepala Sirisena will govern our country with justice.

  • 3

    If what the polls say agree with the writer’s claim, that the majority in this country will vote for the opposition candidate, the Rajapaksa’s would be thrown out of power. However, no one can have any faith that they will do the right thing and give up their powers easily. They are crooks, who enjoy the power, and will do everything they can think of, to steal the elections. So even if Maithri wins, he might end up the loser.
    Sad situation.

  • 1

    Bertie, with an ear to the ground has let us know what’s happening.

  • 1

    The PE is an act of Do or Die. If a Mr. Clay-more-mine acted poitively
    what would be the situation? 17 others against the incumbent! MR has
    declared that he will Win. So he will win. The grave situation in
    Sri Lanka cannot be overcome by any other than the Sinhala Buddhist
    Voters – to whom 10 God sent Judges gave an OK, for the one and only last chance to ever put SL back on track.


  • 2

    Dear all.
    He paid money as bribes to get votes.That is Mahinda He buys people with money:
    how money UNP is with now
    How many thugs with him
    How many drug with him
    How cheats with him
    How many army in diplomatic missions all but through back door
    if you want to create more unrest vote for MR
    if you want more corruption vote for MR
    all who vote him now have been benefited from HIM ]
    otherwise do not want for him
    I made telephoned interviews with some people Both Sinhalese and Tamils and others
    all said 90% said they vote for MS not MR
    They all asked their relatives to do so
    for a change in power of this system
    all those vote for MR just do so because they have got something from him or his system

  • 0

    CPA’s online survey results are available here

  • 2

    You capture the true sentiments of the masses today.

    It would be nice if you can cover the sentiments of the business community in Colombo. They are comparatively small in number but wield immense power in backing this corrupt government. John Keells, Softlogic group, Cargills, Dhammika, Perera’s empire and a whole host of others who have amassed ill gotten money through various contracts and concessions. None of these companies should be referred to as blue chips but red chips for they have blood on their hands when they collude with murderers, thugs and thieves.

    I hope Maithree will not accommodate them with privileges but create an even playing field for all to compete.

    • 0

      also there is blood soaked crooks in getting the maximum from the regime with unethical business and rogue deals and wonder what My3 will do for them and hope its not they come into My3 camp on 9th Jan.

      A. Dilith Jayaweeera
      B. Raynoor Silva and family
      C. Sumathipalas
      D. Asanga Seneviratne
      E. Nishantha Ranatunga
      F. Thiru Nadesan

      the list goes on and interestestingly the A to D involves in mass media and quite expected is doing a unethical promotion of MaRa.

  • 1

    Change has become necessary and the trend looks like Maithree is on a winning spree. Let us
    Hope all goes peacefully and the country goes from strength to strength.

  • 0

    No Dalits are in Bertie’s Mini Poll, which predicts 55 % for My Three..

    No wonder the UN has lifted us to Medium Level..

  • 1

    Peace Keepers Under UN Aegis

    The detailed account of the writer and the comments make it very clear that the Needs of the Hour are Three (3):


    Let there be no illusions about Election Monitors. Their Work and Report
    will have only:

    Archival Interest

  • 0

    Now if Rajapakse says that he is going to have greater non-alignment is a different thing. But he seems to be going ravenously towards China even more in retaliation.

    If Rajapakse wins it will be Country-United, and Prosperity of great leaps and bounds (especially for the stockholders who have placed bets on China-project potential). But for how long? There’s no knowing of the reaction from the West- actually there’s plenty to know considering their historical trends.

    Also, if only Rajapakse wasn’t quite so chauvinistic….(i mean there was Anagarika Dharamapala honored……… honor the fellow, but to do it with the Chinese premier with great pomp and circumstance is frightening)……..and all these potential environmentally disastrous projects.

    If Ranil wins, we’d have to accept greater devolution to the N&E…….never mind, Northerners are amiable with working with the rest of the country these days,…….maybe. Kindly Sinhalese interaction and gestures could be a good way for sustainability. And nowadays everyone has had a fair shot at education unlike the time after independence. But UNP will be taking on all that Rajapakse has set up……that’s so unfair. So, let’s hope Rajapaksa becomes good ASAP!!!

  • 0

    Now! Now! Now! “…Sri Lanka will be a fertile land for insurrections and Al Khaida type terrorism…” Steady on Bertie, this sort of suggestion will only make things worse for our beleaguered Muslim population.

    The ‘minorities’ should vote for fresh hope (My3) over stale misrule (MahR). What is there to lose?

    My3’s message seems to be getting through; it’s a no brainer.

    Meanwhile, Gotya has been having nightmares of a ‘foreign’ conspiracy and he has told the Swiss dog (his only friend these days) that he may need to ‘correct’ the situation and save Lanka.

    Less than three weeks to go, and there are still many twists and turns to be negotiated.

  • 1

    When one adds up on all the media except State control places, the indications are that Maitri will pull through with 51% win. More work has to be done to increase the margin to around 53%.

  • 0

    here is the 2010 presidential election results


    Let us extrapolate this to 2015 and get an attainable figure for MY3.

    1.Assume that 125000 voters decide to switch from mahinda to maithripala in the colombo district,then maithri will win colombo by a majority of 170000 votes.

    2.If 140000 voters switch from mahinda to maithri in the gampaha district it would be too difficult to call.Either one could win it.

    3.So the net effect after the cumulative results of colombo and gampaha is maithri leading by 170000 votes.

    4.Now take the other big district of kurunegala.If 100000 voters switch from mahinda to maithri,mahinda will win that district by 55000.

    5.So after these three big districts are polled maithri will be leading by 115000 votes.

    6.Now take kandy district.If 75000 voters decide to switch from mahinda to maithri then maithri will win kandy by 75000 votes.

    7.So after the results in colombo,gampaha,kurunegala and kandy districts is added up,maithri will be leading by 190000 votes with Mahinda winning kurunegala district and maithri winning colombo and kandy with gampaha going either way.

    8.now take kalutara,galle and ratnapura which are medium size districts and assume a switch of 50000 voters from mahinda to maithri in each district then mahinda will still win kalutara by 80000,galle by 75000 and ratnapura by 75000 votes,making a total of approx 225000 votes.

    9.So after the seven largest districts colombo,gampaha,kurunegala,kandy and kalutara,galle,ratnapura counting is over mahinda would be leading with 35000 votes with maithri only winning colombo and kandy and mahinda kurunegala,kalutara,galle and ratnapura.

    10.Now take the small medium districts like kegalle,matara,anuradhapura and badulla and assuming a switch of 40000 votes from mahinda to maitri,then kegalle,matara and anurathapura will be won by mahinda by 40000,70000 and 75000 votes while maithri will win badulla by 40000,giving a net total majority to mahinda from these 4 districts of approximately 150000 votes.

    11.So after the largest 11 districts are counted mahinda will be leading by 185000 votes with maithri winning colombo,kandy and badulla with gampaha too difficult to call.

    12.The balance 11 districts are small ones with some smaller than the others.If we take the largest of them puttalam,hambantota,nuwaraeliya and digamadulla and assume a switch of 25000 from mahinda to maithri,then mahinda will win puttalam by about 15000,hambantota by 70000 while maithri will win nuwara eliya by 80000 and digamadulla by 55000 and giving him a net effect of 50000 from these 4 districts.

    13.If you substract this 50000 votes for maithri from the cumulative 185000 votes for mahinda so far as in point 11, mahinda will be leading maithri by 135000 votes after 15 districts of the 22 are counted,with maithri winning only colombo,kandy,badulla,nuwar eliya and digamadulla

    14.Now let us take matale and moneragala.Assuming a switch of 20000 votes,mahinda would yet win matale by 20000 and moneragala by 50000

    15.So the grand total at this stage for mahinda after the count of 17 out of 22 districts would be 200000 majority.

    16.now to pollonnaruwa where maithri comes from.Will the home crowd vote for the local fella or mahinda?I probably would think the local.

    17.normally i would have given a swing of 15000 votes from mahinda to maithri,but because this is the local fella probably it would double to 30000.Too difficult to call any way and could go either way.

    18.Now coming to the balance 4 districts which are tamil majority batticaloa,trinco,jaffna and vanni.Can they give 200000 votes to maithri more than mahinda to clinch the election for him.

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