29 May, 2023


Bond Scam: Dayasiri Lies About Calls, Kiriella Leads Effort To Cow AG’s Dept

Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara openly lied in parliament and hid behind the publicized calls between him and Aloysius which relate to the time period of the COPE sittings.


However, the Attorney Generals on Thursday publicized the full list of calls which contain 18 calls to and from Jayasekara commencing on 10th July 2015. Jayasekara instead admited to 2 calls and not the entire list of 18 calls. The two calls he admited to were during his tenure as a member of COPE. The total number of calls were 18.

Meanwhile a list of 41 names of MPs who had been in contact with Aloysius has been circulating on social media claiming to be sourced from the Criminal Investigations Department. UNP MPs including the likes of Ajith P Perera based a statement on the list and accusing the AGs department of not putting out the entire list of calls.

However, the Attorney Generals department confined itself to evidence relating to the Bond Scam and the list presented only includes numbers of the members who were in the COPE committee. The Attorney Generals department put forth the entire list of members in the COPE committee and the calls taken for and to Aloysius. In the list only the 5 names revealed had been in contact with Aloysius with the rest of the MPs in the COPE not having had any phone contact with Aloysius.

Jayasekara remained mum about the said calls but admitted that Aloysius “had helped me during the election”.


Jayasekara did not disclose any of these facts, nor the fact that he now admits about the meeting with Aloysius to his leaders or the COPE committee before.

The full list of calls provided to the Attorney Generals include 227 between Sujeewa Senasinghe, 2 between Ajith Perera ( Only during COPE time- no other calls), 73 between Hector Appuhamy 176 between Harshana Rajakaruna and Aloysius in total during the years 2015- 2016.

The call list includes damning evidence against Ravi Karunanayake who spoke to Aloysius a whopping 387 times as sitting Finance Minister. Mela Karunanayake had spoken 320 times and the daughters over 20 times each with Arjun Aloysius, who Karunanayake described “had no connection and only met once or twice“.

Lakshman Kiriella meanwhile is spearheading the efforts to raise privilege issues in parliament against the team of prosecutors in the Attorney Generals department for releasing the damning evidence.

Instead of appreciating the efforts of the team to uncover the countries most sordid white collar crime, Kiriella is spearheading the entire effort to quell any further revelation by the Attorney Generals team.


Earlier, when the Penthouse saga was revealed, Kiriella also attempted to defend Ravi Karunanayake by saying “so what, the only thing wrong was going into live without any knowledge” completely negating the fact that Karunanayake was bribed.

Following Thursdays revelations, Kiriella is continuing his efforts to suppress the investigations the Colombo Telegraph learns. This is despite the fact that “he only went into the penthouse” has morphed into over 700 calls between Aloyisus and Karunanayake and family clearly indicating a nexus into the scam and Karunanayake.

Senasinghe is currently at the center of the saga. Senasinghe did not at any point disclose his affiliations with Aloysius.

Instead it is now understood that Senasinghe was appointed to the 8th COPE committee by the UNP for the only reason as to derail the entire investigation.

Senasinghe in fact did everything possible to derail the previous COPE commitee headed by DEW. Gunasekara too, going so far as to filing action against the release of the report.

Senasinghe and Aloysius first commence contact on July 10th, 2015.

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    Shame Shame is the only appropriate public response to Sujeewa!
    All the kings horses and no number of men can put his demolished rot back into shape!
    We r sorry that we have this type of clueless shameless and unscrupulous characters in our legislature
    It calls for more emphasis priority and compulsory to go and ask for a system of electing clean legislators to parliament instead of racketeers promoted by masquerades appearing as “Mr clean” through their lists and funded with their loots of public money
    Enough for the likes of Sujeewa until the dust is settled to have a thorough exposure later covering their knowledge contacts illegitimate deals and frantic efforts to save the culprits by smuggling themselves into the COPE with the help and patronage of bosses!
    Good bye till then!

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