18 August, 2022


Bond Scam: Ravi Labours To Make A Molehill Out Of A Mountain

Deputy Leader of the United National Party (UNP) and Former Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake issued a statement trying to make out that the report of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the Central Bank bond scam has absolved him of any wrongdoing.


Having failed to obtain permission from the Speaker to make a special statement in Parliament, the disgraced politician proceeded to release to the media the text of his intended speech, insisting that the CoI has only requested the Bribery Commission to see if he, Karunanayake had taken a bribe.

Obviously ignoring the fact that the CoI is not mandated to initiate legal action, Karunanayake expressed surprise that such action was not taken.

For example, he states the following:

“In the statement written for the President it says legal action should be taken against me for giving false evidence to the commission. However the report does not say I have given false evidence. It recommends that the Attorney General and other authorities should consider if the evidence given by me appears to be false and if so then it should be decided if legal action should be taken against me.”

The tone and content of the report follows standard protocol pertaining to a body such as the CoI given its mandate and limitations. Therefore where wrongdoing is evident, it can only recommend that relevant institutions such as the Bribery Commission take necessary action.

Karunanayake’s statement says nothing of the damning evidence that surfaced during the hearings, in particular his friendship with the main culprit, Arjun Aloysius, or the number of phone calls taken to or received from Aloysius.

His leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe, meanwhile has clearly implied Aloysius’ direct involvement, stating that his company, Perpetual Treasuries will be made to compensate for losses that the state had to incur as a result of the entire process.

We publish below his statement in full:

Honorable Speaker,

First and foremost I, Colombo District Member of Parliament, Ravi Karunanayake would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my statement regarding the breach of my parliamentary privileges before the house.

On January 8, 2015 2015 a dream resonated within our hearts. That is, the establishment of consensus and good governance while also establishing democracy, reconciliation that was once lost while bringing about economic and social development in the country. To achieve these targets on January 8, 2015 we were able to elect a new President and a government following which in the same year we established a consensus government.

However unfortunately in a matter of three years this dream appears to be slipping away from us due to misleading and narrow political objectives.

But today I am making this speech as a person who not only strongly believes in but also stands for consensus and good governance while hoping to fight till the very end to make this dream a reality.

My expectation is not to attack anyone

There is perhaps no other political figure whose character was more assassinated and insulted than me due to the controversial bond issue. Therefore I have a right to prove my innocence in this regard. But I have no intention of attacking anyone through this statement. Instead I take this opportunity to prove my truthfulness regarding the allegations leveled against me.

Despite the criticisms levelled against me, I have the strength to face them. It’s the strength of the truth. The strength of fairness and justice.

Perhaps this is the first time in the history of parliament a complaint is being made such as this regarding a breach of privileges.

As a person who always stood for and fought for good governance, I have become a ghastly and planned political target of these chain of events.

At this time I recall a proverb in local folklore. “වැටත් නියරත් ගොයම් කානම් කාට පවසන් ඒ අමාරුව ? ”

Was awaiting the report

Honorable Speaker,

From the time my name was dragged in to the activities of this commission, I have been impatiently awaiting the release of the report.

The Presidential commission to investigate in to the questionable issuance of treasury bonds was appointment by the his excellency the President on January 27, 2017. Following this appointment the investigations were conducted for around 10 months after which the compiled report was presented to the President on December 30, 2017.

The commission report which consisting of thousands of pages was then hurriedly summarised in a mere three days during the new year by a committee comprising of senior officers who in return handed this over to the President.

Based on this report summary on January 3, 2018 the President made a special statement through media outlets. My statement today is mainly focused and based on this statement made by him.

President’s Statement

The statement made says the following :

“The report mentions the responsibility of Former Minister Ravi Karunanayake regarding the rent payments for a penthouse apartment by the Walt and Row company owned and controlled by the Aloysius family. The report states that a legal case should be filed against him under the Bribery Act as well as under the Penal Code for giving false statements to the Commission.”

This says a case should be filed against me.

However in the report thereafter handed over to us only says that relevant authorities should look into if there is any wrongdoing and if such wrongdoing is discovered then appropriate action should be taken in this regard.

This is indeed a bizarre situation. It is as if during a game of cricket the batsman lets a wide delivery be, only to be declared as dismissed by the Umpire.

Please allow me to explain.

Going through this report it is clear that the media campaign launched against me by connecting me to the controversial bond issue is in fact a planned conspiracy.

Certain politicians and media outlets carried out major propaganda campaigns claiming that as the Former Minister of Finance, I advised state banks regarding treasury bond transactions thereby making the government incur serious losses in revenue.

The commision says a different story

However the commission says a completely different story.

I would like to bring your attention to Page 838 of the report. It says the following :

We have earlier, concluded that, in view of the undesirably high Yield Rates which then prevailed, it       was reasonable and justifiable for Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance, to wish to bring these Yield Rates down at these Treasury Bond Auctions. We have also taken the view that, since successive Governments have been known to use the state-owned People’s Bank, National Savings Bank and Bank of Ceylon to implement some policy measures and it is not per se irregular for a Government to do so, we cannot find fault with Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance for convening these meetings and giving the aforesaid instructions to the three State Banks.

Through this the commission accepts that as Finance Minister it was just and legal of me to reduce these rates.

“It was reasonable and justifiable for Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, the then Minister of Finance, to wish to bring these Yield Rates down at these Treasury Bond Auctions”

The commission further accepts that the previous governments have also taken similar action according to their policies while confirming that I am not in the wrong in this regard.

“To implement some policy measures and it is not per se irregular for a Government to do so, we cannot find fault with Hon. Ravi Karunanayake”

Meanwhile an extensive propaganda was carried out claiming that I instructed the Central Bank. However the commission has now rejected all these statements.

I would like to once against bring page 838 of the report to your attention. It says :

“However, we have also earlier concluded that, there is no evidence before us which suggests that, Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP or the Ministry of Finance advised the CBSL that the aforesaid instruction had been given to the three State Banks”

According to the report the commission has accepted that there is no evidence to say my Ministry nor I had instructed the Central Bank in these transactions.

Honorable Speaker,

The commission in its report more importantly accepts that the Central Bank or the Treasury bond issue was not under my control or influence at the time.

Lawyers Conclusions

My learned lawyers have informed me of the following conclusions they have arrived at after going through the commission report.

  1. The commission has confirmed that I have no connection to Perpetual treasuries or another party receiving a profit from the purchase and sale of treasury bonds.
  2. The commission does not report of evidence regarding any wrongdoing and/or illegal on my part with regards to the sale of bonds by the Central Bank and/or the purchase of these bonds by a primary dealer.

Commission Recommendations

Honourable Speaker,

I will now focus on the recommendations in the commission report.

Chapter 33 of the report focuses on the recommendations. Pages 921 – 922 holds 30       recommendations. I have been mentioned in recommendations number 24 and 25 on page 920 and 921.

Please look at recommendations number 24 on pages 920 – 921 in the report before you.

“As stated earlier in Chapter 24, we recommend that, the Commission to Investigate   Allegations of Bribery or Corruption should consider whether Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, while he was Minister of Finance, derived a substantial benefit from the Lease Payments made by Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd [which is an Associate Company of Perpetual Treasuries Ltd and which is owned and controlled by the same persons who own and control Perpetual Treasuries Ltd] for the lease of apartment occupied by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP and his family and, if so, determine whether appropriate action should be taken against Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, under the Bribery Act;

We recommend that you decide on the steps to be taken

Here it says “Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption should consider Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP, while he was Minister of Finance, derived a substantial benefit and if so, determine whether appropriate action should be taken”. It does not say to file a case against me.

Therefore this conspiracy is now clear to all of you. Where does it say that a case should be filed against me for bribery and fraud? These are planned political conspiracies. In fact they are reprehensible conspiracies. In fact it is an attempt to politically assisinate my character.

The next matter is even more dangerous

The next matter is in fact more serious and dangerous. I will now read out the recommendation number 25 on page 922. Please draw your attention to that page.

“As stated earlier in Chapter 24, we also recommend that, the Hon. Attorney General and other appropriate authorities consider whether some of the evidence given by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP before us is shown to have been incorrect and, if that is the case, whether Mr. Karunanayake should be prosecuted under Section 179 and/or Section 188 of the Penal Code or other relevant provision of the Law, read with Section 9 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act No. 17 of 1948”

Does not say to file for legal action

Here the commission has merely says “the Attorney General and other appropriate authorities consider whether some of the evidence given by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, MP before us is shown to have been incorrect and, if that is the case, whether Mr. Karunanayake should be prosecuted”.

It does not ask for a case to be filed. This is a conspiracy that goes even beyond.

In the statement written for he President it says legal action should be taken against me for giving false evidence to the commission. However the report does not say I have given flase evidence. It recommends that the Attorney General and other authorities should consider if the evidence given by me appears to be false and if so then it should be decided if legal action should be taken against me.

In the end the only relevant issue related to me is the Rs. 11 Million borrowed by my daughter in order to make a rental payment for her company which was later repaid.

I will now resolve this issue before the house as well.

I now bring page 827 of Chapter 24 in the report to your attention.

Page 827 says Mr. Karunanayake did not produce any evidence to show that any reimbursements had taken place by my family to Walt and Row Associates (Pvt) Ltd. That is repayment of the money cannot be proved.

Receipts showed were not looked at

However according to page 832 in my answer I have said “I got the receipt here that the reimbursement has taken place” as shown by the report.

While the presented the receipt on the day however no effort was taken to investigate further on it.

While I am unable to say who this was not checked however it is unfair to level allegations against me after failing to look in to the receipt even after it was presented to the commission.

I am not able to say what sort of Presidential Commission this is. But if this is how they operate I must say that I have been prejudiced against even after providing receipts for a a reimbursed payment done by my daughter.

Conspiracy to arrest me

Honorable speaker

A major mudslinging campaign is being carried out stating that I have false evidence before the commission while various news on websites say certain officers in the President’s office are adivincing that attempts should be made to arrest me.

If as claimed I provided false evidence then under Section 10 of the COMMISSION OF INQUIRIES ACT the commissioners could have acted against me immediately. If I infact lied then officers of the Attorney General’s department who questioned me had no reason to keep quiet regarding it. The commission could have punished and taken action against me.

I can recall that certain MP’s gave false evidence before the commission and later apologized for it. However how can it be understood as to why allegations against me are being allowed now after not taking any action in the past five months. Therefore I once again stress that this is nothing but a cheap political conspiracy. But for whose want is it being carried out is the question?

Where is Anika’s testimony?

I am sure you remember that the Attorney General’s department complained to the commission that a relation of mine made death threats to a lady who had levelled allegations against me. This is a complete falsehood. The individual is not a relation of mine. But the media gave prominence to this news. Believing these lies the public gave in to the misconceptions about me and my family. This made a serious negative impact on my political life.

But no mention of this major incident which was important to the Attorney General’s department as proved by the media circus following it has been included in the report. This is yet another side of this political conspiracy.

The statement made by the owner of the property which all the allegations against me was based on was given widespread media publicity. This greatly affected my good name and reputation.

Creating a major media hype this lady was given VIP protection of the government as a result. Similarly protection was also given to her brother. But no such protection has been given to me, a person who made great sacrifices for good governance and is now suffering as a result.

But what surprises me is that the statement taken from this lady after providing all this protection has not been included in the commission report.

I have a question to raise in this instance. Was all the media circus created and security provided to obtain a useless evidential testimony? Or was public money utilized to fund security for this person to obtain evidence to merely sling mud at me?

This is a complete contradiction. A distortion. A conspiracy. In fact it has misled the public and society. We must destroy this sleazy political culture.

In a country where good governance is in place how did such false and distorted information find its way to the President’s statement through the intervention of the first citizen’s office? We must look in to this?

Did it occur due to an error in translation? Or through negligence? No matter how it occured it is clear that this has caused great disgrace and dishonour to the President. Despite reluctance to admit it this is the bitter truth.

Purposeful distortion of facts

Accordingly my opinion is that those who studied the report on behalf of the President and those who prepared the special statement by the President has purposely and cleverly distorted these facts purposely.

I do not stress on this fact according to a whim or guesswork. I bring up this fact with good reason.

I would also like to mention that these mentioned facts are not related to the issued mandate for which the Presidential Commission was appointed. However I was called in by the commission for the related investigations and as beneficiaries of the Yahapalana and Consensus government We fully supported this endeavour.

I even resigned from the post so that investigations of the commission will not be affected and also in order to establish a new political culture in the country. However even after that media campaigns were launched by this conspiracy to sling mud against me and to mislead the public.

What are the falsehoods uttered by me?

However now I would like to know what these falsehoods that were allegedly uttered by me. It is my right to know this.

Honorable Speaker,

On the face of it there are serious contradictions between the commission report and the statement made by the President based on this. I have been made a politically targeted in some instances and it clearly appears to be schemic in character as well. Such commissions, through these actions, lose its credibility and dignity while also losing face before the general public.

How were past bond issues disregarded?

In fact first the bond issues between 2008 – 2015 should have been investigated. If so the current political situation would have become vastly different. But a political decision was made to first investigate the bond issue between 2015 – 2016.

We have done no wrong so we bravely faced the commission. But your focus should be brought to one particular fact. That is the fact that committees were also previously appointed to look in to this incident.

  1. Firstly the Prime Minister appointed the Pitipana commission
  2. Thereafter the COPE committee under D.E.W Gunasekara investigated the details regarding this.
  3. Again this was examined by the Supreme Court.
  4. Later it was also examined by the Bribery and Fraud Commission.
  5. Thereafter, an inquiry was also held by COPE COMMITTEE led by Sunil Handunneththi regarding the bond issue.

I was dragged in to this

Honourable speaker,

The above mentioned committees and organizations in many ways investigated in to this incident. However none of them made no mention of me. This is because the subject matter of the investigation was not under the control of my Ministry. This is a clear fact.

But the Presidential Commission dragged my name in to the bond issue deal.

Not only did they do that they even dragged the members of my family in to this issue. The officers of the Attorney General’s department even asked private questions which are not usually not asked in such an inquiry. These actions of the officers of the Attorney General’s department in turn became a media circus against me.

However what are the final recommendations made by the commission relating to me? If I am correct is only says to take necessary action after evaluating the information given by me. But in the statement written for the President it says legal action by way of a case should be taken against me.

Honourable Speaker,

I would like to ask if me, my family and the United National Party were presented as sinners and stoned to this end?

Was I painted as a sinner, made to bear a cross and taken to the Calvary mountain by a media circus to finally be told this?

Kekille Judgement

But Honorable Speaker,

But what is happening now? Not only I, who had no connection to this incident was tied to it through this special statement I have once against been connected to this issue despite the confirmation that there was no wrong doing on my part.

In short I can only say that I have been delivered King Kekille’s type of a verdict as a result.

Honorable Speaker,

However one thing is clear. It shows that those who planned this conspiracy were not able to enter their wants and purposes to this report. In fact the plans and hopes of those attempting to attack the consensus good governance government are now in crisis due

While this is the case however the mudslinging continues due to these cheap political tactics.

The target of the conspiracy is not Ravi!

Once again I say, this conspiracy is not one aimed at Ravi Karunanayake.

There is more to this, this is why they took a huge risk by distorting the President’s statement to publicize their agenda. If not how did they have the courage to risk the reputation of the President.

This shows someones dire need to politically assassinate my character. It continues to happen today.

Meanwhile the parties have also mislead the public by spreading fallacies regarding the issue. These are all done for political gain and sling mud at me as proved before the commission.

The good governance government was formed against the mass scale corruption and frauds in the recent past. However no formal action has been taken following investigations in to these. Therefore in this situation I thoroughly condemn the selected attacks on those connected to the UNP being.

What is this anger against the UNP? This is where the conspiracy is. This is their intention. And they continue to struggle to achieve this.

I ask of you today, What can be said about Ravi Karunanayake today? The commission recommendations are crystal clear.

However how many investigations as promised prior to January 8, 2015 are yet to commence and continue to be unclear.

  • The loss due to Sri Lanka due to the Hejin deal Rs. Million 96000
  • Srilankan Airlines loss amounting to Rs. Million 146000
  • Mihin Lanka loss amounting to Rs. Million 12300
  • Greek Bond loss Rs. Million 3900
  • Cost to construct Mattala Airport Rs. Million 46000
  • Cost to construct the Nelum Kuluna Rs. Million 7600
  • Cost to construct the Defence Headquarters Rs. Million 64000
  • Cost to construct the Hambantota Port Rs. Million 130000
  • The MIG deal Rs. Million 85000
  • Pyramid transaction loss Rs. Million 11800

Commission reports gathering dust

Also it must be noted that there are 34 interim reports of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate Serious Fraud Fraud. If not for political reasons then why are no steps being taken in this regard?

Honorable Speaker,

In the past Presidential election and the General election we made a promise to the people. We assured that we will investigate and punished those involved in corruption during the past government. We promised that we will not be corrupt if we come to power. We said we would bring in new and more stringent laws to stop corruption and fraud.

Our government has largely commenced in to looking in to corruption and frauds of the previous government while also appointing presidential commission to look in to alleged frauds taken place during the rule of our current government. If our government in fact wanted to steal then we would not have handed over the COPE committee presidency to the opposition. We are currently working towards formulating laws to stop any future corruption and frauds.

Honourable Speaker,

The politicians of this country has the bad habit of going after the President or the party leader when they are accused of any wrongdoing in a bid to save themselves. This happened during the Rajapaksa era as well.

Today how many politicians continue to hide behind his excellency the President and without having cases being filed despite charges of corruption levelled against them. How many in the SLFP have been left without any legal action being taken against them? How many in the Joint How many cases have disappeared due to the so called lack of evidence?

Therefore I have one message to those who are not doing what they promised but are attempting to better themselves by latching on to us. Ravi Karunananayke does not hide and attempt to save him self. I do not work according to that theory. We do not challenge the country’s courts and social justice through such cheap political moves. We will not do for in the future also as only those who have committed a wrong should hide.

Just look at most those who appear to take the moral high ground but are in fact compulsive liars and the speeches made by them prior to January 8, 2015 while on Rajapaksa’s campaign stage. Look at the statements being made by these same individuals today. These seemingly genuine characters are full of words but do not act accordingly.

How Chinchimanawikawa came with a tied bundle of wood

Honorable Speaker,

It is however not unsurprising that these should happen to a ordinary mortal such as myself. This is happened to the Lord Buddha as well. In the past a woman of ill repute such as the Chinchimanawikawas was sent with a tied bundle of wood before the Lord Buddha. But however God Sakra let the bundle loose to prove the Buddha’s innocence.

The story of the Bond Commission is therefore one of beauty. They are saying to check if this bundle of wood let loose, right before one’s eyes is in fact a baby. And says if the bundle of wood is a baby then to hand it over to the father. Given the opportunity there are today’s Chinchimanawika’s who are trying to continue their game in attempting to topple this government.

Sinners who threw stones at Sirikotha

Is this a joke? Many individuals and parties tried to destroy the UNP at various junctures. Attempts to destroy the party with guns, bombs and conspiracies were not successful. It will not be successful today or even tomorrow. We will not allow for this. Our supporters know we will not allow the sinners who divided the party while hurling stones at Sirikotha to destroy this party. If attempts are being made by these pawns to destroy this strong party the UNP knows how to respond to this. It appears that certain pawns have forgotten how the party strongly responded to those who attempted the same during the Rajapaksa era.

Honorable Speaker,

As politicians we should be prepared to face any condemnations and allegations thrown at us. We should be strong enough for this. But however malicious statements bringing pain to children, wives and family members who are not connected to politics are not acceptable by the civil society.

These mudslinging campaigns greatly shocked and upset my daughters. Who will pay for all the pain and tears of these children? However I must thank my wife and children for giving me the strength to stand tall even while suffering due to these insults.

I must also extend my gratitude to the leader of our party for his endless support, and to our supporters and colleagues in the parliament. I would also like to thank my well wishers who loves and wishes to protect this good governance government while also thanking them for the hundreds of calls to encourage me.

I would also like to thank those on social media and websites who eventually understood the truth regarding this.

Thank you : Let us see on the 10th!

Therefore Honorable Speaker,

With great respect I urge to you bring your kind attention to the fact raised by me and to protect by privileges accordingly.

The UNP has also been greatly affected due to this conspiracy being carried out during the election season by targeting me and the United National Party in general.

On February 10 I am sure that our supporters and well wishers along with the activists who worked to bring about a political change on January 8, 2015 will give these conspirators the correct response. The victory of the United National Party is assured.

Finally I would like to end this statement by thanking his excellency the President who appointed the Presidential commission to look in to the bond issue after the forming of the good governance government and for through its final report for absolving and releasing the UNP, the Prime Minister and especially myself from all allegations levelled against us.


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    Most if not all ailments and problems mentioned here can be cured using Native treatment. The article is wrongly named as ‘Maharagama Arambuma’. This should be corrected as Maharagama Ambaruma. In native veda treatment Ambaruma happens to be a very common way of treating many diseases. The word Ambaruma means grinding and is the process of placing the herbal ingredients on the ambarum gala (the grinding stone) and then grinding them in to a fine paste. The Ambarum gala, made of granite an essential kitchen appliance found in any kitchen about 5 decades back. It consists of a flat stone forming the stationary base and a cylindrical movable part also made of granite. The griding consists of a combined rolling sliding action.

    In this case, the JVP (Joker Veda Party) is trying to grind capitalism, socialism and communism together and sell it as a guliya. Little do the proletariat know that it is them who are being grinded to satisfy these Goda Vedas.

    Some of the commentators seem to think that Sri Lanka will develop like China with their special brand of a mixture of communism and capitalism if JVP takes over. One factor behind the Chinese success is cheap labor, the use of prisoners (mainly political) in factories, almost at no cost. Secondly, it is the gross violation of patent rights. In other words, violation of human rights and violation of patent rights drive the economy.

    If someone wants a China like economy making trash or a North Korea like economy making weapons of mass destruction let them vote for JVP.

    • 7

      Native Vedda: ARe you writing for pocket money or for security.

      Sri lanka could have developed Past if thieves like Ravi Karunanayake were not allowed a make joke out of the system. This shows Sri lankan system is a joke and new media is publishing this kind of news. Just think about the responsibility, respect for truth, honest and integrity. All jokes.
      What happened to his first money laundering case. How did he become acquitted ?

      • 1


        “Sri lanka could have developed Past if thieves like Ravi Karunanayake were not allowed a make joke out of the system.”

        Actually the first joke was cracked just after the birth of Aryan Annagarika Homeless Dharmapala in September 1864 where as Ravi Karunanayake was born on 19 February 1963, nearly hundred years later.

        Where is your logic Dimwit?

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      Oi Veda, identity thief

      What do you think you are doing?
      Don’t you have anything better to do?
      Go play with your willy.

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    Why is this guy given prominence and coverage ?????
    He has been part & parcel of a robber gang, he shows no remorse for his corrupt actions, he is still arrogant and defiant despite the fact that the writing on the wall points towards him and the bugger is like Lucifer the devil arrogant, remorseless, defiant and haughty even after being kicked out by God from Heaven.
    He will roam the land ( Sri Lanka ) looking for scapegoats whom he can take down with him to Hell when he finally gets there.
    He is supposed to be a Christian ( Roman Catholic ) by religion and if he is still a practicing RC then he is in deep shit when he stands in front of God for final judgement. Only God knows that eventful day.
    His money and wealth will pay the devil on his journey to Hell and when he ( his soul ) gets there it will be too late for him to turn around and say ” how did it all go wrong”.
    These buggers will sell their souls to Satan for money and wealth.

    Mr RK enjoy your life and make the maximum use of your wealth for when you are in your coffin you will be without anything.

    Let Satan fire up his arse in Hell.

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      Can see any difference from this Spinner to the other Spinners from Modamullana??
      There are no difference . Full stop.
      The Greed for Power will not let them rest and wait for the verdict.
      Such idiots , They’ll sell their own mother when needed.
      Just like the Modamulla family! The Parents trained their 3 boys to Rob , cheat,Lie or kill.
      Just the way the Greed works.

      • 10

        LOL! What an analyst! Trying to normalize a proven robber’s actions by blaming ‘medamulanas’! Not even a kindergarden baby would buy this kind of analyst! Moda choon!

        • 1


          Are you saying the previous regime never stole anything from people, state and LTTE?

          What is Sinhala/Buddhist culture or Sinhala/Buddhism? Just say you didn’t know then of course I will honorably stop asking this particular question again, again, …..

          • 2

            Native Vedda: Ranuil, RAvi the Liar and Arjun, Aloesisus – none of them are buddhists. I don’t think their school teaches them five precepts.

            • 2

              Jim softy Dimwit

              I am yet to meet a Buddhist in this island whereas I meet lot of Sinhala/Buddhists.

              “I don’t think their school teaches them five precepts.”

              Do all Dhamma Schools, Sunday schools, Sinhala Buddhist Schools, teach Buddhism? Actually they teach Sinhala/Buddhism which is diametrically opposed to Buddhism.

              So Jimmy what is the role of Sasanaraksaka Bodies (Protect Buddhism Societies)?

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      We can only quote Sunil Perera’s song.
      “Pahasuwatath wasiyatath denadena waradi karanawa. Ehema wunath nidahasatath kiyanna karunu tiyenawa.”
      Some engage in misdeeds for personal gain. They still have enogh excuses to justify such action.

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      Looks like the UNP wants to get rid of him too.

      All the political parties want to get rid of any candidates involved in corruption, have connections with the underworld or are part of it before the next elections.

      There is a serious concern that people will not vote for them but f they fail to do so…

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      I think he is delusional . How else could you explain his shameless
      behaviour ?

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    “Bond Scam: Ravi K Labours To Make A Molehill Out Of A Mountain”
    Absolved from bond-scam? RK is really trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. He hopes this big big big mountain will hide lots of other hills & mole-hills.
    RK: “I did not know that I was living in a rented penthouse” did not work.

  • 13

    This man is a fool trying to pull wool over Presidents eyes and all the honest Patriots of this country.
    Foolish mmainline papers ready to accept bribes to publish garbage.
    CoI report are legal papers , his turn is to fight it out in court legally through his legal team and prove
    his innocence.
    These crooks have made this a banana republic and still thinks every citizen is like them.
    Go and fly Kite foolish man.
    The law should put you behind bars and throw away the keys.
    God give me strength to listen to these barbarians.

    • 19

      Damned conman and rogue, no shame, no dignity, no sense of responsibility for his crimes, no conscience. Greed beyond his fat ass. I wonder how this liar can now have memory to fabricate this novel, when he cannot remember how he and his family pocketed 75,000,000 SLKR for a penthouse from his buddy aloysius. The liar proves himself as aliar through this garbage that he is writing. get lost we do not want to read your junk. You collected 200, NOW GO TO JAIL, we have no sympathy for you. After being thrown out from FM post, what did you want to run, the Lottery Board? Opportunity for another scam. You never learn you rogue. Hope you end up in Hell.

    • 10

      No point of listing what happened in 2008 to 2014 now. You made a big thing about them nefore getting elected in 2015, but have you been able to prove even one single allegation? The answer is none. You failed, that means either you used them as insurance and camouflage your robbing, or the allegations were fault. If you were honest and straight, you should have arrested and jailed Rajapkshas, but you and your boss did nothing, so as afar as I am concerned you must pay for their sins as well. No offsetting and balancing acts here. Crime is crime, and receive the punishment you deserve.

    • 10

      Who said he is a fool? He is master class in executing fraud without any social consideration. He is ruthless to achieve his goal by hook or crook. Ranil is in total surrender to this man which is too late. See the way he got himself appointed as deputy leader of UNP bypassing all seniors. Now he is aiming to become the prime minister one day.

  • 9

    Because of this kind of shameless thieves some african countries, Bangladesh, singapore, some west european countries are doing better. does this guy has any shame tog et caught continuously too frauds. One accepting money to help LTTe. Second gang up with Tamil and empty the banks. He has done more, He has sold money transaction business from customs and from banks to to some unknown Tamil businessman why he did not sell it a State bank. then PTL had been engaged in financial frauds just like a RAT in a dark kitchen. They have borrowed money from EPF and has sold the same money with a profit of 8.5%. That is how they have bankrupted the EPF.. He may be bringing up his family with this kind of dirty money.

  • 0

    Native Vedda: Your comment either got connected with the wrong article or purposely listed along with this unrelated article to avoid the attention of others who wish to usher in a change. In either situations, you cannot and no one will treat your “wounds” and no “Native Treatment” could cure it. As I said earlier, please learn to live with it and no hope for future either. Coming back to this “Harangue” by Mr. Ravi K, it is much in evidence that he has got entangled in a “Pamba Gala” in haste to “CLEAR” his name, that which he cannot possibly do. This man should never have been appointed the Minister of Finance, when there was a case pending in courts against him on a charge as serious as “Money Laundering”. That is why the President objected; but the PM was unconcerned. Later the case was allowed to be withdrawn pending amending the case by the AG. To date AG did not refile the case. Mind you Ravi K was NOT acquitted of the charges; but he was “discharged”. Now what PM did was to bring in the new Exchange Control Act No. 27 of August 2017 and gave him “Immunity” and he will and cannot be charged even in the future. With this statement, does he expect the people to undertake a thorough study of the “Fact Finding Inquiry” of the Presidential Commission and contest him on his conclusions? Mr. Ravi K, even “Wanni Athotho” of the natives would not accept your words; because they too are much more advanced than you. Just Keep Your Mouth Shut. We know your much questionable credentials.

    • 1


      The typing you see at the top was typed by an unimaginative dull identity thief, a pretender to the throne.
      I am sorry.

    • 0

      Douglas man

      Where is my comment?

  • 0

    Needless to say that a” person is considered innocent until proven guilty.”Await the day of judgement.” Every body living on earth today 7.2 billion people will die including the children born today during the next 120 years. Good and the bad will all go. Bond thieves and Mahanayakas will be committed to earth.

  • 17

    Ravi’s contribution to tarnish the image of the UNP has been monumental. For those who knew, he had no image of his own to tarnish.

    • 14

      Given its historical background in fashioning this country, and the great patriots it had given birth to, the UNP may want to make a decision soon, where they wish to head in the coming decades without getting flung out into oblivion.

      Does it wish to realign itself as a Conservative, Decent, Responsible, Respectable, Lawful, party consisting of men and women of standing and responsibility in society, or go the way it now does, where even its very top is mired in all that is despicable, dishonest and abysmally disgusting.

      It is time its membership – both young and old – rose in one voice against what is palpably unacceptable and unethical and let its leadership know of its emotions, with no holes barred.

      It is time!

  • 7

    The history of politics in this country unfortunately tells us one thing clearly: the majority of voters will ultimately believe the most outrageously distorted claims if they are repeated a hundred times over, if possible with a few variations, and (in this case it looks as though it is impossible) by a range of people.

    This is what Ravi Karunanayake is hoping. The extent to which this will succeed depends on every one of us. If, as is usually the case, we keep congratulating ourselves on our own cleverness, and regard the rest of the people as buffaloes, the Karunanayake approach will succeed, but we will continue to feel and act superior, in a country that will continue to go down hill.

    What is now necessary is that we start proclaiming what we know as the truth – and that our words reach those non-English speaking people who are eking out an existence. We have to identify ourselves as the persons taking these stands. I think that most readers know who I am. It is our DUTY as responsible citizens to do that; not to seek refuge in that ridiculous claim that politics and religion are subjects not mentioned in polite society.

    And so we tend to talk about the weather, and the price of coconuts, perhaps. By doing so, we unwittingly help the Rajapaksas to get back into positions of influence – sure ways in which negative climate change, and further erosion of living standards and the quality of life deteriorates.

    I got back home yesterday and found a sheaf of election material in my letter-box. I called the JVP candidate for this Ward of the Municipality. I told him that he’s getting my vote, but quite a lot more as well, including that I don’t like the lengths to which they took the anti-SAITM protests.

    Each of us has to do what we can, how we can.

    • 3

      Could you please do us a favour and get this RK fellows picture off your website. It is ugly in every way.

  • 7

    once a rogue always a rogue the guy is at his wits end and thinks all of us are fools

    • 16

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” – Joseph Goebbels.

      Obviously RK is a close follower of Goebbels.

  • 5

    Corbyn has demoted a front bench peer, Lord Mendelsohn, to the back bench for attending a President’s Club dinner where there was rampant sexual harassment. Has RW any cojones? He should follow Corbyn’s example and sack this shameless bank robber.

    • 3

      Here ! Here! Yes Sack the Bank Robbers and cohorts.

  • 1

    “The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) claims that former Central Bank Governor, Ajith Nivard Cabraal was likely to be connected to the infamous Bond scam.
    General Secretary of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, addressing an SLFP media briefing held yesterday (25), said,”We were all in the Government of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, so we know what financial fraud took place during that time, including the Greek Bonds issue, amongst others.” He alleged that Cabraal could join the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) which was full of robbers and the corrupt.
    “It seems like he also is connected with the Bond scam and we will investigate that from 2008. Now, he seems to be connecting with the SLPP, which is the most suitable place for a person like him as he can stay with those similar to him.””

    • 4

      Fine take Cab-Raal with RW and RK, all go to jail, we do n’t care if these bed fellows stay warm together at Welikada or not, but they can go in and take a taste of being the guests of the State – afterall its the State and the pension funds that have been feeding these greedy ghosts (“mala perethayo”).

  • 2

    Someone should tell this dumbwit that all those prisoners in Welikade jail who are serving sentences after trial ALL pleaded not guilty. Some who declared their Innocence even more emphatically than this rogue.
    The great UNP strategy to rob the people of Sri Lanka was as follows.
    1. Galvanise support of social media and NGOs using concocted stories to show that. The Rajapakses were corrupt.mind you without any evidence at all.
    2, form govt, appoint Ravi as Finance Minister,employ Mahendran, and rob the Central Bank through a sophisticated a key.
    3.Keep the anti Rajapakse propaganda alive using props like Thajudeen.
    4. Appoints stooge as AG.
    5.Blame the Rajapakses for the bankruptcy of the country.
    Unfortunately for Ranil there were some honest people in the judiciary and in the AGs Dept who could not be bought over despite threats and offers of bribes.
    To do further dirty work use commentators like Jehan, SHYMAN, and other people from the Tiger rump to maintain the invective on the Rajapakses.
    Despite all of the above the people of Sri Lanka have discovered the plan.Drastic action has to be taken against the TRAITORS.

  • 3

    Can someone enlighten me how many votes are needed for an impeachment.
    2014 November was hoppers and Jan 2018 was punnakku.

  • 5

    I think most of the writers here are biased and one sided. Let the case go to courts until then RK is not guilty.

    • 0

      Herbert Thambiyah

      “I think most of the writers here are biased and one sided. “

      Except mine.

    • 6

      Mr Thambi, you happened to be a class mate or buddy of the infamous RK or RW at the infamous source of criminal MPs and ministers called right Royal dosshouse? The Jury out there will decide in a couple of weeks ahead of the courts what they think of these conmen.

    • 2

      It is.a Court of inquiry that gave its verdict on RK that he should be charged in the criminal courts.The verdict was given after all the evidence was led and RK allowed to have lawyers to advise and defend him.Mind you two Supreme Court judges handpicked by Sirisena constituted the Court. Now RK has to be formally charged of criminal offences. The noose is round his neck and he is sitting on the saddle. All we need is someone to give a good slap to the back of the horse and we could see a dead man swaying in the wind. Usually an awful sight but in the case of RK it would be gorgeous!

      • 0

        One of Private Bank Chairman appearing for Ravi Karunanayam. We are getting E-mails regarding this and our deposits also in danger because Bank Money using for Ravi Karunanayagam. Keep on eye, think twice before u deposit money in this bank

    • 1

      Government does not have a case to go to courts. At least one that they can win in a real court room. Even the commission called for further investigations and new laws as there were none to break.
      Quite a few did act unethically but that is not against the law.

  • 0

    Native Vedda: Sorry. I misread the name. Let my comment go to “Native Veda”.

    • 0



  • 2

    How endless ego and avarice destroys even people from “good, rich” families. Lalith K came from a family of much repute. He had no children. Yet ego consumed him and he was the cause of destroying more than 10,000 families. Ravi K was by no means in want. He made enough money through legal means of his thriving trades. But he was a restless go-getter. He was satisfied with nothing but “more and more” Like Aflatun and Aristu he wanted to own everything, everywhere and everybody from as far as the eye can see. Thanha has destroyed these small-minded men of means. There are many such in our tumultuous society.


  • 2

    Poor Mr Karunanayaka……
    This real deal Blue blood UNP heavy weight aspired to be the Leader of the party ,when the current Leader couldn’ twin even a Chook Raffle.
    The current Leaders furtunes blossomed thanks to Chandrik and Sobitha..
    And Sirisena helped the good Dr Ranil to become the Prime Minister , with the promise that he will be the all Mighty one with in 4 years.
    Things really didn’t pan that way, leading even to the demise of Sobitha .
    Mr Ravi Karunanayaka did every thing possible to make his Leader achieve that almighty status.
    And even earned a Best Finance Minister of the Globe Award..Like the Grammy.
    That all came to a sudden halt, with Sira digging the dirt..
    According to Ravi of course ,and publishing those un substantiated allegations of Ravi being a Cheat, a Robber and a Liar.
    When Judge Chitre didn’t say any of those nasty things about Ravi in his 1945 pages, although 103 of them went missing by the time the Yahapalana suckers got a copy on the Net..
    Wonder why Sir would do such a dirty thing, when Karu himself said he did most of the Bull work to make Sira the President.
    Ravi must be saying Life is a Bitch……

    • 0

      KASmaalam Kalu Albert KA Sumanasekere

      Now that your cover is blownout will you consider once again going into hiding for another couple of months then starting a new life under your old name KASmaalam KA Sumanasekere?

    • 3

      But RW must also sack himself, then go to the Courts accompanied by his lawyer and submit himself to a proper examination by Dappula Livera. Whom was he going to deceive by his pre-arranged selected and “showing the ajar door” by that mosutachioed AG of no of any benefit to this country.

    • 4

      If it was not for Sobhitha, Chandrika and MS, these green wonders would still be in the dustbins. Yes UNP voters out their voted for MS, but if RW was the one that stood for Presidency (on UNP merits/ demerits) all these UNP big mouths in the parliamnet would still be eating the dust. RW was a failure, and UNP under RW had been a failure. The readers know how many times he tried but he just has not got that magic that voters would like to see in the person or in his principles, if any.

  • 1

    They did the first bond scam and before the first COPE is published, they got the parliament dissolved. It says the second bond scam ,looks very organized financial fraud. These Rats come and say bond report acquitted them and thank the PCOLI judges and president. In reality president also should be asked to resign as he is too slow and looks he is trying to avoid prosecution. We have to see what AG will be doing. for some time PTL was buying EPF money at Ra 110 and PTL was selling back it via two private bakes to EPF at 119 and PTL earned 8.5.% net profit giving 0.5 to their own private bank. Commis to EPF chairman had been paid in advance. PTL gave him a free penthouse in return. that type NIHEENA horu. that is why the learning about FIVE PRECEPTS are important. but this fellow was the chief Dayakaya of Kelani Temple, I heard.

  • 1

    IT Ranil and Ravi the Liar himself, I suppose who changed the foreign exchange control and got this Liar acquitted from his “thrown out” because of technical error case after he was postponing it one whole time period of a govt. Ranil was so scared and he gave only clarification in front of the same man that he appointed. that is country’s reputation. We have a prime minister of that caliber. I heard Ranil has said that this guy would not go to jail and he is writing this article in order to save his loot. If that happens what do we need anything less than a Cheguvera (JVP) – revolution or Colour revolution or Arab spring to change things.

  • 2

    In reality these peoples’ photos should be in the most wanted or most disgusted criminals list and their civic rights should be taken away. both the UNP leader and the deputy leader are Psychopaths.

  • 3

    [Edited out] Karunanayake still thinks we should THINK he is innocent?

    Is he deranged or just plain stupid?

  • 3

    I heard Ranil is thinking that SIRASA is responsible for all these things and is envisioning the govt take over of SIRASA.

  • 0

    Here is the real fraud that should be properly investigated:
    From today’s “Adadirana”.

    “President Maithripala Sirisena said of the Rs 10 trillion loans taken by the previous government from abroad, only about Rs 1 trillion could be accounted for in the assets and huge sum of money could not be accounted for in the documents in the Finance Ministry.

    He made this startling revelation at a media briefing with newspaper editors and heads of media institutions at the Presidents House in Colombo today (January 26).

    Furthermore, a large sum of funds that should have been deposited with the treasury have gone to private companies and institutions and that has been done in a systematic manner to avoid disclosure, he said.

    He said that there were sale of state owned institutions and state properties during the last 3 years of the current government too, and some of these deals were done without even informing the cabinet of ministers.

    “I left the ministerial post in the last government and became the common candidate with the promise of ending frauds, bribery and corruption and I will continue my crusade against corruption and malpractices without giving any consideration to the political party or status of the persons involved in such deals,” he said. He added that many persons in the government and the opposition were angry about the steps he has taken in that direction, but vowed that he would continue the fight against corruption.”

  • 0

    One of the Bank (15 years this Bank, number one bank in Sri Lanka) of Sri Lanka, Chairman of this Bank appearing for Ravi Karunanayagam and we received so many e-mail messages also not to deposit or not to do any dealing with this bank also. Peoples money, especially expatriates money using for Ravi Karunayagam’s case also. Keep eye of this Bank

  • 1

    The culprits are the EPF officials who offered the funds for a 30 year bond to Perpetual Treasuries at a low rate and the Central Bank officials who called for bids without giving the required period of time and then accepted the single offer at 12.5%. In 2013 & 2015, the rate for 30 year bonds was 13% & 13.5%. Hence, this is a continuing saga. Furthermore EPF is under the management of Central Bank and hence, this is an insider deal. Adequate evidence should be available to indict others who aided & abetted this transaction.

    The rent for the apartment rented by Ravi Karunanayake’s daughter & wife being paid by Perpetual Treasuries needs to be further investigated to indict Ravi Karunanayake, for aiding & abetting the bond transactions. Until then, he is not guilty under our law.

    • 1

      Good analysis Truth!
      No need to get emotional on the bond scam, especially if one does not understand the intricacies of this instrument. Yes, Sirasa did the most damage for UNP and PM, giving wrong interpretations and repeating it over and over again to make people believe that the Central Bank was indeed “robbed” and it was masterminded by the UNPers. The so called “foot note gang” tried to give detailed information in relation to the general comments made by the biased JVPers in the COPE report. But unfortunately, their explanations were disregarded and the attempts of those UNPers were questioned. This just shows to what extent media can brainwash the people of this country. This was certainly an INSIDER DEAL and those officers of the CB who really masterminded the bond scam (and who may have been doing it since 2008) must be having a hearty laugh. Ravi K could not have been involved as he had no say in CB’s acceptance of bonds. He may have been given a “santhosam” by PT to benefit in other deals in view of RK’s position as Finance Minister.

  • 2

    Mama Mia, Mama Mia, let me go…….RAVI! We will not let you go………..Beelzebub has a devil put aside for you, for you……oh, oh, oh, oh….Mama Mia, Mama Mia…..let me go……
    Well, poor guy, Ravi. All he has to say is that Sri Lanka is trying to develop the UNP way, as always, by putting delusory values on…..futuristics. Trouble is, the Lankan idea of futuristics as no base value on the actuality of the county’s ability to bring these futuristics to fruition (other than through the blood, sweat and tears of the struggling masses – didn’t we see what happened during the insurgencies).
    Ravi, there’s time to confess sins. Abslove yourself by stating that UNP sucks. Then wear sackcloth and ashes and join the JVP. Once the sackcloth and ashes are donned, realization of country’s true nature and ability will be realized. Country’s true nature will be realized. We need 10 years of poor communist rule before we move to another 10 years of socialistic rule. Then, and only then, can we gingerly move towards the capitalistic venture.

    • 0

      no, no, no, no……Mama Mia let me go*


  • 0

    The entire country knows that this bugger is a white collard common thief – how come Ranil and MY3 was acting as if they were not aware and appointed him as MoF – and let the bugger manipulate State banks , State institutions and CB also to let PTI earn unwarranted profits through SB dealings – now everybody is shouting at everybody and trying to put the blame on somebody – but people of this country knows who and who are the rouges – Ranil thinks he is a master strategist but his actions and words shows that he is a bloddy egoistic idiot and a Montessori politician –

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