25 June, 2022


‘Vote JVP’ LG Polls Maharagama Rally – Live

‘Vote JVP’ local government election rally in Maharagama organised by Venasaka Arambuma oraganisation:

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    WANNI sunanahami; only cock and balls!

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    JVP was with Old Royals earlier. They could not join Sharia-Yahapalanaya administration this time. Now they are sitting in opposition with Joint Comedy Club and vote against the Yahapalanaya Budgets, while TNA, the official Opposition votes for those without missing. When the Old Royals comes back to power JVP will join Old Royals. Pls note I am telling as Old Royals, not Joint Comedy Club. That has a meaning. Old Royals and Joint Comedy Club are not one. Old Royals’ riding boat is the Joint Comedy Club.
    New King is sailing both legs in two different boats. One is UNP, other one is Old Royals, nourished through Dudley’s concoction rice soup. He may lose both boats and fall into the river and end his circus or at the end retract on leg and settle in one boat. The decision depends on how the GLP’s Slap Party performs in the LG.
    Old Royal will not join Slap Party unless it wins a handsome margin in the LG. If Slap Party performs well, Old King will take it over. That time, New King will give the SLFP leadership to Old King. (Not doing so will wipe New King out of SLFP.SLFP will die). Then, Old King would have to wipe out Slap and GLP and start to rebuild SLFP, against Slap Part. UNP will be able to keep cool in any circumstances. If GLP loses, his Slap Part will be ended. Now Old Royals fund it with the 18B (Not 18A). If Slap loses, even if GLP sold his Amude, he cannot have resources to run the party. It will face a natural death on the hand of GLP. If they lose, GLP’s home will be Meethotamulla.

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    The 20th dream of King Kosala:

    One night, King Kosala had this dream, which upset him badly. He went to Buddha in the morning and seated in a respectful manner, described the dream as follows.

    King: Lord, I had this dream. There was this beautiful land. Only cattle and people seemed to live there. The strange thing was that all the people, with the exception of a few, were eating grass together with BS. but the cattle were eating rice.

    In the afternoon the grass eating people collected in different places and the few non grass eating people, gave them speeches promising them more and more grass. The grass eaters cheered them loudly from time to time.

    The one day they went to one place, stood in a line, marked some a pus kola and dropped it in a box. It was very confusing and ominous because I could not tell the people from the cattle.

    Buddha: Noble King, you have nothing to worry about. This is again what will happen in Lankadveepa in 2600 years from now. The few non grass eaters you saw are their leaders. The grass and BS you saw them eating represent the promises and proclamations of the leaders. They elect leaders by majority consent.

    King: People electing leaders? You mean like people electing me as King? What kind of BS is that? No wonder they eat grass.

    Buddha: Exactly, Noble King. Those crowds were meetings where the leaders were giving false promises and proclamations. The lines you saw were people waiting their turn to vote for new leaders. I am sure you will have another dream when election results come.

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    The JVP? those ID collectors?

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    Me and my family will vote for JVP

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    Vote JVP. Vote JVP.

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    The Muslim Scape goat now wants to vote for JVP …

    What a community this herd have turn to ,with least number of intellects max jacks asses , ya go go ,,Vote for JVP at-least they will civilize you and tell you what length your beards can be and what your women can dress and not dress and they will also set the exact age limit for marriage and number of wives, no of children,and no more loud speakers ,and censorship on all your sermons ,Vote and pay dearly .

    So very smart ,gave two parties many times to rob ,its only fair to give the third exclusive to complete the destruction ,instead of creating a vaccum to bring selected good men and women into an alliance to put the country right ,typical tribal mindset .

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