19 October, 2021


Both Government And Opposition Going Hither And Thither

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Both government and opposition going hither and thither; It’s looking quite Kafkaesque

Let’s start with the government side. Yes any explicit rift between President and PM is being very carefully and intelligently managed and avoided; anything like that will be suicidal, both know that and to a degree they may be playing good-cop bad-cop. Nevertheless one would have to be blind to miss that on two matters they are taking contradictory stands. Sirisena is playing straight to the Sinhala nationalist gallery and struggling to keep his head above water in the SLFP survival game. In the ‘foreign judges or no foreign judges’ tribunal issue he is trembling before these champions. He has firmly declared that no war-crimes were committed, human rights were not violated on a large scale and the military is sacrosanct. In that case why HIS government agreed in Geneva to an investigative process at all beats me. Why not come clean and declare: “We were pushed into investigations, but we have no intention of doing anything serious about it; watch and see how we sweep everything under the carpet”?

Ranil and Mangala have a different take on the matter. They are prisoners of undertakings they gave the entire world standing on the Geneva podium. Their problem is how to wiggle out but still retain at least a shred of Sri Lankan credibility. “B-C Pact, Dudly-Chelva Deal”, some people mutter, “just doing it one more time.” Well it is more difficult for two reasons; first the sucker to be taken for a ride this time is the whole international community though now that regime change is done Western governments, not human-rights activists, are more concerned to protect that gain than commiserate with snivelling Tamils. The second difference is that Sinhala chauvinism is comparatively weaker now than it was in 1958, 1977 and 1983 and the new government less accommodating. If only the race mobs come on to the streets to loot, rape and burn they can be soundly thrashed. Pity they prefer Hyde Park rallies!Ranil and Maithri @ RW's 67th Birth day

The indispensable link for stability of the government – Won’t the opposition love to disrupt it!

To return to my theme, yes there is a game of good-cop bad-cop, but that is not all. There seems to be a mild parting of ways between Sirisena and Ranil-Mangala. So the processes will be drag and a via media will be worked out without cashiering war-criminals. Have no doubts about that.

The other issue on which bedlam prevails is chaos in the SLFP. The Sirisena faction threatened to fire anyone who attended Mahinda’s mutinous Hyde Park rally, then backed down in a funk when about 30 SLFP ‘Joint Opposition’ MP’s defied the threat. Point and set to the Paksa side and egg on the face of Maithripala Sirisena, President of the SLFP and Sri Lanka. The SLFP is about evenly split, one corrupt, opportunistic lot in cabinet raking in the stuff, another corrupt chauvinist lot, baying for the blood of their President. There is some speculation that the UNP, or at least sections, are glad of the crisis in the SLFP and are promoting chaos so as to weaken or split it. This is very unwise; if the Sirisena faction declines to a shadow of itself it will be fatal for the government both in parliament and outside.

Much of the blame for the revival of Rajapaksa’s fortunes has to be laid at the door of Sirisena. There have been two palpable major blunders; Rajapaksa should never have been given SLFP nomination to contest Kurunegala, possibly forcing a split in the SLFP at a time when his faction was much weaker, and the second blunder is failing to prosecute Paksa era crooks and criminals firmly. Received wisdom is that it was Sirisena more than Ranil who was putting on the brakes on prosecution. The famous tragedy of Shakespearean magnitude was to assassinate Caesar and then let Mark Anthony address the Roman mob; the rest of the story is both well known and entirely predictable. Sirisena (or Sirisena and Ranil) have handled Paksa era crooks and the Paksa clan crooks and criminals with much the same magnanimity as the honourable but short-sighted Brutus bestowed on Anthony.

The absence of policy consistency in the government is a result of different factions pulling in different directions. The prevarications on the budget are hard to forgive. Did the local and global scene change so dramatically in six months that an overhaul on such a scale was suddenly needed? No, it was a consequence of the liberal-bourgeois (some call it the neo-liberal) faction first getting its way, and when hard reality, which the blindfolded did not see, hitting like a sledgehammer. Both tax concessions to the well-off and the poor man’s prices both had to take a hit. The stats on fiscal deficit, balance of payments shortfall, declining local and foreign investment, horrendous debt servicing schedules the fall of the rupee were obvious from months ago. But we witness an unseemly run-around like a headless chicken.

A more recent example of disorderly pushing of panic buttons is the muddled reaction to the all Island power blackouts. A Ministerial and CEB Committee were appointed in September 2015 and Canadian consultants hired to write a report. In February 2016 the CEB set up a technical committee, the PM set up a broader one and the President formed a committee of Ministers. Thereafter teams were invited from Japan and Germany to examine the damaged transformers and recommend measures to rehabilitate declining system reliability. How to ensure consistency and coordination among all eight?

The devil in the Joint Opposition (JO)

The happenings on the Joint Opposition side too are like a page out of Kafka! Rajapaksa forces feel they are on an up-swell and there is one overriding reason; the economy is not doing well and prices have risen. There is a secondary reason; the inability of the government to act on corruption and criminal charges (money laundering and murder) is noted as a sign of weakness. As pressure on the government increases I expect two things; first a more populist economic tilt to consolidate popular support – not even Ranil is loony enough to imagine he can survive a love affair with neo-liberalism in this day and age when even the US is distancing itself. Secondly if its survival is threatened I think both Ranil and Sirisena wings will make common cause and forcefully go after the Rajapaksa swarm. It is my view that the government understands that if it falls its leaders will walk the plank. I believe that under pressure there will be a more explicit drift to as yet camouflaged authoritarianism.

The haphazard flapping of the JO is manifest in its clutching at every straw, a case in point is that it is trailing behind monks described by the NMSJ (Ven Sobitha’s movement) as alleged “rapists, child abusers and persons keeping baby elephants in illegal custody” alleging foul play in the Thera’s demise. The CID has launched a probe and it will be exposed as another comedy instigated by bankrupt elements.

More serious however is the multifaceted campaign against the trade economic and technology deal with India. The JO is campaigning at various levels. At the grassroots it is talk of an imperialist plot by Washington, Delhi and Temple Trees to hand Lanka over to dark political forces. At the middle level it largely based on misinformation (Indian workers and professionals will flush out unemployed Lankan youth and diligent unselfish local professionals) and at the higher level it is a mix of truth (unfair Indian practices limiting market access Lankan exports, bullying, failure to do anything about bottom-trawling) with plain short-sightedness.

There are indeed hurdles to overcome if ECTA is to be negotiated into even a half acceptable form. But the point is this: This is just what needs to be done. Managing relations with India is the crucial issue; blindfolding oneself and wishing India will disappear into thin air is a fool’s illusion. India is there, it is big and it is gaining economic strength (Goldman Sachs says of the five BRICS India is the only one of the five that is not in crisis). The challenge facing Lanka is not to pretend life a terrified child that if we close our eyes the ugly uncle will disappear, but to correctly MANAGE the relationship between Lanka and India. The problem is not to oppose ECTA tooth and nail and openly and secretly as the JO is doing but to boldly face up to the challenge and work out our relationship with Indian capital and technology.

Taiwan has been very successful in managing its economic relationships with mainland China much more serious ideological conflicts notwithstanding. For a long time Cuba, quite correctly, described the United States as an imperialist hegemon and enemy of the Cuban Revolution. The US trade embargo reduced the Cuban economy to a state of dilapidation – it survived for decades on Soviet handouts and more recently on Venezuelan props till the later country itself went bankrupt. But when opportunity knocked during the Obama Presidency the Cubans grasped the opportunity; there was no other way out. The Cuban-American is too farfetched to apply directly to the Lankan-Indian scenario, but one core principle stands out: When you are a small country at the doorstep of a giant the challenge is to manage the relationship properly. The challenge is not whether to do ECTA or not, it is to do ECTA properly.

The JO neither understands nor wishes to understand any of this, its mission is to spread fear and a miasma of poison for the sole purpose of making gains via partisan politics.

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  • 9

    i like reading this dude, great entertainment..only second to the ranil hamu’s antics in the parliament..

    • 5

      Dr. Kumar David: Why are Mahinda Jarapassa who is a financial criminal and his corrupt family members like Nishantha Wickramasinghe, former CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, still free to roam the streets and do their Kafkaeaqu tango with Sira and Ranil?

      The Ranil Wickramasinghe-Sirisena government are utterly corrupt and irresponsible and as bad as Jarapassa and his criminal family and cronies. Sri Lanka is quite doomed because the CORRUPT POLITICAL CULTURE is EXPANDING under the Ayahapalanaya Govt. it seems.

      Currency swaps with China and India to keep the Parliament of Morons Circus in clover are MAGNIFYING THE NATIONAL DEBT ten fold.

      The pay off for these loans/ currency swaps from India and China are White Elephant Environmental and Financial DISASTER causing projects like the China Colombo Port City and the Sampur Coal plant. It is the poor people and future generation that will have to suffer due to the resulting financial and environmental crises while the Political circus continues.

      The JVP, TNA and Civil Society will need to soon take to the streets to protest the dirty Ranil-Sira Govt. which is tangoing with Jarapassa rather than tracking down his looted millions and sending him to prison and disbanding the 100 plus Cabinet of Clowns.

      • 2

        JVP may take to street. But, they supported the Old Royal in 2006 budget and ensured them to remain in power. They could have boycotted the last EP election and gone to educate the mass as they planned originally, instead of supporting this Yahapalanaya Government in the election. JVP is not predictable. TNA will not do that. It had its lesson in 1961. That was the last of it. Once bitten twice shy.

        Cabinet is with more than 100 members. That is allowed in the 19A. There is nothing to blame on that as illegal or criminal. We have seen UNP style fraudulent amendments but we keep falling victims to praise that. UNP created fake 13A. UNP created fake 19A. UNP promised to cut the ministers to 30 by changing the constitution (19A). But it changed to have more than 100. They defined many things in that (19A). But, now they want to change the constitution. This is clearly indicating now, what they planned and did in 19A is only to defuse the pressure of the IC and make the world fool because the new constitution may override anything said there. We (the Lankawe’s Modayas) like this game more than SLFP directly change the term of the EP(18A) out rightly and stand election on that. There, we get angry.

        Religion or constitution or those kinds of faith based things are for men who walk on the two legs. Not for the four legged wild life invaded from Lah Lah.

        Recently a Supreme Court Justice (Antonin Scalia) died in USA. Though it is not Shirani or Buffoon de Silva or Mokan Peiris or Sripavan, Americans too ended up with appointing the justices who are tilted towards the ruling party policies and philosophies. If you want, you can discount it as that everybody is human beings. Err is too human. But they do it in an orderly manner. So this time Congress knows Obama’s candidate going to be a liberal thinker. They are holding the appointment for another one year. It is only one of the nine justices’ appointment; not CJ. But they do not want to lose their say in the Supreme Court. Here is the risk they are taking. This can cause them the Senate in the coming election. Their strategy is focusing on Justice’s appointment is life time; but the senators’ time is only 6 years. If Obama gets with his way, they are losing the Supreme Court. But it is not 100% predicted that they may they lose the Senate because of this. So, they are blocking the appointment with some procedures. Further, we have seen many times, this conservative tilted Supreme Court had upheld Obama’s Health care, which is seen as extreme Liberal action of Obama. So the Court can be tilted to any party, but the judgements also ensured to be civilized.

        That is not the case in Lankawe. Chandrika wrongly appointed Buffoon de Silva as the Chief Jester. He wanted to make Old King as the EP. He gave a wrong verdict to achieve this in the misappropriation of Tsunami fund case. Further, Chandrika had advanced her second term election by one year to safeguard her post. Buffoon de Silva used it to cut her term by one year and created a chance for the Old King to come one year early. When Old King came to power he brought Shiranee to that post to use her husband in the National Saving bank. When Kariyawasam wanted more share of the looting he was punished. She used her Chief Justice position to fight back for husband. We saw what happened then. It was an impeachment amounts to unfair dismissal. Then the most notorious Chief Justice Mokan Peiris came in. The chain reactions did not stop there. UNP came to power. It wanted it person to be appointed there. They wanted a dismissal of Mokan Peiris that amounts to unfair dismissal without notice. For this they used again Shiranee who had lost her job. She had to go with UNP for this otherwise the National Saving Banks frauds might have put her & husband her in the prison immediately. She got the promises to not to be punished for National Saving bank, but agreed to snatch the CJ from Mokan Peiris once again and hand it over to Sripavan. So the net of the game is, three CJs were involved in that three days drama. Two were dismissed without any parliamentary procedures. Two were appointed without any parliamentary procedures. One CJ was allowed to go with all his criminal activities without any inquiry into his judgements. One was given an open promise not to investigate her husband’s involvement in National Saving Bank lootings. So the National Saving Banks frauds will not be investigated in future. We(Lankawe Modayas) have ended up with a new puppet, though, unlike the earlier ones, he may not be a fraud or violent, but an isolated leftover one of a back boneless spice lived and extinct 500 million years ago, before the back boned Dinosaurs were borne.

        After allowing all those who committed frauds to escape and the new ones have committed additional on their side, the Yahapalanaya Prime Minister is claiming that he is enduring the sins committed by the previous government. The question is Will he gracefully allow those who committed the sins to come to the same place and endure the sins they committed? No way! He is trying to change the constitution and trying to save the Lankawe’s criminal legacy to continue not to be impeded by the concerned IC.

      • 2

        Most of KD’s perceptions and judgemental observations are accurate. Yet a serious flaw is shown about swinging into action by R & S, if survival is threatened by the Rajapaksa swarm.

        The threat has been hovering for the last 7 months at least and inaction of the government suggests paralysis if not rigor mortis.

  • 4

    It is becoming ‘ Curiouser and Curiouser!’


  • 4

    I keep showing this to all Tamils.


    This picture I am trying to show to the Tamil makes clear 3 things.

    – The North and the East was predominantly Sinhalese before the British.
    – Tamils like you were shipped here as slaves.
    – All Tamils who were shipped here including the Vellala are “untouchable” castes.
    – Although we have made untouchable castes as chief minster of NP, the opposition leader and even the CJ. This kind of treatment you cannot imagine had you were left back in Tamil Nadu.
    – After you were shipped as slaves you made an attempt to claim a “traditional homeland” and even bled Sri Lanka over it.
    – That means everything you have done is illegal, unethical and immoral.
    – So I don’t know what the donkey Tamil feels entitled to Ceylon.
    – The Mullivyakkal was most likely a message sent to the donkey Tamils from the heavens.
    – Your culture is an abomination whom have found yourself in a country you do not belong, never fit-in and never be happy.
    – Why don’t you all fck off back to Tamil Nadu where you belong?

    • 6


      Please tell me who inspires, manages and finances the ‘jaffnahistory.com’ website that apparently has taught you and is yet teaching you a lot of contorted history?

      Now you want to teach the Tamils their history from what you been taught by this website!


      • 3

        Dr. RN.

        They refer to a map at Archief-Kaartcollectie Collection here.


        Go there instead and magnify the 17th century Dutch map directly at Dutch national archives.

        Its the same map . That will confirm your culture is not native to Ceylon.

        • 6


          You have avoided answering my question !

          Looking at maps from Prtuguese and Dutch periods in Google, I can see the spelling used by the Portuguese and Dutch for Tamil place names are being misinterpreted. If you read Samuel Livingston’s book on Sinhalese place names in the South of Sri Lanka, his interpretation favour Tamil origins. Tamil and Sinhalese share many words and hence both theTamils and Sinhalese can interpret names as per political compulsions. I can see this process unfolding even today. Udappu is now called Uddappuwa and Thoppu is called Thoppuwa. Manal Aru has become Weli Oya and Kallaaru has become Gal Oya. Although the Tamils call Wellawatte , Vellavathai and Bambalapitiya, Pampalapitti, the Sinhala originals will prevail, unlike in the instances where Tamil place names have been Sinhalized with official sanction.

          Even Tamil person names have been spelt to suit the languages of the colonizer so. Thambus from Jaffna had become Tampoes and Kasinathars had become Casinaders!

          It is time we deal with issues in the present context and considering present realities, without resorting to irrelevant semantics.


          • 2

            Spelling used by the Dutch for Tamil place names are being misinterpreted?

            Here are some of the place names that appear in Jaffna.


            Why don’t you ask a child whether these “favour” Tamil origins?

            There is no need for conjecture though.

            Do a side-by-side contrast of place names. Refer to the Dutch map from the same period here.


            The place names from Malabar country and Ceylon are there for your study.

            From the Malabar side the place names are distinctively Tamil. For example.


            These are names from your homeland.

            The reason Tamil names exist today in NE is because one million Tamils was shipped to Ceylon and since 1700 they have Tamilised everything there.

          • 4

            There is no point getting into a debate with an idiotic racist like Vibhushana.

          • 0

            why dont u give a straight answer to his qn

            • 2

              Old Codger below has given below the straight answer you request. However, I have not received a straight answer to the question on jaffnahistory.com, I asked.


      • 4

        Dr. R.N,
        I think there has been some “creative” interpretation of the original map, probably assuming that few readers would understand Dutch.
        To start with, the translated title is “Map of Jaffanapatnam and retainer countries and islands “. No reference to ethnicity there.

        Note that the map in “Jaffnahistory .com is unreadable even when enlarged.
        The site also gives a list of “creatively altered” names, the originals of which are clearly visible in the original map:

        Name in Jaffnahistory Actual name in original map
        ——————— ———————–
        Alaweta Alavetty
        Mooly Moelay
        Malagama Malagam
        Thollipola Tellipula
        I don’t think I have to go through the whole list to prove the point.

        “Anakotte” is claimed to be a Sinhala name, but it is also a town in Kerala.
        Vibhushana, you ought to check the credibility of your sources before posting.
        I have no personal interest in this, not being a Tamil, but I am offended by amateurish attempts to deceive by fake scholarship.

        • 2

          There are no Sinhala Names to Northern Villages. There are Pali Names. Pali was brought from Tamil Nadu. Even Thirunavukkarasar’s name is Dharma Sena. It is funny the Vibhushana crowd is calling these names as Sinhala Names. Interestingly “Vibhushana” also that kind of name. It does not mean Ramayana took place after Vijeya came to Lankawe(If somebody like that had really came to lankawe). It means Valmiki Ramayana was written in the Northern India. The original Legend was lost and it was replaced by and crystallized by Valmiki version. The Buddhist Tamils in the North Used the Pali. Buddhism came from Tamil Nadu and Andhra To Sri Lanka. That is why the Sinhala Letters looks like Tamil Brahmi Based Telegu letters. Entire South Indian letters are Tamil Brahmi based.

          We do not have objection to request the UNESCO expects to provide us Dutch or Portuguese based experts to rewrite the history. This may satisfy Vibhushana also on his claims. But, Lankawe’s Theros written books cannot be our text books. There is no point in Vibhushana showing it to us. When the Northern Province has authority to prescribe Textbooks, it will invite UNESCO to help them. That time Vibhushana can show it to them.

        • 1

          I have no personal interest in this, not being a Tamil

          Your other Avatar “Native Veddah” distinctly Tamil though. At your age you should not be trying to con people.

          Learn to be more mature please – not just in physical sense but also mental sense.

          Be an example to your next generation please. They should not suffer being a total cock-up like you have been.

          As for the “creative flaws” you mention.

          Whether its “Malagama” or “Malagam” its neither of it is Tamil. Since both are Sinhala.

          If it was Tamilised it would be “Melekam” or something along those lines.

          Do you catch my drift? All your examples are as such. I don’t think I have to go through the whole list to prove the point.

          • 4

            Can you deny that the names in Jaffnahistory.com have been altered from the ones in the original map, so that they appear more “Sinhala”? Do I have to produce the whole list? Your mistake was in providing the link to the original map.
            Anbody can use maps. Go to this one:

            Gintota is marked as “Gindure”
            You might also note that Kalutara was Caliture and Kalpitiya was Calpentyn to the Dutch. Don’t Paneture, Mature , Gindure and Caliture sound Tamil by your own definition?
            So, can we conclude that the Sinhalese lived in the North and the Tamils in the South in the 17th century? By your own interpretations , of course.
            By the way, Galkisse is one of the few recognisable names, that is if you can read Dutch.
            If you want people to believe what you write, dear Vibhushana, do not use rigged “evidence”. Also, I am not Native Veddah. He would have been much less polite.

            • 2


              There are two things. First is syntax second semantics. Allow me to demonstrate with an example you yourself gave above.

              Eg -> “Malagam”

              Syntax (2 syllables) -> “Mala” “Gam”
              Syntax (Complete) -> “Mala” “Gama”
              Semantics -> Flower Village or Village of flowers

              “Ga” and “Aa” phonemes do not even exist in Tamil. The conversion fails at syntax even before it arrive to semantics.

              You might also note that Kalutara was Caliture

              Caliture <- Kalutara


              Paneture <- Panadura
              Mature <- Madura
              Gindure <- Gindora

              They all Sinhala I am afraid.

              That Jaffna was occupied by the Sinhalese earlier than by the Tamils is seen not only in the place names of Jaffna but also in some of the habits and customs of the people. The system of branding cattle with the communal brand by which not only the caste but also the position and the family of the owner could be traced was peculiarly Sinhalese.

              Ancient Jaffna – Mudaliyar Rasanayagam

              • 6


                “after reading the book Ancient Jaffna, one gets the impression that it provides a scholastic history of Eelam and the ancient Tamils. Unfortunately the up-start historians and racist politicians (as one would expect) quote Rasanayagam out of context to suit their fancy, without reading even a chapter of his book” http://www.sangam.org/BOOKS/sachi10_05_02.htm

                • 0


                  I engage with Sathi Sri Kantha occasionally. I can confirm he is a bit of a child donkey.

                  Just to illustrate, why not understand what he said and explain in your words?

              • 6

                You don’t seem to have an answer to my main argument- the Dutch names in the original map have been “sinhalized” in the “jaffnahistory” website. Now, why was this done? I am not accusing you of doing this, but you and other people have used this “fact” to promote particular points of view.
                In any case, since we are into semantics now, would you explain the meaning of Mature (Matara) ,Panathura , Perumathura , Valliathura

                They all seem definitely non-Sinhala to me.

                You say”That Jaffna was occupied by the Sinhalese earlier than by the Tamils is seen not only in the place names of Jaffna but also in some of the habits and customs of the people. The system of branding cattle with the communal brand by which not only the caste but also the position and the family of the owner could be traced was peculiarly Sinhalese.”
                There is no need to quote circumstantial evidence when there is modern DNA evidence, as our resident sage Amarasiri keeps on saying. It seems the Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese are more closely related to each other than to Indian Tamils. So perhaps the Sinhalese and Tamils are two versions of the same race with different religions and languages?

        • 6

          Old Codger,’

          Thanks. You have answered Vibhushana effectively. I have to ask Vibhushana through this response how many imported Tamils were shipped to the north and east and to other areas in the south and hill country, since Portuguese rule? It will be interesting to have a detailed breakdown, with also numbers of the resident populations at that time. It will be also interesting to know where the progeny of the 700 brides and their retinue imported from Madurai by Vijaya settled and spread thereafter? His favorite website should have readymade answers.


          • 2

            Dr. RN,

            Its good you reminded me of the Portuguese era. The era you have gained your expertise from Google searches.

            Did you know there is a far better source?

            Franciscan Friar Fernao DeQueyroz was similar to Ven Mahanama of Mahavamsa fame. He was in charge of missionary activities during Portuguese rule.

            He chronicled Jaffna in Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon. His accounts of Jaffna are incredibly detailed and far reaching.

            One of the books in the series is here.


            Why don’t you read it and report back to me if you can find any references to Tamils in there?

            • 4

              We are not interested in your propaganda translations. We are not interested in just book which is fully conscious of Tamils opposing to Portuguese Conversion, while Sinhalese changed all their last names to Portuguese last names.

              We have every intentions of inviting UNESCO experts including Dutch and Portuguese to study and put back the Tamils’ Textbooks. Sinhala Probagandish can translate only the books they want and keep reading it. We are not interested in reading these.

              “If it was Tamilised it would be “Melekam” or something along those lines. ” Could come out with you citation why a village name will be in Tamil will be Melekam? Kalam(ள), kamam, Vayal,thooddam, Kulam(ள) These are Tamil names. Could you write the meaning of you citation?

              • 0


                You sound like Satchi Sri Kantha. If you are why don’t you un-hide the comments I leave there? what are you afraid of buddy?

                Could come out with you citation why a village name will be in Tamil will be Melekam?

                The reason we know names in Jaffna have been Tamilised is because the context fail when you do a direct conversion.

                For example “Velikama” when you break the syllables, look at the meaning and then consider the semantics it only makes sense in Sinhala. Velikama is Valigama.

                Similarly, there is no meaning in “Melekam” since its a Tamilised Sinhala word. It only makes sense as “Malagama”.

            • 5

              Vibhushana the imbecile,

              Your concocted materials are for consumption of your fellow bigots! You cannot pull wool over the sane people! You are basically a pathological liar!

            • 1

              Your link cannot be accessed.

          • 6

            Dr.Rajasingham Narendran & Old Codger

            Once Vibhushana typed “A Sinhala/Buddhist’s (Champika’s grandfather)journey to the moon”.

            Vibhushana cited Ravana’s Pushpak Vimmana as a piece of valuable evidence.

            Neil Armstrong found some pieces of coconut shells when he landed on the moon. He jumped over broken shells and screamed “This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

            The anthropologists studying the lunar had concluded that it was indeed a Sinhla/Buddist man who was first to land on the moon. They cited dashed coconuts.

            Dr.Rajasingham Narendran & Old Codger

            Come on, you know Vibhushana is a self proclaimed scholar/expert specializing in Sangam Literature and found them to be suspect.

            He also hears voices in his head, several at the same time.

            He types some incoherent sentences without any basis then expect the readers to disprove them.

            Can you disprove his story of Ravana’s Rocket to the Moon?

            • 2

              Would you certify to our Linguist Vibhushana that you and I live at different addresses?

    • 5


      Publisher Lisle Guillaume map of 1675 Isle de Ceylon)shows a few places in Jaffna peninsula with names such as Telipole, Wademarache, Achiavelley, Jaffnapatan, Hammenhiel, Navacoule, Thenmarache, Calimoni, T d Amsterdam ou Carediva, Oudewil, Paretiture, Chavagatzery, …………..

      Are they Sinhala/Buddhist names?

      Where is Wee Thamihz Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon who would have stood by you, though your claims are bogus.

      You are hearing too many voices in your head. I envy you.

  • 4

    Let me state my position first. Because what I write below may misrepresent me, I have to clarify it once more. Tamils have nothing to with Sinhala Governments, even in the light your examples of enemy countries, where one giant and dwarf stuck together, how to deal with it. I am not advising to anybody, specifically not to the New Royal government.. That is what I said in the past too. I am just replying to you. It is only in theory, not in the term of practical advice to anybody. We don’t want to be the weaver bird who advised the monkey how to build a house.

    Now what I want to tell is:

    The current mess is the Brainchild of a professor called Kumar David, who writes, time to time, eccentric essays in CT. You may know him or may not. But this is something he did. We, in these CT’s comments, until our fingers start to pain, have been typing comments that Tamils should stay out of the election. It was a fully ripen time for Lankawe, like Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea.. and the ones like that to have its politics corrected by external interference. Lankawe unscrupulous politicians would have been tamed and Lankawe would have benefited out of it in one or two years, if the Old King had continued on the power. From 1948, every internal tools and techniques were tested and failed to fix the Lankawe’s politicians. JR even put undemocratic control on MPs for party crossing for monetary benefits. Even India, for short time intervened and tried to fix the constitution. The 13A never got implemented. It faced a situation worse than the September 2015 UNHRC resolution. For more than 65 years nothing worked to fix the Lankawe’s politics. It was a fully ripen time to have used some external techniques. If one day Lankawe politics is going to be fixed, it is only going to be by the external activities. Period! They why did we miss the past opportunity by the un-foresighted advices?

    Those who failed to have foresightedness proposed the theories to hide in the Village Heads’ (talaiyari’s) house when the guard started follow. Now, on this part of the CC saga, there is no escape from Talaiyari’s house and you have fallen right into the hands of the guards. We argued that CC is not a solution for the Lankawe’s situation as because anybody coming from UNP or SLFP is just going to from the teams of the same old crooks. Further, the crook selected to CC did not have obligation of faithful to either UNP or SLFP. This was equivalent to an unleashed pit bull, running around out of control for any control technique. Those who are not from UNP or SLFP background cannot have won the election. Further, New King like candidates, who have been already noted for the involvement in the war crime accusation, certainly did not have the will or gut to turn it around the Lankawe’s political culture. He took the risk of going against the Old King only not to lose in the already started competition of collecting data for the files they both maintained on each other. “Sirisena is playing straight to the Sinhala nationalist gallery and struggling to keep his head above water in the SLFP survival game. In the ‘foreign judges or no foreign judges’ tribunal issue he is trembling before these champions.” This is a preaching of fire’s ability to burn only after the fire has burned it all. They failed dam it while river was empty. Now only they are talking about the dam, but the river is outflowing with flood. Things are moving only on the direction we predicted one year ago.

    In the Old King time, everybody howled that the government was over borrowing. Everybody has been howling the Port City, Hambantota Harbor, Stadium, Matale International Airport and the like projects were white elephants. Isn’t all of those white elephants have been allowed by the new CC government and even it has been verbally agreed to borrow more money to open up new phases on these projects? If these are not going to make any more loss in the eyes of those who claimed for election that these were white elephants, and if the white elephants have become now fully transparent elephants or invisible elephants, then why not allow the originators to come back and manage them? If they fail to settle the loan problems with the countries who had lent them, then the external forces will certainly intervene and fix the Lankawe’s politics. Let’s go back through this once more. Those who wanted the CC certainly did know the expenditure pattern of the, that time government. That is, they too were howling about the white elephants. Then, didn’t they have a plan to take forward the country’s finance in their package of the CC proposal? If they had one why they are not coming forward and telling it to the CC so he can solve all the financial problems?
    In reality what happened was these are the people opened bottle and let the new Genie out of the bottle. They have no capacity to catch the new mad dog. They have run out of their novelties of any more CC class ideas.

    So here we can give a piece of advice,here. During the 2015, August General election, the repeatedly discussed matter was whom the New EP has to appoint as the PM? Should be followed Chandrika’s example and bring the EP’s party member to the power or should it be the winning candidate. That was the question. Both are accepted in the constitution. It ended up as the winning candidate. That did not work. So our suggestion now is to follow Chandrika’s example and appoint the EP’s party member for a change to see if that will work. Old King claiming he still can manage the Finance. UNP could not find one single person who has criminally mismanaged the Finance in the past. So what is the hold up to bring them back and test once more?


    • 1

      [Edited out]

  • 2

    ‘Prof’. Kumar David lives in Kafka like land where he can move from reality to fantasy.
    ‘If only the race mobs come on to the streets to loot, rape and burn they can be soundly thrashed. Pity they prefer Hyde Park rallies!’ This is the ‘Prof’ David’s wet dream.
    Hoping of going back to Ranil’s ‘Uncle’ JR’s days of orchestrated violence towards the minority while hiding it’s leaders in his house through the rioting!!!
    The realism and fantasy has mixed for the likes of Kumar David as in Kafka novels. Black July opened many gates and opportunities that got them to the West and placed them in ‘selected minority’ place to be promoted and given voice to do the West’s bidding!
    Now he is whinging that there are no more Black Julys for him to hide his own racism and fascism / support of fascism as in support of LTTE. Get a life ‘Prof’ / do some real academic work.

  • 10

    The biggest problem in SL is not Sirisena, Ranil, Mahinda, the government, the opposition, the Sinhalese, the Tamils, the Muslims, the constitution, the economy, the religions or anything else.

    Our biggest problem is, we have too many politicians! Hence too much politics. The people who can solve the problem – the politicians – will be the last people to see it! Where else are they going to find such lucrative “employment” and perks?

    SL can be better governed with 20 ministers, 100 MPs, a professional and efficient Civil Service.

    As a country, that’s what we should aim for; to cut down on the number of politicians. And find them alternative employment.

    If not, we can stand here on our heads and whistle Dixie from our behinds, the country is not going to march forward – not an inch.

    Anyone wants to canvas for this?

    Not that I’m holding my breath.

    • 8

      nimal Fernando,

      & a number of persons like Vibhushana, Jim Softy et.al.


  • 1

    Prof. Kumar David, It is neither the Government nor the Opposition going hither and thither, but you. They both have managed to pull the wool over your eyes. Have they managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the West. No. But, the West would not mind taking advantage of that kind of thinking of anyone in Sri Lanka.

  • 7

    nimal fernando.
    Well said. An elderly gentleman who had 15 minutes to present his ideas on constitutional reform to the group headed by Lal Wijayanayake when they visited jaffna made a two minute submission. “The constitution should have a one term of 4 or 5 year limit to members of Parliament.” In that two minutes he gave his reasons why.
    The Committee asked him questions and he answered them in short answers. One member asked, “Will that apply to the Provincial Councillors.” The answer was “Yes.” Another asked will that apply for Pretheysiasabais? The answer was affirmative.
    Naturally none of the MPs will vote for it. It is only the people can do it. But will they be bribed into not doing it? Probably yes. We get parliamentarians that we deserve!But I commend that gentleman for his wisdom.

    • 8


      Thanks for this information. It was a brilliant recommendation. I wonder who he was? If adopted it will solve one major problem in the country- the large number of third rate professional politicians.


    • 5

      Dear Sir,

      It was good talking to you at the old boys match in Jaffna.

      Whatever the constitutional proposal; whether the MPs like it or not, if it is qualified through national referendum, what can the MPs do?

    • 5

      I wonder if that guy remembers that Soulbury Constitution had only 5 years. What did it achieve? It is another way to produce more number of politicians and more quarrels. Now every four years new crooks will get a chance to earn the pension. People would not have anything to do other than taking the sip of the politicians’ attack and eat the Biryani before go for the meeting and voting.

      The only way seems to be to change Lankawe is to give incentives to the fishermen to catch more stingrays and leave politicians with Mervyn Silva and the tails of those fishes.

      The Four constitution will not produce any change other than finding some more new crooks. Constitution is not to modify the people’s behavior. The first thing Lankawe need is an external force induced Cultural Revolution, not political Arab Spring. This is the Ideal Opportunity to allow the UNHRC to have its resolution advanced to an ICC inquiry. That will give a chance for the people and the politicians to see what are the democratic standards existing outside Lankawe and how they can reconcile with it instead of cheating inside the Tamils again and again as “developments and reconciliations”. That will modify the entire country’s thinking. This will not be achieved by fourth constitutional change which is already marred with many ugly political deals. The cabinet is passing above 100 members strong only for to compromise the fourth constitution. Then the how the disease in the root is going to cure the disease in the branches? Now, the cabinet is put together to be more than 100, only to bring change in the constitution. Then how that constitution is going the change the cabinet size? They say in Tamil “Will the one born to a tiger become a cat?” Didn’t we see the same game had been played in the 19A? How JR extended term to 7 years? How did he appoint the parliament with referendum? Who wants this cheating constitution change which will change nothing?

      Rehabilitation Minister Swamynathan is claiming he is living with his forefathers’ wealth. There are new accusations merging in additions to the murky financial deal of these 65,000 houses. One is that this minister is being used to colonize the North and East with Sinhala Population. Everyday there is a new accusation about his ministry regarding the houses, in the Tamil News. He is talking about the 30 years manufacturing warranty of the houses. The North-East leaders are claiming the people going to these houses are not aware of how to use these and going to damage them. So they want houses that can be repaired by them when they were damaged the users, not by the manufacturing defect. So the Minister and the North East are miles apart in their talks. Very first thing is he should be taught to read Tamil News so that he can read those. Sumanthiran has mentioned many times the Tender for the houses are called long after the contract was awarded. This is being planned and staged under the watching eyes of the IC.

  • 0

    “The challenge is not whether to do ECTA or not, it is to do ECTA properly.”
    Rather, the challenge is to make sure that ECTA is proper.
    The indecent haste of Ranil W and the Modi regime is worrying many who are troubled by past experience with the FTA.

    The China-Taiwan and US-Cuba analogies are not very appropriate as the contexts widely differ.

    The bright idea guy who said “The constitution should have a one term of 4 or 5 year limit to members of Parliament.” does not realize that in the 4-5 years they will rob the country of wealth they would have in 24-25 years. Besides, they have no obligation to face the electorate.

    • 5


      You are probably right, but you have to also know that it will take at .]least 2-3 years for them to learn the ropes!


    • 1

      It is good to learn any game before playing it.

  • 0

    The JO neither understands nor wishes to understand any of this, its mission is to spread fear and a miasma of poison for the sole purpose of making gains via partisan politics.

    You don’t give enough credit, they know the facts but are playing politics to the wider audience like for the cameras in parliament.

    Why do they shout when they can speak softly? It’s all theatre.

    Oh and Goldman Sachs is happy with crisis. Crisis means opportunity.

  • 0

    Kumar David version of reading of bourgeoisie democratic politics is not an entirely new rule of modern political phenomenon. Trotskyist turn anarchist political economic line of thinking of KD is not that suited or valid of ongoing sustsnibility of development capitalism in an Island .

    We, as Sri lankn have to negotiated the ECTA modern era of largely by rules set by WTO the against Indian dominant powers of the day to day trade and investments between two countries.

    The crux of matter is viewing Indian modern post-Independent policies since 1947 through the prism of Indian domination rules are age yield two distinct periods in modern times Sri Lanka.

    1 1987 Indo-Sri Lankan accord by Indian IPKF of Indian intervention by gun rule democracy and gun boat diplomacy.

    2 1998 Free Trade Agreement between Sri Lanka and India. We as Nation still not yet revived porans and corns of Free Trade movement by two countries before enacted ECAT by Indian manipulation.

    We are present age of US domination and globalization. And the change of Regime to MS, UNP-Ranil and CBK that was Indian -RAW back power game of 2015 January 9th.
    The trajectory of Sri lanka history across these different periods has been marked by peaks and troughs of greater and lesser Political- Economic, SOVEREIGNTY and INDEPENDENCE of action last 68 years since 1948.

    I have to say that the Sri Lankan has been subject to Western Domination and south Indian invaded of foreign rules does not mean the Sri Lankan have been passive subjects in a unilinear history of decline.

    Our people in post Independent age since 1948 has been enormously dynamic and the people of Sri Lankan are responsible for their successes and failures alike. An Independent-1948 after leading politics parties and their classes have worked with the rules of modern Parliamentary democracy, when it suited them ,subverted the rules of games when they got in the way and later suffer consequences when they crossed the dominant power of US and Indian of the day .

    Kumar David has not read, that well on our modern political of classes run by different bourgeoisies interest of local and foreign powers ongoing bourgeois revolution that led by UNP & TNA and JVP undermined democracy and development.
    Specially MS, UNP-Ranil CBK and TNA alliance has driven back to old drawing board, that until people will master the new rules of democracy of coming age.

    Our democracy politics moments of transition having always heralded a new opening opportunity through experiences has shown that the Impulse of Indian and US powers to dominated Sri Lankan becomes more pronounced with each new era.

    After 2015 January 9th suddenly we were dubbed ‘democratic rule’ by west and Indian consider “moderates” in WEST and India. These label came from Kumar David and other of western writers, so-called journalist and policymakers alike.

    This what fallow were patron-client relationship with Sri Lankan secured arms for their military bases and development aid of their economics from US and Indian superpowers patrons.

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