5 July, 2022


Boycotting Muslim Businesses & Stoning Offenders: Democracy Fails When Citizens Fail To Speak Up

By W A Wijewardena

Dr. W.A Wijewardena

Two prescriptions containing punishment for correction

News was out last week that the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka had made a controversial public pronouncement. I believe that he has mostly been misunderstood by his critics as well as his followers. The Venerable Thero, in his wisdom, had diagnosed a gloomy future for the Sinhalese Buddhists in the country and come up with two prescriptions as the solution.

One was that, as a protection tactic, he had advised the Sinhala Buddhists not to patronise the businesses owned my Muslims because, in his opinion, they were on a mission to destroy the Sinhala Buddhist nation. The other was an endorsement, albeit quite unwillingly, of a suggestion said to have been made by some lay-female Buddhist devotees. Apparently, they are said to have opined that a Muslim physician alleged to have sterilised thousands of Sinhala Buddhist mothers should be stoned by way of punishment.

If true, this had been a horrendous crime committed against humanity deserving punishment in its severest form. The Chief Prelate had not said that it was only the Muslims that should be punished. He had said that if it had been committed by a Sinhalese physician, he deserved to be cut into pieces. This part of his speech had been missed by his critics as well as his fans:

Punishing an offender by stoning is a practice being adopted widely in certain Islamic countries today. Similarly, cutting an offender into pieces is one of the 32 types of punishments meted to guilty persons by ancient Sinhala kings. These two prescriptions indicate that the Chief Prelate is a firm believer in punishment for correction of errant citizens, a course not endorsed by the Buddha in any form.

The Buddha’s prescription was to win over critics through fair dialogue

This was surely a verbal onslaught delivered by the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter without considering its subsequent repercussions. It was sweet music to those extreme elements among the Sinhalese who were waiting for validation of their ulterior motive of displacing Muslims who were in business. Hence, it attracted criticism on two counts.

First, it has been said that it is improper for a disciple of the Buddha, an Enlightened One who had propagated compassion even to unseen species, to spread venom in to the hearts of the people. Second, some had demanded the Government to take legal action against him for creating disharmony among different religious groups in the country.

In my view, the more appropriate way to handle his case has been not via legal action but by following the Buddha’s prescription when faced with such a disagreeing situation. In the Brahmajala Sutta in Digha Nikaya, the Buddha had advised the Bhikkus that they should not be offended by dispraise of the Buddha by critics and nor should they be elated by praises of the Buddha by praising tongues. That was because either reaction was harmful to the Bhikkus. In the case of dispraise, the Bhikkus have to unravel the falsehood and explain to the critics that for such and such reason, what the critics have said is untrue. If it is praise, instead of being jubilant, they should explain in all humbleness for such and such reasons, what is said is true.

It should, therefore, be explained to the Chief Prelate that ‘for these reasons, he may be correct and for these reasons, he is wrong’. As a true disciple of the Buddha, he should have an open mind to listen to and grasp such explanations.

Repercussions should be taken into account 

The Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter is an influential Buddhist monk who could, through his discourses, change the course of Sri Lanka’s future.

He had made his call on Sinhala Buddhists, but Sri Lanka is a nation made up of multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual Homo sapiens. Consequently, any change in the perception, mindset and goals of Sinhala Buddhists has far-reaching influence on the Sinhala Buddhists and their interconnection with other ethnic and religious groups. The new Sri Lankan outlook so created will have repercussions, both beneficial and injurious, on its connection with the global community at large out there.

As the Buddha had preached, what we have today is the fruit of a cause created yesterday. What we will have tomorrow is the outcome of what we have done today. Because of these wide repercussions, it is necessary to have a productive multilogue – a discussion participated by many at the same time – across the nation to identify the validities as well as shortcomings of what the Chief Prelate had opined in his wisdom.

While many critics have roundly condemned his speech, no one has attempted to analyse it in finer detail. There has been a strange silence by the Buddhist clergy or other religious leaders about the opinion expressed by the Chief Prelate.

In this background, a lone Buddhist monk, Ven. Galkande Dhammananda, has broken the silence by reminding Sri Lankans of the Buddha’s preaching that one should not spread hatred in one’s speech. Even then, he has been careful not to refer to the two prescriptions suggested by the Chief Prelate.

Man in the street is alive to the issue

Even though this issue has not been discussed in minute detail by the intelligentsia of the country, the situation at the street level has been different. My hairdresser has been jubilant over what the Chief Prelate had pronounced and he could not hide his admiration about it. In his view, Sri Lanka is poor today because of the domination of the economy by Muslims, though it was a fallacious conclusion. Similar strong sentiments were expressed by three-wheel drivers whom I normally engage for short trips.

There was hardly anyone who spoke of the long term adverse consequences of the two prescriptions made by the Chief Prelate. Those who endorsed him did not mind even the twisting of the legal system if it helped them to find the alleged parties guilty.

An informal multilogue

In this background, I got the opportunity to eavesdrop a multilogue that took place among some construction workers – tile layers, helpers and errand boys – who were laying tiles in a new house being built next to mine. It was a welcome development that they had chosen to discuss an important current issue in public. Such open discussions are a must for democracy to survive and prosper.

Animal characters are present in groups

In group dynamics, those who participate in group discussions are usually equated to characters borrowed from the animal world.

There are foxes that turn groups upside down by throwing incendiary opinions into the group. They enjoy immensely when their malicious interventions derail the group from its normal goal. Opposite to them, there are rabbits that outsmart foxes by presenting alternative opinions.

There are tigers who are simply censors. When they hear something in the group discussion which they do not like, they simply growl to compel others to forced silence.

A giraffe in the group will use its long neck to spy on others but do not talk at group discussions at all. Doves are the peace makers in groups when they become violent.

Lions sit on judgment and when the parties begin to fight with each other, separate them by roaring so that they could continue the group discussions. They are the people who put sanity into the heads of group members by impartially and objectively explaining facts to them.

A heated discussion

In this particular group in my neighbourhood, I found the presence of all the animals mentioned above.

The fox said that the Sinhala Buddhist nation is being destroyed by Muslims who have the ulterior motive of taking command of the Sri Lankan state and along with that, Sri Lanka’s economy as well. Echoing the sentiments expressed by the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter, the fox very forcefully suggested that the Buddhists should boycott the Muslim businesses. He also said that in Islamic countries, the offenders of serious crimes are stoned to death and similar punishments should also be introduced in Sri Lanka too.

He was not countered directly by anyone in the group, but the rabbit very respectfully presented that it might create problems for them too because they would not be able to continue their jobs. The tiger did not like it and it immediately put the rabbit to silence by growling at what it said.

There was a giraffe in the group and it simply looked at each other’s face without uttering a single word. It appeared that the giraffe did not understand what was going on.

The lion in the group was the young house owner who has been working in an Islamic state in the Middle East. It was his job to put sanity into the heads of the group members but he very strangely kept himself silent. There was no need for a dove because the group discussion did not turn violent. After about a half an hour, it seemed that they all had become bored of the issue and changed the topic.

The strange silence of the lion

What was obvious in this multilogue was the failure of the lion – the wise man in the group – to analyse the issue and present it in such a way that other members could easily grasp it. When an economy is keeping itself at low ebb, everyone suffers but there is a tendency to find a villain responsible for their hardships. With its low economic growth for the last seven years without any hope of an economic recovery within the foreseeable future, it is natural for Sinhala traders in Sri Lanka to harbour the thought that it is the Muslim traders who are responsible for it.

Hence, without much thought, they tend to plead to the Sinhala people to boycott Muslim business enterprises. But what they do not realise is that an economy, like any other ecosystem, is interconnected with different communities feeding on and nourishing each other at the same time.

An economy is made up of different parts 

An economy is a wonderful creature made up of a large number of people belonging to many different religions, ethnic groups, races, castes or classes. All these people are interconnected and interdependent. They are organised to fulfil only one objective: That is, to provide the maximum wellbeing to everyone. Each person is a cog in a massive cog-wheel that turns constantly to produce goods and services needed by people in an economy. Each cog is important and needed for this production process.

One cannot give undue importance to one particular cog and downplay the role played by others; they all are equally important and needed for the massive cog-wheel to turn smoothly. Thus, when Muslim businesses are boycotted, the businesses belonging to Sinhala Buddhists too are affected. Because of the interdependency, when Muslim businesses collapse, so do the businesses belonging to the Sinhalese. If this simple truth is not understood by the Sinhalese, they would perish along with the Muslims.

Every organ in the human body is important

This process can be equated to the functioning of the human body consisting of many different parts and organs. Nature has seen to it that all those parts and organs are needed for the perfect working of the body. There is no single organ or single part that does not provide a useful service to the overall working of the body.

For instance, till recently, many believed that the appendix in the human body does not provide any service and, therefore, could be excised without loss to the body’s functions. But the scientists at Duke University in USA have now found that the appendix is a depository of beneficial bacteria that are needed for the proper digestion of foods in the stomach and whenever those bacteria are depleted due to illness or medication, the appendix releases such bacteria from its stocks.

Thus, removing or constraining the working of a single organ or a part of a body makes it imperfect and the person owning the body will feel its adverse effects forthwith.

Hand cannot fight with leg without destroying itself

Then, what happens if one part, say the hand, declares war on another part, say the leg, alleging that the leg is trying to take over the body making the hand unimportant? Surely, this war will not be beneficial to the overall functioning of the body because the war will make it impotent and imperfect. Both the hand and the leg are interconnected and interdependent; one cannot function without the other. If the hand is successful in paralysing the leg, then, the hand too gets paralysed and the body becomes disfunctioning.

Fortunately, in such a disastrous conflict, there is a supreme arbiter who will discipline the wrongly moving hand. That arbiter is the brain which does not take sides and functions only with the objective of maintaining the stability and sustenance of the overall body. In other words, the brain views the overall picture and sees beyond the narrow vision of the hand.

If the brain of a nation – religious leaders and politicians – incites one organ of the body to declare war against another organ, the eventual casualty would be the body itself.

Civilised nations abhor cruel punishments

All civilised nations today have moved away from cruel punishments that are meted out to offenders. Though it is true that in some Islamic countries the offenders are hanged, beheaded or stoned in the town square publicly, it is not a good example for Sri Lanka to follow. Sri Lanka’s punishment system is well streamlined so as to be commensurate with the offence committed. Even though the capital punishment is there in the law book, it has not been carried out for the last four decades. Given this background, the suggestion that offenders should be stoned if they are Muslims and cut to pieces if they are Sinhalese means that Sri Lanka should throw away its much-praised civilisation and go backward in history to the era of savages.

The silent citizens are an enemy of democracy

In every society, there are some people whose job is to analyse issues and present to citizens so that they could make informed judgments. In group dynamics, it is the lion that has been entrusted with this responsibility. But, if the lion fails to do its job, so does the whole society. Hence, for democracy to survive and thrive, those who are responsible in societies to keep the masses educated should do their job without failure.

*The writer, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, can be reached at waw1949@gmail.com

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  • 38

    If this is what Theravada Buddhism has descended to then there is no point of talking any further. First of all how did this person become the chief priest of a prestigous order of monks. Is he even worthy of being called a monk. If we want to be called a Buddhist country then we need to create a mechanism that works to disrobe a person like this and send them home.

    • 15

      Wera, to be the Chief in the monastic system, you don’t need a certificate of higher education. You just need to be a monastic from young age. Seniority in the monastic system is calculated based on how many years you are in the system; in the Theravada tradition, it usually depends on how many years you have been a monk with higher ordination. Anyway, Sri Lanka’s Buddhist monastic system is seriously in chaos, everywhere in the island: pirivenas, universities, temples anywhere you name it.

    • 17

      Wera, First & Foremost what the World and Islamic countries should note is, even reluctantly is that SRI LANKAN RACIST NETWORK which is running the state and the opposition Politics have become TOTALLY Anti Islamic. Also, the SINHALA RACISTS are far more dangerous and deceptive than the ZIONIST JEWS who have declared the WAR ON ISLAM about 150 years ago and its known to all. But, the SINHALA RACISM which is also already 100 years old beginning from the ANAGARIKA’s campaign ( the father of Sinhala Buddhist Fascism). The problem with the SINHALA RACISM is that they need MUSLIM/ARAB money and support for its survival and it also wants to conduct its WAR ON ISLAM at the same time. They have come out of their closet in all colours and hues to DEMONSTRATE and DISPLAY their open HOSTILITY towards ISLAM and its followers MUSLIMS.

      • 6

        Radical Ideas,

        Sinhala “Buddhists”, will show their hostility to all others who are not Sinhala Buddhists. First this hostility was shown to Native Veddah Aethho,Tamil Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc. This is s continuing project, and will show this behavior until Sinhala Buddhism is fully reformed or transformed. The issue for the monks is what do they do? Where do they go?

      • 1

        Radical ideas the Islamic idiot, Jews may have declared war on Islam 150 years ago, but Islam declared war against Buddhism and Hinduism 1000 years ago destroying Buddhist and Hindu civilizations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia and even parts of India. Only those countries that they could not lay their hands like Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand have survived with their culture intact. We are not going to allow Arabisation of Sri Lanka.This government has no guts to remove name boards in Arabic, when there is 100% consensus among Buddhists that it should be done. Worse racism in Sri Lanka is the Muslim claim to eastern province over the head of the natives, where Muslims went only 400 years ago as refugees. Only rulers in Sri Lanka who kept these third grade people in their proper place are the Portuguese. Muslims demonstrated their treachery to Kandyans who gave them refuge by showing the way to Kandy to the British through the gradual incline Galagedera route, resulting in the fall of the Kandyan kingdom. People know that Muslims will resort to treachery against Sinhalese if Sri Lanka is overrun by any foreign power. Hostility to Islam is due to the mad behaviour of its followers who have no respect to Buddhism. Jews are showing the way to deal with these rubbish, and it is time we do the same.

    • 4

      It is sad and frightening to have a person of this position trying to instigate violence among Buddhists in his country, when the main theme of Buddhism is non violence. I am a Buddhist and is looking at the Catholic cardinal after loosing so many people from his 2 churches and how he behaved and called for peace and nonviolence I feel very disappointed at this Buddhist clergy..

      • 1

        Kamala Fernando;
        “It Is sad and frightening”!
        But maybe He is not Educated enough in The Buddha’s Dhamma!

        The Videos of Gandassara shaking His Fists in the Air in Public is even more Frightening!
        What would the Buddha Do if he was in Sri Lanka, ‘The Dhamma Dvipa’?

  • 18

    But can anyone bother about the utterance of an illiterate, ignorant man in robe. He may not know what Buddhism is all about. May be he has his own interpretation. He is more a politician than a priest. This is why they religion and politics go hand in hand. If at all only this man has to be cut into pieces and thrown into kandy lake. What a disgrace.

  • 19

    Our Country can’t go forward due to several facts,
    1. Kahakada Brigade belongs to Rajapaksha Nikaya.
    2. Ranaviru Gaaya. (Not the real Hero)
    3. Unions Activities (GMOA, Railway Etc) belongs Rajapaksha Family.
    4. Govt. failure to implement the Law.
    5. Electronic Media such as “Ada da Rena” and “Kudu Hiru”

  • 18

    ..whoever who is saying what is being said on this clip is breaking the laws of my country, and thus should be arrested and charged.

  • 10

    As an economist and former official of the treasury, the author’s analogies about wild animals would not really have been necessary, as indeed the opinion of his “hair-dresser”.

    The matter at hand is that the chief monk has clearly stepped out of his role in prescribing punishments (He also mentioned that the doctor was from Matale and shows he had not been following news broadcasts). Also, he has clearly infringed the new laws against hate speech.

    I am not ignorant of the fact that “Muslims in Sri Lanka don’t like us”. Yes, that is perhaps by and large an accurate observation. However, he then sounded very much like the Mid-East educated moulavis or mullahs who returned to mosques around Sri Lanka and prescribed to the faithful, to buy properties and not new cars, deal with fellow Muslim businesses and help each other to prosper, procreate with vigour etc as a direction for the future. These were followed diligently and quietly by those thus influenced, and no TV exposed them to public scrutiny.

    Muslims now bemoan the lack of justice, in not arraigning the monk before a court of law. Similarly powerful people have often escaped with far more serious crimes in Sri Lanka. (ie the Bond scam or Central bank robbery). The people have to recognise their true enemy and not be fooled by bogeymen from time to time.

    • 2

      Hear the Pentacostal movemen’t;s view on the subject.
      The campaigners ignorant of the Jesus’ new covenant, and praying for a Zion!
      THey thinlk they are the most enlightened!

    • 1

      Lasantha Pethiyagoda ,

      There are so many rumour collectors who pretend to knowing
      about Muslims and Islam by reading ill informed sources and
      you seem to know little about Moulavis I suppose ! Moulavis
      are not the equals of Monks or Pastors . They are free to do
      things that the ordinary Muslims do to earn a living and not
      expected to be confined to Mosques . So they are in business
      and talk about business . There’s no question that Muslims
      need property to live and sell ! Property business is a world
      phenomenon and as an economist you need to know about
      this ! Why not Muslims in their country buy and sell ? As an
      economist you also need to know the contribution of Muslims
      to the free market economy founded by J R J . Muslims firmly
      and traditionally stood by the U N P policies which has
      transformed the country into what it is today ! You can blame
      the wrong politics for failures and that is a different question
      but today it is the right of Muslim’s politics that is being
      challenged under the label of their religion and race which is
      easy for the majority to understand and unleash their hatred .
      You say Muslims don’t like you , if they do ,I would say they
      are a bunch of fools and for them to be such fools it should
      also be that you like them a lot in contrast !

  • 10

    This is a thought provoking, intelligent and a most sensible article by an erudite mind. It should be copied to every intelligent person within our reach to create awareness of a situation which is explosive. One of the chief reasons that allow evil to prevail they say, is the silence of good and honourable men when they need to speak up. I am glad Dr. Wijewardena spoke up and continues to do so.

    I am also glad that Dr. Wijewardena had mentioned Ven. Galkande Dhammananda Thero. The good thero is a truely enlightened buddhist monk and a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room. I recommend that he be invited to play a larger role in the revival of true buddhist values and ideals among not only buddhists but all sri lankans who would wish to live in a decent society.

    A lot of things are rapidly going wrong in our society and the earlier we realise it and act, the better.

  • 8

    If anyone would respect what this monk has been ranting…… then we should ask all those over 20 lacks of lankens that have been cleaning the toilets of arabs in ME country back to SL.
    Most of them are coming from poor background, I have got to see, how low they have been treated in that part of the world. Nevertheless we the folks are one another poor nation, even if our politicians and some extremists overestimate our ranks just because of few roads and development are done by Chinese or other investors.
    We must not overestimate our people s status comapring with Jews… weare far poor than JEWS or any other powerful folks on this EARTH.

    Let pinguthtarayas hidden behind SIVURU be rotten by their kind of racial hatreds, but never respect them albeit coming from ASGIRIYA… these kind of men, if called for riots, should be stoned to death not allowing them to be hidden in such temples.
    First they should protect buddhism ( non violence) then only they can ask others to behave well.
    Asgiriya or other so called HIGH chapter monks please wake up… dont make the world laugh just because you are so uneecuated by your public statements.

  • 6

    If a Muslim says stone to death ..it is right ..because it is in 4th century con.

    Ever heard what these Mowlavies preach on Fridays ( holy day for Catholic and Jews)?

    Stone to death …cuting head
    and juicy sex stories…of and old man and 8 years girl.

    Stone to death comedy is only mentioned in Isulam ..a sect created for uncivilized..Babarian Arabs.

    The doctor ..Musulim restaurants ..Musulim textiles owners are all innocent eh? All you are taking this country to a dangerous mode.

    Many western countries banned Musulim dress covering face ..
    Musulims live in America and Europe must follow their civil laws
    Not 4th century sharia comedy.

    FMG is a punishable offence in many western countries.

    Why no one bark ..?


    • 1

      Cholan – tobacco is bad for health. Your great grand dads collectively committed a crime when they watered those killer plants for a dime & a temp makeshift shelter in a better place called Seylan or Ceylon than their native. But they say Karma is a b1tch, see how it chases you & makes you a malignant narcissist. Still your wife with you? :-)

  • 13

    Democracy fails when the Government fails to speak up !!

  • 11

    Has the President, Prime Minister, Speaker or Leader of the Opposition Spoken ????

  • 4


    Please read “A sermon on stoning” by Sarath De Alwis which details the nuts and bolts of ‘Anusasana’ of the Most Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thera, Mahanayake of the Asgiriya Chapter.

    Even you could learn many things from his article.

    Pass it to your partners in Sinhala/Buddhist crimes of the fascists.

    • 1

      Native Vedda,

      Let’s start stoning selected Para-Sinhala Para-“Buddhist” Monks , a taste of their own medicine, and show how to test treat the Monks, to the low IQ imbecile Sinhala Buddhists , instead of prostration.

      SWRD prostrated to Monk Somarama, and the Monk shot him. Indeed these Para-Momks have turned the land into a cesspit, as the Veddah Chief says.

  • 5

    The Stoning of Soraya M in Iran, Stoning a 13-year-old Somali rape victim for ‘adultery’, Every year Saudi Arabia practice Sharia and kill more than 100 without sufficient evidence.
    Sadly no one speak against these corrupt bunch. It’s a known fact that Saudi are the main funding source for terrorism.
    Every religion can practice what they want only according to one Law. The government should give this in black and white.
    They should ban teachings children violence in school, Mosk, Church or Temple. Every religion should give the right of changing their religion.
    One nation under one Law.

  • 5

    Wonderful compassionate article written in Buddhist faith. But will that high moral expectation work with barbarians. This monk cannot be dealt by Buddha’s tradition but by today’s Islamic tradition. Buddha’s tradition will not make him to understand what Buddhism is. Only through Islamic method he may be made to understand Buddha’s teaching. Don’t they have any educational standards besides blindly memorising some stuff in Pali, to take over this position. If majority Buddhists are keeping quiet then how can they blame Muslims. What is the difference. Buddha wanted people to think, question, learn, and understand to be awakened. But these quiet guys are not Buddhists if they have no guts to speak up. If so then Sinhala Buddhism and Sinhala politics are the same. This betel chewing man should be taken to court for threatening the country’s future. I cannot see him in anyway different from terrorists. He is exploiting his position. Voiceless Buddhists and senseless clergy.

  • 2

    My dear Lankan it is on record and he must apologies and say sorry. He could go to a church and confess as he cannot be considered a Buddhist.

  • 6

    Biggest problem is Srilanka causing all short issues due to silence of moderates and well minded poeple. Please stand up and tall against all form of terrorism , extremism and racism .

  • 7

    Dr Wijewardena makes a brave attempt to sugar coat the vitriolic words of the Mahanayake. It is not alright for a simple citizen to harbour such divisive thoughts, it is unthinkable that a Buddhist primate will endorse the same in words. He should be censured by all right thinking people, and particularly by those in the Sangha. Ours is a country where over 70% profess Buddhism – if they truly lived by the Buddha’s teachings it would indeed be the paradise we all seek.

    Do not tolerate hate speech – if unchecked, it is the cancer that will destroy us all.

  • 6

    All this can be solved if politics and religion takes a divorce. Monk-hood is a state where one wants to dissociate from worldly pleasures to that of spiritual one. In Sri Lanka the monks want to have the cake and eat it as well. They want to have both, they want to give up worldly pleasures as well have it!

  • 2

    Who is going to fix Dr Wijewardena racism?

    He is characterizing the Animals:
    Rabbits (Muslims) are right always.
    Tiger (Tamils) are always suppressing the right ones.
    Lions (Sinhalese) provide the balanced justice.
    May I ask him, from which corner of the hell he has taken his new birth?
    He is calling this is an analysis of countries economic situation?
    May I ask for the link of the mythology or Panchatantra story has categorized animals like this?
    Labor is one of the productive mixes in the economic resources. When other resources show imbalance, it doesn’t hurt that much as the labor, because labor is a human issue. This was the reason Marx took a different path with labor than other economists. There is always a concern of excessive labor in all societies. Even the advanced democracy US, UK, France, Australia’ last election voting was based on immigrants stealing local’s jobs. Whether there is any correctness in that or not, but there is lot of concern is in Lankawe. One Million Tamil labors have been chased out of the country. Another one million is rented in Middle East. This is leaving the Brain Drain, the educated & skill class aside. Still there is there high unemployment; especially Tamil graduates are not able to find appointment because all Tamil vacancies are filled up by Muslims ministers. Tamils cannot talk about that. They would be arrested as terroirs LTTE rump. But Sinhalese are not going to fear to talk about Muslims ministers filling up Sinhala Vacancies. During Hakeem time, it is not just for Tamils, but even to Sinhalese was refused to give admission to Law College. These are facts and figures in numbers. So they climbed to roof of the Law College. Where was the Lion to issue the Sinhala Only Jury Balanced judgement?

    This is shameless analysis is showing the birth of a new racist. He is emerging to replace Laksiri Fernando.

    • 0

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

      • 1

        Lanka Perera

        Thanks for keeping it brief.
        Keep up your good work.

  • 2

    Dr Wijewardena
    I’d just like to repeat what I said when I saw this article in the Financial Times. Just as you include the now widely-circulated video of the Asgiriya prelate’s “call to arms”, I wish you had also provided the website, at least, of Ven. Galkande Dhammanande’s very different interview when you referred to him.

  • 0

    Dr Wijewardena has converted him to preacher’s economy, not for free economy. There is no real free economy in Muslim Countries. This includes Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan….Bangladesh is the only one seems to be the least one, control by Sharia the Economic policy. USE, Oman, Qatar, SA all have double standards, one for them, one for outsiders. Those countries investment in Lankawe is more dangerous than ISIS activity.

    Hezbollah University jugglery would never be diapered by any CID, FCID experts, leave alone the corrupted parliamentary, PSC. (It has already saved Rishard)

    Once a thief was seen on coconut tree while trying to steal coconut from a estate owner’s property.
    Owner: “hey who are you and what are you doing there”.
    Thief: “Climbing down Sir”
    Owner: “Why did you climb up on my tree?”
    Thief: “My calf is hungry; I wanted to cut some grass”
    Owner: “Who find the grass on a coconut tree? What are you talking?”
    Thief: “That is the reason I am climbing down, Sir, Of cause there is no grass up there” When he back on land, while the owner was wondering what type of a person he was to climbed a coconut tree to cut grass, the thief ran away before the owner catch him.
    Isn’t that what happened exactly Hezbollah done to PSC?
    Here we go:
    Hezbollah met his partners at their hotel in late night after 10 PM, when there was Curfew after 6:00PM. After all Hezbollah was the county’s one of the province’s Governor. When he asked why he did do that, he answered, there was curfew that is why he told them they could meet the next day. For Hezbollah, Rishard…… any time or any deal is free economy.

  • 4

    Any person, let it be a Buddhist Mahanayake, a Catholic Cardinal, a Hindu Priest or a Muslim Mullah makes a statement with a bias view of attacking another religious community then that person has to be taken before the court as the Constitution guarantees protection for all religions, and ethnic communities. There is no point in trying to sugar coat the statements made.

  • 3

    Dr. W.A Wijewardena

    “I believe that he has mostly been misunderstood by his critics as well as his followers”
    There is NO misunderstanding. He said what he said. that is crystal clear. It is he who brought disrepute to the Sangha and NOT those who comment here. You are trying to imitate an ostrich when you try to give a different meaning, as it is clearly recorded on video and has gone viral. Monk is a fool to say such things in front of the camera.

    Before it gets worse best damage control exercise would be to accept what he said without denying. Sangha should release a statement WITHOUT DELAY to the Muslim community apologizing for the un-Buddhistic statements made by this monk. Then take action against the monk, am sorry he should be disrobed. The silence of the Sangha is tantamount to agreeing with the monk’s statement. This is what happens when you have the wrong people in such high places!

    Then the next step is to prevent a repetition of such things happening again in the future. This is what happens when religion gets mixed with politics. Monks activity should be limited to the Vihara and cannot get involved in politic. If so is a sure recipe for disaster. Sangha must set strict rules of conduct for the monks and resist all temptations being ‘bribed’ by politicians due to the strong influence the monks have with the common man.

    • 0

      Thank you Dr Wijewardena for initiating this discussion. The repercussions and the effect that statements like these bear on framing or changing the mindset of the citizenry, specifically, in this instance on the average person on the street is precarious. I share the experience of the writer reference the three wheeler drivers. My protests and caution seemed weak and fell on deaf ears when my regular three wheeler guys insisted that we should pull them out of their houses and stone them to death. “They” should be taught a good lesson as the Saadu said was their cry. Imagine the confused minds and thinking that these guys will carry with them to their homes, wives and children and the anger and hatred that will snow ball within their homes and spill over to their neighborhood..
      The mainstream media must invite spiritual leaders like the Ven. Galkande Dhammanande to counter the negative impact created by this situation.

  • 1

    It seems there is a rush to follow Gnanasara band wagon of ‘patriotic Sinhala Buddhists’ by racist Buddhist clergy who doesn’t have any knowledge of real Buddhist philosophy other than preaching rubbish at ‘bana’ sermons. It’s time intellectuals & educated people like Mr Wijewardena called a spade a spade without trying to excuse or white wash stupid statements made in public, contrary to Buddhist teachings, which is not only disgracing the religion but should be punishable by law as well for spreading hatred. It’s time Buddhist monks stopped getting involved in politics & concentrate on their sole objective of providing spiritual guidance to those in need. If they are so patriotic minded, they can do their patriotic duty after leaving robes not while in robes.

    Buddhist monks in SL have a lot to learn from foreign monks who lead a simple life, dedicated to Buddhism. I regularly visit a Buddhist monastery near my home in UK & what a contrast these monks are compared to racist & illiterate monks we have in SL.

  • 1

    What do you expect from SL Buddhism, the nikaya Buddhism, not the Sidhartha Buddhism. Recently in the UNESCO event, this nikaya monks were sitting on higher chairs arranged by the citizenry and neither the other monks or the citizenry made a stand for righteousness over discrimination. Division of the sanga is on of the five major sins that can be committed by a ‘Buddhist’; Sidhartha Gauthama.
    Children from humble backgrounds are ordained in this temple and they grow up to be swollen headed, forgetting their own background. Getting mislead is the culture. As Buddhism gets more popular worldwide, the nikaya buddism of SL is in for some ridicule and the talibanization into worse.

  • 0

    Recently the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka foolishly stepped into the ‘tragedy’ that was….. His opinion was unbecoming, provocative, abhorrent and has shamed ALL Lankans.
    Here is this Dr W A Wijewardena calling it “a controversial public pronouncement”.
    Calling it just “controversial” is just being overly mild.
    W A W believes that the Prelate has {“mostly been misunderstood by his critics as well as his followers”}.
    Speak for yourself W A W. You are pretending to misunderstand. What a “follower”!
    W A W follows it up with {“The Venerable Thero, in his wisdom, had diagnosed a gloomy future for the Sinhalese Buddhists in the country and come up with two prescriptions as the solution…”}.
    W A W says “….Thero, in his wisdom….”. That is an ‘infinitely unwise’ rating.
    “…gloomy future for the Sinhalese Buddhists…” will be from BBS-Buddhism.
    The “two prescriptions” as told to W A W by his hairdresser and tuk-tuk drivers. Pathetic.
    The rest of the article is concentrated argy bargy animal stories.
    Are you looking for a job Dr W A W?

  • 1

    He did this so that his malfunctioning testicles could be scratched by Mara and Pissu Sira when Mara comes into power.

  • 0

    By W A Wijewardena –

    “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people”. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    You should have written what you wrote with a pseudonym. With all your education, you do not have the courage to call a spade a spade. Watch the video and this man did say in no unclear terms to boycott Muslim shops and stoning them.

  • 0

    According to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, the rightful citizens are the Ar ya Buddhist Sinhalese and the highest Dignitary, higher than the Executive President and Commander of all Forces , has expressed the concerns of His Holiness regarding the safety of a constitutionally safeguarded Sinhalese Buddhists.

    There is a message for the re-entry of White Van Cabal.

  • 2

    “……News was out last week that the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka had made a controversial public pronouncement. I believe that he has mostly been misunderstood by his critics as well as his followers……
    …….The Chief Prelate had not said that it was only the Muslims that should be punished. He had said that if it had been committed by a Sinhalese physician, he deserved to be cut into pieces. This part of his speech had been missed by his critics as well as his fans:….”

    There is no need to cover up by saying that the Ven. Thero has been misunderstood due to some parts of his speech being missed or omitted in the media report. The Buddhist philosophy, which I follow, does not permit Monks to recommend or even to suggest corporal punishment.

  • 0

    The tongue spoke when the mouth refused to say it – that is what it is all about

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