9 December, 2022


Sirisena In Election Mania Mode, Says 19A Must Be Abolished

President Sirisena has entered election mania, full on; despite being a party that actively endorsed and sponsored the implementation of 19th Amendment,he now says it dragged the country into political instability and called for it to be abolished.


Speaking an event at the BMICH Sirisena told media while 18th Amendment was full of dictatorial ambitions, the 19A dragged the country into complete political instability.

He says if 19A wasn’t implemented, the past four years would have been more fruitful and victorious for the government.

He adds what appears to be a personality issue is in fact a Constitutional crisis.

“Lot of people think PM and I are engaged in a tug of war but the truth is it’s a situation created by 19A,” Sirisena says adding 19A has also created a situation that has left a vacuum for a singular, overarching authority.

Sirisena also states the ‘post-mortem’ for the present government will be issued at the upcoming polls and calls for 18A and 19A to be abolished.

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    There is no doubt that Sirisena is not in a sound mind to do his job. His past actions clearly indicate this. Now we are well aware of his true colors and mindset. Before he does any more disasters to this country, he should be impeached immediately.

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    19A was passed in the belief that Sirisena would abolish the Executive Presidency,which he promised to do and vowed to be a one term president. Had he done this, there would not be the two centres of power he decries! He has failed and cannot be trusted. After all he cared so much for the country, that it took him 24 hours to return from Singapore after the Easter Sunday carnage!! He now weeps on how evil the effects of the 18A and 19A are on the country – not on him!!

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    A puppet on strings cannot walk or dance properly and how can we demand it to walk, sing and dance to the notes ?

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    JVP has forget their “socialist revolution” while denied that now advocating for 20th Amendment of Republic constitution for most betterment of People of majority citizens of Sri lankan?
    Under Dissanayake of Anura one and only leader of JVP , which that JVP neither “revolution of Socialism” nor “democracy” by in deeds been assure GUN rule politics point of that in last 54 years since 1965 May.
    Current JVP has turn to Constitutional political a outfit. Having access to UNP leaders by hot line; that JVP support of that remain in power of govt led by Wickrasingh of R….for several years.

    After lost of hundred thousands of live of youth of Island in TWO major rebels in 1971 April and 1988/89/90 by insurrections of JVP. We could not understand, how is that 20th Amendment give an immediate solution for ongoing crisis s to resolve by JVP proposal?
    JVP has to explain to this model of that 20th stunt which type of politics that reflected view of public.
    By promptly according to MS said that 19th A….has been created chaos and uncertainties of nation leads to split the nation, hence at lastly turn to USA colonial an inviting US Military troops by ACCS and SOFA?

    The US intervention has been penetrated that through an Island by 1 Millennium Corporation,
    2 Kadiragaman Foundation of AVAKADO and 3 Fundamental Studies are key US tools of forcefully interfer of internal affairs our country by State Department of USA .

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