29 May, 2023


Britain’s Church And State Should Divorce

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Good on David Cameron – not words I’m accustomed to writing – for kickstarting a debate that needs to be had. A prime minister publicly talking about his faith will inevitably be met by an avalanche of cynicism, provoking reactions ranging from passive eye-rolls to full-on rants at the radio. But I’m sure his Church Times piece (republished in the Guardian) was not intended as a last word, and in that spirit, let me respond: for the good of believers and heathen alike, it’s time for church and state to divorce.

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British Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron

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    You should learn from the Rajapakses , get a Gnanasra.

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    Now Cameron has admitted it and stated it officially. Of course there was no doubt of it, but since many aspects of the British system work with “unwritten” laws, it is good to have this statement.

    But Britain has 59% Christians, and many of these people go to church only for a baptism or a marriage.

    Britain does not give a holiday on the Buddha’s Birthday. But in Sri Lanka, with 3/4 of the people Buddhist, and only about 7% total Christians. And yet, ALL christian holidays, Christmas, Easter, good friday etc., are declared as holidays.

    The Hindus have NO designated religious holidays in Britain.

    The situation is no different in the USA.

    And yet, the UK prime minister has stated that Sri Lanka is unfair to “minority religions”!!!!!!!!!

    I believe that the excessive holidays given to Abrahamic religions in Sri Lanka is a colonial aberration hat has to be corrected. Only one day, relating to the founders birthday, needs to be celebrated nationally. The believers can take a day off they they wish.

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      Narrow minded baboon Britain has more bank holidays than
      any faith or all put together that it rejoices in multiracial.

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    Dear Owen Jones,

    RE: Britain’s Church And State Should Divorce

    They say, better late than never.

    1, This was figured out in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in America. So they had separation of Church and State,

    2. The French followed after the Americans,

    3, The Turks followed after the French.

    4. Many others followed.

    Yes, it is time to move on and

    Separate Britain’s Church And State.

    Sri Lanka needs to do that too!

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    No this is right.

    Saudi is a Muslim country.
    UK is a Christian country.
    Hindia will be a Hindu extremist country.
    SL should be a Buddhist country.

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      Fathima Fukushima, Jim Softy, Lorenzo and Avatars,

      “Saudi is a Muslim country. UK is a Christian country. Hindia will be a Hindu extremist country. SL should be a Buddhist country.”

      But nobody delivers on their promises.
      1. No Rebirth and No Recycling of the Soul

      2. No Eternal Heaven or Hell.

      All. for keeping the Hegemony of the Monks, Priests and Mullahs, and fleece the populace.

      In Sri Lanka they follow Monk Mahanama Maraism.

      In Saudi Arabia, they follow Wahhabi Satanism or Shaitanism, and fleece the populace.

      The both cases, the politicians use this to their advantage,

      Sinhalaya Modaya…Kavun Kanna Yodaya and Pachha Ahanna Buruwa.

      Arabia Modaya..Indhi Kanna Yodaya and Pachha Ahanna Buruwa.

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