30 June, 2022


BTF Expresses Disappointment Over OISL Deferral

British Tamils Forum (BTF) has expressed their deep disappointment and anguish on the deferral of the OISL report by another six months, pointing out it has eroded the credibility of the UNHRC in the eyes of the victims.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

They have pointed out in a statement that despite the High Commissioner’s justification of the deferral stating that there is a possibility for ‘new important information’ to emerge, legal sources families with the evidence already collected have indicated that there is enough hard evidence to prosecute the perpetrators.

The BTF has also requested the HC to reveal the commitments that have been made by the new GoSL that he refers to in his letter to the Council in requesting the deferral, and also to clarify how they would facilitate the emergence of new information.

“We also wish to know what measures have been considered to protect the sources of this new information from the Sri Lankan state,” the BTF has stated pointing out the very same military that threatened victims who sought justice during the former HC’s visit is still in control of the war affected areas.

The BTF has further stated that considering the statements made by the government spokes persons and the external affairs minister against the implementation of an international investigation and would only support a domestic probe into a few incidents; it is difficult to see how the HC arrived at the conclusion that there is a change of context in Sri Lanka.

We publish below the statement in full:

Tamil People Bitterly Disappointed and Betrayed by Deferral of Key UNHRC Report on Sri Lanka Conflict

British Tamils Forum shares the deep disappointment and anguish felt by Tamil people across the world on learning that the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) report, scheduled to be released in March 2015, will be deferred by another six months.

Tamil Diaspora organisations and Tamil parties in the island of Sri Lanka and India, together representing Tamil people across the world, have repeatedly requested that this long awaited report be released in March 2015 as mandated. The victims and the witnesses of this genocide have already waited far too long.

In his explanation for this unprecedented move, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, states that there are “strong arguments for deferring the report’s consideration a bit longer, given the changing context in Sri Lanka, and the possibility that important new information may emerge which will strengthen the report.” However, legal sources familiar with the evidence already collected have indicated that there is enough hard evidence to prosecute the perpetrators. The High Commissioner further states, “I have received clear commitments from the new Government of Sri Lanka indicating it is prepared to cooperate with my Office on a whole range of important human rights issues – which the previous Government had absolutely refused to do – and I need to engage with them to ensure those commitments translate into reality.” We, as victims, too have a right to know what these commitments are and how these will facilitate the emergence of new information.

We also wish to know what measures have been considered to protect the sources of this new information from the Sri Lankan state. The same military that threatened victims who sought justice from the previous High Commissioner during her visit is occupying, and is very much in control of, the North and East of Sri Lanka. Jeyakumari Balendran, the mother who sought help from the previous High Commissioner to find her missing son, is still in a Sri Lankan prison on trumped-up charges, and the sister who pleaded to be reunited with her brother is now separated from her mother too. Tamil victims have not seen any change in their plight in the island of Sri Lanka. The Tamil people do not see any change in the nature of the Sri Lankan state.

The High Commissioner goes on to rightly state, “I am acutely aware that many victims of human rights violations in Sri Lanka, including those who have bravely come forward to provide information to the inquiry team, might see this as the first step towards shelving, or diluting, a report they have long feared they would never see. I fully understand those fears and deep anxieties, given the history of failed or obstructed domestic human rights inquiries in Sri Lanka, and the importance of this international investigation being carried out by my team at the UN Human Rights Office.”

Sri Lanka’s Foreign minister and Sri Lankan Government spokespersons have already publicly stated that they will not allow an international investigation and will only set up a domestic probe into a few “incidents”. Given this explicit position of the Sri Lankan state it is difficult to see how the High Commissioner arrived at the conclusion that there is a ‘change in context’ in Sri Lanka. It would be a great betrayal of trust by the UNHRC if the report is never released, diluted or transferred to a domestic inquiry.

The deferral of this report without any consultation with the victims has already eroded the credibility of UNHRC in the eyes of the victims. The UN has belatedly acknowledged that it failed to protect the Tamil people from the massacre in Mullivaikkal; it is once again failing the Tamil people by delaying justice.

British Tamils Forum, on behalf of the Tamil people, appeals to the High Commissioner to review his position, release the report as originally scheduled and restore Tamil people’s faith in the UN system.

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  • 7

    British Tamils Forum (BTF)

    British Tamils Mootal Forum (BTMF) comprised of Tamil Mootalsமுட்டல்ல்ஸ்.

    The Tamils with Common sense are not with BTF aka BTMFமுட்டல்ல்ஸ்.

    They are Britishமுட்டல்ல்ஸ், Not sri Lankan.

    • 16

      “Je pense, donc je suis” (“I think, therefore I am”),
      The Discourse on the Method is René Descartes.

      The scumbag douchbag, south African should first resign –
      from dog pond race forest.

      it’s democracy that he is trampling- He is a looser.

      BTF is a joke a formation of Jaguar Tiger corner shops that are shutting down.

      Its all a new chapter. Terrorism is profitable but gratitude is expensive.

  • 3

    The delay at UN is nothing but routine. UN does not operate to our norms and procedures. Tamils should not be overly concerned about the methods of operation of UN. If we had expected otherwise, that is a reflection of our foolishness.

    The delay is neither in favour of the government of Sri Lanka, nor against the interests of Tamils. It is in favour of UN. It is a step that reflects that UN wishes to appear neutral. Neutral they will be.

    The delay is the move of Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein to forestall unwarranted criticism when its Report is released.

    Is there a possibility for ‘new important information’, BTF is asking. What makes BTF rule out such possibility, I would like to ask.

    BTF and other fronts may mean well, but they have not earned the right to represent Tamil opinion. If at all there is any body that could claim so, it is the TNA. BTF does not speak for Tamils; they speak for themselves.

    The Report has not been shelved; the release of the report has been only postponed. When it is released it would have more effect. Six months is not a long wait. Patience is a virtue, considering that we have no other succour.

    • 4


      Most of what you say is true.

      However in September there is a good chance that the MARA Clan will hold sway in the Sri Lankan parliament. If that should happen we might as well give up all hope at reconciliation – if reconciliation is the aim.

      It would have been better if the report was released now and Rajpakasa brothers are issued with international arrest warrants. That would have served the cause of reconciliation much better and ensure better government accountability for the people of Sri Lanka in the future.

      • 1

        Thank you, BBS Rep.

        The report of UNHRC is just a preliminary step. UNHRC has no power to issue warrants. That power rests with UN Security Council.

        That stage comes up only if UNHRC determines that there is credible evidence to refer the matter to UN Security Council. So, the wait is certain to be there.

    • 3

      Some are relevant; some are accurate. After all, BTF’s concern is valid.

      For a small statement of one like this, BTF, rather than going for full explanation is passing only clues, why is it raising that. So the answers to few questions have to be fished in their statement.

      Unlike Lankan Royal Governments, UN is an organization which has obligation to maintain its neutrality and exhibit it clearly to the parties in conflict to maintain the trust and confidence. Instead of that UN wants to show that it has nothing to blame on the New or Old Royal Government, but only on LTTE. This is how it plans to help the New Royal Government to win the election. UN was in Lanka when the 2007 war was started. Peoples have been moving with LTTE. UN employees, who were providing the humanitarian aid to the people, too have been moving. But, UN and its employees left in the middle of the war. After the war, UN is blaming of LTTE using the people as human Shield. It is obvious, in 2007, the UN should have forced the government to step aside, bring in superior resources and fight out the LTTE, if they wanted to wipe LTTE in the name of protecting Tamils, without people were hurt. They should not have left the war in favor of the government and come back and blame LTTE. They did not recognize the LTTE, so had something only with the Tamils and Old Royal Government. UN employees, like Gordon Wise, are pointing their hands more UN rather than on Royal Government or LTTE. UN, after the internal Investigation, contended that there were serious violations and flaws in handling the war and the protection of Tamils. UN SG said he had learned from Sri Lanka war and have had UN rectified these mistakes. It is not sure how UN has improved in common people’s security. UN still is coming out with lame duck excuse of Sri Lanka’s sovereignty (Sri Lanka does not mind its sovereignty when it allowed to build and occupy islands in Lanka. But only if the UN investigates the Genocide, it is bellowing loud that its sovereignty is being violated). So Tamils lacks faith in UN, but not Sinhalese because Mangala, Jeyatha Dhanapala, Dhayan …are able to get done what they want. UN has not proved yet it is not biased toward Sinhalese and not leaning against Tamils, by holding on to excuses. After 6 years of the end of the war, UN still is leaving not implemented the promise the government to SG when he visited to Lanka.

      UN is delaying the report to seat the New Gang to the parliament rather than obtaining new information. BTF is clearly demonstrating it through its questions as expecting answers. But it is obvious UN does not have answers for those questions.

      In this specific case, New Royal Government expressed its willingness to win the next election and have asked UN’s collaboration to that. It is not issue for the UN to participate with the New Royal Government. New or the Old Royal governments’ existence is less interesting to Tamils. After all, New Government’s election promise is not prosecute any leaders, commanders, and soldiers who were involved in the war. Here, if the UN collaborates with the New Government to win the election, UN is honoring the promise the New Government gave on the last election. Without any denial, in the next election, the New Royal Government will be coming with more promises against the investigation, rather than cooperating with UN. Further UN should not support a particular people to capture the government. It will not be a stable government. (For the past 66 years, Stable governments were anti-Tamil governments. (So UN should have asked the New Royal Government, if it has to delay, it must provide another constructive reason.

      Mangala is the only witness for having paid money to LTTE. In other words, Mangala is the chief culprit, demonstrating Old Royal Government’s intention either to work with LTTE or if not, he is a con-artist who gave money to LTTE and cheated it and destroyed by criminal methods. When Mangala is in UN, UN voluntarily trusting him is showing, UN either making a big blunder or joining the hand with culprits.

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    We all have heard about suspects being bailed pending investigation . This is normal in any country and in any jurisdiction. if there is possibility that current information may change then the case must be postponed. This an international norm . I think Tamil leadership is looking at it emotional rather than an judicial issue. UNHRC chief clearly stated this in his statement I quote “He said that there are good arguments for sticking to the original timetable, and there are also strong arguments for deferring the report’s consideration a bit longer, given the changing context in Sri Lanka, and the possibility that important new information may emerge which will strengthen the report.” I have written a tamil article along this line it can be found [Edited out]

  • 1

    well well well GTF did not respond….that says something

    • 6

      What is it saying?


      The following organizations endorsed this joint letter to High Commissioner Zeid:
      1) Australian Tamil Congress (ATC) Reginald Jeganathan, Chairman
      2) British Tamil Conservatives (BTC) Dr. Arjuna Sivanathan, President
      3) British Tamil Forum (BTF) V. Ravi Kumar, General Secretary
      4) Centre for War Victims and Human Rights (Canada) Anton Philip, Chairman
      5) Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (USA) Naanjil Peter, President
      6) Global Tamil Forum (GTF) Dr. Rev. S.J. Emmanuel, President
      7) Ilankai Tamil Sangam (ITS, USA) Dr. Rajaram Kandasamy, President
      8) New Zealand Tamil Society (NZTS) Dr. Siva Vasanthan, President
      9) People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (USA) Tasha Manoranjan, JD, Executive Director
      10) South African Tamil Federation Karthigasen Moothsamy, President
      11) Swedish Tamil Forum (STF) G. Jeganmohan, President
      12) Tamils Against Genocide (TAG, UK/USA) Janani Jananayagam, Director
      13) Tamils For Labour (United Kingdom) Sen Kandiah, Chairman
      14) United States Tamil Political Action Council Dr. Karunyan Arulanantham, President
      15) World Thamil Organization (WTO, USA) Thillai Kumaran, President

      • 9

        No one wants war in their name.
        Jaguar Tiger million is like the banking fiasco of the west??
        “”The re-mandate of Vaddukkoaddai(panchayat of Village JT) Resolution was carried out in 10 countries, Norway, France, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Australia. More than 210,000 people voted in the polls in these countries alone.

        “This is the popular mandate of all our diaspora organizations, be it elected or non-elected,” he said.

        “It is a significant number, especially when you compare it with the number of people who had voted for the TNA in 2004 polls in the homeland, which stands at 233,000” Dr. Kandiah told TamilNet.

        I beg to differ,” said Professor John P. Neelson, while addressing Eezham Tamils rallying at Geneva on Monday. Talking on the past experience of Tamils trusting Western Establishments, Neelson said that instead of siding with the victims of State Terrorism, they [the West] sided with the perpetrators. Criminalisation of your struggle in favour of Sri Lanka was to intimidate you. Don’t be intimidated, Neelson said besides warning Tamils against trusting the ruling elites of the West too much. He emphasized on seeing more white people of Europe associated with the Eezham struggle and

        “Stressed on the point that

        “India remains the most important power that will determine what happens in Sri Lanka.”
        It’s how you play the game with Shanker now in US due in fall of leaves.
        The present woman with her struggling German accent is a RAW cheat of SARC.

  • 2

    Can the fifteen organisations listed above, go back to Jaffna and fight for our rights from there.
    The UN report whenever released will be a huge pile of paper and will be followed by no action?

    • 4

      They are NOT allowed to come.

    • 12

      “and fight for our rights from there.”

      that is how they always were-
      Parripu control freeks- preek preek preeeek- paripu.

      They like it Cosey Corner- terrorism is profitable!!
      Gratitude rarely comes because it’s expensive.

      They invited Sushima, Vaiko and what happened is sweet history

      ((Vaiko lost his lungi and Shusi had her way all the way to become foreign minister and her buddy (student days of strike at lady shri ram new delhi for girls only) RAW daughter `Idler` became sec. citing seniority- old raspberry tarts.Phew!! ))

      of the Hindian rope trick which needs understanding not repulsion because of stupidity.It’s in full Hindian Orbit (Amma has no voice) and you have to beg because Who murdered Rajive?? It runs deep down the vein. Nehru always wanted Lanka its security maritime- under belly- JT’s can never be trusted to care for whole Hindia.

      Be realistic by respecting neighbours then you know where you stand then decide what to do.

      Here is ones imagination: :: what Jesus would do in a situation……

      One evening a priest was sitting on a pew at the front of his church, quietly praying to the Lord.

      A hot blonde suddenly came in and the priest asked her,
      “what can I do for you, my child?”

      The blonde immediately jumped on him starting writhing her body over his and said, “I want you now! Take me!”

      “I beg your pardon?” the priest exclaimed, trying to stop the onslaught.

      “F*ck me now,” she said, “f*ck me hard up the ar*e!”

      The priest by now was sweating and trembling at the sight of the blonde lifting up her blouse revealing a pair of perfect breasts.

      “But, my child, you are in the house of the Lord!”
      the priest desperately replied. “I don’t care,
      take this horny virgin now you sexy son of a bitch!”
      the blonde exclaimed finally.

      The priest, now shaking, sweating terribly and feeling himself starting to become erect, turned towards the front of the church and, looking up to the Lord, he cried “Jesus Christ, help me – what should I do?”

      ☻/ “
      / \ 

  • 4

    It is absolutely right and proper that BTF has articulated what many Tamil people are talking about in private. In order to ensure that the HC keeps to his commitment to release the report by September, the feelings of the Tamil people has to be made known to him.

  • 0

    boo hoo!
    we will all drown in our tears because this proxy terrorist organisation is disappointed.
    boo hoo
    cant stop crying!

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