18 August, 2022


Buddhist Monk Spreads Anti-Muslim Venom Amid Social Media Ban

Even though the Sri Lankan government has banned social media, Islamophobes are still spreading anti-Muslim venom on various social media platforms, Colombo Telegraph observed.

For instance a Buddhist monk called Budhdha Rakkhitha has yesterday uploaded the following video clip on his Facebook page and threatened Muslims again. The racist video clip, full of anti-Muslim rhetoric, is currently going viral in certain social media circles.

On 7th March, the Government has moved to clamp down on social media, presumably as a measure to curb rumor-mongering following the inter-communal clashes in the Kandy District.

President Maithripala Sirisena has directed the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to enforce this block for three days.

Accordingly, Facebook access has been withdrawn while group chats in Whatsapp have been blocked. Video and audio messages cannot be sent on Whatsapp.

Meanwhile a 14-day detention order on the 10 suspects arrested on charges of inciting violence in Kandy, had been issued using emergency regulations that are in place at present.

The detention order was issued by the DIG of the Terrorist Investigation Division (TID). The suspects were brought to Colombo for questioning, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekera told media. The curfew would be re-imposed in the Kandy District except in the Kandy Municipality areas from 8 p.m today till 5 a.m. tomorrow. So far no monk has been arrested, Colombo Telegraph learns.

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  • 16

    May Peace and blessing be upon all beings
    Is there any truth that certain Islamic countries are pumping large amounts of funds
    to promote radical Islam in our great country ?

    To be honest , all religions have become the cause of bloodshed instead of being the source of the well being of humanity it has become the worst enemy of humanity..

    I really wish for two things ,one wish I was younger, & thee other is if I could find a nation where Religion is a personal matter .

    I wish even at my age I wont be hunted like an animal because of my race and faith ,. like what we saw few days ago .

    I wish I could find to a Country where I will not be hunted by my own community of Muslims because I want to serve God the way I want to and feel joyful,right and serene deep in my conscience ,even if the 2 billion Muslims less one (Myself) ,brand me as a non Muslim ,am okay with it ,even if they discard me as an apostate its okay with me ,If God can wait till judgement day to judge me am okay with that as long as People do not try take his place to judge me .

    Wish I can find a country that will not hunt me like an animal only because I bear an Arabic name ,because I believe in God of my choice,that I feel is true , because I believe in a divine book of my choice ,because I choose to pray in my own home and hear my prayers in my home , I wish I can find a country that has zero tolerance to narcissist who uses their superstitions to demonize me for their misfortunes caused by their own stupidity .

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    To date I have not heard or seen any news from the Police, Army or the Government Ministers (Justice – Law & Order) that Buddhist Monks and SLFP MPs who promoted the racial riots have been taken into custody. Only thing we have heard is that the poor uneducated who just got carried away because of these thug leaders have been locked up. Lets wait and see how the new Law and Order Minister and Justice Ministers are going to handle this issue. May be the President has asked them not to take action.

    • 2

      You are right. Why are they complacent when it come to arresting Safron wearing thugs?

  • 2

    The Bo-tree is a symbol of enlightenment.
    There is this photo of an unkempt monk standing in front of a tree.
    What tree is it? That is where the Devil lives!

  • 11

    Why is this man not arrested so far? Can the Prime minister and President answer this question?
    This Idiot in Robes doesn’t realise 75% of the population in this country are Singhalese which is 15 million and only 2million or 10% are Muslims. There is no way the lesser number can oust the majority.
    The Muslims have been here since 700AD which is 1300 years ago and they too belong to this country. They are not any new comers or invaders. Possibly of the 15 million Singhalese a good number might have settled here much later than the Muslims. The language we speak and the faith we adopt are just labels that are transient according to needs and Times. Even Gautama Buddha preached this truth!
    Why do morons like this man in robes try to confuse gullible people?

  • 6

    After preaching violence and hatred the guy says “SIYALU DENAATAMA theruvan saranai”, at the end…… :) :) :)

  • 5

    He seems to be the soul of hatred and evil. I wonder how he goes to sleep at night.

  • 1

    Government (both present and previous)attempting to put the blame on people got involved in these few recent incidents, but its not true ,grudges were simmering inside due to governments inability take actions on deforestation @ wilpattu and not taking action for provide bloody halal foods to non-Muslims, these topics ignored by the government for Muslim votes, so government should take the responsibility of initiating present situation not to apply the law of the land then and there

  • 3

    Hearing this robed person speaking I feel very sorry for our so called Buddhists in this country.They actually are not aware what Buddha had preached. True Buddhism does not tolerate this kind of hate speeches specially from a Buddhist monk.They must out rightly reject this kind of uttering and must start to learn true Buddhism once again.

  • 6

    I had wished never to comment anymore on CT but I just would Like to windup with these few words only if CT as usually be kind enough to let me

    I am sad to accept reality after this last incident , I say this with very deep hurt ,never ever will Sri Lanka be the same ever again .at-least not for me.

    All hopes are lost ,nothing is ever going to change .

    There are Three people of who. Two are dead and one living ,who have to bear the responsibly for soaking this beautiful country with blood ,one is Rohana Wijeweera ,thee other is Prabakan and the one still a live and is preparing to continue from where was stopped again in 2020 ,I do not wish to mince my words its Mr.Mahida Rajaoajshe , he notbonly soaked tge soil with blood ,he also programmed the minds of all most all good Sinhalese abd Extremist with Toxic ideas & permanently changed this beloved Island once known as Isle of Smiles to frowns of arrogance , only to hold onto power ,he is only coming back to get equal ,unless a super natural power stops him, for most people its not Religion that is opium ,Its The Rajapakeshes

    Believe it or not The very hands that vote them back ,will regret so much that they will want to kill themselves with that very hand they voted with CT please archive this and republish when it happens ,the whole Island may bleed ,God forbid

    I say The entire Rajapakshe family , and his entire political team were the real masterminds behind this whole destruction. One look the women who assaulted the bus driver ,even thugs are afraid to touch them &the bus Union only became like rats hiding with fear,no strike ,no protest

    That’s how people fear Mahibda ,even though he in opposition
    Just imagine when he is back in power !

  • 1

    hatred is not fit to Buddhist monk, but remember we have to share this land and sky above with Muslims and others,but you can consult your laymen and women, if its Muslims there economy based on business with non-Muslims, if you think they are demanding what you are ready to provide ,then stop dealings with them, or no dealings at all,its very simple and peaceful ,no body going to force you and your beleivers

  • 0

    Our Nation has lost all her beauty, dignity and decorum. God Save My Country for the next generation.
    Our generation is getting ready to enter the grave.

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