17 April, 2024


Buddhists In Western Burma Have Killed At Least Nine Muslims

By BBC News Asia –

Buddhist residents in western Burma have killed at least nine Muslims as sectarian tension worsens in the region, police say.

Reports say a crowd attacked a bus in Rakhine province after blaming some of the passengers for the gang rape and murder of a Buddhist woman.

At least 10 people were injured when police fired rubber bullets on protesters in Sittwe

In another incident, at least 10 people were injured in the state capital Sittwe when police broke up a protest.

It is the worst violence to hit the province in recent months.

Sectarian and ethnic tension persists in the country despite a new, supposedly tolerant climate introduced by the civilian-led government which came into power 15 months ago.

Mob attack

The bus attack took place near the town of Taungup in Rakhine province, which borders Bangladesh, on Sunday evening, police and residents said.

It was thought to be carried out by mostly Buddhist ethnic Rakhine people.

“More than 100 people beat and killed those people,” a resident told AFP news agency. “The residents even torched the bus.”

The reason for the attack is unclear, but some residents say it was a revenge attack following the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl in another part of the province last month.


But the Burmese Muslim Association said most of those killed were Muslims visiting a mosque from central Burma.

That account was corroborated by unnamed residents quoted by Reuters news agency, who said those killed were not from the area.

No arrests have been made. A police investigation is under way.

In another, apparently unrelated incident at least 10 people were injured after police fired rubber bullets at a mob who attacked their police station in Sittwe, reports said.

A 13-year-old protester was among those injured, witnesses said.

There were contradictory reports about what triggered the protest, but some accounts suggested anti-Muslim sentiment could have played a part.

Rakhine is home to Burma’s largest concentration of Muslims, including much-persecuted Rohingya Muslims, and their presence is often deeply resented by the majority Buddhist population.

In a joint statement quoted by Reuters, eight Rohingya rights groups based outside Burma condemned the attack on the Muslims on the bus, whom they termed “Muslim pilgrims”.

Although it appears those on the bus were not Rohingyas, the groups said the attack followed months of anti-Rohingya propaganda stirred up by “extremists and xenophobes”.

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    Since decades we, the Tamils from Sri Lanka, faced this kind of persecution. In 1958 riots Tamil civilians, Hindu priests and their supporters were killed in public during daytime.

    There were no civil courage to stop this pursuit. The perpetrator was Mr SWRD Bandaranayake, who was educated in Oxford or Cambridge.

    In Matara, southern part of Sri Lanka, sinhalese extreamists, brought a Hindu priest to a junction and put his whole body in a boiling teer barrel. This was in 1958

    There were not even a single Tamil used a knife to protect his life

    We faced the Buddhism in this manner in Sri Lanka. The most people think Buddhism is harmless and Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are arrogant.

    We misuse the religions, In the name of religions we kill people

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    Do not attach unrelated topics to sideline the main story. In Sri Lanka British used the Tamils brought in South India as buffers to suppress the Sinhales. 85% of Government jobs were taken by less than 15% Tamils! Those days Tamils did not speak up about the discrimination of the Majority Sinhalese. After Independence game change as well as the rule. Proportionate system introduces to enter in to the state universities” only few” after the merit system “all the bright student could enter in to the Uni via the Merit system” which is fair system. Much, much better than the Malaysian “Bhumiputhra system”
    Where ever Tamils go they ask for more & more right but no commitment or respect for the state or their duties & responsibilities. When LTTE used the civilian as a human shield no one in the Diaspora opens their mouth to voice against the vicious cruelty but let them die & cry out for war crime!
    Nothing is perfect but in Sri Lanka Tamils have more freedom & opportunity than in Tamilnadu?
    Those keyboard worriers should think about creating ethnic harmony & peace rather creating division for petty reasons like acquiring asylum in the UK, Canada or Australia. We do not need you in our country we people who respect the law & order not hate speeches. LTTE tried to over run the Government but got beaten so move on.
    Live & let live.

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