21 June, 2024


Rajapksa In Diamond Jubilee: Support Demonstrations And Protest Demonstrations

By Colombo Telegraph –

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa  Arrived in London Monday (04) to attend the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II. Two Sri Lankan children and Sri Lankan High Commissioner in UK, Dr. Chris Nonis along with his staff welcomed President  at the Heathrow International Airport in London. Tamil activists protested outside the Hotel Hilton from 1pm and Sinhala supporters also conducted a demonstration supporting President Rajapaksa outside the hotel.

Mahinda Rajapaksa Arrived in London

Protest outside the Hotel Hilton

LTTE Flag outside the Hotel Hilton

Pro- Rajapaksa demonstration



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      You are showing your colours with real terrosist nature.

      As somebody indicated in different forum, it is high time for Seeya to collect some good merits befor Seeiya kiss the dust. Otherwise you are heading towards the hell as your beloved blood sucking terra leader VP.

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      reason for protest:” no more asylum “

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    pls read this.. this is reality..

    Protests in support of and against Sri Lankan president and war criminal Mahinda Rajapaksa took place in London as he arrived in the British capital to attend the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.But these two parallel events tell us that there is a one-country and tow nations split in Sri Lanka, Mr Parani Krishnarajani, France based journalist and Feminist told to the Eelam-e-News.

    There is legal space for the policy of ‘One Country, Two Nations’ and such a system embodies sovereignty whereas a ‘Nationality’ does not include same, this event tells us a new history recorded in British soil he further added.

    According to BBC Sandeshaya, pro-Rajapaksa groups as well as Tamils Diaspora groups demonstrated separately in front of Hotel Hilton where the Sri Lankan president is staying.

    The SLFP-led demonstrators carried the Sri Lankan and British flags and placards congratulating the Queen on her anniversary.

    Their opponents raised Tamil Eelam and British flags and placards asking the Queen not to soil her celebration on account of president Rajapaksa, whom they accused of having committed war crimes against Tamil civilians.
    Eezham Tamils in the UK gathered outside The Park Lane Hilton hotel, London, where Sri Lankan president and alleged war criminal is staying on Monday demanding for expel or arrest the war criminal.

    Meanwhile, Kenneth Roth, Executive director Human Rights Watch asks why Queen Elizabeth calls the Sri Lankan president for the lunch? Who refuses to accept the civilians’ deaths?

    Human rights groups claim that 40,000 civilians were killed in the final stage of the war in 2009. The Sri Lankan government has refused to allow any independent, international investigation of the alleged massacres and has instead established its own “lessons learnt and reconciliation commission”.

    Human Rights Watch, the International Crisis Group, and Amnesty International have all declined to testify before it because the commission cannot assign accountability for war crimes.

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      I have visited Srilanka many times. I have learnt misdeeds from both sides. You have failed to mention thousands of civilians murdered by Tiger terrorists. I remember Fort railway station bombing and many others. Lot of Tamil civilians who were not aligned to Tigers were also murdered by Tigers. You need to open your eyes and look both sides. Tiger movement is a terrorist organisation banned by Britain and I am not sure why Britain allows terrorist flags in heart of London?


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    Demo of toothless, clueless and worn out tiger tails!!!

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    First off are these people nuts or don’t have jobs, we don’t care about your tamil tigers and your terrorist crap. Can you Tigers for heave sakes get bloooooooooody life without brining problems from 4000 miles away this is getting out of control, you mates made our life a nightmare blocking streets and putting up the tax payers money. Now we know why the Sri Lankan government had it with those blood thirsty liars terrorist tamil tigers in Sri Lanka. Please get a life and leave England alone any head of state is welcomed here, how can a bunch 100 terrorists tell who we can who we can’t invite to my country. Ceylon was a British colony you bloody fools.

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      As someone once said “i may not agree with what you say ,but i defend to my death your right to say it ” Here in England free speech is one of the attraction for so many to move here – be you Tamil or Sinhala .I dont see this same right being expressed in sri lanka by anyone who objects to the current regime do you ?

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