5 October, 2023


Can Ranil Defeat Mahinda?

By P. Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

Bertie Ranaweerage

There is no doubt the UNP will get stronger in the coming months due to its apparent unity and better performance at the Uva Provincial Council elections held recently. The billion dollar question is whether it will be strong enough to defeat the President at the Presidential Election in the event it is held before April in 2015.The latest AFP news story says the presidential Elections will be held in the first week of January next year

Since of late the President and the government have been getting ready to  face the future elections and win them again. A few  days ago it launched the distribution of at least one hundred thousand motor bicycles to selected government employees for a pittance. They have to pay less than one fourth of the price in the open market. Employees of recently established Divi Neguma Department and Grama Seva officers whose servicesare sought by ‘the common man’ were among the beneficiaries of the motor bicycles. No government in the past gave even a push bicycle to government  employees at such a concessionary price.

A fortnight ago the government launched a ‘ loan’ scheme through the Samurdhi Bank network. Under that scheme anybody who has an account at a Samurdhi bank can get a loan of Rs. fifty thousand on any pretext with a grace period of one year. After one year the loan has to be paid back with only 4% interest. A rumour is going round that the recipient of the loan will never have to pay  the loan back. The Samurdhi employees of the banks are lamenting that this loan scheme will lead to the demise of the banks throughout the island.

Ranil Mahinda 2It is obvious that the reduction of electricity tariff and  fuel prices  is no doubt, is another step taken by the government in preparation for the future  elections expected to be held within the first three months of 2015.

It will be of  no surprise if the government announces more relief to the ‘common man’ in the next budget. We can expect a considerable pay rice to the state sector employees and pensioners and a relief package to others through the forthcoming budget. The government seems to be doing whatever it can to win the future elections irrespective of its negative impact  on  the economy of the country.

Aftermath of the Uva Provincial council  Elections we saw how  UPFA thugs unleashed a terror campaign by attacking the UNPers and JVPers in a bid to demoralize the newly rejuvenated  anti government forces. My belief is the pro-government thugs with the blessings of their bosses will launch an island wide unprecedented  terror campaign throughout the future  pre-election period in order to demoralize the activists of the anti-government political parties as the Ministers, MPs and their henchmen are to lose a ton of things in case the government and the President lose at the elections.

Under the above circumstances will Mr. Ranil Wicremesinghe be able to win at the Presidential Elections in case it is held within the first three months of 2015?

I highly doubt that the Uva results depict the picture of the whole country. We should not forget that though the UNP was able to bag the Badulla district it was unable to win the Monaragala district. It is the bitter truth the UNPers should not forget. And it has been unable to win a single provincial Council under Mahinda Rajapaksa administration. At grass root level it is so far thoroughly disorganized. Barring the last Badulla meeting the UNP has  been unable attract a sizable crowd  to its meetings held during the last few years. All the protest campaigns it launched in Colombo were a complete failure.

To win an election single handedly the UNP will need at least  another one year in spite  it has been able to forge a unity at the top level. If we go back to seventies  we can recall how many years JR campaigned relentlessly  to defeat the government of Sirima Bandaranaike. At least for a period of three years prior to the 1977 General Elections JR and his UNP  conducted many successful protest campaigns throughout the country. JR was able to win in  1977 not only because the UNP was very  strong at the grass root level  but also  because of the hunger  the whole country underwent for a number of years during Sirima bandaranaike’s rule for which JR promised eight pounds of grain a week per family. In addition to that, the coalition partners of the SLFP ,namely the LSSP and the CP had deserted it by the time the General Elections came .

Mr. Ranil Wickemesinghe was able to form a government in December 2001 under different circumstances. The country was at war with the LTTE and the peace Chandrika promised at elections was no in sight. The Tigers had attacked the Katunayaka airport and the economy was  in a shambles. The growth of economy was at minus 1.5. As the people were fed up with the endless war Ranil promised to bring peace to the country. Most importantly he had formed a Front with Ceylon Workers Congress and the Muslim Congress prior to the elections. As a political party then  the UNP was much  more organized than today  and almost all the  UNP veterans were with him.

I request the readers to  ompare today’s UNP and the UNP in ’77 and 2001. Most of the big guns of the UNP who were with Ranil are now with the government and they will not desert the President unless they are well convinced that Mahinda’s days are numbered.

One has to accept that apparently President Mahinda Rajapaksha’s popularity is not much dented despite anti democratic actions and erosion of the independence of judiciary under his rule. It is true he is not as popular as before due mainly to nepotism, corruptions, bad governance ,less press freedom and  inflation. The majority of the people are increasingly finding it difficult to survive due to skyrocketing cost of living. One of my friends who visited Uva during the pre-election days was told by a number of poor villagers that they would vote the UNP at the Provincial council elections but they would vote Mahinda at the Presidential Election as they could go out without fear of bomb explosions.

Before the next Presidential Election the President and the government will do whatever action that can be taken to reduce the cost of living. For example by the next budget it may do away with import levies which have been imposed on essential commodities. I do not wonder if the government decides to give a dole to the unemployed youths as their votes will be decisive at the next elections.

Therefore winning the Presidential Election in the near future by Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe against Mahinda Rajapaksa  cannot be expected unless a miracle happens. Hence what should be done by the UNP if it wants to defeat the President and come to power?

My conviction  is Incumbent President can be defeated if a charismatic  non party candidate contests the Presidential Election with the whole-hearted support of all the powerful political parties armed with a programme to solve at least a few urgent problems of the country within a period of one year .

As such the best option for Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP is giving leadership to form a Front of political parties with a view to prepare an action plan, a programme and to choose a common candidate such as Ms. Chandrika Kumaratunga Bandaranaike who can command the support of the majority of the voters at the next Presidential Election.

I believe the following should be included among others  in the programme to be implemented by the ‘Common President’  once  he/she comes to power.

  • Formation of a National Government of all the political parties that have representatives in the  Parliament for a period of one year.
  • Relief to the common man by reducing prices of essential commodities immediately.
  • Adoption of a new constitution which  gives all the powers to the Parliament.
  • Dissolution of the Parliament at the end of one year .
  • Holding  of new  Parliamentary Elections  and formation of a  government.

Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe most probably can become the Prime Minister of the new government as the UNP will be able to win the majority of seats at the elections as it will be a very  strong political party by  the end of another year.

Will  Ranil implement the above  strategy or similar strategy or contest the Presidential Election as the candidate of the UNP  and commit hara-kiri ? Let us wait and see.

*P.Bertie Ranaweerage – Former president of Ceylon Teachers’ Union

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  • 11

    A sitting President in Sri Lanka has never been defeated at an election. He has also changed the constitution removing the time limit restriction. This means he can be there until he volunteers to step down.

    The opposition leader is no better. He has changed his own party constitution so no one can challenge him.

    So you have a permanent leader and permanent leader of the opposition.

    • 12

      Vibushana,You are day dreaming. There is nothing permanant. This man should be in jail, because of his criminal history . It was then after Kalavana by election , he lost his democratic rights.( but thensomehow he got back.) unfortunately people has no idea about his criminal history. Anyhow, you can see what we can do and cannot do by the time. Wait and see!

      • 4

        You mean Ranil right? Come on Sapumal, do you know who ran Batalanda? Exactly !!!!! Looks like you need to upgrade your memory. I think we need a new leader, may be young one with new ideas. I don’t see anyone come close to that.

        • 0


          “You mean Ranil right? Come on Sapumal, do you know who ran Batalanda? Exactly !!!!! Looks like you need to upgrade your memory. I think we need a new leader, may be young one with new ideas. I don’t see anyone come close to that.”

          Please let us know the findings of the Batalanda court proceedings where RW was tried. I am sure your SLFP government would have definitely hung RW if they found him guilty. Please also update us on Matale mass grave, white van disappearances, 40000 civilian massacres in the North and UNHRC’s present stance on Rajapaksha regime’s “humanitarian” and other “development gimmickry” missions.

          As for your “young one with new ideas” please know that ideas are never new but old and that a country cannot be governed by constantly vacillating and oscillating “new ideas” like you change prostitutes every night, but rather it is around a basic set of principles and ideologies that a governing system is based on. Batalanda court has exonerated RW and that is the judgment and end of the story. Digging rotten mean is the scavenging job of rodents like you.

    • 0

      From one angle,yes.But from another,all sitting
      presidentsrespectfully withdrew into retirement after
      grooming and leaving a second and third in line
      leaderships.Andlonging for another term is not explained
      better other than soliciting the price for defeating
      LTTE and false anti-west alarm.Nothing else.If Greed
      to power and the reasons behind is better exposed,a
      third term could be only a dream.It is not only about
      a sitting president,also about four terms from the
      same party vying for the fifth!Now is the time to
      stop the trend.

  • 18

    P. Bertie Ranaweerage ,

    RE: Can Ranil Defeat Mahinda?

    Yes, Not only Ranil any of thev Mentioned Candidates, Karu Jauyasurita, Ven. Sobitha Thero, Chandrika Kumaratunga, Harin Fernando can beat Rajapaksa, and end the Hegemony, Violence racism and nepotism prevalent today.

  • 8

    You must be talking through your hat! Chandrika should never be a part of this programme and no true UNPer would support her for what she did to Ranil’ Govt.
    A proven failure who has no achievement to call her own during the two-term presidency and she has already been discarded by the people. You must be trying to promote Chandrika with a sinister motive to disrupt UNP’s forward movement. We don’t need your advice but we’ll find the right man at the right time and you will be taken by surprise.

    • 9

      Ranil and Sajith are part of the problem , both working for MR’s agenda ,period ! only short sighted die hard (dumb) UNP supporters would endorse Ranil as the presidential candidate , if Ranil were to contest against MR ‘ MR would win without any computer jilmarts ! forget MR , can Ranil compete with Wimal Modawansa ? at the last general election Ranil was beaten by none other than our very own con artist “Modawansa ” , since that humiliating defeat , what has Ranil achieved ? before the majority of srilankan masses , Ranil is a big time loser and he will always be ,

      CBK led Ven Sobitha Thero combination is the only option , duo can easily muster enough votes to beat MR’s tyranny .

      • 3


        Sobhitha is a new experiment and on single issue.
        Those in the SLFP don’t look like taking any risk
        to say hi to CBK.Only a little time left and lose
        or win UNP can not afford to let go of another
        presidential election without facing it.MR can not
        go on for longer by bribing the votes!People of
        Srilanka programmed only for two major parties so
        far.Blue blood and Green blood.Sajith would be the
        happiest of RW losing so that he’s the next
        candidate in six years.However, UNP can win this.

        • 2


          at the moment CBK/VEN MS combo seems to be the only option , why i say this ,

          1)only CBK can split the massive SLFP vote base in to half.
          2)Vast majority of sensible UNP supporters will support VEN MS as they want to see the end of MR’s mayhem.
          3) all most all of the Tamil/Muslim votes going to be against MR , they will have no any other choice but to vote for the combo.
          4)Gen SF and all the other small parties would not think twice to vote against MR , so there only credible choice would be the duo.
          5)only JVP Anura kumara seems to be OK with continuation of MR tyranny as he is not in a mighty hurry to grab the power.
          6)international support would be towards CBK
          7) Since CBK is a real Vatti Amma type shameless rouge character , only she can withstand MR’s 24×7 onslaughts.
          8) MR would never accept any eventual defeat , only “Chaura Rajina ” CBK can handle the situation by getting the local and international support.

          there are a few more valuable points though , i’ll write them later.

      • 0

        “Ranil and Sajith are part of the problem , both working for MR’s agenda ,period ! only short sighted die hard (dumb) UNP supporters would endorse Ranil as the presidential candidate , if Ranil were to contest against MR ‘ MR would win without any computer jilmarts ! forget MR , can Ranil compete with Wimal Modawansa ? at the last general election Ranil was beaten by none other than our very own con artist “Modawansa ” , since that humiliating defeat , what has Ranil achieved ? before the majority of srilankan masses , Ranil is a big time loser and he will always be ,

        CBK led Ven Sobitha Thero combination is the only option , duo can easily muster enough votes to beat MR’s tyranny.”

        This srilal is a cut and paste happy crappy entity who has been hired to write pro-CB! His crap appeared verbatim in a previous occasion. This time he has added MS Thero to his crap collection. RW is an anathema to him. So far he had not opened his mouth against Sajith but this time he attacks him too. The reason is UNP is now united under RW and Sajith too has come to the common platform. srilal now feels weakened so he has resorted to his incorrigible practice of attacking RW and anyone around him. He was so scared and drifted away that he cut pasted one of his old diatribes which is miles irrelevant to today’s context-he says Panchayudaya beat RW in last GE completely pitch-black groping the Uva results! It is RW who vanguarded the Uva campaign and improved the UNP vote base massively. If as srilal says people hate RW so much they would not have voted for UNP/Harin but they did. Srilal’s paymasters must reconsider him before they issue next pay cheque to him.

        • 0


          your chosen name says it all , aren’t you a real “kavataya” ? so according to you analysis people who have voted for UNP at UVA is for RW and SP’s unity , yes dream on !

          both RW and SP function according to MR’s whims and fancies , there are countless incidents to prove their involvements , only dimwit die hard RW & SP lunatics would not accept this reality , don’t worry i wouldn’t be wasting my time on explaining RW’s double dealings for you here , Sri Lanka is full of such lunatics/fanatics , some of them would die for MR and few hundreds of them willing to die for RW as well , obviously you belong to one of those few hundred crazy nut cases.

          as for me being a CBK loyalist , it shows your level of understanding !

          • 0


            What else does my chosen name say? Doesn’t it also say you are [Edited out] CB’s [Edited out] while [Edited out] Sobitha’s? Your cut and paste analysis only had CB sometime back. Now you have brought in Sobitha too into the picture, and I am not sure who else you would bring in in another few weeks!

            According to your malnourished theory there is no RW, Sajith or UNP in the picture who dealt a terminal blow in last Uva election ably supported by Harin and despite the colossal use of state resources, big time bribes and thuggery-so horrendous was the use of terror tactics to prevent voters from voting for UNP that Thonda got his driver to run over a procession of people killing one and maiming and wounding dozens; this is daylight desperation and voter frightening away!

            Your court gesturing arguments make even the dead Andare come to life with laughter when you say Modawansa obtained more votes than RW! Didn’t you court gesture see what happened to your Modawansa in Uva a week back? You are such a pathetic off-target case.

            “some of them would die for MR and few hundreds of them willing to die for RW as well”

            And you have been washing linen of CB and commit hara-kiri in the forums! What difference does it make?

            • 0

              Andare ,

              you’re going on about this cut & paste business , pl educate me , am i cutting & pasting my own previous writing or some one else writing ? so according to your theory i ‘ll have to go through the archives ( which will take good 4-5 hours ) and find out what i ‘ve written several months ago and then cut & paste or find some one Else’s writing and cut & paste , right ? Andare you are a genius man , keep up your excellent analytical skills , we need commentators like you to keep us entertained !

              about your comparison Modawansa’s stupid party defeat in UVA to RW’s humiliating defeat at the last general election is yet another one of your brilliant ideas ! what has RW achieved since that shameful defeat ? remember how he handpicked that number one UNPier Muzammil for the colombo mayor post , where is he today ? RW is a walking a disaster and ideal to be MR’s foreign minister , god knows why he doesn’t cross the floor with his equally corrupt sycophants ( long John.A , Tissa A, Sajith el at ) , RW is history and he will lose again to Modawansa , take it or leave it .

      • 0

        CBK and Sobitha Thero are said to be having talks today.

        Srilal you are very right here aggreeing to you what you add. She is the only option before the nation if the nation must get rid of ALUGOSUWA (Meeharaka Rajapkshe).
        Srilal, you are the only one adding meaningful comments in this regard.

        CBK must not govern the nation, but she has to come forward in order to break the UPFA coalition. Sure, more than half of them among silent UPFAers will support her to stand against Raja people. Once the nation is leberated from MR, all laws shold be worked to get back the all the assets tthe man collected over the year including KPs and Tsunami funds.

        • 0


          Between MR and CB there is nothing noteworthy. Both are rogues. People know this. In fact MR would get more votes than CB because she has expired here shelf life by now and MR could still market his waning war story and aging panchaskandaya. More importantly UNP vote base which is at the moment rising and about 42% will not vote for CB. They need a UNP horse or a suitably acceptable CC. CB as CC can not muster at least 10% from this UNP vote base. She would get only about 25% if she runs. What is doable is CB supports RW as a CC under a common symbol. Then RW would get the definite UNP base vote plus UPFA chunk broken away from UPFA coalition. All minority votes will be with RW. This is the ultimate winning formula which would yield about 60% for RW.

          • 0

            You should be real Andare… ha h ha.

            TOday, almost every 3 woudl disagree with MR but not that disagree with CBK. She did her part but though failed end the war during her tenure. It is like planted the crops by her, harvested by MR… this is very clear today than in 2009 itself.

            No doubt, UNP, CBK fraction of UPFA, JVP, DP will join together in the days to come and drive away Rajapakshes from our sights soon.

        • 0

          Siribunja ,

          The problem which we face today is , stereo type people ! there are tens of thousands such narrow minded characters all over the country , there are bunch of crazy/stupid people from all political parties and they would never ever change their allegiance from their chosen beloved party , just because their families have been loyal supporters or they might have been personally benefited from that particular party , for them , no matter what , ultimate goal is to restoration of their preferred color government , these sort of lunatics often use the phrase “Api kapuwath kola , nil or red ” . sadly this is the bitter truth , these stupid people have no vision but have a dumb mission , go through the comments you will see plenty of them here as well.

  • 7

    Good analysis – the Village level UNP organisation is now at Zero – the supporters left are running about like headless chicken – Priority should be given at least now, Right now, to get the electorate oraganisers active and ready. If not, have no illusions victory wont come by default. By the way I personally wish a change of regime but this is the bitter reality.

  • 3

    I think Ranil can win the Presidential Election if he gets the backing of MC, Vigneshwarn party and CWC . He can get 42-46% in Sinhalese votes. Sajith, Harin, Karu Thalatha,Buddika,Sujeewa, Maithree ,Shrilal,Rosy, Musamil and other junior partners have to play a big Roll.

    • 0

      For many,it’s the UNP that has to win and never mind RW
      or somebody else.If Harin is the candidate from UNP,the
      win is guaranteed.UNP today talks more of him.Will RW
      or Sajith do that kind of a sacrifice for the party and
      the country?Harin is young against MR,already tested in
      the power base of MR with success and exhibited a strong
      charisma and led the overhaul of a never ending
      breakdown of a party machinery.Harin is the best bet but
      he will not be ready to jump the queue.RW can defeat MR
      provided he plays the toughest guy who is full ready to
      take on any devil,the role of Harin’s younger brother,
      not the elder!He never came out with force against MR
      although MR threw so many challenges in the form of so
      many crucial issues like Rathupaswela,Aluthgama-Beruwela
      cost of living,election violence etc.

  • 3

    Mahinda Rajapakshe will get 51% of the votes and Ranil Wickramasinghe will get 49% of the votes. No other person in Sri Lanka is capable of getting more votes than Ranil.

    • 2

      Douglas, Karuna and KP will give the 2% lead for Mahinda?

  • 2

    Mahinda Rajapakshe will get 51% of the votes and Ranil Wickramasinghe will be polled 49% of the votes. No other person can get more votes than Ranil Wickramasinghe.
    If Mahinda Rajapakshe cannot contest for the third time, no one can prevent the victory of Ranil Wickramssinghe

  • 7

    Yes, Ranil can win next Presidential elections provided he follow these.

    First Ranil should Tap the Minority votes. Next Presidential election winners will be decided by the Minority vote count and the sooner Ranil recruit a strong and effective team of Tamil and Muslim canvassers to lure Tamil and Muslim votes, he has a chance of winning the Presidential elections.

    Second Ranil should employ a strong team of Young blood to canvass at grass root level and also make use of Academics, Trade unions, Business community, farmers associations etc,etc, to canvass.

    Third Ranil should call in other opposition party leaders such as JVP,DP,TNA,MC etc,etc and should get their support and should submit a proposal which fulfills their party needs and peoples requirements to achieve a common goal when elected.Also Ranil should get help from Madam Chandrika, Ven.Sobitha Thero and other dignitaries support to lure other opposition parties and their vote base.

    Fourth while Ranil should fight for legality of Pres.Rajapakse contesting for the third term under constitution. Ranil also should educate public on abolishing Corruption, thuggery and waste and should promote of appointing Independent Police, Judiciary, bribery and election commissions and to allow free media and journalism and minority rights when elected.

    Fifth Ranil should tap into our Diaspora community to spread and educate them on his agenda across all communities.

    Sixth Ranil should at least hire or Rent temporary a TV and a Radio station at least few hours on weekly basis until elections, to listen to peoples needs and spread his message across Sri Lanka.

    Seventh Ranil should call in for International monitors to supervise Presidential elections.

    Ranil and the UNP has the best opportunity to win both Presidential and Parliament elections if the party follows proper Marketing skills, use correct path, taps proper resources and manpower and promote unity, trust and strength at grass root level.

    Harin became a super star overnight and UNP needs more of him. Good luck UNP.

    • 2

      Lasantha .

      EIGTH, an anonymous Author of Common Sense Pamphlet need to be published in Sinhala, Tamil and English, the Sri Lankan version of Common Sense 2014 version, just like Thomas Paine did for the Americans in 1776.

      Lasantha, thanks for a very good analysis. Can you be the Anonymous Author the and Produce Sri Lankan version of Common Sense in Sinhala, Tamil and English?

      You will do as much service to Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, just like Thomas Paine did for America and France.You can expand this write up, and get there.

      Say, Because I have Common Sense, I will not vote for Mr. Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa had the opportunity. The power corrupted them. The People are sick of them. They even used Buddhism towards their ends. Even Sinhala Buddhists are fed up them, and they are showing their true colors.

      An Anonymous Author like Thomas Paine is needed with a Common Sense Pamphlet to expose the King, King George, the Rajapaksa Clan. Read, the Common Sense Pamphlet , by Thomas Paine, that inspired the American Revolution along with the other events. Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Produce a Commons sense Pamphlet for Sri Lanka and say why it is in the best interest of the people of Sri Lanka to remove the King, aka Rajapaksa Dynasty from power and let the Republic be a Republic and Not a dynasty. This Pamphlet, in Sinhala, Tamil and English, need to be sent to each and every Sri Lankan Citizen, just like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet. Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

    • 1

      Lasantha, before doing any of those that you mention,Ranil the reluctant and the UNP should attend to two basic things.First fight for the Muslims who are being attacked.Even go to Courts seeking an order to arrest those that caused the damage including the Buddist priests.Two defend the Catholics and Christians whose churches are being attacked.The recent problem at Kalutara regarding the Statue, where the police used tear gas and water canon, Ranil and the UNP should take the police to court over that.If the Buddhist can plant Lord Buddha’s statues all over, then other religions cannot be deprived of that right.Third is that he and the UNP should defend the rights of the people who are being displaced from their houses provide them with compensation at market rates.I do not want to talk about the problems of the Tamils.The problem with the UNP and Ranil is that they too are more concerned about the Sinhala Buddhist vote and the vote of the rich than principles.

    • 0


      Thank you so much for your constructive engagement.

  • 3

    Ranil as a leader, it will be difficult to beat Mahinda R However if a all other parties including UNP with an Educated prominent figure as a leader may stand a chance.

  • 3

    70 % of the voters are Sinhala Buddhist.
    Most of them are also working in the middle east, Korea, and Africa mostly labor jobs at minimum Middle East wages. About 1.5 Million voters out of the approximately 14.5 Million voters.

    Most of the minority voters both Tamils and Muslims are likely to vote for Ranil especially after the Aluthgama riots, and Mulivaikal, 5 years of rape, molestation, white vans, arbitrary arrest, concentration camp for 310,000 Tamils, land grab and continued State Terrorism of the Rajapakses.

    The Jingoist Sinhalese are still in a Jingoist mood. The Tamils who installed Rajapakse in power 10 years ago, now feel sorry for themselves.

    Now it depends how the Sinhalese vote, where Rajapakse tries his best to fool the voters with promises, money, benefits, and media campaign. All depends whether the supporters of the UNP can assist them financially to challenge the Rajapakses who have built a war chest with the drug lords, (KUDU), smugglers, underworld, Kassippu kings etc. The minorities have no alternative but to support the UNP in every way to win the fence sitters of the Sinhala masses/voters.

    It is huge challenge for the UNP and Ranil and everything depends on how all the pro Ranil voters go out and vote. It will be a very close call.

    If JVP and Fonseka contests they will split the opposition votes and help Rajapakse win and be in power for another 10 years. If that happens Sri Lanka will definitely become a failed state. Anyway, Rajapakses will face the war crimes tribunals and so will Fonseka, US citizen Moragoda and Australian Palitha Kohonne.

    Donald Gnanakone
    Tamils For Justice.

    • 1

      DG Ganakone,

      “The Tamils who installed Rajapakse in power 10 years ago, now feel sorry for themselves.”

      Knowingly or unknowingly you have spoken the ultimate fact. That LTTE [Edited out] Pirabaharan prevented the Tamils from voting for RW in that fateful day. The [Edited out] himself paid the price for that but he dragged with him the country to hell, especially the Tamils. Now Timils as well as JVPers have a duty towards this country to unravel that mistake. This fact could definitely function as the mission statement of those who abstained and voted for MR 10 years ago to put the country back in the rails.

  • 1

    what ever you written may be true bit keep this dirty bandaranayake family away from this country leadership as people still pay price ,for their historical wrong political decision.

  • 1

    Victory at the next Presidential race depends on how the Tamils vote.
    It all depends on the out come of Rajapakse/Modi talks to be held in
    the UN shortly and Tamils expect an amicable solution as Mr. Modi is
    a shrewd & sincere negotiator, unlike the former regime, Congress, which betrayed the Tamils of N/E. An agreement between two countries is an agreement and cannot be thrown away just like that.If the President brings an amicable solution to the Tamil problems, which Tamils expect on his return, he may win the Tamil votes provided he accepts TNA as the sole and accredited representatives of the Tamils of N/E and implement the 13A amendment in full and deal firmly with the trouble shooters in his own coalition. and he has the majority
    to do it.SLFP always stood for an sustainable settlement of the long standing Tamil issue from SWRD days but interference by Buddhist clergy and hard core communalists made it impossible to reach agreements and anti Tamil riots continued from 1956 onwards and the Tamil students armed uprising sprang after the infamous education standardizing policy introduced in the 70s which restricted Tamil youths entering Universities and getting jobs and the uprising ended up in a total war with loss of lives and infrastructure on both sides, which both people did not bargain for. Let sanity prevail at least from
    now. VP & KP earned the money but the Tamil youths sacrificed their
    young lives for nothing.

  • 0

    Birtie Ranaweerage…. are you dreaming ? They are (02) Emperors

    Here are (02) leaders who have changed their respective constitutions to be at the helm for life.

  • 0

    If the elections were free and fair without intimidation, uttering lies, ranil would have won long time ago.Elections under rapajassa are null and void since they use state assets, intimidation, violence, cheating, lying during the election. They do that everyday without election too.

  • 1

    IF Ranil Wickremesinghe CHOOSES to LEAD, people with all their grumblings will follow. Even the TNA, JVP, SLMC and DP know things have to change and no matter their public utterances at the moment, still would prefer a UNP govt compared to the present lot.

    The key word here is LEAD. RW has been the ‘leader’ of the UNP since
    DB Wijetunge stepped aside but he is still to LEAD the party.

    The Rajapakses have cleverly disrupted his agenda at every instance by instigating division, and credit must go for their political acumen. Good or bad, politics is a dirty game.

    Ranil has always waited for the problem(s) to solve themselves and sometimes it works and at other times, it messes up things.

    Even when Sajith was trying to leverage Uva to get changes made within the UNP, RW played for time and this time he got quite a bit of what he wanted.

    Tissa has a deputy, loyal to Ranil. Sajith took on a depleted post, despite the shouting. Key Sajith supporters are back in the fold. Leadership Council is still existing. Money matters are now under Eran W.

    So, lets cut the man some slack. We cannot excuse his mismanagement or lack of management in the past. Going forward, the changes that happened this week are positive. Lets see how much of it filters down to the grassroots.

    Remember a gullible man burnt himself to death, wishing the UNP will make some changes. Since that tragic incident, it took 2 plus years for this week to happen. And, it would not have happened without HARIN FERNANDO.

    The Elephant has a long and deep memory. It seems quite a few UNPers suffer from memory loss or with some, selective memories!

  • 5

    Stop this negativity.

    Ranil can defeat MR.

    It is because of these negative people that Ranil couldn’t defeat MR. Please leave the UNP if you are negative. You people are the curse of the UNP.

    Ranil was elected the prime minister twice. The country was peaceful when he was the PM.

    Ranil or nothing. If Ranil doesn’t contest, we don’t vote.

    • 1

      Fathima Fukushima,

      “Stop this negativity. Ranil can defeat MR….”

      Well! Please wear condoms because you have now got Fertile Butter.

    • 1

      Fathima Fukushima aka Lorenzo, Leela et al and other Avtars,

      “Ranil can defeat MR.”

      Correction: Ranil or any other can defeat MR and end the Raja-Paka Dynastic criminal hegemony.

      Lorenzo, what happened to you, on the Road to Uva-Damascus? Did you see Three stars, UNP-Tharu, JVP Tharu and Democratic Party-Tharu that will destroy the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Mara?

      By the way, the Lankaweb Cesspool pit is now open and the shills are shitting. Saw Sinali Shill Waduge shitting all the time. Looks like Uva had made them shit lose and more….

  • 0

    This time, it is Ranil who should win the election. The Northern and Uva Provinces have shown their results. It will be followed by the Western, Central, Eastern, and North-Western Provines. The Tamils and Muslims with a section of the Sinhalese will oppose MR. MR cannot survive on lies and deceptions forever. Moreover, it is a battle between China and India over Sri Lanka. Even a section of the Military may support Ranil.

  • 0

    Bertie Ranaweerage promotes Chandrika Bandaranayake and Shyaman Jayasinghe promotes Ranil Wickramasinhe. Both these gentleman, Bertie and Shyaman, are completely deluded. It has to be someone else but not Sajith as proposed by some people.

  • 0

    RW is THE most suitable candidate to run for the Presidential Election because UNP has the largest vote base as a single party, and with the Uva results it has started to double and triple its share of vote base, and even in the last PE when RW ran it was RW who actually won and therefore had the highest number of votes had it not been for that LTTE animal who prevented Tamils from voting after taking bribes from MR amounting to millions of rupees. Also we have had bad experience with a Common Candidate in SF who failed to deliver. The challenge posed by SF to MR was very formidable because SF was THE war hero at that time yet he could not accomplish the mission mainly due to MARA rigged the election. Today the country’s political landscape has changed from desperate turmoil situation of a war to everyday existential problems and therefore rather than personal charismatic figures it is the systemic and historically established party-associated politics people tend to fall back to as they used to for years of practice. Whatever lies propagated by Rajapaksha’s vassal Medias there is not a single evidence to prove RW’s unsuitability, disqualification, bad or kleopto characteristics. Rather a brief explanation on the real facts about RW will enlighten very quickly most of the disbelievers in RW. When those people are asked whether they can prove or show a single instance where RW has stolen or swindled a single cent they begin to realize the myth they are misled into believe. Conversely when they are pointed out to the stratospheric scale of pickpocketing of public money they begin to realize the genuineness of RW and the abhorrence of MR. The surest way to defeat MR is for the RW to run for EP as a Common Candidate with the blessing of all stakeholders in the country. RW’s manifesto shall coincide with that of MS thero, the Common Manifesto shall contain the time frame and duties and functions of CC, abolition of EP, revitalization and implementation of various commissions, 17A, 13A and political solution, when will GE be held etc. He will not run under Elephant symbol but “banana”! His sole duty would be to face the terminal challenge and resistance mounted by Rajapaksha regime in the conduct and reclamation of power from Rajapakshas, using his and his party’s years and years long experience, maturity, knowledge and exposure, failures and lessons. RW is the sole entity who can withstand the Rajapaksh storm against power transfer. During all these years it is this grit, temper and survivability that RW has demonstrated to the whole country. Rajapakshas have, with the support of all the resources imaginable in the country moved heaven and earth against RW and tried to destroy UNP. But history has proved RW to be indestructible. He has not yet been allowed the opportunity to accomplish his mission for the country, and the country badly needs his service. There would be electioneering on the stage for the CC, the stake holders would by default be confident because no allegations of corruption exist against RW because he has none, but plentiful of attributes of respect, knowledge, professionalism, experience, international exposure etc. would be there on the side of RW. The world, US, India and others would promise on promise and aids…. EP would be terminated and GE would be held where people will decide the next government. A new constitution shall be written where all stakeholders will work alongside to impregnate their rightful and democratic aspirations in the new constitution. Thereafter there would be no elections like rain clouds raining down, impunity and white van culture, theft of public funds and all the kleptomaniac and megalomaniac vanities Rajapakshas are associated with. Responsibility, accountability and reconciliation processes would follow and the country would be reunited, debt burden relieved, country’s resources would be better, productively and optimally managed and the benefits would reach those in the periphery. And now against this vista of future prospects and course of events where RW is the CC if one were to replace RW with say MS Thero, CB, SB’ke, KJ, Sajith, AKD ….… I don’t think a more strong and robust campaigner would emerge. Yes RW is the chosen one who is predestined to fulfil the aspirations of the myriads of peoples of this country and the country still owes him to grant that opportunity. If you are dead or fast asleep, wake up now for a new sun is dawning! We all shall be really living after the Madamulana tsunami hora’s era.

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