26 June, 2022


Can The UN Learn From Its Own Grave Failures?

“In early November a damning internal United Nations report into the organisation’s actions at the end of the Sri Lankan Civil War was leaked. The document, in uncharacteristically unequivocal terms, stated that the UN had shown “a grave failure” in its mandate to protect the lives of civilians as the conflict trudged towards its appalling climax. For more than a quarter of a century the island nation found itself crippled by war as the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) fought for independence in the north and east of the country. Over this 25-year period the war is estimated to have claimed far in excess of 100,000 lives and it is widely believed that the final death toll will significantly eclipse this. Some recent estimates suggest that as many as 50,000 people died in the final months of the war before the cessation of hostilities midway through May 2009.” Erudition reports.

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    The UN has never been a saint it’s always been their potty little circle of former back benders (civil servants) and unwanted politicians on a cozy DPL ride.
    The Security Council has always been a personal issue never rational. Always one side is right the other is wrong and the middle the UN dirty, dirty. Bush used it for personal revenge and covering the fraudulent tracks of his dad (theft of $80billion Oil from Iraq via Kuwait) and brought in the all-weather clown Moon whose son in law Ganesh (former IPKF) his adviser played 4’s and 6’s when it came to Sri Lanka. On the Burmese Sang Sui release Ganesh called over returned and said that she “was out of touch” because he is planning the same for Burma- development over dead bodies which have not worked even in the Islamic context but given a handful of rouge contractors and developers money to swim.

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    oi black monkeys get out of jaffna.

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    It’s fascinating to note how so many people, Gordon Weiss, Frances Harrison, Charlies Petrie, and now the author of the above piece, Alex Longley, and so many others have suddenly come to the realization that the UN has a responsibility to protect civilians only when the terrorist LTTE were on the verge of defeat and were using civilians as a human shield in a last crude attempt to save their leaders lives. However, when these same terrorists were slaughtering civilians in there thousands for over 30 years, the UN did NOT have the responsibility to protect civilians!

    Did Charles Petrie, or any of the other advocates of R2P (the so-called responsibility to protect)urge UN intervention on the side of the Sri Lankan government when it was Sri Lankan Tamils, Sinhalese & Moslems who were on the receiving end of Tamil Tiger brutality? If, so, I can’t find any evidence for it.

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