25 March, 2023


CBK Won’t Enter UNFGG Platform

Although former President Chandrika Kumaratunga visited Gampaha district candidate Arjuna Ranatunga‘s campaign office yesterday, she will not make any appearance on any United National Party led UNFGG platform, sources close to Kumaratunga told Colombo Telegraph.

cbk“The January 8th victory must be preserved” will be her slogan and Civil Society organisations will invite the former President Kumatunga and also Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero to their platform soon, Colombo Telegraph learnt. 

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    Monday’s Island (3 Aug.) has the headline:

    CBK decides to bat for UNP-led UNFGG coalition

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      Truth is that she is a liability to any campaign …
      She is a invalid coin in Sri Lanka … No value … If the sound of hooting has any value, she is worth millions … in dollars, of course …

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      What this crazy woman did in 2002..to Ranil..has come Around to hunt her..now is like a mad women. .what a shame? .

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    RE” CBK Won’t Enter UNFGG Platform

    “The January 8th victory must be preserved” will be her slogan and Civil Society organisations will invite the former President Kumatunga and also Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero to their platform soon, Colombo Telegraph learnt.

    This is a fine act.

    Need to drive a wedge between Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies and the SLFP supporters.

    This is a Process. Rome was not built is a day, and rebuilding Sri Lanka and weaning MaRa and his cronies will take some time.

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      I would request these so-called yahapalanaya civil society groups with CBK and Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero give their views on the CB bond scam and other wrong doings of this govt including murders pointed out by the opposition for the last 180days. We would like to know if this is according to good governance ideals of these people.

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    paking beatch you did enough nominating rajavassa as the prime minister when u were the presidente now do the thing right without taking any party sides.

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    RE: CBK Won’t Enter UNFGG Platform

    Looks like, there may not be a need…

    Through the Grape Wine… Through the Bulath Wine…

    Deposed people discarded president , Kurunegala district candidate Medamulana Mahinda Rajapakse who by now has realized beyond any trace of doubt that his defeat is writ large on the wall at the up coming elections, has decided, if by any chance he is elected , to abstain from taking oaths as an opposition M.P. . and give over his seat to the next UPFA Kurunegala district candidate who is leading on the preferential votes, and trek home empty handed – that is go back to Medamulana !

    The analysts of the UPFA party based on their studies have revealed that UPFA can only secure about 70 seats , UPFA sources say. Even when the SLFP ranks were questioned on this , 98 % are of the view that UNP will win at this election. In the circumstances even if Mahinda becomes an M.P. ,without doubt he will have to be contented with a backbencher seat, because Nimal Siripala De Silva is not going to sacrifice his opposition leader post on any grounds.
    It is learnt that Mahinda has decided to take this course of action of not accepting the M.P. post ,not so much because he will not get the opposition leader post , but rather because of his potential loss of privileges and perks.

    The formation of a government being impossible , Mahinda’s hopes of becoming prime minister is a day dream menaing that he will be entitled to privileges of just an ordinary M.P. In much the same way as no individual can secure two salaries from the government , he cannot also enjoy double privileges. When that is the true position , Mahinda will be entitled only to the privileges attaching to an M.P. and not the previous privileges attaching to a president.
    There is no precedent established in relation to this . Hence a Supreme court (SC) verdict would be necessitated . Since the SC is no longer Rajapakse Kangaroo court , MR will face impediments and he will be stymied in his diabolic efforts. In this context , if the SC returns a verdict that MR is only entitled to the privileges of an ordinary M.P. , Mahinda will have to be satisfied throughout his life time with the perks and privileges of an M.P. Therefore Mahinda has decided that even if he is elected to parliament, to refrain from taking oaths.

    An ex president will enjoy the ordinary privileges of a cabinet minister, and when he dies , his wife will be entitled to them but on a diminished scale , that is , the privileges equivalent to those of a deputy minister. This means, if Mahinda takes oaths as an ordinary opposition M.P. he will be depriving himself of all these privileges.

    Meanwhile another media reported that Gotabaya has requested the incumbent president to afford the opportunity to Mahinda Rajapakse to retire honorably. Though Gotabaya had made a request to grant Mahinda a senior minister position like what was accorded to Lee Kwan Yu of Singapore and Mahathir Mohomed of Malaysia , the president has not given a favorable response.

    The president has replied , those leaders contributed towards steering those countries to the top slots in the world whereas ,Mahinda Rajapakse is a State leader by robbing national wealth and public funds in billions and transferring them to foreign countries tarnished the country ‘s international image while plunging the country into an economic abyss.

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      Amarasiri – A very good analysis of things to come after 17th August
      General election. So many impediments facing MR such as the independent
      judiciary,effective and unbiased police force, acting on every election
      offences, ban on poster campaign with massive cut outs, political thuggery, intimidations and bribing are out,and generally the support MR had before is dwindling as all the educated voters are up in arms to vote MR.out of power.On top of it, Ltte songs are pulled out of the shelves as out dated and have no major cards to play at the meetings. His siblings are unable to help him, either in the election propaganda due to they themselves are indicted in law courts and his hard core group Wimal, Vasu, Tissa and Guna are digging the grave for him by
      their antagonistic speeches.
      It is a disgrace for democracy in Sri Lanka, if people of some repute are hooted down at meetings and why cannot the police use cameras to trace the culprits and among them,they may find men wanted for various crimes.
      It may sound crazy but in the West, specially in USA, cameras are
      strained at people in a crowd and they apprehend wrong doers. If police had cameras at the Blumendhale massacre, they could have apprehended the killers in no time.

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    What is happening?

    Ex-President Chandrika does not want to appear on UNPFF election platforms, but meets Arjuna Ranatunge in his election office?

    President Sirisena, says he would be neutral in the election campaign. However, his photograph with Angajan Ramanathan, a UPFA candidate is used in advertisements supporting Angajan appearing in Jaffna newspapers. He has also sacked those who crossed over with him, from the SLFP.

    Chief Minister Wigneswaran says he will stay neutral in the election fray, will not canvas for the TNA and will support anyone who is elected.

    Who is supporting whom and who is for what?

    There is much running around the mulberry bush!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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      President Sirisena also appeared on the election platform of UPLF candidate Duminda Dissanayaka in Anuradhapura.

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      I thought you know everything, Dr RN … Since you are clueless, i will give some clues ..
      Nobody wants Chura on their platforms … Even vel vidane, the field marshal (FM), does not want her eventhough nobody attends his rallies … There are only two FMs in India, one FM in Pakistan … They live with respect … Our vel vidane goes in a Benz with SL flag and attend humongous rallies … Fingers in your hands is more than enough to count them …

      Mithree (my3) sacked his closest allies just to save himself … People who could backstab is capable of doing anything …
      Pacha Champaka, my3’s soulmate always talk about the educational qualifications of politicians …
      Does any body know about educational qualification of the number 1, my3 in our country?
      My3 is controlled by India, west, UNP etc … All has one thing in common … SL haters …
      So, there is no point in asking why my3 did that or did this … He has sold his soul … But I know one thing for sure… he loves to touch hands of old white ladies …

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        Does any body know about educational qualification of the number 1, my3 in our country?

        GCE(O.L.) I guess. MY3 has sat GCE(A.L.) but has failed miserably and become a Grama Sewaka. At least he has passed OL thus he is more educated than 95% of other MPs in the parliament. Anura Kumara Dissanayaka is the most educated leader of any party at present. People should consider voting JVP as both major parties have failed miserably to govern the country properly.

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          Man, there are leaders in the world whose academic credentials are far low from Alevls. But they have done the best within their terms. Do you think to attack current Prez for his qualifications can help you further. Idiots of your kind are becoming numbers not being able to see the progress made by current regime. Surely, MR will be the looser of the election while UNFg led guys will go forward. TNA and others will also supportcurrent regime. JVP will even expand their numbers since people are well at getting know the right people in the next election.

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          Alevel is not an exam to say that any canddiates are qulified. See, there are a large bunch of thugs inlcuding former president MR – but there were also good things that they happened to manage. So, alone going after qualifications only cant bring you further. These are just mud slinging campaigns.

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    It is wonderful news.

    I am with you. Keep away from Ranil and his UNP supportive parties.

    Thank you for your wise thinking.

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      [Edited out]

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    Might well be a blessing in disguise .

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    It appears that the number counting has put the UNP in a comfortable lead. Desperation is writ large on the Rajapakshe mafia. What appears to be a well co-ordinated effort to attack Ravi K and his supporters and blame it on the underworld has backfired. It also appears that there is a judas in the UNP camp trying to undermine the party probably with generous bribes from the mafia. But this too seems to have come to nothing. First he gets a injunction on the so called unofficial cope report. Then he withdraws it. Both actions are aimed at damaging the UNP by insinuating the there is something to hide and then revealing it. What seems to have happened is that there is nothing very much in this piece of garbage worth talking about unless you want to nitpick over the internal affairs of the CB. So it was time for plan B shoot and kill Ravi K and slander the UNP as the party affiliated to the underworld. Well the police and the witnesses have categorically ruled that one out with video footage to back them up. So poof goes that one. Ravi K is very much alive and his supporters as well as the entire country is now enraged at the shooting and killing of peace full participants in a political campaign. So CBK can rest and remain on standby while giving a hand from behind the scenes.

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    We are mainly interested in North and East politics – Who ever comes in south will not resolve our issue without external interference but definitely not India’s north end. Vikneswaran is at Gauvravar side because he awe them something. But he destroyed his asthiram like thuronar. I think the best option for Tamils is a new group with pick and choose from different parties like Viki mentioned. All the good people have to group together under Viki to reach our goal. Once Mavi told he can oust viki from the politics, pardon that poor man for his ignorance – I think now is the time to oust him and other dead wood from politics – in the west employers wait for recession time to get rid of dead wood, the situation in Tamil politics is similar – we need energetic genuine hardworking and mainly not for sale good polititians , not kooliku maradikum people.

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    I thought you worked in the Government Service and played competitive cricket.
    Whether you are a cricketer or not , please learn more about ” DOOSRA “. It was a well timed “DOOSRA” by CBK. Arjuna & CBK are statesmen and have better understanding to give life to Sri Lanka after 17th August.

    Captain cool is Captain cool in political game as well. He did proud to Sri Lanka in the international arena by standing upto Darrel Hair. Now in Gampaha he has the support of skillful CBK. He is standing against UPFA and will definitely do proud to Gampaha and Sri Lanka .

    Arjuna is a good team player too. He always put country’s interest first, unlike MaRa , GoRa, Vimal, Vasu, Vitharane & Gaman.

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      Non PhD is the very same hate generating Kaali in these columns. Kaali is…. …… …… and so-forth is another pig in sheep skin.

      She is right. She is a non Phd but thinks she possess a much bigger Phd than anyone else.

      She is very ugly and smelly.

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    She has some knowledge more than mahinda frog.

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      Srilankens in general are fools by birth.
      Theare are no therapies to turn their mind sets to neutral unbiased states.
      See, alone over 50% of vote eligible to have voted for Mahinda proves this very well. No matters even their lovely ones would have been tortured, abducted, they the people would stay maruwath nil- kapuwath nil… had the people been wise, nothing like disaster politics would have any chance to go on corruptions. Ballige putha to have abused Srilanken airline for his own shake created huge losses by which lanken carrier could purchase even several of A380s. But all these are not topics for those who menioned above. They would further support the idiot to come to power and destroy the nation further.
      I love JVP to be the strong force of the nation.
      Right at the moment, UNP to stay away function rigorously lead toall problems. Atleast one of the sharks got caught could have sent to jail prior to current election.

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    Time all parties say no to giving nominations and National list positions to Thugs and Crooks!!!

    If our country keeps the political doors open to these Thugs and Crooks eventually they will get rid of what remaining educated politicians we still have by any means possible and lead to a decline of educated and suitable politicians who understand the complexities of governing a nation.

    In a rapidly changing world it takes highly skilled leaders to steer the nation by picking the correct combination of new age technologies that suit the nation.

    Thugs and Crooks cant even understand technologies of this rapidly changing world to know if it is good for the nation or not.

    They don’t know how to make sense of issues like Climate change and how it is a global issue that affects us too. not do they have the capacity to understand even if they were to consult the relevant experts.

    So please think and start cultivating politicians who can understand the world today. We don’t need actions based of past understandings that are no longer relevant.

    on another note unable to post some comments on the dailymirror.lk anyone know why!!?.

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    CBK was slandered , sidelined shot from behind by MR and his Media propaganda. He did the same thing to all his enemies with his famous propaganda and sent them to Political wilderness..
    This is the kind of tricks any dictators practices in the world of Dirty politics.
    Bad propaganda for his own personnel gain.

    He did make them The Pariahs of the country for the last TEN YEARS,

    If MR gang had been allowed to continue with this dirty politics of SLANDER through the MEDIA in Srilanka the gullible masses had no way of finding who was right and who was wrong. They were fed with lies through RAJAPASSA MODA MEDIA PAID AND BOUGHT BY PASSAS’ ok!!
    That’s what happened for the last 10years the gullible citizens were fed only the propaganda the results were VERY WEAK OR NO STRONG OPPOSITIONS TO FIGHT BACK IN OUR GUTTER POLITICAL WORLD OF SRI LANKA.

    CBK has talent , intelligence and know how to rule the country for a BETTER FUTURE for HER citizens not for herself.

    It was her father who created the mess in the country in 1958, She was accused of some pilfering of state wealth in the past But NOT TO THE EXTENT OF LOCK STOCK AND BARRELS AS plundered by the PASSAS.

    I think it’s her duty too to set a good example to steer the country to a recognisable state internationally.
    I think she can do it from the background and give GOOD ADVICE.

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      Foul woman like all our politicians. Look after that hat, she may steal it.

      • 1

        Have you heard of Education Education Education.
        You need some one with Education to steer the country in the right path.
        Look at MARA did he have jungle qualification to run the Country into a Pariah State?!
        It’s not all plundering only you give back to the people you Plundered from.

        MS’s Education is in question to rule the country. The world is a big playground to make business and bring goodness to your country and the people.

        You sent uneducated thugs to foreign lands as Ambassodors during the last Regime to Russia ,USA, ect. They Brought disgrace to the country. Did they achieve any goodness to the country .

        It’s just simple as that, EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION.

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          I would say that EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION is useful but
          SINCERITY, HONESTY, EFFICIENCY are vital. Has she got any of them?

          • 0

            Yes, if it is the case she has not got that, do you think MR has got the least of them ? No, the man is accrodingy to SN Silva convicted high criminal. But he can live with them very nicely – using all tricks as had been prior to Jan 8th.
            Bank deal with CN was unsolved case. By the time, the Election is done, that will come to surface. Sooner or later we will see it right.

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            Paul – You said right. Educational qualifications on paper does not make a man sincere and honest and efficiency comes through
            experience, having higher education as the base.

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    To all those people who wants clean and honest politicians to be elected can you
    tell me how the Batalanda Ranil get nomination from UNP to contest?To people who
    have not lived under unp government.Let me educate you period of late 1980’s and
    early 90’s were the most Brutal in the history of Sri Lanka.There were dead bodies rotting every corner of mostly western and other provinces.Some killed and after horendous torture by then UNP Death squads.Main area which this happened is in Batalanda and RW is suspected to one of the main architect of this torture chambers.

    • 3

      That was a timely reminder. Thank you.. our people forget too soon

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    ‘is suspected’

    You will have to do more than just suspect. Where is the evidence? The most that he can be charged with is that he was a minister in that Government and did not protest at the killings or resign.

    However the man has been responsible for some extremely damaging acts such as the Millenium City affair when many LRRP operatives were murdered due to his crass stupidity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millennium_City_incident

    • 2

      The commission recommended Ranil’s civic rights being stripped for Batalanda. You all believe all the accusations against MR but only because it’s Ranil you want proof?

      • 0

        Sorry Tin Pot, I did not know that. Which commission was this?

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    I like your observation.

    More so than “he knows everything, this Dr RN …” – it is just that “he wants to be everywhere”. Seems like he is just looking for an opportunity to “get noticed.” Poor guy – hates being ignored!

    A week or so ago, he held onto a ball-toss from OTC and ran a mile screaming “Get us water RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!” claiming that to be the single most crisis issue Tamils wanted attended to!” That wave receded rather quickly and he leaped to the saving-grace heels of the other “Dr.” Mutthu who was wantonly castigating Wigneswran, God kow why! That proved to be an even greater fiasco, with Dr. RN getting more severely thrashed by the commentators than Dr. Muththu in the end!

    So now, looking for new ground?! The hunt for a cause never ceases!!

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    CBK s a remarkable leader. She was qualified bright well educated from a good family and was not used to the gorilla war fare conducted by MR when she was the President. MR tried to undermine her along with Chief Justice Sarath Silva. Silva used the Judicery as a weapon to dig holes against CBK’S administration especially when she was shot by a terrorist bullet. Even after she left office MR hounded her by axing her security and her yearly pension whilst he and his family were ripping the states coffers. CBK was respected by the worlds leaders for her opinions on international affairs. MR didn’t have the basics in life. He only became an Attorney by accident and there are still outstanding issues about him obtaining his so called qualifications. It is also alleged that his son had fiddled the examination to become an Attorney. May be its like father like son!!. I sincerely hope that CBK plays a significant role in the political solution process to solve the issues that is associated with our colleagues in the North and East.. She is the only one with hands on experience and aware of the issues with an intelligent analysis. Best of Luck Chandrika glad you are back and welcome to the political battle field. We hope you stay in Politics and share you wealth of knowledge and experience and help our nation get on its feet again and live with harmony.

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      Do not try to wash the back of CBK because it is beyond washing …. No amount of washing powder enough to clean it …
      All Sri Lankans waited long long years to see her certificates of her claimed degrees of your highly educated bright queen … Nobody wants her in their election platforms …. What a failed Sri Lanka hated charater …. Nothing nothing done for Sri Lanka when she was in power … Even when her eyes were bombed by LTTE, she supported it for fear of life … I think it is not solely fear, but she wanted to divide the country to put the country into a failed state … Her corruptions are legendary … Even when she was about to leave office, state land was transferred to her name and Supreme Court had found her guilty … That is her legendary work towards Sri Lanka …
      Read the articles in this web site 27th July regarding her deals with Ravi Karunayagam and Shell gas with the heading ” Controversial Shell Gas Clinches Deal: Agreement Likely Next Week” …..
      Another article on July 19th in this Website says …


      “Shell Gas, the largest player in the Sri Lanka’s gas industry at one point, is set to return to the country’s market by edging out Litro Gas, the state run gas company.

      Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake
      A delegation from Shell is scheduled to hold discussions with Lankan authorities on Monday over the comeback bid, Colombo Telegraph is now in a position to reveal.

      However, it learnt that Shell has got the green light to re-enter into Lankan market without a proper tender procedure. This year, 34 companies had sent tender applications to be Sri Lanka’s gas supplier. However, Shell has managed to circumvent the tender process and has now become the front-runner for the bid.

      Shell had close connections with Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

      Shell had to pull out of Sri Lanka after the government bought back Royal Dutch Shell’s stake in the part privatized gas company, Shell Gas Lanka. Shell’s decision to sell followed long running quarrels with the Government over the price at which the company could sell gas in the country. The $63 million sale returns the LP gas business in Sri Lanka to 100% state ownership.

      Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government had been at loggerheads with the oil and gas giant over the price at which gas is sold: the government insisted gas be sold at less than international market prices.

      Following the development, Litro gas was formed by the Sri Lankan government with Sri Lanka Insurance being its majority shareholder. Litro gas is presently the biggest player in the Lankan gas industry.

      Shell’s comeback bid is likely to jeopardize the operations of the state-run Litro Gas, industry sources told Colomb Telegraph on Saturday.”


      Read Kumar read …
      “….Shell had close connections with Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga….”

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    Kumar ! Excellent piece you have picked up from the Analyst’s point of view.
    We need people with courage and Education plus intelligence to grasp the situation and steer the country in the Right path.
    CBK should be the person behind the Steering wheel not the other weaklings in the gang. She has had good times and Very bad times too during her tenure.
    One reason was she was a woman number two reason that she just couldn’t survive among the viciousness of the gangster family who was power hungry.

    I have another point to pick on,
    This definitely affects every parent in the country .The children who have received their A/L results and obtained their places in the Universities waits for another 2years to start their courses??
    Why this age old practice only in Srilanka continues until now??

    For example in Western countries everything happens like clock work.
    Exams May /June , Results are published in August ,off they go to Universities in October.
    Our Srilankan children are wasting their time at home after their results .
    By the time they starts their course they are already 2Years older.

    There shouldn’t be any excuses by the Education Department. This practice should change. Hope the new government will be able to tackle this Horrible practice and not cultivate zombies for the future.

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    Fat Boy is getting bigger booing now than even when he was in Melbourne.

    Just imagine when Whisky Madam mounts the platform..

  • 1

    CBK Won’t Enter UNFGG Platform – Why “the” Aney?????
    Have that KOOL KOLLA ditched you for that Chick……….

    I suggest, the kool kolla needs another couple of slaps from you on the UNFGG stage. Then he will come crying to you.

    “Just imagine when Whisky Madam mounts the platform.”- K.A.Sum
    Oh boy it will be hilarious when the whisky Madam mounts Kool on stage and announce that SHE is now the Captain.

    “CBK should be the person behind the Steering wheel ” – Analyst
    What !!!!!! her brother once told the British H/C in Sri Lanka ” You know excellency, my Sister was imcapable of crossing the British Chanel and thats the reason she was stuck in France.

    Now its Ravi.K and CBK…. people are SHELL Schocked.

    Did CBK infact complete her education or fooling around in France. Yes she was attractive. She was challenged during her Presidency but never showed us her credentials.

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