25 June, 2022


The Akuressa Man

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Did this ever happen?” – Homer (The Iliad)

It was the defining moment of a decisive election. Mahinda Rajapaksa tries to plunge into a crowd of supporters in Akuressa to hammer a man who grabbed his hand. The video shows a visibly angry Mr. Rajapaksa, his other hand balled into a fist, ready to take on the perpetrator of lèse majesté.

Soon after the video went viral, some Rajapaksa acolytes tried to depict the incident as a dry run for a future assassination attempt. Had the alleged finger-puller been a real or suspected enemy, he would not have escaped unscathed from the crowd. He was unharmed because the rest of the audience recognised him as a kindred spirit.

Mahinda Rajapaksa Attempts To Attack UPFA SupporterMr. Rajapaksa said that he felt great pain (‘tharu penuna’ – I saw stars) when his finger was grabbed and there is no reason to doubt him. What is of relevance politically is his instinctive reaction to this injury. He did what anyone in a similar situation would have done, and tried to pull his hand away. But his reaction did not stop there. He went several steps further and did something most people, especially those who are older and more mature, would not have done; he raised his other hand threateningly and charged into the crowd to attack ‘the attacker’. Had his security guards and supporters not dragged him away, the country would have witnessed the unique spectacle of its ex-president hammering an unknown man, in public.

That instinctive reaction tells much about Mahinda Rajapaksa, man and politician. He is a fighter, which was one reason he could beat Vellupillai Pirapaharan at the latter’s own game. He is, perhaps, a good choice for a country at war, a country threatened by external or internal enemies. He is definitely not a wise choice for a country which is recovering from a long and debilitating war, a country which is faced with the task of building a consensual peace. As Mr. Rajapaksa’s instinctive reaction to a perceived injury demonstrates, he is a man who sees threats and enemies where there are none, a man who is prone to thoughtlessly violent solutions. That is precisely what this country does not need, at this historical moment.

Gratitude was theme of Mr. Rajapaksa’s 2010 presidential election campaign. An absolute majority of the electorate accepted that logic and voted him in. But Mr. Rajapaksa was a wartime leader and as such he was incapable of understanding, let alone handling, peacetime needs. He not only failed to implement political and socio-economic measures aimed at winning over the alienated Tamils. He implemented measures which infinitely exacerbated their alienation. Some measures were strategic and sourced in his own project of familial rule and dynastic succession such as garrisoning the North. Some were motivated by ideology, such as denying the existence of an ethnic problem and therefore the need for a political solution. But quite a few were like his Akuressa behaviour, angry and vengeful reactions to a real or perceived injury. An excellent case-in-point was banning the singing of the national anthem in Tamil; this move was a reaction to the cancellation of Mr. Rajapaksa’s second Oxford Union Speech due to protests by Tamil Diaspora groups.

But perhaps the most deadly legacy of Mr. Rajapaksa’s aggressive politics was the antagonising of the Muslim community.

The Unending Search for Suitable Enemies

For Lankan Tamils, the cruellest month had to be July. No defeat or tragedy which befell them was as universal as Black July. It was a general conflagration which spared no Tamil. Poor bottle-sellers and wealthy entrepreneurs, uneducated road-sweepers and highly qualified professionals, voters and politicians, Hindus and Christians, young and old, leftists and rightists, men and women, every Tamil was imperilled by it.

Last year, as Aluthgama burnt, it looked as if Black July will be repeated in June, this time with Lankan Muslims as its target. A private quarrel between a Buddhist monk, his Sinhala diver and three Muslims youths was exaggerated and depicted as an act of Muslim on Buddhist violence. Instead of moving swiftly to restore order, the Rajapaksa regime allowed the BBS to hold a public meeting in the middle of the simmering Aluthgama town. “In this country we still have a Sinhala police; we still have a Sinhala army. After today if a single Marakkalaya or some other paraya (alien) touches a single Sinhalese…..it will be their end,” [i] BBS live-wire, Bhikku Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara thundered, as the police and the army watched. That’s all the guardians of law and order could do, watch, because the power-wielders were on the side of the mob.

Almost as soon as the Eelam War was won, Sinhala-Buddhist extremist groups began inciting anti-Muslim hatred. The Rajapaksas responded with a nod and wink. In the resulting enabling environment, the BBS et al could say anything and do anything, with total impunity. Which policeman would lift a finger against the yellow-robed marauders, after Gotabaya Rajapaksa attended a BBS function and praised BBS monks for engaging in a “nationally important task”[ii]?

Until Black July erupted, armed Tami groups, including the LTTE, were starved of funds, arms, recruits, public sympathy and international support. Black July took care of every single one of those problems, spectacularly. The rest is blood-soaked, death-raddled history.

The Aluthgama mini-riot warned that Sri Lanka was rushing headlong towards another cliff-edge, this time of religious conflict.

Deliverance came unexpectedly. Mahinda Rajapaksa held a presidential election two years ahead of time, and lost it. Deprived of state-patronage the BBS et al receded into ineffectuality. Suddenly, and with unbelievable rapidity, the air cleared as racial and religious toxicity decreased drastically. The poison did not vanish completely, but it ebbed to normal, bearable, non-threatening levels.

That change indicated a fundamental truth. Anti-Muslim hatred did not come from below, from Sinhala society; it emanated from above, from power-wielders. Suspicion, aversion, perhaps even contempt and dislike, these feelings are organic on every side of the religo-racial divide; but not murderous hate. That was an artificial construct, a deadly drama staged for political purposes. When the producer-directors were ousted from power on January 9th, the manufactured-hate, deprived of life-support, died a natural death. Sri Lanka took a decisive step away from another disaster and towards a largely peaceful future.

Sri Lanka is a pluralist country. We need to develop peaceful mechanisms to deal with the problems and tensions unavoidable in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society. It is the only possible path to a secure and stable future. Mahinda Rajapaksa did the opposite; he turned ordinary differences into implacable divisions and tried to benefit from the resulting extremisms.

This was where Sri Lanka was headed when the presidential election intervened. This is the journey the Rajapaksas will resume if they win on August 17th.

Protectors presuppose enemies and threats. Once the Tigers were defeated, standard religio-cultural differences were repackaged as threats and yet another minority targeted as the next enemy. The anti-Halal campaign, which erupted with virulent suddenness, sowed fear and hate by the bushel, and vanished with equal suddenness, was an excellent case in point.

There is an intimate connection between anti-democratic politics and religious extremism. Actual and would-be despots see in extreme versions of religion a weapon and a shield for their political projects. In Nigeria it was the encouragement accorded to extreme forms of Christianity by the country’s military rulers which paved the way for the creation of that horror, Boko Haram. In Iraq, Premier al-Maliki’s Shia-supremacism made it possible for the IS to grow from nothingness to the monster it is today. It is an open secret that Myanmar’s military rulers are enabling/supporting Monk Wirathu and his 969 Movement. He had openly come out against Aung Sang Suu Kyi (despite her unprincipled refusal to condemn anti-Muslim violence) warning that chaos will result if she wins the presidency[iii].

During a keynote speech at the Kotelawala Defence Academy in 2014, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa characterised Sri Lanka as a country confronted by a variety of threats and enemies. He made particular mention of Tamil extremists (national and international), left-wing extremists, Islamic extremists, criminal extremists, media extremists, Western extremists, anti-democratic extremists and irresponsible extremists[iv]. If the UPFA wins on August 17th, that brand of politics, which sees an enemy in anyone who is not a servile supporter of the Rajapaksas, will return, more combative and irrational than ever, determined to ensure that January 8th does not happen, ever again.

Character, Politics and National-fate

Mr. Rajapaksa is obviously incapable of understanding the difference between antagonistic and non-antagonistic contradictions. Any act, if it causes him a real or perceived injury, is seen as an act of aggression, enemy-action requiring a decapitating reaction. That was what Mr. Rajapaksa tried to do in Akureassa. He did not bother to think or reason; he acted, and acted violently.

That was, for instance, the way he responded when then Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake incurred his wrath.

Given Mr. Rajapaksa’s determination to take the country back to the past and his promises to ‘restore the rule of law’ the impeachment saga assumes a particular relevance. As US Ambassador Patricia Butenis said in a classified cable (dated 24th February 2010) Justice Bandaranaike was believed to be a Rajapaksa-loyalist[v]. Several of her controversial decisions indicated this bias. In February 2010, Dr. Bandaranayake headed a bench which rejected Gen. Sarath Fonseka’s fundamental rights petition asking for release from detention until investigations against him are completed. The court accepted the Attorney General’s rather curious contention that until the investigation is concluded it is not possible to determine whether there is any reason to detain Gen. Fonseka. In September 2010, another bench headed by her approved the controversial 18th Amendment, in 24 hours.

But Dr. Bandaranayake was no Mohan Peiris. She was biased but she was not an acolyte. And she did draw the line at rulings which blatantly violated the constitution. In December 2011, a bench headed by her decreed that the Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill cannot be presented to parliament without the consent of all the provincial councils as land is a devolved subject. This controversial bill would have given the Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs the power to take over any private land just by declaring it a ‘Protection Area’, ‘Conservation Area’, Architectural or Historic area’ or ‘Sacred Area’. Then in September 2012, a bench headed by her made a similar ruling vis-a-vis Basil Rajapaksa’s Divineguma Bill.

Within months a bogus impeachment motion was brought against her and she was hounded out of her post.

Either you are with us totally or we will destroy you completely was a key premise of Rajapaksa thinking and Rajapaksa rule.

Going by electoral statistics and trends, the UPFA will not win the upcoming election; nor will it become the single largest party. Mr. Rajapaksa therefore will not become the prime minister. That is indeed fortunate, because back in power, he will plunge the country into a series of conflicts. He will battle with President Maithripala Sirisena for power and with the UNP and the JVP for Southern dominance. Inciting anti-minority sentiments will be a key weapon in both these conflicts. The country will become embroiled in a chaotic situation, as every institution (including the military) is divided along pro-Rajapaksa and anti-Rajapaksa lines. Even the SLFP will not be spared, if the hostile treatment meted to those SLFP candidates who are not out-and-out supporters of Mr. Rajapaksa is anything to go by.

Multiple confrontations, instability bordering on chaos, a country fractured beyond salvation, that is what a Prime Minister Rajapaksa will give us. He is not capable of anything else.

The security needs and concerns of a country at peace are diametrically opposite to those of a country at war. The last thing Sri Lanka needs today is the return of the Akuressa Man.

[i] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOxPJzlXDJs

[ii] Sri Lanka Mirror – 10.3.2013

[iii] http://www.irrawaddy.org/burma/suu-kyi-presidency-bring-chaos-says-firebrand-monk.html

[iv] http://www.kdu.ac.lk/notices/news/82-events/214-sri-lanka-s-national-security-concerns-part-2

[v] https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/wikileaks-chief-justice-shirani-bandaranayake-is-a-rajapkasa-loyalist/

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Latest comments

  • 21

    The quote by Homer???? explains adequately that this character has gone bonkers.

    • 8

      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara

      RE:The Akuressa Man

      “It was the defining moment of a decisive election. Mahinda Rajapaksa tries to plunge into a crowd of supporters in Akuressa to hammer a man who grabbed his hand. The video shows a visibly angry Mr. Rajapaksa, his other hand balled into a fist, ready to take on the perpetrator of lèse majesté.”

      MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa….

      “Had his security guards and supporters not dragged him away, the country would have witnessed the unique spectacle of its ex-president hammering an unknown man, in public.”

      Too bad, an opportunity to let the country know the real Chatu and Amana Mara, the Liar, the Crook, the Robber, the Thief and Criminal was missed.

      Tisaranee Gunasekara, thanks for the write-up. Can you please get working on the Sti Lanka Common sense Phamplet, just like Thomas Paine did for the Americans in 1776. The Modays, Mootals and Feed need to be informed , educated and helped to get Common Sense.

      Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. The pamphlet explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence in clear, simple language. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places.

      Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2] As of 2006, it remains the all-time best selling American title.[3]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[4] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[5] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[6]

      • 0

        Dear TG,

        It is always interesting to read the way you analyze. However, do you have real answers to the following?

        i. Can a journalist like you, honestly, w/o being present at the place of the incident, w/o standing next to MR, interpret a picture and read the mind of the victim? Isn’t it good journalism to give your interpretation w/o conducting your own investigation after speaking to the victim, the doer and the man who helped MR ? If MS or RW showed the same stress and impulse in a photo (who even day dream like MR that they will be killed)would you have wasted time interpreting them in the same way , if the expressions were identical.Remember, all 3 undergo heavy stress and fear.

        ii. Considering MS’s record since 8 January 2015 and his relationship with Ranil and the cabinet, do you think that they can continue together in harmony while being compatible, to the benefit of the country in a stylish manner in the way Rajapakses (forgetting the allegations and waste , which I disapprove of , if true)did the enormous developmental work and made the Lankans proud and clean, in the same way they planned very well and eradicated the LTTE?
        If there is another LTTE revival will they act in the same way the Rajapakses- Fonseka-Marikkar- Karuna- Pallayan planning and combination did, or drag on for another 30 yrs on various pretexts.

        iii. With the OKs/ feigning ignorance to all JRJ & Premadasa era atrocities, Black July pogrom , Batalanda records, UNP internal calamities that led to defections of Karu Jayasuriya Bogollagama and others and work for a former Govt, blunders made and many failures with closeness to Mahendran, Ravi and Amaratunga who nearly got bumped off over genuine charges/ no confidence motions, a reputation as a poor planning thorough gent among some citizens, above his head, is it fair to even try to handover the country to a man of RW’s calibre when there are many in the party who belong to the calibre of Gamini Jayasuriya, Wanninayaka, M.D.Banda and A.Ratnayake of the olden days?

        With due apologies, I want you to comment on the above w/o any reference to Rajapakses and their alleged faults, frauds and wastes please.I am serious about a decent view, but do not want to join the readers who handle this opportunity in a rash manner.

  • 33

    ” ….. said that he felt great pain (‘tharu penuna’ – I saw stars) when his finger was grabbed and there is no reason to doubt him”

    Ali Baba should thank his stars that it was only his finger that was grabbed and not his —well, You Know What! Maybe next time, this hated national rougue will have it completely chopped off by an ardent ‘admirer’ for the years of plunder and destruction caused by him and his cronies over the last 8 years or so.

  • 34

    Thanks TG.

    Another excellent analysis decrypting Mara, his real motives, his way of thinking and mode of operation.

    As you have rightly pointed, Mara is ready to go to any length to destroy anyone who doesn’t see things his way and he is ready to let the country plunge into the depths of hell in the process.

    That is the size of his ego, bigger than the whole country. As big as it maybe, it seems very fragile that even a wrong look can trigger off a his primal animal instinct. The rest we all know from history.

    What a ‘freak show’!!!

  • 35

    I wish the body guards left him to unleash his rage on the person. At least then, the bloody 5.2 Million fools would have come to their senses of what we are talking of. A savage beast in human form and a street thug not fit for a moment to rule our peace time country.

    There are many instances of this nature not caught on camera, like Gemaunu Wijerathne, Susil Premajayantha and all other cases like Lasantha,Sreepathi,Bharatha,General,CJ,Weliveriya,Welikada all having the hall mark of the Street Thug’s aiding and abetting which culminated in a society of lawlessness, just like the leader of the country.

    He thrives on violence and needs violence and divisions in the society to make hay for himself, his families and cronies.

    Only divine help can protect our nation and MY3 was a God Send in that regard. Hope we all as a Nation will be saved for the second time from this marauding street thug who is waiting to plunge this country into death and destruction for his and his families survival.

    Let the eyes of the 5.2 Million fools who voted for this Monster, be opened to this stark reality.

  • 25

    Another timely and enlightening words of wisdom from a real patriot of Sri Lanka. She has spoken the truth She has spoken for the majority. She has spoken for the minority. She has covered all without any bias.
    Will the south reject this Akuressa Man , his family members and cronies who are contesting the GE on the 17th August.? Fortunately , wise voters on the 8th January prevented the Sri Lankan democracy from being swallowed by a dictatorial family rule.

    Will the majority from the South become more enlightened on the 17th August and save mother Lanka from the deadly Tsunami named Rajapakse aka Akuressa man planning to create havoc for at least another 10 years.?

  • 22

    If I characterise Mahinda Rajapakse, I will charcterise him as a schemer,actor, violent, selfish and power greedy individual. For him, any one who is on his way in reaching his personal goal are enemies and he will not hesitate to get rid of them even if that his his best friend or even a family member.

    • 6

      That lesson was made clear with Loku Athula’s demise.

  • 16

    Thanks to live cameras and modern technology, the crude animal instinct in Ali Baba was unleashed in a flickering moment for all to see. However, even without cameras and modern technology, anyone can see the workings of his inner animal mind.

  • 16

    Cant blame him. To this thug, his gold ring was more important than his bogus reputation as a national leader.

  • 14

    Excellent analysis TG. Thanks.

    Permit me to quote an email I received which has an element of truth pertaining to Medamulana Meeharaka.

    “Suffering from ED (Excessive Dishonesty)
    – Can’t remember the truth?
    – Worn down by getting caught in lies?
    – Spending too much time dreaming up new stories?

    Try L I A G R A – now available in Jilmart extra strength for longer lasting lies.”

  • 16

    Instant reaction shows he was going to punch him. Probably this is what he does frequently.

  • 11

    Mahendran Jarapassa was very lucky, And Akuressa Man Too.

    when his finger was grabbed and Squeezed by the PATRIOTIC Akuressa Man.
    ” Rajapaksa said that he felt great pain (‘tharu penuna’ – I saw stars) when his finger was grabbed and Squeezed”.

    Any body can imagine What will happened to this Akuressa Man grabbed and Squeezed Some where Else?????.

    I O, Percyvel Mahendran Jarapassa!!!!!

  • 11


    On TGs analysis on AKURESSA THE Hand puller was saved cleverly by the other crooks and STAGE MANAGED WELL.
    IF it had been a real enemy there would have been an on the spot savage killing AND BLOOD LOSS.

    All these dramas had been tried and tested by the whole GANG for the last 10 years.
    They are well experienced in DRAMATISING.
    Remember how one of the gangs stage managed and tied himself round the tree and said someone tied him up..

    They think the whole of Srilanka is full of imbeciles.
    Oh please No more DRAMAS. Please save us from these idiots and lunatics. Not another decade under these JOKERS.
    HOPE the voters will not be taken for a ride this time by the Hooligans and the rowdies.

  • 7

    Whatever said, it is again in the Voters hand. The campaign “Think” requesting voters
    to Vote only a “Mr. Clean” (unknown in good faith) should be efective this time, we hope.

    Listen to what this MR was made up of, lest we forget:-


  • 8

    When MR started out as President he was a different person, a much loved character, more friendly and amiable and people were just drawn to him as they listened and believed in his words of hope that he had for the country. They held him with much awe and respect. But as the saying goes ‘absolute power corrupts to the core’, he got carried away and lost it in the swell, and the rest is history. As Tisaranee has quite exquisitely analyzed in ‘The Akuressa man’, MR’s demeanor, state of mind and even his lousy words of hope can never be taken seriously any more than words of a drowning man praying to put things right in his desperate effort to stay alive, when he could have easily retired as the undisputed King of Kings, remembered as the President who brought peace and peosperity (at least to some degree) to this country, even with all his faults and shortcomings in his administration. Allowing BBS to run amok to feign terror on people who trusted him with their votes just as much as anyone else, was the turning point in his fortunes. If he had done his duty in fairness to the Muslims at that moment of crisis, at least he would still have their loyalty as they would have been grateful along with all those who cherish the peace dividends he brought to our country. But he just blew it and for good. Now comes ‘payback time’ time. No matter what he says to try and win hearts and minds of the minority communities of Tamils and Muslims, they just will not believe in him nor forgive him for his injustices, specially for not being a just ruler. He is being made to learn his lessons the hard way, and in the process losing credibility and peoples respect.

  • 16

    The Akuressa Man. Wow.What an apt heading! Any anthropological connotation to the famous Balangoda man? Darwin must be happy that they have found the missing link at last. Cant forget we are still talking of apes and monkey behavior here. Keep it up, Tissaranee.

  • 15

    A valuable reminder of what MR is capable doing and what he did, fortunately there were 400,000 + Sri Lankans who did not wanted MR as President for a 3rd term.

    It is a pity it’s only 400,000+. MR took Sri Lanka to the edge of another communal blood bath. Country was heading towards disunity.

    In this election since is’s a battle for individual candidates vote what Uduaya G, Wimal W, Dinish G and Vasu N says does not makes headlines. However it also appears they have toned down and communal line of campaigning and highlighting threat of terrorism has died down. Probably realizing that does not sell in parliamentary elections unlike in presidential election.

    Surely we need not go back to era of Rajapaksas, amount of corruption is staggering. We don’t have to put up with audacity and arrogance of MR and the clan. We don’t have put up with parades of vehicles, we don’t have to be humiliated by rudeness of MARA clan. We don;t have to see MARA pictures and extravagant ceremonies whenever one turn to print or visual media. We have the ability to talk what we want and criticize who we want.

    MARA must be defeated, however with the preferential voting system he will most probably get elected. The next government must purse all allegations and start taking action against the culprits. That should pave the way for a better governance and better country for all of us.

  • 7

    The Nugegoda Man’s true nature exposed by the Akurassa Man, although the boot lickers led by Dayan tries to project otherwise.

    Now promising to deliver in the next five years, what he could not in the last Ten years? Are there dumb idiots to believe him?

  • 3

    “Bloemendhal Man with the AK 47” would have been a sensational piece for a change to cheer up the Colombo Elite and the Poodle Club Members

    Plus the Anglicans of course after the untiring efforts of their Boss to give them Yahapalanaya from Pathalaya…… .

    • 12

      KASmAalAm K.A Sumanasekera

      When do you think the actual horse trading would start. Has it already started? If it has what is the going price for an MP to cross over to MR camp?

      Will it start on the eve of elections?

      How MR is planning to finance the purchase of new and old MPs? How long would it take MR to recover the total costs of all such purchases from state resources?

      Since you are fluent in finance have you had time to study MR’s election budget and his projected cash flow for the next five years?

      Please let us have a copy.


      We are bored with your crab side walk.

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        I am glad you are also interested in development. Here are some stats again.

        GDP in 2005 was USD 1150..It was USD 3800 when your Yahapalan Mob took over.

        It was a phenomenal growth , considering over 30 % of the Government revenue had to be used to liberate the country from Tamil Terrorists in the period 2005 up to Nanthikadal in 2009…

        the Economy grew at 8 % plus since 2009 to Yahapalana Inauguration.

        First 6 months of Yahaalanaya has put a stop to all that.

        Except your Diaspora Mahendran and SIL collecting LKR 22.5 Million a month as commission .

        And Your Yahapalana Treasurer is stitching up deals every where from borrowing at 3 % more than market rate to even reducing the number of lanes of the Wellala Expressway to take a cut under the pretext of savings.

        If Yahapalanaya dies a peaceful death on the 17, the Nation will get in to full gear again for sure.

        And extrapolate the growth from May 2009 to Jan 2015 and you will get good idea where our nation will be 5 years.

        That is assuming Army Samapath, Senuka, Kudu Lal and other Keselwatta and Kotahena UNP Yahapalana enforces who work under your mate Galleon leave our inhabitants and their proper leaders alone.

        With Batalanda Ranil’s mates running the Police Force now , I am not sure whether even Rajapaksa can get rid of Pathalaya this time.

        • 3

          KASmAalAm K.A Sumanasekera

          Please let us have comparative growth statistics on clan’s personal wealth and income from 2005 to 2015.

          Since you are fluent in finance have you had time to study MR’s election budget and his projected cash flow for the next five years? Please let us have a copy.

          P.S. We are bored with your crab side walk.

          • 0

            Nit Wit .

            Who are the we you are referring to ? you and the fans of the cow gonsaranee ?



            • 0

              P.hD Abhaya ,

              “Who are the we you are referring to ? you and the fans of the cow gonsaranee ? “

              Certainly i’m in that lot Abhaya , couldn’t you find another more colourful Adjective for Thisarani , preferably from your famous H… word or P… word collection, please don’t let yourself down by using less offensive/obscene vocabulary here , try to keep up your good work intact , mate !

              PS: Hope you’ve found out how to write the abbreviation of ” Doctor of Philosophy ” by now !

              • 2


                While we are on cow, I am told Hindus worship cow while Abhaya is married to one.

                Sorry I didn’t mean to insult women and cows.

                • 0

                  NV ,

                  I feel sorry for the poor lady who lives with this down right racist scum , generally speaking those who hate other races inclined to be abusive towards their partners as well , Abhaya seems to have all the credentials to fit in to that category.

                  • 1


                    You got a point there.

                    Does he look his face in the mirror? Maybe he can’t bear it, maybe he hates himself so much he has lost all his life and social skills (which was not much), did his father leave him just after he was born, …………

                    Maybe he was a loner.

                    Maybe he didn’t have anything to play with except his willy.

                    Maybe he was abused as a child

                    Maybe his runaway father was a Tamil or Muslim


            • 0

              Your Cow – is recognized as one of the best among the good writers to all that read hers. She focuses it as no other. You the idiot who knows nothing but to be gummed to Rajaakshe backsides seem to be knowing nothhing like a frog in a well. Even not to change your mind to this date, makes it very clearly that you are born idiot – Pera should be ashmed to have offered you a degree. Americans you get on with surely have no brains to appoint you as their company man. Anyway, go back to Medamulana and get ready to provide them with a better sanitary systems – not allowing their toilett pits to overflow anymore. Medamula MaRA is smelling forever.

            • 2

              bla, bla blAbhaya

              “Who are the we you are referring to ? “

              Rational readers.

              Which by definition exclude you, KAS, HLD Mahinda, Gota, Lal loo, sach, Jazz, Sarojini, Taraki, OTC, Vichchu, Maveeran, Cholan, Kalistani, Banda (Rent a Mob), Dr Mervyn Silva PhD, Irathina Valli, Malinda Seneviratne , Dayan Silva, Nalin de Silva, Ramuuuuuuuuuu, Vibhushana , Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon, Nuisance, Ranjan Rajakaruna, Ela Kolla, baludeen, Jim Softy, max moron, Izeth Hussain, Maghribi, Vaiko, Seeman, Tamilnet, Sivajilingam, MR, ………………

              My apologies to those whom I missed.

          • 0

            Dear Mr: NV,

            Buffaloe gene expressions are active in Abaya s genome. SO noworries even if anything like the same would repeat next days. As a buffaloe would never get it – he cant change his mind set. Wild Buffaloes among the UPFA supporters will never change their attitudes easily. They are rotten with all abusive and corrpted tactics as nothing could turn them to positiv thoughts. Abhaya will sink after 17 August as many would face it.

          • 0

            @Native Vedda

            Of what use is information about The Clans personal wealth ??? You are throwing up a strawman to avoid responding to @K.A Sumanasekera numbers

            Even with the billions The Clan is alleged to have taken from the country, the GDP growth figures are indisputable.

            It is you who is doing the crab walk, bringing up rubbish when confronted with fact

            Lets see whether your Yahapalana crowd can even come close to improving the GDP

  • 8

    Does anybody know why Mahinda R was sacked from Nalanda College

    • 2

      “Does anybody know why Mahinda R was sacked from Nalanda College”
      Ask Tiran Alles.

  • 0

    TG is [Edited out]

    they always cry for Tamils asking homeland for Tamils.

  • 1

    If TG is genuine in what she is talking, she would criticize TGTC, GTF, BTF and most impotatnly TNA…even Wigneswaran.

    See how they are explioting Tamils. what they are talking is it for Tamils or for their own existence ?

    IF the govt works way TG wants, then the south suffered far far more than what Tamils suffered.

    In thr south families suffered extensively and thousands of youth were killed because of JVP and after that because of LTTE killings.

    IT is the trade mark of these NGOs talking about Sri lankan problems talk only about Tamil but not the similar problems faced by Southern Sinhala families.

    Mahinda Rajapakse is a selfish and ego-centric crook who considered only about him. If not things would have been very different.

  • 8

    Cheating at the exams is my guess. It runs in the family ! Medamulana Meeharaka is not a lawyer (the person who impersonated him was silenced). Likewise playboy Namal who calls himself a “lowyer”.

  • 3

    The cow is back , Bleating its complaints . The cow was all happy when Gon Sira became the prez , not it is worried about that Gon sira might not succeed in getting ponil elected .



  • 4

    Well, after a short interval, as usual, Tisaranee Gunasekara has resumed her story telling job. The New King’s regime, Tisaranee an ardent supporter of it before she went on vacation, did not do anything during the 6 months of vacation of Tisaranee other than sacking and re-sacking Supreme Court Chief Justices and bringing puppets and crooks for politically appointed jobs.

    Election is back; so Tisaranee Gunasekara is back and her Pirapakaran bashing also back.

    The main topic of her this time episode is about wartime leadership. She does not cut and paste like Dayan or his disciple OTC. But the subject she selected this time, the leadership in which she has any clue at all, has necessitated her to do that. So she had cut and pasted a climax from Winston Churchill’s history. That is Churchill wanted to become wartime leader so he send Mangala to pay 800 million rupees to Hitler, then he and Stalin shared the Palmyra fruits brought back by Mangala… Blah Blah ….Blah Blah… Blah Blah…. That is not what regular Tisaranee style, usually she jumps into to pool and catch all the crocodile named Pirapakran with one hand and thus she promotes the Sinhala Intellectualism and their election campaign.

    This election has lost all senses because the New King is, in front of the Mother and father of the baby, pinching it and rocking the cradle. So she is utterly confused what to write. So she is painting a wartime heroism from a rowdy murderer hitting a by stander. (Absolutely an ill minded illustration from her part.) Unlike in the other elections, there only local Modayas have to tacked, which is relatively easy and involves only pointing at Tamil and bring rice from the moon, in this the eagled eyed, western Modayas has to be tackled, which demand of more of the Sinhala Intellectualism, though the blame can be always put on the Sinhala Buddhist, the so called Sinhala Modayas. So the New King met the Old King many times in the past six months and arranged the dramas of duping the entire western Modayas (specifically American State Secretary, John Kerry). This is where, to justify the Old King’s genocide crimes, she ended up comparing Churchill and Old King. She knew it is not a cut paste but by job an original cut and paste. It is cut and paste, for one more reason, because she does not understand what traits involve in true leadership, but she copied from some flamboyant writer’s “Churchill the War time Leader” theme. I ask her if Gandhi is not a wartime leader? Didn’t he fight with England and win? Didn’t Lincoln win the Civil War? Was he (Lincoln) elected to fight the war? Did anybody asked him to start a civil in America? For what the heck Lincoln started the civil war in the peaceful country America in early 1860s? Because he wanted show that he was a wartime leader? Napoleon does not know wars and not a wartime leader and lost the final wars? Does Lee Kuan Yew is peace-time leader developed the Singapore, is that why he was so arrogant & obstinate dictator? How about Chandrika who used Kathirgamar to build up an international support and used America to bomb LTTE ships even Prime Minister Ranil, who had signed a peace deal with LTTE, not knowing of it? What is Madame Tisaranee’s definition of wartime leader? Isn’t this a cut and paste without cut and paste?

    Does she understand a sentence in the books of History? What is her definition of wartime leader? Is that Churchill like Nazis get caught by the democratic Hitler and ending up in the Nuremberg Trials? Does she dreaming that these Sinhala Intellectuals’ like New King’s election manipulation is going to save her Wartime leader from UN electric chair? How did he end up as a wartime leader? Because is Lincoln, Gandhi & Churchill all looted their countries? Why is the Sinhala Intellectuals only has the right to call the Old King as a wartime leader because he fought with the waring Tamils, but the Leader Prabhakaran is only ruthless terrorist because he fought with the Sinhala Intellectual who repeatedly made peace with Tamil in 1956, 1958, 1961, 1971, 1977, 1981, 1983 with the Terrorist SJV?

    Ultimate shameless Sinhala Intellectuals not ready to call a spade a spade, but camouflaging as wartime leader. This guy is an internationally wanted war criminal. He has been protected in Lankave by violating the international norms. He is leader of the Lankave’s holocaust, Madame of White washing!

  • 9

    The last thing Sri Lanka doesn’t need today is the return of the Akuressa Man with Mad Cow disease who also got Ganasara Syndrome.

  • 1

    TG should [Edited out]

    Her job is to bad mouth Mahinda Rajapakse and cry out loud for Tamils.

    that is what she did almost all her life.

    Even when the war was going on, she was crying out loud for Tamils.

  • 5

    Why are we talking about Akuressa Man.Can we talk about the Batalanda Man.I
    mean Batalanda Ranil.The main arhitect of most brutal and violent period in the
    living memory.During late 80’s and early 90’s all we could see burning dead bodies killed by death squads operating from Batalanda.And by the way the July 1983 riots another one of most Tragic events in our country happened under the
    watchful eyes of this Batalanda Man and his UNP government.Took nearly a week
    to declare curfew in Colombo which resulted in loss numorous innocent tamil people lives and properties.So I again ask do we need this Batalanda Man to
    lead us or do we need The Nugegoda man to lead us

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