15 April, 2024


CC Of An Email To A Friend In The North

By Thrishantha Nanayakkara

Dr. Thrishantha Nanayakkara

Dear Aravinthan anna,

How are things going? I am sure you are enjoying the election heat these days. I don’t quite know about politics in the North, but I see in the news that the Southern parties like Jathika Hela Urumaya are a bit worried about your future. Their biggest worry is that you will choose to vote for people who are not from Jaffna. You know, this love comes from their habit of promoting people who knows the “pulse of the people” or the “village smell (Gami Suvanda” – கிராமத்தின் வாசனை) to govern villagers like us. By the way, I am sure you will pardon my Tamil. As usual I pretend to know Tamil, when in fact I use Google translations. Anyhow, you know, as usual, we in the South easily get caught in this kind of politics. The people who know our smell and our pulses are very often master pickpockets. So, you can see how we get ripped off left and right these days. I am sure you don’t want that. I think some wise and educated guy from anywhere in the country is better than a pickpocket who knows in and out of Jaffna and that of your pocket too.

Last time we were talking about the 13th amendment and we told each other to read it carefully before we talk next time. Did you get a chance to read it? I tried, but couldn’t understand all that legal jargon. How about you? Your silence for some time gives me the impression that you are stuck too. Now, Anna, what chance will a pickpocket have? So, if 13th amendment is of some importance to you at this point, if I were you, I would elect some wise man who can debate in and out of it than knowing how to take us for rides in and out of Jaffna. That, we can manage ourselves. All what you have to do is to pack up some lunch, buy a bottle of water, and get lost in some unknown street.

How are the little ones doing? I heard that they started to teach Chinese in the schools. You know, it is a great language using symbolic characters. When you combine two shapes, one can say the new meaning without knowing the new character. For instance, when I was a student in Japan, they taught us some Chinese characters. See how you write man. Then see how you write tree. The teacher one day asked us to tell what it means when we write tree and man characters together. I wanted to say that it means resting, but the guy sitting next to me jumped and said it means monkey. I could see how the teacher’s face got blushed. But it was OK to make mistakes in that class. But, I heard that the purpose of teaching Chinese in Sri Lanka is to stop people from going to Madavachchi when the Chinese board says Killinochchi. These things happen you know.

Anyway, take care Anna. I will for sure come to meet you next time I visit Sri Lanka. Can’t wait to taste some home made Vade, and the true love of brotherhood. Keep your spirits high Anna no matter what comes out of the election. Take your kids to Nallur Kandasami kovil every weekend. That will reinforce core values. I too found a good Buddhist monastery near London. Did a couple of retreats and it truly made a difference. Kids love visiting the monastery too.

Keep in touch.

Thrish Tambi

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    I tried very hard but I cannot see any point in this piece (letter?)
    I’m so dense! TN can you please explain?

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      It is called Patronizing!

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    I agree with essie. This is a load of prattle and seems a specimen of nonsense this chap become a doctor for. Doctor of prattle.

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    Trish Nana;
    Happy to hear that you say hello to your Long lost Friend Arvindan.
    any how, Asking Humble Permition from You,
    I like to write few information before your next visit to the friend in Sri Lanka,
    I mean the northern tip of the Rajpassa Wonderland.

    As the Mahinada Chinthanaya promised, They have some Forces guys on the Street. When Ms Pillay came here, [not that cooking woman] but UN HUMAN RIGHTS LADY] all guys went on compulsory leave. We had some relief.
    May be that is Haturusingo’s Chinthanaya to safe guard his boss in Colombo.
    But again, They came like Mushrooms in the mornings.
    Here the Your Tamil Brethren are vary fearful of them,
    Evan though Pirpa Thambi gave them, the people of jaffana, the Weapons training during his regime control of the YAALPANAM.

    Now it has Change hands,
    New Guys are in Control with patronage of Dharmishta Governance.
    The defecto governors are flying high.,
    you know them, that Douglas and Ex Army boss ,
    Nobody wants them, but Mahinda R says people love them.
    Yes they Love them VERY VERY MUCH, Because In Sri Lanka Every things are perfect ,
    and we want some Casinos And Few Ferraris, Porsches to to run around.

    Jaffna is very clean,And Hathuru is doing the NADAAR job for Rajapassa.
    collecting all the YAKADA from Parathurai to Pulmudai.
    [ Colloquially] coming colour not good.

    When you visit next time Your friend, he will serve you not only Ulundu Vades, masala Vades but also Thahir Vades.
    and Parathurai vades with Panaei Kallu [ You Know THAL RAA].
    Now little difficult to find panam trees, because Pirpaha Thambi’s Boyes and Forces guys Erase them from the Thottams.

    TO tell you that, They don’t care about all those AMENDAMENTS,
    For more than 30 years they got all the amendments.
    [Now a days We Sinhalese are getting Amendments with the blessing of Governance].
    What They want is to live in peace, in their own places.
    Not to interfere to their private lives with the guise of TID, CID, MP of Forces, which is unbearable.
    they had enough,
    and There are some extremist rotten Eggs also.
    but no more high tones as nobody wants to hear their voices.
    And we heard that, some thing bad about London Buddhist temple priest.
    Kids love to visit temples , but Take care.

    Wishing you the blessings of triple gems,



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      Thanks. My friend Aravinthan anna has noticed that the exact kind of people he expected have disliked this letter. So comforting that his expectations were met.

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    What ever you couldn’t do it in Boston , now you are enjoying in London
    You are a smart person and I couldn’t understand why you couldn’t understand the 13th amendment

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      TN might not be allowed a visa to SL . keep DREAMING !

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    Thank you. I thought it might be that but it wasnt very cleverly done, was it!

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    An educated Moron engaged in a vengeful pursuit

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    The 13th amendment has wide range of power devolvement.

    But unfortunately the concurrent list and the Governors powers are the sticking issues.

    Since the 1987 amendment, the successive governments enjoyed puppet governance in provincial level. None of the provinces rolled their sleeves and took forward the difficultissues head on.

    Even the Eastern Province failed.

    It is now in the hands of the northern province to bring about the sanity needed in the Provincial devolvement.

    The 13th amendment needs further amendment, as it is not the utopia to deal with all the sins of Sri Lanka.

    A mature leadership in the northern province can make all the difference for all Sri Lankans and majority Sinhalese too will enjoy the benefits of proper devolvement of power when they deal with issues head on.

    The Sinhalese are in fact frog in the well and are undermining all their due rights in their campaign against the Tamils.

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    did you get a reply?

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    I don’t think he did,making up stories.

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    You can’t understand the 13th and such legislation should not be in the books.

    A pick-pocket should not be elected?
    What about lawyers and ex-judges. Do you know how they pick pockets?

    Read S. L. Gunasekera’s book.

    Unfortunately, the ITAK, the TULF and now the TNA are full of Colobo layers. That has been the misfortune of the Tamil people. Even local pick-pockets are bttter than these crooks who are only absantee Landlord Periah Dorei types. Give these guys power by evolution or what ever, they will transfer the wealth of the North into their swiss bank accounts.

    Many Tamil leaders opposed development of our villages, or village councls being converted to urban councils etc., because they felt that the low-caste people will get too uppity if they are provided with causeways, roads, improved education and social status.

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    Take your kids to Nallur Kandasami kovil every weekend. That will reinforce core values. You must be joking. See what I wrote in regard to the article on Mavittapuram, Keerimalai place names and its temples.

    But what is more important for me are the moral and sociological issued raised in this brief but poignant article.

    What is shameful is that Dushyianthini Kanagasabapathipillai should simply write down this outrageous story about how a teenage girl was defaced by a so-called Muni and restate without batting an eyelid the that the victim should do penance in front of Lord Murugan.

    What about the Muni? Shouldn’t he be punished as well?

    Ms. Dushyianthini K has been brought up as a good obedient Hindu girl who is not to ask such embarrassing questions; she has to accept the lowered stated of our women etc., and not ask how such a wicked man came to be classified as a Muni.

    I am glad that CD has raised all these questions, even en passant, that our Tamil writers don’t WANT TO ask, perhaps because he is a sinhalese and so less bound by what is un-mentionable among the Tamils. But we have to face it and clean up our Kovils and our minds.

    We just get bare-bodied and apply ash and go to the Nallur temple or any other temple, and after the festival everybody has a good feed.

    All these troubling issues about the irrational obscurantism of the Temple teachings, and the rank immorality of many of the folk-lore (or sacred stories) are not mentioned because we have been brain-washed into accepting all that. True, as CD says, the Silappadikaram and Thirkkural move away from the oppressive stuff and have a more civilized face. But they are not part of the orthodox Temple works because Temples are traditional Hindu commercial institutions that work by promising the impossible (in the next world), or contract to intercede with Gods on behalf of you for a suitable fee plus a show of un-questioning subjugation by literally hanging yourself on hooks .

    I prefer to think of Kovil festivities as great cultural pageants and social bonding moments with our families- but there is this immense dark underbelly to it. that we rarely if ever talk about.

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      Wise and enlightened comment.

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    This guy was with Sarath Fonseka and fought against you and now writing love emails to you, who is the fool?

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    [Edited out]

    We are sorry, the comment language in English – CT

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