14 June, 2024


Champions Of The Democracy Deficit

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

It is pathetic, to say the least, when media rights advocates stretch and strain to scratch out some logic when they come out to defend their friends.  The Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, the Free Media Movement, and the Federation of Media Employees’ Trade Unions are up in arms about the arrest of two persons who have nothing to do with the media, except the media exposure they seek for the organizations and politics they represent and embody.

It is good to stand up for friends.  Nothing wrong in that. The problem is that that HR (human rights) labels don’t give immunity to anyone, especially when it comes to ensuring the security of a country that has suffered 30 years of terrorism, not forgetting that in this case hardcore LTTE operatives are involved.   Pertinent also is the fact that media rights is peripheral at best in this case.

On the other hand, no one need to be surprised about media right advocates who have a long history of being swayed by cash and prompted by political preferences firing off media releases (only) when fellow-travelers get into a spot of bother.

But what of Ruki Fernando and Fr Praveen, the two ‘human rights activists’ we are talking about?  The usual ‘rights’ suspects, Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, Sudharshan Gunawardena and J.C. Weliamuna were quick to air their horror.  So too was Groundviews, the website powered by Saravanamuttu’s NGO, Centre for Policy Alternatives.  They are all upset about the arrest.  They are upset also that Jeyakumari Balendran, another ‘activist’ was arrested.  They are not upset about Jeyakumari’s connections with ‘Gobi’, a known terrorist with a criminal record.  They are not upset that Gobi, previously an understudy to the LTTE’s intelligence chief, Pottu Amman, has been involved in a network that has robbed demining equipment belonging to another NGO and has used these to look for weapons buried as the LTTE fled the advancing security forces in 2009.

They find a contradiction between what the government is saying in Geneva and what is happening on the ground here in Sri Lanka.  This is strange.  Do they think that commitment to upholding human rights equals a license to drop guard and let terrorists roam about regrouping, re-arming, recruiting and in other ways preparing ground for another bloodbath?

They are upset by the Prevention of Terrorism Act, under which their friends have been arrested.  That’s easy to say, because they are not in charge of national security.  In an ideal world we wouldn’t need a PTA.  In an ideal world, let us not forget, we won’t have the LTTE and its NGO sympathizers, an LTTE rump and their ‘media advocacy friends’, priests who use cross and cassock to give respectability to criminals.

It is silly to think that these lovely gentlemen are unaware of what the Jeyakumaris and Gobis of this world are up to; after all they are also friends or else friends of friends of key individuals in the GTE, TGTE, TCC, HQGP and other would-be successors to the LTTE.  If they indeed were that ignorant, by now they would know who is who and what is what.  Even if they continue to feign ignorance, there is no hiding the fact that Jeyakumari is two-faced and that her activism was cover for activity that is of serious concern to those responsible for national security.  They would love the security establishment to look the other way, it seems. Fortunately it has not.

Groundviews is right in one thing.  There is a democracy deficit in this country.  That deficit is enshrined in the constitution and made more pronounced by beneficiaries of that same deficit who do little or nothing to bridge it.  On the other hand, you can also say goodbye to opportunities to close to gap if you are openly supporting moves to make for an LTTE resurrection.  That’s what Jeyakumari is about.  That’s what those who are championing her ‘cause’ are about.

It is no wonder that both the USA and UK, the key movers and shakers against Sri Lanka in Geneva, appear to have swallowed their proverbial tongues with respect to Jeyakumari.  They are focusing on Ruki and his priest friend.  The reason is simple. They are interested in regime-change. They are not gung ho about an LTTE reincarnation.  What all these people are missing is that such a rebirth requires midwives, facilitators such as Ruki and Fr Praveen, and a veritable army of attendants, mostly donor-dependent nobodies who are forced therefore to call themselves ‘civil society’.

It would lovely if this country didn’t have a PTA.  It would be lovely if people who believe they have been wronged can protest at will.  It is sad that there are people wearing multiple hats, just like LTTE cadres who switched from military fatigues to sarongs, just like suicide bombers who dressed up as pregnant women, just like the LTTE’s propagandists who went around with Media IDs.  We don’t live in a happy world.  But if we are to aspire to any reasonable degree of happiness, we need to be alert.  We cannot afford another thirty years of bloodshed.

There’s a case being made for strengthening the PTA.  That case is being made by a lot of people.  Let us name some. We have Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, J.C. Weliamuna and Sudharshan Gunawardena.  We have The Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, the Free Media Movement, and the Federation of Media Employees’ Trade Unions.  We can’t really say ‘Thank you gentlemen for the sustained development of the democracy deficit’.

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation’ and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com

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  • 3

    “Dog Eat dog”. Malinda is taking on the Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, the Free Media Movement, and the Federation of Media Employees’ Trade Unions.

    Anyway we are here.

    Soon, one day we will write this sentence here “Whether we agree with him or not, at he is a Journalist; he must be freed.” Because we not cannibalist.

    • 5

      “A great many people think that they are thinking when they are actually rearranging their prejudices”: This is MS and the tosh he writes and thinks is journalism in a nutshell!
      A truly pathetic creature!

      • 1

        Wow, this fellow Malinda is a real authentic Sinhalaya Modaya!

        Long live Sinhala Buddhist Modayas.. Keep writing this crap Malinda and everyone will know what a massive MODA YAKKA you are!

        BTW you are a living INSULT to Buddhism.. even moda Sinhala Buddhism!

    • 6

      Is Malinda Seneviratne also culpable of war crimes as he took the propagandist’s role of Joseph Goebbels for the Fascist Rajapakse regime during and after the war?

      If he has aided and abetted with his propaganda for the genocidal war then his role should also be investigated, just like Gotha and Wimal Weerawansa, who are reportedly known in public to have incited towards committing war crimes and genocide by the state.

      Malinda, it’s time for you to cut the perverse smile out, perhaps we’ll see you in the Hague.

    • 3

      You are a shame to journalism.. But i can’t say you are a shame to Sinhalese because you are an average one of those Guppies..

    • 7

      Mahinda Rajapakshe’s election campaign goes like this:

      Kotti avilla…kotti avilla….kotti avilla….kotti avilla… (Tigers are back…)

      anna kotti avilla….aiyo kotti avilla…. Budu ammo kotti avilla…. (oh God Tigers are back…)

      Modayo kotti avilla…modayo kotti avilla…. kotti avilla modayo… (you foolish people Tigers are back….)

      Sinhalayo ahapiya kotti avilla….. Bouddayo balapiya kotti avilla….. (oh Sinhala-Buddhists Tigers are back….)

      Matta chande dheepang…… kotti avilla……. (vote for me… Tigers are back…..)

      Matta shapport theepang….. anna kotti avilla…… (support me…. Tigers are back….)

      Mata balaya deepang….anna kotti avilla…… (give me the power…. Tigers are back….)

      • 5

        Matta chande dheepang…… kotti avilla……. (vote for me… Tigers are back…..) – This appeal is for the Muslims

        Matta shapport theepang….. anna kotti avilla…… (support me…. Tigers are back….) – This appeal is for the Tamils

        Mata balaya deepang….anna kotti avilla…… (give me the power…. Tigers are back….) – This appeal is for the Sinhalese

    • 4


      You are saying that;
      “when it comes to ensuring the security of a country that has suffered 30 years of terrorism, not forgetting that in this case hardcore LTTE operatives are involved”.
      YES of course!,
      “hard-core LTTE operatives are involved”.

      no 1 hard-core LTTE operative;
      Is F king Jarapassa, He gave Money to LTTE to Enhance their war capabilities,
      [ Our killer, Thambi pirabha’s Death is an another Episode, another story }.
      No 2 is Hothambaya, who got Former LTTErs and Other Bankrupt failed with Tail hiding, rebel groups to do his [Shit eating pig’s] work.

      No 3 is some Security goons, who are doing and Caring out Shit eating Pig, Hothembyas contract to repressing the people of sri lanka.
      You are worried about Reincarnation of Another Rebel group.

      Malinda!, it is already their, Just look at the present governance of your Sponser’s, with real senses.
      Your Jarapassa + Hothambaya clan are the Reincarnation of STALIN’s BORIA group.
      You also can join and get the Curses of People.
      BUt be sure of that The CURSES not befall on Your Children.
      And one more thing;.
      What have you ever done to ensuring the security of this country? With Your Western Education?.
      Only Squeezing the Bxxls of Jarapassa Clan their Goons ??????????.

      From CHINA WITH LOVE!.

  • 13

    You are a honest person Malinda. Honest to the extent you are defending the government which gave you a free lap top. Apart from this you are one of the biggest Traitors to Democracy in Sri Lanka. You are quoting about HR defenders who have been arrested. Just because a person talks and meets with LTTE remnants it does not make that person a Terrorist or Terrorist sympathiser. If this is true then the biggest Terrorist should be the President as KP, Karuna, Douglas and few others are with the President.

    Further you are talking about prevention of terrorism act, why don’t you ask your friends in the government why Balu Bala Sena Secretary has not been arrested under the PTA? He has been openly attacking the Muslims. Are you blind?

    First of all you have to be honest to yourself and not to the Free Lap Top!

    • 7


      If you call him a honest guy, Mervin, MR and any thugs ruin this country should also be honest. Are they ?

      This country has not reached to a turning point. Coming months will show how TIME will decide for MR rule.

    • 4

      FYI unlike your freedom fighters Balu sena is yet to kill a Muslim, a Tamil or a Sinhalese. Yes Balu sena as you like to call it should be contained but there is no way to apply anti terrorism laws to them.

  • 8

    Dog is barking!

  • 7

    Talk about being pathetic, Malinda Seneviratna, you are the most pathetic, I tell you. For a few shekels thrown towards you by Mahinda Rajapaksa, you are betraying not only the institution of the free press but also the masses as a whole. A more pathetic figure than you is unimaginable.

    • 2

      Who betrayed the masses are your western puppet leader and the NGO cockroaches who tried to give the ISGA to the tigers. That is why you are still and will continue to rot in the opposition.

    • 3

      His writings are fine. But his person is not far from that of any guys LIKE MERVIN that would do anything for their survival. Haward or any other alma maters that gave these men some knowledge earn nothing but insult; this is what instatnly comes to my mind everytime I read/hear/see the way these guys (not only Malinda) stay mum against the greater injustice done by rulers by this day.
      In developed world, people believe academics in general would not go wrong though non-academics have no other choice. But Malinda S and DJ to cry for Mahinda Rajapaskeh brutal admin is a great beispiel (example) that lanken academics are even far abusive than non-academics.

  • 5

    Who was it who sang for his supper?

  • 7

    Here is another Rajapaksa propagandist helping to spread the fake Gobi story to justify the military oppression of the people of Jaffna. See how much a free laptop can do for you.

    • 2

      We’ll believe the security establishment over terror supporters hiding in west like you any given day. Is Velupillay Prabakaran also a myth created by security establishments?

  • 4

    Hello Mr. Mahinda’s Laptop Malinda,

    It was just 3 months ago, there were news reports that your government (Gota) met formet LTTE’s Trinco leader Paduman, and negotiated a deal to revive LTTE type of attacks.
    And now, a man named Gobi appears.


  • 1

    I am disappointed with the role Journalist play in bringing down the standard of Journalism to rock bottom in Sri Lanka. A Journalist should do enough Research and Homework before exposing his/her standard to the world. How does this journalist measure in the Sri Lankan scenario today? Well what is the role of UN and who are making decisions and How? Have you any knowledge of the recent history of Sri Lanka from 1948 at least? Were you born after 1983 and nobody told you all that happened to minorities! Do you think nobody in the UN is aware why the rulers in Sri Lanka do what they do with impunity. Do you know Sri Lanka is under military rule and Democracy is dead? How are you Journalist proposing to do the needful to bring back Sri Lanka to its former glory. This paper of yours is a dead trap for Sri Lanka. Why are you pushing Sri Lanka further down?

  • 2

    There goes that pathetic, shameless wimp Malinda again…….having wet dreams about a resurrection of the LTTE (“Do they think that commitment to upholding human rights equals a license to drop guard and let terrorists roam about regrouping, re-arming, recruiting and in other ways preparing ground for another bloodbath?”)

    Shame on you, shame, shame, shame. Those who value decency are hoping against hope that the Geneva fall-out will help set the stage for a mass eviction of the incumbents in office and their well-oiled acolytes such as this slithering, shameless apology for a journalist.

  • 1

    Milinda has correctly pointed out that the terrorists have to be pursued and treated as criminals regardless of what others say. This is the duty of the govt and forces, to protect the country from thugs and their supporters. Well done!

    • 0

      Yeah Lal, agreed, but I suggest that you reflect on who really have been the terrorists and thugs and their supporters since the beginning of this unsavoury regime in 2005. If you see a light outside your tunnel, then scream ‘hallelujah’ and join the forces standing for good riddance of this shameful and utterly despicable regime.

      Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • 3

    This Linda’s servility to MR is beyond comprehension. He is not acting as a Journalist but as a brief carrier to propagate the Gopi story fabricated by the MR Govt. Can one believe of what is being said about a ‘Gopi’ right under the security noses to have happened? Another Greese yaka?

    Linda, why don’t you seriously take to detective work than being a Poor Journalist?

    • 2

      Here goes the sucker boy of you know who tried to give north and east to Prabakaran. Is prabakaran also a story of Sri Lankan government?

      • 2

        Horrible Liberal,

        What happened to your Pompous Boast that MR eliminated the LTTE? Time will reveal who the real Traitor is and the sycophants who suck up to them.

        • 1

          Fool it is not a question of eliminating fully it is a question about standing up for the territorial integrity of the country and against terrorism. A leader willingly sucking up to the enemy is the ultimate failure.

  • 2

    Malinda the MR/Gota bootlicker vomiting damn lies & seeing new LTTE in sky

  • 4

    During the hight of the LTTE war all of us country loving patriots who live in the West, toiled in Western streets holding Boards and Sri Lankan flags protesting LTTE atrocities and murder that were going on in Sri Lanka, gathering International support.

    We were so happy and celebrated when finally our soldiers won the war.

    We thought that there will be permanent peace in Sri Lanka after the war.

    But to our sorrow and frustration the peace did not come as we predicted.

    It was purely due to President Rajapakse’s blundar,stupidity, moronic attitude and lethargic behaviour, that Sri Lanka was dragged to face another UNHRC resolution.

    He should have implemented LLRC without any problem with the powers he had. But he did not do it.

    He should have implemented some form of 13th amendment after compromising with parliament members and TULF. But he did not do so.

    This is the President who Jailed Gen.Sarath fonseka in ONE WEEK AFTER HIS ARREST USING HIS PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.

    This is the President who impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake in TWO WEEKS USING HIS PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.


    He forgot that thousands upon thousands of Sri Lankans who live abroad helped him in this struggle. Also so many soldiers sacrificed their lives and limbs and their families and all the citizens for this struggle.












    Therefore I kindly request to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, or any other organization or Institution or Citizens committees to bring a LAWSUIT AGAINST PRES.AJAPAKSE AGAINST ALL OF THE ABOVE CHARGES.

    This is he who messed everything and he is responsible for it.

    Please let me have your views and comments on this COMMENT.

    CT Please publish this in the International media with full exposure.

    Thank you.

  • 4

    The irony in this article is that it is Malinda who is pathetic, for his steadfast allegiance to Rajapaksa.

    Typical of Malinda to always come to the defense of GOSL, just like his partner in crime Rajpal. What ever comes out of Malinda’s mouth should be viewed as coming out of Rajapaksa mouth, since Malinda is a shameless propaghandist for GOSL. The fact that he faithfully parrots GOSL claims of this Gobi character is proof enough.

    Malinda , who soo quiet about all the LTTE leaders who now work for Gota.

    • 2

      We are not a revengeful nation like the blood seeking Tamil Diaspora. We have always pardoned those who gave up separatism and violence.

      • 0

        You , the Sinhala Nationalist nation, is vengefull as seen by the many rapes, torture, intimidation and incarceration of Tamil civilians.

        What possible tactical reason is there for the Sinhala Military to rape Tamil civilians? It is clearly 1 weapon in the Sinhala arsenal to destroy Tamils as an ethnic group.

        The only Tamils Sinhala Nationalists are ok with are those Tamils who support Sinhala Nationalist efforts to destroy Tamils. An analogy would be rightwing White Americans supporting Black Americans who are Uncle Toms.

  • 4


    Is it the old “Kangetta” or “Greese Yakka” now turned into “Gobi”…..

    What is the next drama…..”Gota…Pee” or “Gota’s pig pee”

    Awaiting for the next Medamulana Hambanthota comedy “Rookada” show drama.

    Shame to say you are a Royalist.

    Go eat more Hambanthota “Mee Kiri” and write more “Mee Haraka” news letters.

    Remember we are not Hambanthota “Mee Harakas”…..but “Kolomba Kakkos”

    Don’t fool us.

  • 2

    The Rajapaksa regime was trying hard to do the same to Ananthi Sasitharan as it did to Mrs Balendran Jeyakumari, but Ananthi is well known to the international community. Plus the situation is getting worse, and a grave danger for the Rajapaksas survival. Therefore, they had to implement a drama to keep Mrs Balendran Jeyakumari silent, and also to bring the LTTE fear factor to increase their votes; plus to justify their foolish actions to the International community. However, their foolish action won’t give that much leverage for the Rajapaksas to manoeuvre internationally in the future. I haven’t reached out to all the countries’ leaders to secure votes for the US backed resolution; because I still prefer to bring a change through the country’s election. I know the West well; therefore, I am hesitating to bring the West inside of the Indian Ocean. I am a victim of the Western tricks; therefore, I don’t mind to give one more chance to the Rajapaksas and let them see what is coming; if they carry-on their stupidity. I don’t know which way the UNHRC voting will go today, let’s wait and see. I am happier to tightening the noose of the Rajapaksas to direct them into the right path and enlightening the average Sri Lankans than bringing the West into the Indian Ocean.

    Minister Mervyn Silva is starting to know what is coming, he cried yesterday after laying the foundation stone for his tomb at the Borella Cemetery. I couldn’t stop laughing :-)

    Here is a one joker call Ven. Kamburugamuwe Vajira Nayake Thera in his sermon said, “Mervyn Silva has, on this occasion, shown what is living and dying. His heart is pure. Through his strength he had made yeoman service to the country and the people. He is a blessed individual, who worships the Buddha daily, and he also worships my late father.”

    In response,this is what our beloved joker and marriage proposer Silva said, “If the Ven. Nayake Thera had told these things after my death, I would not have been able to hear them. But now, in front of my own tomb, I heard it for real. That is a source of great happiness. “The Geneva Conference is going to create a huge setback for us this week. The white man is getting ready for this because he does not know there is death for him.”Kings such as Dutu Gemunu and Parakrama Bahu the Great, have safeguarded our country and developed it. In modern times, it is the great hero called, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had done that. Now we have to face a group of Geneva white men, who do not know religion and death.”

  • 3

    Nont sure if youll ate aware that Malinda has disclaimed this posting.He claims that it is the laptop that did it and that the lapdog should not be blammed for it.

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 2

    Mr. Malinda Seneviratne:

    CT is an anti-GOSL (Rajapakses’ govt), Anti-buddhist and Anti-Sinhala Buddhist blog.. web site. When they say freedom of expression it is the freedom to criticize …for all those I said .. Sri Lanka to be degraded at their will.

    Anyway, Democracy is BS. It is how the west wants world to be. In Iraq, estimated 500,000 women are suffering and most are prostitutes. That is democracy too.

    Velupillai prabakaran was democratic and was respecting human rights too In their thoughts).

  • 0

    I go straight to the comments in a Malinda Seneviratne article. That’s where the sense is.

  • 4

    Dear Ma Linda Seneviratne…

    Do you really think the so called Gopi & Co can start the Elam War V with the rusted weapons which they are suppose to unearth the metal detectors..

    You are a genius… Ma linda.. your capabilities of deduction outperform that of the Sherlock Holms…

  • 1


    If your Gigantic Junta family clan would have allowed CT to function without blocking it in Sri Lanka and read it’s Journalists and academics Articles and read it’s readers comments,Junta would have suceeded in winning the UNHRC vote by now.

    By Blocking CT clearly shows that Junta is taking Sri Lanka towards another North Korea.

    Please see the following webs.




    But now after UNHRC defeat Gigantic Junta’s days are numbered.

  • 0

    I read this article this afternoon in DBS Jeyaraj Column.

    Crackdown on LTTE Colombo cell reveals plot to assassinate President Rajapaksa or his brother Gotabhaya

    28 March 2014, 1:59 pm

    20140328-135642.jpg by D.B.S.Jeyaraj

    Hectic events over the past few weeks in Sri Lanka have driven home three salient truths on the security front relating to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization. The first is that tiger or pro-tiger elements in the Tamil Diaspora will persist with efforts to resurrect the LTTE and disrupt life in Sri Lanka. The second is that the Sri Lankan state will effectively respond to such a challenge regardless of international implications. The third is that the strongly entrenched security apparatus in the country is capable of cracking down hard on any such perceived LTTE revival attempt and crushing it.

    Last week saw this column focusing on the shooting incident in the Tharmapuram area of Kilinochchi district and subsequent events including the manhunt for an LTTE operative known as “Gobi” and the security crackdown on suspected attempts to revive the LTTE. What the country at large seems to have failed to comprehend is the seriousness of “what might have been” had not the security authorities countered the challenge posed.

    Though different shades of opinion in the political spectrum have either wittingly or unwittingly opted to trivialise the issue , the crux of the matter is that the attempt to revive the LTTE , if successful may have resulted in drastic consequences for the country. Thankfully the LTTE revival threat seems to have been effectively neutralised while in its embryonic stages for the present , though the security crackdown continues in some parts of the Island.

    According to reliable security related sources, the most important breakthrough in the probe into a potential LTTE renaissance was the detection of a conspiracy to execute a major assassination in Colombo. The target seems to have been either President Mahinda Rajapaksa or his brother Gotabhaya Rajapaksa the Secretary of Defence and Urban Development. The simple logic seems to have been this.


    The defence establishment has been lulled into a sense of false complacency due to the past years of LTTE inactivity in Colombo and the suburbs after the military debacle at Mullivaaikkaal in May 2009.Security measures in Colombo have been progressively relaxed. This has created a situation where it may be possible to mount an “operation” in Colombo utilising the element of surprise.

    Given the current weak state of the LTTE it would require a great deal of resources and organizational capacity to carry out even one attack in Colombo. Therefore chances of executing a single successful attack alone may be possible initially.Thereafter security authorities will be on full alert thereby diminishing possibilities of another attack.

    Under such circumstances it would be pointless to attack comparatively easier soft targets as the alerted authorities will crack down hard thereby negating chances of further operations. As such the opportunity to attack must be utilised against a very high profile target. If softer targets are hit earlier the security around such high profile key targets would be strengthened. Breaching such “security walls” would be impossible for the revived LTTE that is actually embryonic in Sri Lanka. In that context the targets should be very very important persons. The President and his brother fit this target description perfectly.

    Besides the targeting of either the President or the defence secretary would help the LTTE derive maximum political mileage. Demonstrating the ability to take on such powerful targets has great symbolic value and would re-capture the diminishing support base of the LTTE amidst the global Tamil Diaspora. It would also prove to the world that the LTTE is not a spent force. Also Mahinda and Gotabhaya Rajapaksa are virulently hated by tiger elements after the LTTE was militarily defeated. Harming either of the two would warm the hearts of many a diehard supporter in the Diaspora and fill the LTTE coffers abundantly.


    It would also demoralise the country and throw into disarray the politico-administrative equilibrium. A process of de-stabilisation could set in. Moreover in the volatile atmosphere that is likely to prevail in the aftermath of such an attack, a backlash might occur against the Tamil people. A recurrence of anti-Tamil violence in the Island is what the tigers, pro-tigers and supportive fellow travellers are yearning for. The attack if successful may have caused exactly such a violent backlash against the Tamil people.

    Targetting the upper echelons of leadership has always been part of the LTTE modus operandi in the past. If the tigers want to render an organization or entity ineffective, defunct or coerce it into toeing the LTTE line, they do not target the rank and file. Instead they go for the leader or top tier of leadership particularly the livewires who make the organization tick. Thereafter the entity concerned becomes non-operational, ineffective or falls in line. This has been the LTTE practice in the past when dealing with organizations they want to either control ,destroy or render impotent.

    Militarily too the LTTE has adopted this strategy effectively until perhaps the post -2005 period. Earlier the LTTE that was relatively weaker than the armed forces in manpower and firepower in a general context would seek to remedy that state of affairs in a particular context by adopting this strategy. It would select a key military target, mobilise maximum resources and attack it utilising the element of surprise. This successful attack would cause consternation and result in consequent over estimation of the LTTE military prowess. This in turn paved the way for demoralization to set in amidst the armed forces.

    The LTTE adopted this strategy successfully when it attacked the Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front(EPRLF) in December 1986. The LTTE being relatively stronger than the EPRLF in the North vanquished them by launching simultaneous attacks on the northern EPRLF camps. In the East it was the EPRLF that outnumbered the LTTE and was also more widespread. There was a great disparity of strength with the EPRLF having the advantage.


    The LTTE however outsmarted the EPRLF by harnessing its limited resources and selectively targeting the three head camps of the EPRLF in the three Eastern districts. The tigers launched simultaneous attacks against the EPRLF head camps at Thambiluvil, Kokkattichoalai and Saambaltheevu in the districts of Amparai,Batticaloa and Trincomalee respectively. With the overrunning of the three head camps the rest of the EPRLF though large in numbers became virtually headless chickens.

    The plans in the pipeline to target the President and Defence secretary are also illustrative of past LTTE modus operandi.The tigers battered and shattered in Sri Lanka after 2009 were now in the process of attempting a revival. Given the inadequate assets at their disposal, Gobi the mastermind behind the LTTE resurgence in Sri Lanka also envisaged the targeting of Mahinda or Gotabhya Rajapaksa in a Colombo based attack. Fortunately such a deadly objective has been detected and nipped in the bud while the plot was in an evolutionary stage.

    Knowledgeable circles indicate that the proposed safe house in Colombo to be used as a launching pad for the envisaged attack has been identified and raided. This safehouse apparently was a bakery establishment in Dehiwela. Twelve persons connected to the premises were taken into custody. All of them are being held under provisions of the prevention of terrorism act(PTA).Ten are detained at Boosa while two are being intensively interrogated on the second floor at the Police Terrorism Investigation Division(TID)headquarters in Colombo.


    A few of those arrested on the Bakery premises are apparently innocent being totally unaware of the diabolical designs of the others involved as the LTTE generally functions on a need to know basis. It appears that the Colombo connection of the revived LTTE is now de-activated after the mopping up at Dehiwela.

    Ongoing investigations have revealed that the lynchpin in the entire exercise of reviving the LTTE in Sri Lanka inclusive of establishing a Colombo cell in Dehiwela is Gobi whose full name is Ponniah Selvanayagam Kajeeban.He is known by the nom de guerre Gobi and the nom de plume Kaasiyan. As stated earlier this 31 year old six-footer of medium complexion with a scar on his left upper lip had been living in the Tharmapuram area of Kilinochchi district and functioning as a heavy vehicle driver. Kajeeban alias Gobi had been formerly an LTTE intelligence wing functionary under the dreaded Shanmugalingam Sivasangaran alias Pottu Ammaan. Kajeeban had surrendered at the end of the war and been accommodated at the Protective Accommodation and Rehabilitation Centre (PARC) at Poonthottam in Vavuniya.

    It is suspected that Gobi exited from the Poonthottam camp with the aid of a Tamil member of the ruling regime and made his way to Saudi Arabia and not Quatar as I had mistakenly written last week.. After working for a while in that country Kajeeban alias Gobi made his way to Europe. He had travelled widely in Europe and gone also to Norway. It is now suspected that Gobi had met with prominent LTTE activists in Europe including the low-profile high-ranking leader Nediyavan and his senior deputy Irumborai during his European sojourn. He had been tasked by Nediyavan and Irumborai to revive the tigers in Sri Lanka.


    He had then returned to Sri Lanka and started working as an owner- driver of a heavy vehicle. Gobi has his own vehicle that he hires out and functions as its driver. This provides him a cover to travel frequently to Colombo and also to towns such as Mullaithivu, Vavuniya, Kilinochchi and Jaffna.His wife and mother who were taken in for questioning deny all knowledge of his whereabouts and say that he has been living separately away from them.

    Security circles opine that Gobi has been entrusted with the task of reviving the LTTE in the North. They regard Gobi with the “simpleton” looking appearance as extremely dangerous because he is a zealot fired up by a political vision and sense of mission. Gobi is perceived as a highly motivated person because he has turned his back on an opportunity to lead a safe comfortable life in Europe and instead has voluntarily returned home to undertake a potentially hazardous and dangerous task.

    Gobi is also seen as armed and dangerous. Initially he came under the security radar for the relatively “mild” offence of publishing and circulating pro-LTTE leaflets hailing the tigers as Tamil guardians. The arrest of two youths distributing such leaflets in Pallai in the first week of March and subsequent inquiries brought up the name of Gobi. The security forces were on the lookout for Gobi but did not suspect initially that he was masterminding a LTTE renaissance in the North with backing from the Nediyavan led Diaspora tigers. It was the shooting incident at Tharmapuram in the house of Jeyakumari Balendra which alerted the security sleuths to the true nature of Gobi. (This incident was described in detail last week).

    Current Investigations have indicated that Gobi had set up four cells in the North and one in Colombo to execute plans aiming at a LTTE revival. The bulk of those coopted into the nascent tiger network are either ex-tigers or family members of former LTTE members. There is also evidence that funds from Diaspora LTTE operatives in three western countries have been channelled to Gobi’s “agents” in the North.


    The security forces in association with anti-terrorism sleuths are currently engaged in a series of widespread operations in different parts of the North. Hundreds of persons mainly youths from both sexes have been rounded up and interrogated. The bulk of those rounded up were released after some hours. Over fifty persons were detained under the PTA and questioned. Several of these persons too have been released. It is learnt that over 30 persons are currently being detained and interrogated. This figure however is fluid as some are being released while others are being arrested anew.

    Informed security related sources are confident that they have been able to neutralise the “revived” LTTE through the ongoing heavy crackdown. They vehemently deny that Gobi has been apprehended but express confidence that he would be nabbed soon. The possibility of Gobi committing suicide if and when on the verge of being captured is also not ruled out by security circles.

    Further details of the crackdown on suspected tigers as well as the progress of the ongoing investigation into alleged LTTE activity will be outlined in a forthcoming article.

    DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at djeyaraj2005@yahoo.com

    GOSL should go on a search and destroy of any and all LTTE cells and sympathizers.


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