28 September, 2023


Geneva 2014: The First Whisper Of An Impending Storm

By Dharisha Bastians

Dharisha Bastians

Dharisha Bastians

Since 2004, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been on a remarkable winning streak.

In April that year he wrested the Premiership from former Foreign Minister and Chandrika Kumaratunga confidant, Lakshman Kadirgamar after the newly constituted United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance led by the SLFP won its first parliamentary election. He waged a second battle for the SLFP presidential nomination the following year and against all odds, ascended the presidency in November 2005. Against his successful campaign to defeat the LTTE in May 2009, the curse of incumbency stands little chance. Ever since, politically, and electorally President Rajapaksa has been an unstoppable force – with three notable exceptions in the past 10 years.

The first was in March 2012, when the US led resolution calling on the Rajapaksa Government to deliver on a promised political solution to the Tamil people and investigate certain pesky allegations about the last phase of the war against the LTTE passed at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, despite the regime’s best efforts. The following year, the US sponsored a second resolution, roughly along the same lines, but pushing a little harder on the same issues. The 2013 resolution forced the Government into conducting the Northern provincial election that culminated in third and humiliating defeat, when the country’s main Tamil party, the Tamil National Alliance was swept into power provincially with a two thirds majority.

Today when the UN Human Rights Council adopts a resolution that mandates an international inquiry into allegations of major human rights violations in Sri Lanka during the last seven years of the war, President Mahinda Rajapaksa will taste his fourth and perhaps most bitter defeat of all.

When a powerful incumbent becomes so accustomed to winning, defeat on any level becomes excruciatingly difficult to bear.

For three years, the Sri Lankan Government has fumbled to find ways to deal with the international losses. Belligerence became armour, the creation of enemies and conspirators helped to soften the blows and active alignment with the world’s most notorious states and human rights violators had lulled the regime into complacency that it had somebody fighting in its corner. In the meantime, the Government has also continued to shock the world with a blatant disregard for the fundamental rights of its citizens. It has systematically undermined the rule of law and independent institutions, including the judiciary with the illegal sacking of its own Chief Justice. Five years after the end of the military conflict, it has stoically refused to deliver on a devolution package for the Tamil minority community to address decades of marginalisation and discrimination that gave rise to separatist militancy and a terrorist outfit deemed one of the most ruthless in the world.

All these ghosts of the Government’s own making will haunt Sri Lanka in the Swiss city of Geneva today. When the Council convenes to debate and vote on the resolution to promote human rights, reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka this morning, the US led effort is likely to garner between 22-24 votes in the 47 member body. The Government is likely to secure more than the 13 votes it obtained in 2013 with 13 new member states at the Council this year, including several African states it has actively wooed for the express purpose of support at the UN human rights body. The abstentions will be a mixed bag. Japan is likely to abstain at the vote and South Korea’s silence throughout the Council session and the informal discussions may also be pointing to an abstention. The government can justifiably claim credit for Japan’s decision because it was essentially bound to the holding of the Northern provincial poll last September. If South Korea abstains, it would point to Sri Lanka’s success in having partially turned a ‘yes’ vote for the 2013 resolution into an ‘on the fence’ in 2014. South Korea, or the Republic of Korea (ROK) as it is officially known, could also still be in play for the US, after President Rajapaksa recently reversed a decision to gift a baby elephant to the Korean Zoo because the calf was born on 18 May 2009. Whether the reversal was only a result of the accident of the elephant’s birth, Sri Lanka being loath to part with such a symbolic animal or linked to South Korea’s decision on the US resolution is uncertain. A traditional US ally, ROK’s support for the resolution would immediately disqualify the country to be worthy recipients of baby elephant ‘Dinuuda’, so inadvertently bound to the regime’s Victory Day ethos.

But it is South Africa’s likely abstention that will likely be the heaviest blow for the Government. For months, the Government has mulled, or appeared to mull over a South African style Truth and Reconciliation in collaboration with the African National Congress. While the idea has been largely abandoned after a Sri Lankan ministerial delegation visited South Africa for discussions on the mechanism found the two countries had “more differences than commonalities’, the regime has been content to keep hope of a TRC alive as pressure mounted for an international inquiry at the UNHRC. None of this has been lost on the South Africans, who dropped a reference supporting Sri Lanka and domestic mechanisms at the eleventh hour during a speech at the UNHRC’s High Level Segment earlier this month, creating major confusion. The ANC will seek to retain a degree of neutrality in case Sri Lanka has a change of heart, but it is unlikely to make any further concession to this possibility. For the Government the problem with South Africa’s decision is that it will influence several other key African states at the Council. Despite the best arguments of External Affairs Minister G.L. Peiris that abstentions also amount to votes against the resolution (famously pronounced after the Council voted in 2012, but never attempted again), it is an indisputable fact that abstentions help a winning side, since resolutions at the UNHRC require only a simple majority to be adopted.

Fortunately the Rajapaksa administration had planned well ahead for the eventual UNHRC defeat, by holding an election less than 24 hours after the vote on the resolution was to have concluded. A minor scheduling error resulted in a 48 hour lapse instead between the passing of the resolution and the poll, with the Council taking the resolution up one day ahead – on 27 March – in order to reserve the final day of session on Friday (28) for ‘any other business.’ But the Government is likely to make use of the extra day with aplomb. On Saturday, voters in the Western and Southern provinces will go to the polls with dire warnings of international invasions and a motherland under siege ringing in their years. And President Mahinda Rajapaksa would have sweetened his UNHRC defeat with a resounding peoples’ mandate endorsing his rule.

But for all the chest-thumping bravado that christened the Government’s Geneva 2014 campaign, too many things have gone hopelessly off-script. Not least, President Rajapaksa’s own stump speeches. He kicked things off with a bang in February, making hysterical speeches about international attempts to take him to a fictitious ‘electric chair’. The rhetoric altered drastically as the election campaign waned. UNHRC resolutions were powerless he told supporters at UPFA rallies, they could impose no sanction on a sovereign state. “When I went to Israel, the Government told me that about 60 resolutions were passed against Israel at the UNHRC – but nothing happened. They said in the end they just left the Council,” he quipped, with a broad grin. In Maligawatte on Tuesday (25) the President got to the heart of the matter. “I don’t care if we win or lose in Geneva,” he told an election rally, “I know that the people will deliver a victory at the election – I care about that.”

Unfortunately his Government cares more about the international storm than they like to admit.

Sustained and systematic international pressure forced the regime to rollback a major act of defiance against the UN last week, with the unconditional release of human rights activists Ruki Fernando and Father Praveen Mahesan who were arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The spectre of LTTE resurgence has been well and truly propagated, with security crackdowns in the North and fear-mongering in the South. The tale of LTTE resurgence will galvanize the South into supporting the Rajapaksa Government, defenders of the nation at Saturday’s election, while also casting doubts internationally about the security situation in the island’s North. Terrorism elicited sympathy from the West during the war and it may have succeeded in giving Western powers at the Council pause in the present context, if Sri Lanka had not eroded its credibility so badly with these countries in the intervening years since the end of the conflict.

The regime’s messaging has also been haywire this week, as pressure mounts in Geneva. Earlier this week, Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva struck an oddly defeatist note, saying tiny Sri Lanka must at least be proud that even though it was fighting a losing battle against the mighty power of Washington, it had refused to bow to pressure. Minister Peiris went before the chief monks of all four Buddhist monastic orders in Kandy on Tuesday and informed them that countries moving the resolution were seeking to create anarchy in order to invade and set up an alternative administration in Sri Lanka.

But it was the circulation of the third draft of the US resolution in Geneva on Monday that really showed the strain on the regime’s collective nerves. The only major change in the third draft resolution was the inclusion of a time frame of violations in Sri Lanka that will be probed by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The matter came in for debate at the final informal discussion on 18 March, as reported last week, and the co-sponsors decided the investigation timeline should match the focus on the domestic process Sri Lanka had undertaken when it established the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

In Operative Paragraph 8 of the third draft of the resolution, the co-sponsors called on the OHCHR to “undertake a comprehensive independent investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka, during the period covered by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, and establish the facts and circumstances of such alleged violations and of the crimes perpetrated with a view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability, with assistance from relevant experts and special procedures.”

The LLRC had a mandate to study the conflict in Sri Lanka between February 2002, when the ceasefire agreement was signed, and May 2009, when the LTTE was militarily defeated.

In 2002, President Mahinda Rajapaksa was not part of the picture. Ranil Wickremesinghe’s UNF Government had just been ushered into power in Parliament, to begin a shaky political cohabitation with President Chandrika Kumaratunga. Wickremesinghe’s Government signed the CFA with the LTTE and commenced several rounds of peace talks with the Tigers while Scandinavian truce monitors – the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) – flew in to watch over the interim ‘peace’.

For Rajapaksa Government aides on Monday, it was like Christmas came early. A senior Presidential aide fired calls to several media personnel informing them that the Government was “pleased” with the latest US draft. The aide noted that if the time period covered by the OHCHR probe was to be 2002-2009, it was not merely President Rajapaksa who was at grave risk of being investigated, but also two other heads of Government. The theory was posited that New Delhi had made an intervention with the US delegation to have the time-frame inserted.

But there was a flaw in the argument.

Between 2002-2005, Sri Lanka was enjoying a tenuous peace, even though large swathes of territory in the North and East were controlled by the Tigers. Minister G.L. Peiris, then the UNF Chief Negotiator was attempting to hammer out a peace agreement with the LTTE’s Anton Balasingham in various capitals around the world. A brief glance through the SLMM monitoring reports would lay bare the fact that the chief protagonist of offences, atrocities and truce violations in the ‘ceasefire years’ was the LTTE. The Tigers stepped up child recruitment, amassed weapons and regularly breached the rules of the ceasefire agreement. Sri Lankan troops adhered to the conditions of the truce and were for the most part, well behaved. It was this benignity in the face of ongoing LTTE aggression and repeated violations that led right wing groups in the country to push for Wickremesinghe’s ouster, saying he was weakening the strength and morale of the armed forces. If anyone needs to worry about a probe by the OHCHR into the ceasefire years, it is SLFP Vice President and Minister Vignayamurthi Muralidharan alias Karuna Amman and former UPFA Eastern Province Chief Minister, Pillaiyan. Both Government allies were then rival commanders of the LTTE in the East, renowned for wide scale child conscription, a war-crime under international law.

Hostilities recommenced in 2005-2006 provoked by the LTTE and leading to the Fourth and Final Eelam War, under President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s watch.

The Government may not realise it yet, and this may not have been the intention of its insertion, but the mirroring the international probe with the LLRC time-frame is a poetically perfect strategy. The investigation will find the LTTE guilty of atrocities, and will therefore be difficult to discredit on the grounds of bias. But the probe will also look into the final phase of the war, a period the Rajapaksa administration remains skittish about.

And while the latest amendment to operative paragraph 8 of the resolution effectively denies the OHCHR a mandate to probe ongoing violations in the post-war phase, it would be misplaced to assume that current human rights issues in Sri Lanka do not matter, according to diplomatic sources.

In fact it was to human rights abuses in real time that the US, UK and several other country delegations referred in their statements before the Council yesterday, following the presentation of UN High Commissioner Navi Pillay’s report.

Ironically, when President Rajapaksa won the first of his string of victories over the late Minister Kadirgamar in 2004, it was with the veiled threat that if he were to be denied the Premiership in favour of the Tamil Minister, a sea of saffron robed monks would march from Hambantota to President’s House in agitation. Having already garnered the support of the JHU and other hardline monks, then MP Rajapaksa vowed to mobilise the saffron army against Kumaratunga, who mistrusted her long time cabinet minister and would have preferred to keep him in the shadows. In a strange twist, those same saffron armies, now taking the form of the Bodu Bala Sena, Sinhala Ravaya and other ethno-religious groups who are spewing invective against minority religious communities in the country are hastening the defeat of President Rajapaksa’s Government internationally. Nearly every reference to Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council has singled the country out for the targeting of minority communities and attacks against places of religious worship. “What efforts has the government made to prevent these attacks and hold perpetrators accountable?” the US Delegation charged during its statement to the UNHRC yesterday.

Since March 2012, the UNHRC in Geneva has been the one battle President Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot win and for the Government, it is an ominous foretelling of the future.

Domestic losses and international losses look very different on paper. Domestic losses are easily reversible, and can always be mitigated by the use and abuse of executive power. Defeats internationally often translate into short term victories domestically for the Rajapaksa Government, as the people rally in support of a war-winning President.  But the real trouble for Sri Lanka is that its Government has not only lost the support of its international partners and former allies, it has also lost the plot in terms of seeking reparation and reconciliation for its own sake. Five years after the end of the war, the veil has been lifted, and the international community has seen through every pledge and every ploy. Increasingly, the Rajapaksa administration is becoming an unviable partner in the international process. Without a dramatic volte-face in the very near future, Sri Lanka will have lost the international community, and that loss will eventually seal the fate of the Rajapaksa regime. As it stares into the abyss of a war crimes inquiry, there are other night-terrors the regime will have to brace for – economic sanctions, travel bans, asset freezes – still a long way off but now almost certainly part of its future.

And the first whispers of that impending storm will reverberate in the Palais des Nations in Geneva, when the Council votes today.

Courtesy Daily FT

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  • 8

    UNHRC passed 2 resolutions against SL in 2011 and 2012. What happened? NOTHING!

    Are Tamilians better off after these resolutions? NO.

    I think they are WORSE OFF. :))

    Expect the same thing.

    • 7

      Fathima Fukushima

      Looks like you have no idea about Sri Lanka. Until 2009, the government used our Army boys to fight the war and from then on words they are using them to build the country.

      If you had visited Jaffna recently, you will be surprised to see our Army boys working like slaves to develop that area. The roads and infrastructure is fully developed, railways and other transport services fully restored, hypermarkets, even KFC is opening an outlet. The business is flourishing. I spoke to one of the Majors, the army is very much concerned about the safety and security of the people there and the ordinary people have no complains about the army, in fact they feel even more secure. The army has become a part of their lives. The people there are not at all bothered about the (harmless) army, life goes on very smoothly when compared to other parts of the country, the people in Jaffna seems to be much more happier and prosperous (big money comes from the west from relatives).

      Every time when Sri Lanka loses the votes at the UNHRC, it is a win for the Tamils. The UNHRC resolutions against SL in the past forced the government to appoint a committee for LLRC which finally ended up not in our favor. The 2013 resolution forced the Government into conducting the Northern provincial election where the TNA won with a two thirds majority. This time it is going to be even worse, Letting International investigation is like losing our integrity. It is a huge win for the Tamils.

      So the Tamils are MUCH MUCH better off than what they were before 2009 and still they are demanding.

    • 6

      This is a ridiculous analysis of the situation.

      The writer says that the government has received its worst defeat at UNHCR in 2014. Yet Japan, South Korea and South Africa is said to abstain and with all the might, the Yankees have managed to get only 22-24 votes out of 47!

      She has frgotten the South African Foreign Mnister’s speech to the UNHCR, where she clearly asked that Sri lanka beleft alone.

      Is this a naive and stupis analysis or a mischievous attempt to make black white?

      The problem is, her own evidence is undermining her case.

      • 7

        Its a known secret that the US bully all the small and weak countries that depend on neo-con’s financial and other support to vote against Sri Lanka. Shame on you US.

      • 4

        She is a TAMIL. Get it?

        • 2

          Huh strong and smart Tamil, not a sissy like Fuku!

      • 2

        US can get 22-24 from their allies. But who are the allies? It is UK, Framce, Belgium. Holland, Canada, Spain, Germany, Portugal – the worst of barbaric thugs who went round the world slaughtering millions of innocent inhabitants in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Whoever thinks that these murderers are intereszted in the welfare of Tamils must have rocks in their heads. Their interest has to be something else other than the welfare of Tamils. Sadly, the writer too seems motivated like most Tamils, to denigrate Sri Lanka. However, Sri Lanka can stand tall for having defeated the LTTE, and I for one has no regrets for the an adverse outcome at Geneva if that is the price one has to pay. What else would one expect from an outfit in Geneva with a LTTE supporter at the helm?

    • 9

      DIVIDE, DISTRACT and RULE the country is the strategy of the Rajapaksa military dictatorship. After Geneva, the Rajapakse EXIT STRATEGY which is to turn Lanka into another Syria will be clear. Jarapassa is distracting the Sinhalaya Modayas in order to rule them by using the Balu Sena to attack minorities..
      The COLONIAL POLICY of divide and rule, is today ironically, used by the EXTREMEIST Sinhala Buddhist Jarapassa regime that is bringing infamy on Buddhism and the cournty.
      Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa have militarized Sinhala Buddhism and are destroying. Funny how the Hambantoata moron is using the British Colonial Strategy of DIVIDE AND RULE to fool the SInhalaya Modayas into thinking that he is king and savior of the Sinhala race!
      Democracy is a SHELL GAME and circus of elections, just as militarized SInhala Buddhism is a SHELL GAME and an INSULT to true Buddhists who practice ahimsa, aruna, muditha, upekpa – the world over.

      • 3

        What do you know about Buddhism? It seems, your true Buddhists are English speaking colombians who write rubbish here and parade at candle lit peace marches once a while.

        Lets face it. We had a separatist war for thirty three years. 384 Tamil human-bombs had blasted our trains, buses and public places during that time killing and maiming thousands of men, women, children and even little babies. There were roadside bomb gangs, pistol gangs and all kinds of killers as well. Opposition leader, Amirthalingam, a Tamil is one of them. Hundreds of other civilians were killed almost daily by Tamil tigers. All as a result of Waddukkodai resolution that declared war on Sri Lanka government on 14th May 1976 by Vellalah Tamil leaders.

        So, every former President was compelled to fight the Tamil tigers. But each President fought their wars in their own style. JRJ invited parippu and got down the IPKF. According to Tamil writers, IPKF had raped over 2500 Tamil women. Premadasa thought differently and gave money and arms to LTTE for them to fight the IPKF. Ranil W tried to win the war with a peace agreement on the advice of the neo-cons. But they all failed miserably because Tamil tigers wanted nothing but Eelam. Only MR defeat LTTE squarely and ended the 33 year war.

        Needless to say not just Sinhala but all peace loving people love MR for there is peace, there is development and they could travel every inch of the country in one piece. People want stability not neo-con and Cameron’s investigations. And people of Sri Lanka will line up behind MR and resist neo-con interference with all their power. That’s how democracy work.

        We have reserved a place for Bastian in the opposition.

        • 0

          Senor Banda, don’t forget to mention the time we gave our Tamil brethren a good beating – especially May 1958 and July 1983.

    • 7

      Fathima Fukushima,

      You are an agent provocateur, the question is: Who pays you, and who are your handlers?

      Do you belong to the White van brigade?

    • 3


      the Code Pink, this is year 2014 Can’t Remember A F*cking Thing

      and There is always the Cockroach Factor”!

      Tortoise Head You don’t Flick Fluck the Forum .


  • 6

    Where is genocide, Tamill referendum, international investigation in the resolution?

    Not there isn’t it?

    Tamils have been fooled again.

    Everyone fools Tamils. Easy!

    • 5

      Sri Lanka is cursed, there is nothing to do about it.

      When committing such horrendous crimes, you must be ready to accept the karmic consequences.

      Thank you Mrs Pillay to pursue the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

      • 2

        Tamils are cursed!

        Now it is UNHRC genocide!

      • 0

        Is Pillay the agent deciding on the karmic consequences. ?

  • 11

    A balanced article, written sensibly. People like Fathima will never ever see the writing on the wall because of their strong biases.

    Sengodan. M

  • 16


    Believe me, I will like to agree with you about an impending storm against the Rajapaksa regime. Rajapaksa squandered many chances at mending his errant ways. He and his brothers have done terrible harm to the people and the country as a whole when they had ample chance to do otherwise. Every decision Rajapaksa has taken since winning the war with LTTE has been counterproductive to peace, stability and well being of the people. Navi Pillay’s observation that Sri Lanka seems to be moving more towards authoritarianism is an understatement indeed.

    Mark my words Darisha, the UNHRC resolutions despite your prediction of an impending storm will fizzle out to be a mild drizzle only. The UNHRC has bigger fish to fry and will soon ignore the mockery, insult and provocations of this small fish called Sri Lanka. And the Rajapaksa Cabal will go about ruling Sri Lanka the only way Buddhist Sinhala people are capable of, utter disregard to human rights, utter disrespect for individuals, destruction of the rule of law, plundering the treasury, and unleashing violence on the masses with impunity.

    • 6

      BBS Rep:

      You are wrong. The Rajapakses and their gang will not be forgotten and they will not been given any breathing space. For one, they have brought disrepute to the country for behaving and committing heinous crimes against fellow citizens, all because of the greed for power. Didn’t he renounce the 17A just months after the war. The 17A was mooted and enacted as a result of a President (JJ) who had unfettered powers in his hands, and ironically this was mainly to help him to combat the LTTE. The two-term presidential limitation was introduced for specific reasons and even if the people had wanted it, MR should have respected the then Constitutional requirement. Revoking it immediately after the end of the war, and riding on the wave of euphoria, he went on his path for the greed towards power.

      It is not that President CKB or RW could not have gone the same way. MR knew politics better. And even better, he knew and understood the weak mind of races across the divide to play his heinous crime. Today, unsurprisingly, he stands tall among the Sinhalese. That he is not of president material of a wounded nation when he squandered all chances in bring the races through a sincere healing process.

      How the parallel of another bloody war and the very reason that Buddhism had become rooted in SL seem to have escaped on this foolish president. Asoka, despite the ominous warnings, went to war with Kalinga and the evil bloodbath that followed changed his life. With all sort of insidious callings, he turned to Buddhism and his rule and his spread of Buddhism to SL has been the hallmark of his reign.

      JJ was stopped in his tracks by India and it did not take much of a thought for the Rajapakse brothers to realise that India should be kept in the loop and they relished it well. Added to the incensed animosity of Sonia Gandhi for her husband’s gruesome murder, every opportunity to become a dynasty was handed over to them in a silver platter. Their game rule has been as long as the Sinhalese and the Tamils are pitted against each other, their rule will be secure.

      All human beings, irrespective of whether they are Tamils, Sinhalese or any other race are capable of forgiving and the Rajapakses could have tapped into that human iodine but instead from day one after the conclusion of the war have created animosity and hatred between the two major races. For the thousands who have been wounded and scarred, they needed love and solace to get back to their feet but Gotabaya’s psychotic hatred towards the Tamils would not and never allow for such reconciliation. As much as the Tamils hoped and the Sinhalese could have realised, that bridge was right in front of them but a stupid mind cannot see even the ray of hope right in front of them.

      The Sinhalese, including the Rajapakses should understand one thing very clearly. Today, they seem to be groping in the dark. Why do you think that it has come to this, to the eve of a resolution damning the Rajapakses and the SL state? It is not Tamilnadu, the US, Canada, India, UK or even the UNHRC. The one man who could have made this grave problem go away was R. Sampanthan. It was in him and through him that the world had hope. With his impeccable standing and patience, he was the beacon of hope, not just for the Tamils but also for the Sinhalese and Muslims. It is no secret that it was his charismatic and deep understanding of the ground situation that, among others, India and the US, had allowed some leeway to the SL regime for them to talk and settle with the Sampanthan led TNA. Even the Tamil diaspora, despite their differences, was largely solidly behind R. Sampanthan, not as much as the TNA. The moment the regime despised and ignored the sincere and sensible approaches by RS, it was a downward spiral for the regime. And it should be recalled what RS told publicly and to the President – he/TNA can make the problems of the SL state go away. When RS decided to nominate Justice W, there was all-round support for that. Today, if this regime cannot even negotiate with such a person, then its pronouncements of reconciliation, etc sounds very hollow indeed.

      SL lost this round of the battle even before the UNHRC vote. When one of its periphery, the NPC passed a resolution supporting an independent international investigation against alleged war crimes committed by the regime and there was nothing much the regime could do about that, not only the regime has lost the plot, it has lost the battle with the Tamils, yet again.

    • 5

      BBS Rep ,

      “Mark my words Darisha, the UNHRC resolutions despite your prediction of an impending storm will fizzle out to be a mild drizzle only. The UNHRC has bigger fish to fry and will soon ignore the mockery, insult and provocations of this small fish called Sri Lanka.”

      not quite right , incumbent UNHRC chief Ms Navi pillai tenure is coming to an end in August 2014 ,question is , who is going to replace her ? rumors going round , it will be our buddy “Darusman ” , if Darusman were to occupy in that hot seat , would he let go MR that easily ? on the other hand would EU countries let go MR , just because there is a need for frying other Big fish ? still bit early to predict N. Modi’s stance against MR and SL , but all the signals emanating from Modi’s camp are not that promising ! US stand against MR is some what confusing , nonetheless if Ms Hilary Clinton were to become the president , there is very little possibility that she would let MR go Scot free. last but not least , MR’s bosom pal Ms Jayalalitha , will she give up her relentless effort on hunting down MR ? of course MR is fully aware of all the impending danger , there is only one way for him to escape from the onslaught , that is to cling on to the “president’s chair” at any cost , i mean at any cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 3

      BBS Rep, You already come to the conclusion. I’m glad you did. I don’t know who you mean by “Big fish”. I think it’s Russia. It is not that easy to fry that big fish man. If UNHCR cannot fry the small fish like SL, how the hell they going to fry a big fish like Russia.

      Let me tell you one thing.TNA,TGTE,Die-Ass-Pora and the Pro-LTTE Christian Father’s like Rayappu Joseph etc.. even tried hard to misguide the world, and THE UN, the world knew the truth. And you and the rest can understand on 29th, that The Cabal will rule this country for the next 7 years.

  • 2

    Fine. Excellent. The ruler is made to know what he is in for. Anti climax has started in a big way.

  • 2

    “Ironically, when President Rajapaksa won the first of his string of victories over the late Minister Kadirgamar in 2004, it was with the veiled threat that if he were to be denied the Premiership in favour of the Tamil Minister, a sea of saffron robed monks would march from Hambantota to President’s House in agitation. Having already garnered the support of the JHU and other hardline monks, then MP Rajapaksa vowed to mobilise the saffron army against Kumaratunga”

    This is the deleterious feature that ruined the good name of the country from 1956 which the more educated in the Sinhalese are shy to admit today. Sri Lanka is one country, irrespective of a so-called Parliament, that is dominated by the mob rule of semi-literate political activist monks in the deceitful mantra “saving the Sinhala Buddhist Motherland” We saw this in 1987 when the late Ven. Maddihe Pannaseeha Thero proved JR’s 5/6th majority is zilch compared to saffron power. This cabal- has, as it does now, threaten the good governance under ideal democratic conditions in the country.

    The day when the Sinhala Buddhists liberate themselves from this false notion of this mindset may be the day that can be considered the beginning in the journey of a truly reconciled of, albeit, two distinct nations. I must add that all Buddhist priests are not bad. In past history there have been patriotic sadhus. There may be a few now although their voices are subverted by politically and power-ambitious monks out to spread brute, un-buddhistic majoritarianism.
    The Mahanayakas – from 2 in Kandy a few years ago to now about 7 in different parts of the country and different Chapters – may learn the citizens in the West separated Church from State in the 17th/18th centuries – aided by a patriotic intelligentsia that was able to think and act free. Western countries gained immensely by the change and moved forward to adult democracy since then.


    • 4

      nayagam, You have your Nadu democracy and we shall have Lanka democracy.

  • 1

    Great Article and Analysis by Darisha Bastians.

    Yesterday’s Lanka C news say that President Rajapakse has ALREADY agreed for an International Investigation.


    It says…….A famous N G O Member Kumar Rupasinghe has said that the President had agreed for an international investigation after the Human Rights council meeting in Geneva. He has informed this to Ambassadors, senior officers in foreign service and few U N officers using his e mail. But, the foreign affairs officers are surprised on this and they say that they are unaware of this. Few days back, Dayan Jayatilake and Kumar Rupasinghe have met H E President at the Temple Trees and expressed their views about the Geneva proposals and have stated that there will be a worst situation if not agreed. The e mail was circulated after 2 days of the discussion.

    Pres.Rajapakse has already accepted defeat.

    Pres.Rajapakse made a grave mistake by replacing our top qualified Diplomats who won 2009 UNHRC and replaced them with unqualified and unfit delegates thereafter.

    Also he could have easily implemented LLRC ASAP in 2012 and given some concessions to nothern Tamil people with 13 Amendment. Why didn’t he do so to act……..

    He was just sitting on LLRC when many Senior Diplomats, Journalists and reporters warned him on consequences. He made a big blunder by challenging UN, USA and Navi Pillai.

    Now Tamil Diaspora are very active in Lobbying and hiring very influental International Lawyers, HR activists and lobbying firms at this UNHRC.

    Just look at the colossal amount of FORAX Pres.Rajapakse spending on these unwanted UNHRC resolutions. What an utter waste of both Money, Prestige, time, bribes, lobbying firms, law offices, consultants, advertisements and other expenses and loss of Business etc,etc. wastd to dumb idiotic decisions by a sitting President.



    Here’s a funny web on North Korea.

    It say…. North Korean Leader Gets 100 Percent Election Win. What a joke.
    Only a stupid President will act like this.

    Look at President’s friends. Gaddafi, Castro, Hugo Charviz, Saddham Hussain, Palastine, Uganda,Swaziland etc,etc, Who are these……..mere third world tin pot dictators.

    Anyway Sri Lanka is at a very grave danger if we loose this UNHRC vote.

    • 4

      Dear Jayantha,

      Thanks for letting us know Dr. Kumar Rupasinghe’s revelation. I suspected a deal had been made when I found the words sovereignty and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka inserted in the final draft that is being circulated . This apparently was done while protests are being orchestrated in front of the US embassy and elsewhere in Sri Lanka. The Mahanayakes have been also taken for a ride or shown a glimpse of the hidden stick. The hypocrisy of this government has no bounds. This government is apparently quite convinced that we the citizens are stupid morons May be we are!

      I can understand your sentiments and the frustration underlining your comments. This government has let down many including many countries that stood by it during the war, who trusted it play right by this country post-war.


  • 2

    Rajapakse’s Golden chair has started to get warm like an Iron.

    The heat is on for Kabal family.

    Get ready with water hose.

  • 5


  • 4

    Dharisha Bastians,

    Impending Storm? What Storm?

    Desert Storm?

    THE USA put military muscle behind dessert storm to kick Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

    Unless they user Tomahawks and Drones, it means nothing. Oara-Tamils best bet is India, and the ethic cleansing Para-Velupillai Prabakaran was not astute enough.

    Sri Lanka has no oil. Only squabbling Para-Sinhala, Para-Tamils and other Paras who are making a mess of the land of the Native Veddah.

    So, they will make some noise, and move on.

    What about the Crimera?

    Deja Vu… Have seen it before…,

  • 2

    President Houdini and his entourage-in-denial are taking Sri Lanka on a slow descent into the slough of despond and our people (like the followers of Jim Jones) will follow him with blind gratitude for the ‘peace’ he and his regime delivered. God save Sri Lanka!

  • 5

    If Rajapaksa bend over to Ms Pillai and her coterie in the West, everything will be hunky dory ..Right?.

    But Rajapaksa still will be the President and the UPFA still the Govt.

    So where is the UNP Christian Faction lead by the stooge of the West?.

    Surely there is something important which is missing in Ms Bastian’s theory.
    West wants Regime change,

    Their only tool in the kit is HR .

    If Rajapaksa can be softened up with the threats of Gallows in the Hague with Ms Pillai holding the throttle, West thought he will buckle and give the Vellalas what they want.

    And the the Christian Faction leader would have romped in breaking his 20 year drought.

  • 2

    The final draft that is to be voted on today ( already being circulated) will, in essence call for an inquiry by the High Commissioner of the UNHRC into war crimes and human rights violations by the Sri Lankan armed forces AND the LTTE during the period 2002 -2009 WITHOUT harming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of SriLanka. The period covers that mandated for the LLRC by this government.

    For the government to now call for an inquiry to cover the entire period of the conflict, seems to be an obvious ploy to create confusion and confound the issue. The UNHCR inquiry will be of course deeper and wider than that of the LLRC and complement its report. The inquiry into the ceasefire period will also expose and officially place on record what the the GOSL and the LTTE did in contravention of the ceasefire agreement to seed the subsequent war. The ceasefire monitors reports will prove valuable in this regards.

    If we need to understand WHAT CAUSED the chain of events that the UNHCR is being mandated to inquire, we have to have a ‘ National Commission’ of eminent and upright persons of the calibre of Bishop Desmond Tutu, to do so. I do not think we are yet ready for such an, though much needed, exercise. Let us diagnose the disease subsequent to the UNHCR using its skills to identify the symptoms, which are the result.

    Although not explicitly required, the UNHCR inquiry will also throw the spotlight on human rights and good governance problems in Sri Lanka , because these are listed in the resolution, in addition to the need to implement the 13th amendment in full and resolve the land-related issues in the north and east.

    All in all, it is an opportunity for the government to clear the dirty mess that is our past and the present, and turn a new page, in the interest of this country, We should open the closets hiding our dirt, sins, crimes and failures to the UNHCR inquiry and get absolved of our sins like in a public confession. Baring one’s soul is usually cathartic and opens the door to a spiritual regeneration- more so for a nation.

    Let us not fear such an inquiry, because no side is free of guilt. We have all committed grave sins that are unpardonable, but that need to be yet forgiven for us to become whole as a nation. This inquiry will be an opportunity to identify and quantitate our sins and their gravity. We ourselves need to know more of what was done in our names. We are as guilty as those who committed these sins, because we chose sides and cheered one culprit, while blaming only the other. We were thus complicit in these crimes. We have to collectively apologise to the victims, who were and are citizens of this country and make amends- a national priority.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 2

      An addendum:

      The UNHRC process will be slow but relentless, because of the attitude this government has adopted. The noose will get tighter. The outright rejections, attempt to build coalition of countries with dubious credentials, name calling and insults directed against Navi Pillay and the resolution-sponsoring countries. We have also tried to defend the obviously indefensible and deliberately done things to add chilli to an open wound. The demonstrations being orchestrated by this government against the UN and the US are childish and patently petulant. Will anyone believe that these demonstrations are a spontaneous expression of public opinion. How different is this approach from that of sections of the Tamil Diaspora?

      Our reputation as a country is In tatters and the maturity we displayed, when we spoke-up in sympathy as a predominantly Buddhist country for post war-Japan, has been lost over the years. Refusal to cooperate with the pending UNHRC resolution can only make matters worse. Hope wisdom prevails.


      • 2

        The third sentence ( 1st para) in the addendum should read:

        —–, are not what is expected of a nature, confident and cultured country.

        Dr. RN

  • 2

    Dharisha, the reason that Jarapassa has got away with so much “success” is because of the total lack of an opposition and the unprincipled, corrupt ant shameless DICTATORSHIP of Ranil Wickramasinghe in the UNP.

    Please start looking beyond the UNP to the JVP and Anura Kumara, who are far more on the ball at this time..

  • 2

    During the hight of the LTTE war all of us country loving patriots who live in the West, toiled in Western streets holding Boards and Sri Lankan flags protesting LTTE atrocities and murder that were going on in Sri Lanka, gathering International support.

    We were so happy and celebrated when finally our soldiers won the war.

    We thought that there will be permanent peace in Sri Lanka after the war.

    But to our sorrow and frustration the peace did not come as we predicted.

    It was purely due to President Rajapakse’s blundar,stupidity, moronic attitude and lethargic behaviour, that Sri Lanka was dragged to face another UNHRC resolution.

    He should have implemented LLRC without any problem with the powers he had. But he did not do it.

    He should have implemented some form of 13th amendment after compromising with parliament members and TULF. But he did not do so.

    This is the President who Jailed Gen.Sarath fonseka in ONE WEEK AFTER HIS ARREST USING HIS PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.

    This is the President who impeached CJ Shirani Bandaranayake in TWO WEEKS USING HIS PRESIDENTIAL POWERS.


    He forgot that thousands upon thousands of Sri Lankans who live abroad helped him in this struggle. Also so many soldiers sacrificed their lives and limbs and their families and all the citizens for this struggle.












    Therefore I kindly request to the Bar Association of Sri Lanka, or any other organization or Institution or Citizens committees to bring a LAWSUIT AGAINST PRES.AJAPAKSE AGAINST ALL OF THE ABOVE CHARGES.

    This is he who messed everything and he is responsible for it.

    Please let me have your views and comments on this COMMENT.

    CT Please publish this in the International media with full exposure.

    Thank you.

    • 1

      So you supported the war?

      How many Tamils you killed?

      Zero? Then what support is that. Loser.

    • 0

      Jayanthaya writes to say he was happy and celebrated the war win. I say, he is a dam liar. I have never seen this bugger writing a comment to transcurrent or any other web journal in support of MR’s war effort. From his previous comments, I can visualize Jayanthaya may have supported Ranil/Praba bogus peace agreement and thavalams by avalams during ChandrikaK but never MR’s war effort. Prove me wrong if you can.

      Only stupid or people with ulterior motive would blame President Rajapakse blunders etc as reasons for neo-cons pushing repeated resolutions. Even the villages in Sri Lanka know that noe-cons are just carrying on their game plan.

      Neo-con lackey, Jayanthaya think we have forgotten what took place recently. For us, all these neo-con acts started with their demand on MR to handover the megalomaniac Velu to a third party when he was about to be captured or killed. Rajapakse said ‘NO’ not only to two foreign ministers of France and Britain but the superman Obama also. And that sets in the neo-con grudge against MR. When Valu and his terrorist gang refused to surrender and escape into Mulathivu jungles, our forces trapped them and annihilated them in toto. As a part of their global political agenda for this part of the world neo-cons had a controlled revival plan for LTTE.

      Neo-cons never wanted Sri Lanka to remain as a sovereign country. They wanted Sri Lanka to be divided (like Libya now) into powerful regional units with a weak centre. They tried this in a different way by using the belligerent ex-CJ. Neo-con aim is to place arbiters (like Norwegians) and control all units and thereby locate their bases wherever they want in Sri Lanka.

      Mahinda Rajapakse had presented a manifesto (Mahinda Chintanaya) to voters at the Presidential election in 2005. In that he had promised to bring about peace to the country. MR was elected and he fulfilled that promise. People were elated.

      President Rajapakse had called for a Presidential election in 2009. He forwarded a new manifesto and won the election handsomely. But you guys said it’s a gilmart. Never mind what you neo-con lackeys think, majority people believe President Rajapakse is fulfilling what he promised.

      MR has a lot of short comings but the ones you have listed are not among them. But I cannot get what I want for I cannot be the President. So, I have to settle for the best among those who can be the President. I select MR. We can see whether I am right or you are right on 30th Sunday morning when Western and Southern PC election results are declared because that may be a forerun for a presidential election.

  • 1

    Darisha Bastian! you are one of the regular contributor and i am reading them regularly. Of course all these facts are well beyond the reach of ordinary citizens of this country whe are not well informed to take informed decisions.

    Now for example take the UNHRC Resolution on Sri Lanka: Prof Pieris addressing the the UNHRC rejected the Resolution saying it is illegal

    Now Addressing the Council the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to UN in Geneva and the leader of the Sri Lankan delegation Ambassador Ravinatha Aryasinha said the government rejects the resolution proposed by the United States, as it has emanated from a politicized process and mandate, and without the consent of the country concerned and will reject this resolution as well.(Apparently not due to its illegality ?)

    The people from various quarters from the higly respected venerable Mahanayaka Theros of main Chapters including Asgiriya and Malwatu chapters have been led to issue statement against the resolution with much concerns

    I remember when the Minister Wimal Weerawansa held Stayagraha against UN SG, it was informed by the UNSG that it was not the way to handle the diplomatic issues with the international community.

    But, knowingly or unknowingly the citizens have been made to adopt provacative actions of this nature that may be benefitial in the local scenario.

    So who is there to educate the massess including the responsible community leaders (Who are irresponsible in their actions)to exert pressure on the government to handle such issues with the IC in the proper channel without taking undue advantagous out of it.

    People have been made to believe in an irrational manner that the main issue before us is the country is that the country is at a risk. So they tend to believe that this is the time we leave behind all economic, social, judicial and development issues and make endeavour to fight against the UNHRC Resolutions.

    What is the true need of the hour.

  • 1

    The Rajapaksa regime was trying hard to do the same to Ananthi Sasitharan as it did to Mrs Balendran Jeyakumari, but Ananthi is well known to the international community. Plus the situation is getting worse, and a grave danger for the Rajapaksas survival. Therefore, they had to implement a drama to keep Mrs Balendran Jeyakumari silent, and also to bring the LTTE fear factor to increase their votes; plus to justify their foolish actions to the International community. However, their foolish action won’t give that much leverage for the Rajapaksas to manoeuvre internationally in the future. I haven’t reached out to all the countries’ leaders to secure votes for the US backed resolution; because I still prefer to bring a change through the country’s election. I know the West well; therefore, I am hesitating to bring the West inside of the Indian Ocean. I am a victim of the Western tricks; therefore, I don’t mind to give one more chance to the Rajapaksas and let them see what is coming; if they carry-on their stupidity. I don’t know which way the UNHRC voting will go today, let’s wait and see. I am happier to tightening the noose of the Rajapaksas to direct them into the right path and enlightening the average Sri Lankans than bringing the West into the Indian Ocean.

  • 1

    Minister Mervyn Silva is starting to know what is coming, he cried yesterday after laying the foundation stone for his tomb at the Borella Cemetery. I couldn’t stop laughing :-)

    Here is a one joker call Ven. Kamburugamuwe Vajira Nayake Thera in his sermon said, “Mervyn Silva has, on this occasion, shown what is living and dying. His heart is pure. Through his strength he had made yeoman service to the country and the people. He is a blessed individual, who worships the Buddha daily, and he also worships my late father.”

    In response,this is what our beloved joker and marriage proposer Silva said, “If the Ven. Nayake Thera had told these things after my death, I would not have been able to hear them. But now, in front of my own tomb, I heard it for real. That is a source of great happiness. “The Geneva Conference is going to create a huge setback for us this week. The white man is getting ready for this because he does not know there is death for him.”Kings such as Dutu Gemunu and Parakrama Bahu the Great, have safeguarded our country and developed it. In modern times, it is the great hero called, Mahinda Rajapaksa, who had done that. Now we have to face a group of Geneva white men, who do not know religion and death.”

    • 1

      this kind of events whether they come from MERVIN or anyone else are 100% connected with unencessary media attention. If the man was one of arab soil, would have stoned to death long back now for all angers he deliberately caused to this nation. If anybody would still go on saying that specially men like Mervin with all records high on murder, extortion,injustice and all abysmal tricks are being called to have done yeoman service to the country – we the lanken society should have gone everything fully wrong. It is shame to see country is fallen to this appalling levels. His cries are comparable to robber who feel innerly very wrong before the god… he is the one who knows himself better than anyone else.This brutal person should be kept away from human assoiciation as the pseudo monk Ghanasara should long have been.

  • 0

    Dear CT Editors ,

    i tried to paste an excel sheet based table here, but it is appearing without any columns & rows , could you please assist on this (A.S.A.P)


    • 0


      they have to change entire formating system on CT, so that excell tables can be added.


      • 0

        Sirimal ,

        looks like it , it would have been much easier to paste a table than going through one by one here , hope CT Editors will look in to this soon.

  • 1

    My prediction for the 2014 UNHCR :

    Abbreviations; Y=Yes for the resolution, N=No for the resolution, A=Abstain vote , D=Difficult to predict (Undecided)

    African Countries(13) :

    Algeria (D), Benin (Y), Botswana (A), Burkina Faso (A), Cargo (N), Cote de Voire (Y), Ethiopia (A), Gabon (D), Kenya (A), Namibia (Y), South Africa (A),
    sierra Leone (Y), Morocco (D)

    Total (Y)=4,(N)=1,(A)=5,(D)=3

    Asian countries (13):

    India (Y),Indonesia (N),Japan (A),Kazakhstan (A),Kuwait (A or y),China (N),Maldives (N),Pakistan (N),Philippines (N),S.Korea (Y),U.A.E (N),K.S.A (N),Vietnam (N)

    Total (Y)=2,(N)=10,(A)=3,(D)=0

    Eastern Europe(6):

    Czech Republic (Y),Estonia (D),Montenegro (Y),Macedonia (Y),Russia (N),Romania (Y)
    Total (Y)=4,(N)=1, (D)=1

    Latin America(8) :

    Argentina (Y),Brazil (Y),Chile (Y),Cuba (N),Costa Rica (Y),Mexico (Y),Peru (Y),Venezuela (N)
    Total (Y)=6,(N)=2

    Western Countries(7):

    Austria (Y),Germany (Y),Ireland (Y),France (Y),Italy (Y),U.K (Y), U.S.A (Y)

    Total (Y)=7,(N)=0

    Total Yes (Y) for the resolution=4+2+4+6+7 =23
    Total No (N) for the resolution= 1+10+1+2 =14
    Total Abstain (A) for the resolution=5+1+ =06
    Total Undecided vote (Difficult, D)=3+1 =04
    Total No of countries =47

    PS: 24 countries consent is needed to pass the resolution.

    • 1

      I thought Belarus too bleongs to east european country of UNHRC and that was the reason why the bugger happened to leave the country during the very same week, Ms Pillay was visiting. So now from your info, and the net, I see Belarus is not even a memeber state. So what was the bugger´s secret purposes to abuse that collossal sums for his trip to that cornered state- Berarus ? Why the opposition failed to raise this in the parliament yet ? Why do srilankens have ties with countries like Belarus that EU considers as STILL need human building ?

      • 1


        SL belongs to only one family , that family does what ever they think is right , that is the bottom line ! think about Swaziland , who would want to have a close ties with that primitive “king ” character , what good does it bring to any nation ?

        haven’t you noticed i opted to use the term “Junta ” instead of government , who would call SL regime a government ? remember all the major international TV stations (CNN,BBC,AJ et al) used to call Myanmar(Burma) government as Junta or hunta , why was the reason ? if any body did , it was an out right insult for any legitimate government!
        Sirimal if for some reason MR managed to cling on to the mantle for a longer period of time , i’m certain that international media will address SL as a Junta state , LTTE’s brutality prevented MR’s exposure , but now things have been swapped, from tonight onwards MR’s true picture will come to surface in the international arena.

  • 1

    please note ,

    Estonia needs to be added to the yes (Y) list , so that magic total number 24 is easily achievable .

    PS : K.S.A, Kuwait, Japan and Kazakhstan ‘s votes may swing towards yes(Y) side at the eleventh hour.

  • 4

    [Edited out]Lata Hogg, of the Chatham House, one of the ubiquitous think tanks that determine how the third word should be run, has stated that the Sri Lankan leadership should be hauled up before the ICC without further ado. One must not forget that it was she who was responsible for the conviction of George W Bush and Tony Blair by this same ‘august’ body and who today languish in solitary confinement.

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