5 December, 2022


Chandrika Chinthana

By Dayan Jayatilleka –

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga calls it “the first serious political interview I have given in six and a half years” referring to the interview she has given Sanjana Hattotuwa, editor of the website Groundviews.

The least important segments of the interview deal with the SLFP.  Her remarks are revelatory though. She states that she “can’t be bothered fighting with Mahinda for power in a Bandaranaike party”, thus reasserting that the party is a family property in her view; her only problem being which family it belongs to. Her hardly covert tilt to Opposition candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe in late 2005 also belies her affirmation at the tail-end of the interview that she pretty much presented the candidacy to Mahinda Rajapaksa on a platter when only three of 59 members of the SLFP’s top decision-making body supported it. “I gave it to him” is how CBK recalls it today with characteristic graciousness.

Far more significant are her considered views, enunciated with the benefit of hindsight, of the most important events and watersheds in our contemporary history: terrorism, the ending of the war and its aftermath.

Forget the lurid anti-Sri Lankan propaganda which places the death toll of Tamil civilians in the war at a ridiculous 40,000; a figure which has been disaggregated and challenged by respected civil society voices such as the MARGA Institute. President Kumaratunga has a very much higher figure than Channel 4 or even the shrillest elements of the Diaspora Tiger demonstrators. She talks of “hundreds of thousands”:

“…you eat kiributh because you are happy that the war is over but you mustn’t forget that there was another angle, hundreds of thousands of our people– the Tamils are also our people–got killed; tens of thousands of our soldiers got killed; Sinhala and Tamil boys got killed. You don’t eat kiributh at a time like that…”    

What is our former Commander-in-chief’s view of the last war and its origins? Is it the case that Prabhakaran was preparing for it and had only been deterred from its launch by the tsunami?  Was Human Rights Watch – no friend of the Sri Lankan state– accurate when it headlined its report just prior to the war’s outbreak as ‘Funding the Final War’, in which it detailed the LTTE’s global fund-raising surge, driven by the slogan that it was for the final conflict? Did the Sri Lankan armed forces, underequipped, depleted and demoralised by Ranil’s CFA, have to buy time and equipment to prepare for combat, in the face of the LTTE’s aggressive attacks on convoys and off-duty soldiers within weeks, if not days, of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election? Certainly not according to our distinguished ‘student of history’, CBK, who names the Sri Lankan government and not the Tigers as the aggressor:

“…No, no, they just had some talks with the LTTE and the Government attacked some place or the other and they just broke the talks in a very flippant way.”

How does CBK rate the victory over the LTTE and the successful termination of the decades-long war, a termination which means that no one dies or is maimed by bomb-blasts which struck all parts of the country? How does President Kumaratunga assess the restoration of the territorial unity and integrity of Sri Lanka? Here’s her considered evaluation:

“This government has defeated and eliminated the external manifestation of the Tamil problem, of the Tamil people’s problem. They have eliminated the external manifestation of the continuing unresolved Tamil people’s problem of this country which was terrorism but they have not eliminated in any way the deep rooted causes of the Tamil problem which gave rise to terrorism. So in other words, they have eliminated –it is like when somebody is having a bad cold you sort of give a hankie and the person wipes the hotu (snot-DJ) and you think this cold is ok or you sort of like inhale some dung (steam-DJ) and even the sort of stuffiness in the nose goes so then you can’t even hear the person being a bit nasal so you think that everything is fine but you have done nothing to eliminate the germ in the body, the bacteria that has caused it”.

Now it may be the case that this statement of our former president may get up the nose of many of us since the ‘external manifestation’, the ‘snot’ or ‘stuffiness in the nose’ that she so derisively speaks of, caused the citizenry of Sri Lanka to lose loved ones and limbs, and to live in fear of the loss of their parents or children during any given day over a quarter century.

Her statement may strike one as snotty for another reason. If the crushing of the LTTE, liberating us from the curse of weekly suicide-bombings and enabling citizens to travel freely across the island once again were as easy and simple as lending a hankie to blow a nose, the question arises as to why President Kumaratunga did not do so during the decade she was the country’s leader and commander-in-chief. So, either it was a much bigger deal than blowing a nose and ridding us of a mere external manifestation, or it wasn’t. If it were the first case then Mahinda Rajapaksa did that which CBK couldn’t, and if were the second, CBK didn’t want to rid of us of the scourge of terrorism because it would have merely been a blowing of a collective nose and ridding it of snot; a task that was so superficial it was beneath her sublime capacities and noble destiny.

Mercifully we are provided with a glimpse of her thinking on this subject, in the course of the interview.  When asked by Sanjana Hattotuwa as to how she was changed by the LTTE suicide bomb which was meant to kill her but damaged her eyesight, she says that she became:

“…much more committed to ending terrorism and violence…through non-violent means. I was getting more and more committed to my vision of a non-violent solution.”

To be fair by Ms Kumaratunga and the historical record, her actual policy practice was far less absurd than this makes her sound. Having liberated Jaffna during her first term, in the year after the suicide bomb attack, she, together with Deputy Minister of Defence Anuruddha Ratwatte – and she above all others—resolutely resisted the LTTE’s offensive on Jaffna following the army’s retreat from Elephant Pass. She also sanctioned –albeit belatedly (going by Prof Rohan Gunaratne’s account)–the first LRRP ‘deep penetration’ operations behind LTTE lines, which were discontinued despite their success, by Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. That said, the statement I have quoted from her landmark interview provides the evidence of how confused her thinking on terrorism had been, how that confusion caused the vacillation and strategic incoherence which prevented her from winning the war and how the absence of such confusion generated the policy cohesion that enabled her successor to do what she could not.

This serious strategic confusion carries over into President Kumaratunga’s perspective on post-war Sri Lanka. She says:

“If the Rajapaksa regime was not in power it would have been much easier to resolve after the war. It would have been much easier to resolve after the war, any other government with a different policy, that’s what I mean…”

Now it should be obvious that there were other governments or ‘regimes’ with different policies while the war was on and that the Rajapaksa government was in office for only a fifth (20%) of the war’s total duration. No one but themselves prevented these governments, enlightened and ennobled as they were with “a different policy”—such as that of President Kumaratunga’s — from winning the war. Had it or its several predecessors performed this overwhelming historic duty, there may not have been an opening for a Rajapaksa government or it might have had a very different orientation.  If the “discourse” of the Rajapaksa administration is the reason that this problem is not “easily solved” as CBK says it can be, then it must be recognised that the regime’s policy, discourse and configuration are the default option of the vast majority of the citizen-electors following the failure of previous administrations and their respective policy discourses–not least that of the immediately preceding one, that of President Kumaratunga. Had she not failed in her fundamental duty of defeating the Tigers, she would have been able to put in place the policies she stood for and continues to commend.

She must reflect though, on the fact that even at the peak of her considerable popularity and a decade before “the state media” of the Rajapaksa government “washed the brains” of the Sinhalese – as she claims in her interview—she was unable to secure consent for her devolution ‘package’ of 1995 which remains, as she reaffirms to the interviewer, the best long-term solution (by her reckoning) to the Tamil people’s problem.

The most praiseworthy point in the interview is the assessment she makes of Tamil politics today and the constructive suggestions she puts forward for the Tamil Diaspora.

At the interview’s conclusion she reveals that: “Once again as a person who likes to hope, I see some glimmer of hope only, only [the word is repeated-DJ] because of the very vociferous interventions by the international community”.

Given the views she expresses here, it is little surprise and completely logical that President Kumaratunga does not repose her hope in the Sri Lankan society and people, their democratic traditions, or even in the party of which she is patron and her father was founder.

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    Our political disc jockey ( DJ) mourns again, like Goebbels for his Hitler and refers MARGA institute this time for his lies

    anti-Sri Lankan propaganda which places the death toll of Tamil civilians in the war at a ridiculous 40,000; a figure which has been disaggregated and challenged by respected civil society voices such as the MARGA Institute. President Kumaratunga has a very much higher figure than Channel 4 or even the shrillest elements of the Diaspora Tiger demonstrators. She talks of “hundreds of thousands

    There was a particular reason not to allow any of the media persons in this area. All these Rajapakses, Sarath Fonsekas I can understand as they do not understand anything about human rights. But this man, this DJ, a former lecturer in politics, refers to his “true” sources like SF, MR and GR and he is at international tribune

    This person talks about philosophy and tries to sell him as a true democrat, intellectual etc.,

    CBK, who names the Sri Lankan government and not the Tigers as the aggressor, says our DJ

    Do you think he can represent the whole society of SL in France? definitely not, he is a representative of this sinhalese chauvinists,

    Most probably his reappointment after his dismissal from Geneva took place under such conditions to influence media

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       Gota is the greatest Sinhala hero next to King Mahinda. It was Gota who got his brother to appoint Fonseka to the army commanders post and appointed equally capable people to head the Navy and the Air Force. He is the war strategist whose efforts finished off the Tiger Terrorists. All SriLankans should be eternelly greatful to him. While Fonseka led the ground troops as per Goths plans the Airforce bombed the Tiger bunkers and Camps and the Navvy blocked the sea routes so no arms could reach the Tigers and no tigers could escape by sea. All thr Gota is the greatest Sinhala hero next to King Mahinda. It was Gota who got his brother to appoint Fonseka to the army commanders post and appointed equally capable people to head the Navy and the Air Force. He is the war strategist whose efforts finished off the Tiger Terrorists. All SriLankans should be eternalfree restful to him. While Fonseka led the ground troops as per Goths plans the Airforce bombed the Tiger bunkers and Camps and the Navvy blocked the sea routes so no arms could reach the Tigers and no tigers could escape by sea. All three forces under Gota collected the job. Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor or a Tiger supporter. Any Sinhalese who insult Gota is a traitor to the motherland
      ee forces under Gota completed the job. Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor or a Tiger supporter. Any Sinhalese who insult Gota is a traitor to the motherland. The Mahavamsa shows Sinhala traitors existed since the dawn of the Lion Race.

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    Chandrika spoke the truth. Her devolution package was a landmark but not acceptable to diehard sihala buddhist nationalists who did not wish to grant any releif to minorities.
    This acolyte of Mahinda R should explain what is on offer by this government not only to minorities but to the entire nation.
    Only more suffering, financial and moral bankruptcy is the answer.

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      People s criticisms on previous leaders is common to any country. Be it in the UK, France, Germany or the US, is the same. But the manner the people ^s attacks to them in our country is unique to our folk. They mostly go to abusive level forgetting allthe respect mostly. So the one among the most that we accelerate in SL is that our policians need to give the highest priority in building up the nation, and their awareness about all facets. So the areas of sociology, psychology and the related areas should be invested more. To this end, Media is also playing a greater role, because if the manner they today telecast, broadcast and write would not change, the listeners and readers will stay blindfolded being brainwashed – which is the case with the masses as seen in the country today.

      When focusing on the comments that have these days been added to GV and CT, I have noticed that many of the commnetators are against the manner that the current regime gets on with the crucial issues such as LAW AND ORDER enforcement, child rape/abuse, prompt action against increase numbers of crime rate etc- most of them are in the view that current rulers are incapable of handling those grave issues. But whether these comments are explorative to the significant masses of the country where most them are fed by state media bear the same is the most important question.

      However, many seem to be STILL talking about the good side of elemination of LTTER terror within lanka rather than not even focusing on any other buring issues such as high rates of human rights violations incl, drugs, rapes, abductions white van scenes and similar incidents. One example brought me this much clearer yestreday meeting a buddhist sinhala lady who i met on big city of lots of tamil refugees are seen to live said to me even if the masses were killed out by the later stage of the war- the freedom that lanken enjoy today without terror is the great thing – see, how these buddhist in general feel. I am also a buddhist, I cant even think of killing an animal by myself. Asked if it is fine to burn out all the house constructions when focusing on the eradication of the Dengue mosquitoes, she further nicked – and kept some what quiet- I said the elemniation of LTTER terror in SL was almost like the latter example – so now we have to face the consequences. Our people s mind sets need to be changed dramatically, if at all the common view OUR PEOPLE is to achieve sustainable peace and developements in the country.

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      If Tamils liked Chandrika’s devolution package why LTTE tried to blow her up and failed ?

      If, Tamils also did not like it, why Sinhala buddhist – chauvanists are blaimed ?

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        Good questions.

        Chandrika might have been serious about solving the ethnic problem.

        You say:

        “If Tamils liked Chandrika’s devolution package why LTTE tried to blow her up and failed ?”

        You should have gone on a special mission to VP’s bunker and found out for yourself. Ask Gota what were VP’s last words. Don’t get confused with your own questions. VP’s LTTE was not Tamils and Tamils were not VP’s LTTE just like Mahinda is not Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is not Mahinda (and his extended family).

        You say:

        “If, Tamils also did not like it, why Sinhala buddhist – chauvanists are blaimed ?”

        It is because of Sinhala/Buddhists who will never agree to any peaceful resolution. They thrive on conflict. When they don’t have conflict they create one.

        Now you see the similarities between the stupid Tamils and the stupid Sinhalese. I am confident you are one of them.

        • 0

          Now Tamils are the most anti-LTTE and the worst haters of LTTE flag, except for some affluent Tamils such as charles Ghanakoon living overseas.

          By the way, his last name looks like Sinhala.

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    The Bandaranayakes destroyed a whole generation of people in this country, the father with his short sighted policy of Sinhala only ,the mother destroyed the Sinhalese by taking over the lands ,and the children of that generation by not allowing them to be educated abroad when,they did not have enough space in universities locally. Even old Bandaranayakes was a Oxford scollar! Which shows that even brainless wonders can go places given the chance. The daughter sat in office and stole all she can.
    The good old Sri Lankans oh so clever we vote these idiots in. We should have learned a lesson from the father . To bring a woman from the. Kitchen and keep her in that chair!
    Dayan jayatilleke for once you have chosen to see the picture but, is this opportuism?

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    • If you act with maturity and consideration for other users, you should have no problems.
    • Don’t be unpleasant. Demonstrate and share the intelligence, wisdom and humour we know you possess.
    • Take some responsibility for the quality of the conversations in which you’re participating. Help make this an intelligent place for discussion and it will be.

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    I honestly believe the shrapnel which is embedded in her brain is rusting at a hectic pace and pressurizing her thinking lobe. Otherwise how can a person make such absurd statements and call it a serious political interview. A chairman of a Pradeshiya Sabha would have given a better interview.

    • 0

      Yours can be the best example and most representive to show the way that the aveverage would feel – the average mentality of the common ones from lanken population – if you trully failed to notice how smart she was in the interview held with Sanjana H. She could well remember even dates of focused incidents clearly as very few of the leaders do after their offices.Compare the interviews or speeches that the incumbant are/ were giving. Our people cant distinguish the crucial points- even they are said to a almost full literate folk in south asian region. Not binding to the facts, as if a man who just got off from the paddy field – tell the audience how you categorize his interviews or speeches.

      Could WELL be possible, that CBK failed to do her best because of various reasons having much thinner coalition govt, but there days she was in power, whlle heavy fighting were going on against the LTTE terror, one would not easily forget that there had clearly been LAW AND ODER ENFORCEMENT mechanisms. Today, even if a popular principal is stabbed to death after his work – noboudy would react- the country has gone to an era where we cannot compare it with any previous episodes in the country.

      As it is trully the case with our people, they have short memories. At the time, she took the office, there were numbers of other issues that left unanswered for ages by the previous regimes. I remember the 89 insurgencies and the aftermath when looking back. But with the time her GOVT s foreign policies were instrumental in banning the LTTErs in EU, USA, Australia, Canada, India and several other countries where Tamil LTTE supportive diasphore got mobilised their activities against ruling GOVTs in SL.

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        I definitely am a average person with an average mentality unlike you who’s trying to portray yourself as an intellect, though no one can understand the bunkem you’re writing.You’re the type who gets carried away with utter lies CBK dishes out time in and time out with grandiose numbers thrown in for better measure, and believes herself what she’s talking is the bible truth.
        I too am a son of the soil who studied in Sri Lanka and I’m proud about it. I’m not of that ilk who couldn’t even pass the GCE exams in Sri Lanka though fortunate enough to gain entrance to an affiliate of Sorbonne through influence and talk about non-existent political science degrees gained at Sorbonne by spelling out a few words of French from a prepared text.
        Talking about the law and order situation, we were first hand witnesses of how Nihal Karunarathne was law unto himself with the blessings of Chandrika. The family members of the slain journalist Rohana Kumara might be able to shed some light as to how Chandrika maintained law and order with democracy prevailing.
        She and Anuruddha made such a business out of the war with commissions being peddled on every single military procurement, even on helmets and body amour. Even the LTTE knew that winning the war was just a matter of time for them.
        Look at yourself in a mirror and you’ll know who has a short memory. WE the ordinary people of this country can remember the past very well and the damage done to the country by the ilk of the Bandaranaikes. Fortunately there are no more Banadaraniakes or their ilk to take this country further down the precipice. Only a few idiots who still sing hosannas to their wretched rule.

        • 0

          you forgot Baddegana Sanjeewa who was in the forefront of the law and order implementation.

          To be fair,CBK was doing ok in her first term but after the bomb blast I think she went off her ‘rocker’and was only interested in getting through the term and filling the coffer.

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    Everyone has to work for a plate of meal. DJ’s gratitude is well appreciated by the New Owners of the Blue Party!

    Bandas had a man, wife and a daughter. Then, there was son, a cousin and an uncle. But, the Kurakkan Boys have…. (sorry, space limitations to type the whole list).

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    CBK politics of SLFP are differant from SLFP OF policies of Founder SWRD national Capitalist path of developement.
    SWRD was born out anti-imperialst and anti-colonial era,country and nation rule by British Empire.Over 435 years Nation under colonial rule,the oppressed nation seek Indepandeance and soverginity and united Island after end of colonial rule.That was aspriation of our nation.
    As natioanl bourgeoisie class of SLFP undertake compleated, our nationl democratic revolution task under leadership of SWRD Banadaraka Govt in 1956.SWRD was assiniated in 1959 by vested interest prties of reactionary of internal and external fores jiontly.Task of Natioanl Democratic become incompleted indepandeance movement in zig zag path since many number of years.
    The forces behind SLFP and workers,peasants,petty-bourgeoisie and nationl bourgeoisie are politically,economially and socially weak forces, particularly in Sri lanka due to lack of basic indusrties, agriculture and backward rural economy.Hence the dual nature of nationl bourgeoisie and its class own economy weaknees ,it was not capable of opposing imperialism and semi-fedual remnants.
    In 1977 UNP-JRJ came to power established big bourgeoisie of and foreing monopoly bourgeisie jiontly rule by depended-capitalism subservient to Monoploy-hegemonist class.
    Entire state establisment and Governmant apprtues incuding Constituaion of Republic of Sri lanka change according to power of Exeactive -Orders.The order of State Parliment,Legal order,Party and its politics was build suited corny capitalism.
    Our social economy and its order is mainly Agrarin of Planation and Rural economy; large number peasantry of 70% people are base on rural-economy of Island.Foreing big bourgeoisie and local partners control import-export trade and certain import-dependent manufacturing intermidate industries.Big foregion Banks and muti-natioanl Banks are handling all major FOREX and other muli- finicial transcations.
    The manpower EXOPRT play main role of Gross natioanl Income of economy.
    Our capitalism is almost dependent path,its inherated neo-colonial and even up to now exist pre-capitalist remnats.
    When CBK being to state power 1994,she ignor all reality of 1977 UNP-JRJ re-order the system, where she goes to work.CBK was NOT intelligant enough to understand ground situation of political-economy of Sri Lankan.She just passed 11 odd years as RULER OF ISLAND ignore all factors.

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    CBK was and is a lost case. she gives different interviews to different people.

    During the war she said that she would regret three things that she did during her presidency. One was sacking Ranil, the other was affailiating with JVP. The third she did not tell and was waiting until Mahinda Rajapakse losing the war. Her third point would be, I think, handing over the keys to Mahinda Rajapakse. Now she is muttering.

    In other place, shehas said, that Mahinda Rajapakse fought the war with all the heavy weapons that was bought when she was the president. Here, she was talking about non-violence.

    But, it should be true that she was very scared to Pabakaran after the suicide bomber attack. She gave everything what Velu asked including passports to his children from the neighbouring state of Sinhala – Lanka to Tamil Lanka; she was preparing to give PTOMS which gives foreign money directly to Kilinochchi and She was addressing VELU -SIR.

    Simply a stupid woman who screwed up Sri Lanka. That is what happens when people get power simply by inheritance.

    • 0

      @ Thalaivar ( in real a Kalubanda, Sudhubanda at least a man represent the undeveloped part of the majority) tried to do an anlysis of Ghnanakoon´s origin.
      It shows the end of the concept of his sinhalese chauvinism
      Why don´t you publish in your own name? Afraid of Gotha, the corps molester of the nation, for abductions :-)

  • 0

    This is such a waste of time. Does our Ambassador in France have nothing to do but act as a barking dog to protect his master? Sri Lanka is rightly or wrongly being maligned in the West and Ambassadors should be working diligently behind the scenes to mitigate the problem, not writing obscure stuff that interests just a few.

  • 0

    M B Ekanayake

    Premadasa used to have two attack dogs, one was a Tamil Eelam socialist and the other was well a Sinhala/Buddhist graying armchair aspiring former revolutionary. Aspiring to be part of the Sinhala/Buddhist establishment with limited success.

    Mahinda now has two poodles. Surprisingly the attack dogs have been tamed by Mahinda, both all bark and no bite.

    People should know their sell by date.

  • 0

    The politics-econimic of CBK as Natioanl capitalst Class represtantive of SLFP,her cosciousness and cognation politics are still living in pre-capitalism era.
    Sorry to say CBK not educated enough to relized task of CAPITALISM PATH OF DEVELOPEMENT in Sri Lanka.
    Her politics confined to personal basis against MR rule and her political agend NOT YET REACH to safeguard of natioanl soverginity, terrorial intergrity and upheld indepancedance of people of Sri Lanka.
    Democracy and developement path of Capitalism is our nationl agend she totally ignore.

  • 0


    I find that references are made on ITN almost daily basis in their 6.40am show by P.N.Meegaswatte to you. These comments are not in your best interest, therefore suggest you take appropriate action.

  • 0

    There are no ‘democratic traditions’ in SL and the DJ’s political masters have been busy destroying whatever was left of those traditions and maybe there are some remnants used as props to maintain the facade of a democracy. DJ, is it part of a democratic tradition to pelt stones at the institutions of the judiciary and intimidate members of the judiciary? Which democratic tradition condones a public official berating a journalist in raw filth? Is it democratic tradition SL style not to take action against Ministers, members of government party and their supporters who violate the law, abduct opposition activists and commit murders. Is the changing of the constitution for the perpetuation of the Rajapaksas in power a part of the ‘democratic traditions’ that you want us to pin our hopes on? What ‘democratic tradition’ are you talking about when the Tamil people are denied their political rights and Buddhism is given ‘foremost place’ in the constitution?

  • 0

    CBK’s father is the one who started the fight with the Tamils when DSS did not give him the PM’s post.

    Then came the SRI in numberplate on cars which caused enough deaths in Jaffna and other parts of SL.

    CBK should go back to school (Not Sorbonne where she was hosted by the French) and learn history.

  • 0

    Mahinda won the war. Chandrika was just a puppet of the LTTE. She now tries to undermine Mahinda’ achievement . Gota is the greatest Sinhala hero next to King Mahinda. It was Gota who got his brother to appoint Fonseka to the army commanders post and appointed equally capable people to head the Navy and the Air Force. He is the war strategist whose efforts finished off the Tiger Terrorists. All SriLankans should be eternely greatful to him. While Fonseka led the ground troops as per Gota’s plans the Airforce bombed the Tiger bunkers and Camps and the Navvy blocked the sea routes so no arms could reach the Tigers and no tigers could escape by sea. All three forces under Gota collected the job. Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor or a Tiger supporter. Any Sinhalese who insult Gota is a traitor to the motherland

  • 0

    We voted CBK in 1994 against the 17 years horrible UNP rule thinking that she will do the best to the nation like her mother, our well respected former leader Hon Mrs. Sirimavo B. But CBK was an utter failure in all aspects of governing the country. I will state this fact not as merely to let her down with a petty political mind but that is the real fact. If I am wrong; can anybody say any remarkable long-lasting service that she rendered to the nation? In fact; how many excellent duties her mother did for the nation very many years ago even the era where we couldn’t get good ideas from the world because we were not open to the world. When CBK couldn’t do during mid nineties mean it is very regretful.
    Basically she had been failed due lack of Vision, strong plan (with policy) and proper action plan like MR. Also she was not a ‘leader’ according to ‘management’ terms. She elected as the ‘leader’ of the country but according to ‘Management’; though anyone can appoint as a manager, leader of a country …etc but either she or he should have to have the ‘Leadership Qualities’ to do the given task (goals) successfully. In fact that particular person should be act an exemplary character for others i.e. in the areas of visionary, punctuality (work on time), preparing goals to be achieved, identifying talented people as next layer leaders and delegating the duties based on their skills, closely and periodically monitoring their activities until they achieve the given tasks, should act as a team player…etc.
    In fact CBK didn’t have proper vision, basically she was wakening up late in the morning and she never participated any event on-time (punctuality), keep few henchmen around her than delegating duties for skilful people (instead of that she had cornered MR without using his skills), no monitoring and review meetings ..etc. She had failed to keep skilful people like Prof. G.L. Piries , SB …etc because of her wrong attitude and finally they joined UNP and toppled her government in 2004. In fact MR had a plan (Mahinda Chinthanaya) and he is keeping it with him like the bible and achieving all promises one-by-one while carrying out periodical reviews, heading district level meetings …etc. He is using talents of not only his people but also people who were in the opposition (GL, SB, Rajitha, Keheliya …etc).
    Therefore she should humbly agree about her weaknesses’ as a former leader. Other biggest issue is her poor ATTITUDE. Even now also without understanding her weaknesses she is showing her vengeance and jealousy against MR and trying to fulfill LTTE supporter’s requirement exaggerating the numbers of killing occurred during the war. She is betraying the country painting wrong picture to the world to fulfill her said petty political requirements thinking that she can defeat MR with the help of the international. She should understand; people had defeated her ‘Peace’ plan in 2005 hence she shouldn’t preach it again to justify her old thoughts as correct.
    I suggest her to keep whatever bit of respect keep remained on her by the people thanking for her great parents and her biggest duty she did acting as a Pillar in 1994 to change the UNP government because that was the requirement of the country.

  • 0

    Sri Lanka has to stergthing her securities apprates to proteced and safeguard nationl sovereignity ,terrorial intergrity and indepanedance as well as democary order of island.After defeated of LTTE-Terroist outfit by leadeship MR ,still anti-Sri-lankan pose threat has NOT DISAAPER AT ALL. CBK stament in ONE OF that.
    Needless to say we have to idenfited CBK is one main person behind this work on REGIME CHANGE POLICY, in favour of FOREIGN VESTED INTERSET AND ITS AGENDA.The result of movement our sovereignity again danger of surrander to foreign power has NOT dissapper at all.
    Still Sri Lankan faces challengs to its NATIONL SOVEREIGNITY becasue Tamil disapore,so-called WAR CRIME and Human Rights of (West) violation,13 Amandent of Policy of police and Land power for North Provical Council,seperated and to created ground work for MYTH of Homeland in NORTH are issues and undermine our TERRITORIAL INTERGRITY SRI LANKA.
    These EVIL FORCES ARE UNDERMINE OUR UNITY & DIVERSITY AND SECULAR DEMOCRAY OF ISLAND.We are heading for Capitast path of developemnt, economially policially and socially end of WAR after 30 years.
    Under the ledarship of MR we have more democtratic and open path of democracy and developement taking place,step by step.
    Indeed CBK impatiance to see,she lose common sense tolerate such positive movement ,moation and developent our coutry in RIGHT DIRECATION.West and Indian infringement upon our NATIONL INTEREST OF is serious challange STABILITY PEACE DEVELOPMENT AND DEMOCRACY OF SRI LANKA.
    Sorry to say CBK join same bandwogan on behalf of anti- Sri lankan PLATFORM.

  • 0

    You foolish man. Your 1971 insurgency cost ten thousand Sinhala youth lives. Now that Our great king Mahinda and his able brother Prince Gota finished off the Tiger Terrorists and brought peace to SrLanka you have come out of the woodwork and calling the government autocratic. We owe Mahinda a lot let him rule in any form autocratic or democratic for another 20 years because we owe him that much. You gave dead ropes to the General and soured his relationship with Mahinda. Get lost JVP who will vote for your kind?

  • 0

    Are requsting New Invading policies has been adopted by UNO, NATO, USA, UK OR NEW TYPE ON INDIAN’S IPKF OR Mercenary Troopes of Tamil Eelam Terrorist gang,similar to Bengazai-puppet revoluatonaty army,or the type of Syrian Free Fights?
    New version of “interenvation” of hegemonist power are differant form and tools has been used by West and Indian of Human Rights and so-called war crimes?
    IS CBK has provide so-called justification interenvation by how we end war 2009 May by GOSL under the Leadership of MR.
    War deciced by battle front, but not rosy debat in House of Parlimentary Members or Cabinet Ministers.
    Deal with LTTE-terrorist of armed struggle back by powerful Foreign Powerful Nations was wining war not easy TASK; ,we have to have war tatics and strategy end prolong WAR without fail and WITHOUT FOREIGN INTERENVATION. Needless to say head of the of State,you may have gone throuh bitter such exprinces,but you had not any lesson of learn from your exprinceas.That is one side of tragedy of war against LTTE -Terrorsit.Fail to Leran lesson WAR not the fault of MR.

    Since 30 odd yeras all peaceful menas SOULATION for tamil problems were totally fail; sought AMICABLE soluation of PATH for Tamil Nationl problems deal with LTTE was quite impossible.Even TNA as similar negative result seel soluation,as long as they (TNA)working on Internationl foriegin base agenda.
    Than anybody eals, as Head of State or Commander in Chief Security forces of GOSL, you having bitter Exprinces than MR!
    In my persoanl opinion ,I principlly denied war,the criminial system of IMPERILISM AND HEGEMONIEM HAS BROGHT UPON THE PEOPLE OF WORLD NUMEROUS WARS INCUDING TWO DISATROUS WORLD WARS.WAR LUNCHED BY Imperilsm have cause the billoins of people heavy suffering,but we to have enlighment and educated them.
    Our war agianst of terrorism were force by terrorist and foreing power so-called agend “MYTH of HOMELAND” to undermine and divided SRI Lankan PEPOLE AND TERRITOTY. This type of wars is NOT belong to catogaery of Liberation of Tamil Nation.This has nothing to do with Right of self-determantion under the Imprerlism hegemony for nation liberation.
    CBK stament and her text of version , how is serious and the gravity of danger of of our national sovereignity meaning,asking to INVADE OCCUPY OUR soil; is give clue to THREAT NATIONL SOVEREGINITY and TERRITORAL INTERGRITY POSE BY FOREING POWER?
    The Founder of SLFP was your father of SWRD Banadarake and SRD Bandarake they were in for front POLITICALLY AND DIPLOMICALLY several decads since 1956 to SAFEGUARD AND STRENGTH SOVEREIGINITY of OUR LAND.
    They make remakeble conrtibuation and Indepandeance & liberation form Imperialism hegemony and its york of our tiny Island.
    In fact I respect to them, although I am not member of SFLP.
    Your differances of SLFP policies with MR and other have sort out by your own means and WAYS.
    Indeed problem of Soverginlty of IS ongoing urgent ISSUE of our national OF SURVIVAL and Indepandeance of COUNTRY, NATION and PEOPLE of SRI LANKA.
    You should not meddle with promount issue of problem of sovereiginity of Sri Lankan, as responsability politican of island. As small nation we have survive more centries to come.
    For Your englighment I hereby give you certain trends of developemnt ,international politics and globl power blance undergoing stratergic and profound changnes and moving towards a MUITI-POLAR WORLD, since the end of USSR of Cold war era.
    USA is still the only superpower and stragitic thinking tanks design and action has great impact on goble issues and security of Our Island and Asian reagion; as well as South Asain and Indian Ocean confront the most complex internatonal security conditions.Building harmonious Sri lankan with mututal trust and benefit of all communities of nation building and Natioanl economic are proitity of DEMOCARTIC SRI LANKA after end 30 yeras WAR.

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