25 May, 2022


Channel 4 ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ Collected Two Prizes At ‘One World Media Awards’

Channel 4 documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, which at the time was described by presenter Jon Snow as “one of the most important” stories he had ever reported, collected two prizes at the One World Media Awards last night,Journalism.co.uk reports.

The programme, which prompted calls from the UK Foreign Office for an independent investigation of alleged war crimes during the 2009 military operation in Sri Lanka, was named the winner of both the documentary award and television award.

The awards, which recognise quality reporting of foreign affairs and the developing world, also named Channel 4’s Jamal Osman as Journalist of the Year, for his work reporting from Somalia.

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields

“Osman’s winning submissions included a report about a Somalian runner determined to compete in the London Olympics which highlighted some of the difficulties of daily life in Mogadishu, coverage of the drought in south-central Somalia for which he followed the plight of one extended family, and sensitive, on-camera interviews with people who have lived through incredible hardship,” a release said.

“The jury praised Osman’s use of imaginative storytelling and packaging to convey complex themes, often finding vivid individual stories to illuminate his reports and bringing international attention to bear on a range of issues affecting an important but under-reported part of the world.”

The BBC picked up two awards on the night, with BBC Two receiving the Popular Features Award for “Toughest Place to be a Binman” and the BBC World Service collecting the Radio Award for “Assignment – Haiti Cholera Epidemic”.

Will Storr’s feature “The Rape of Men in Uganda” published in the Observer Magazine won the Press Award, with the jury describing his submission as “investigative journalism at its best”.

Guardian journalist Jack Shenker was named the print winner of the News Award, for his report on “the plight of migrants trying to reach Lampedusa”. ITV1 News was named the broadcaster winner of the same award for its coverage of “the Somalian famine from Hagadera Hospital”.

A full list of winners is below:

Journalist of the Year Award

Jamal Osman – Channel 4

Radio Award
Assignment – Haiti Cholera Epidemic – BBC World Service

Television Award

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – Channel 4

Press Award
The Rape of Men – Observer Magazine

New Media Award
Our Africa – SOS Children

Drama Award
Otelo Burning – Cinga Productions

Popular Features Award
Toughest Place to be a Binman – BBC Two

Sustainable Development Award
There Once was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho – On the Level Productions

News Award
Aircraft carrier left us to die, say migrants – The Guardian
Hagadera Hospital – ITV News on ITV1

Documentary Award

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields – Channel 4

Student Award
Bagong Silang – Zena Merton, London College of Communication

Special Award
Gem TV

Children’s Rights Award
Africa Investigates: Spell of the Albino – Al Jazeera English

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    Congratulations Channel 4! Thank you for your fantastic job!

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    This e Mail was sent to all sinhalese ” patriots” Pat-riots before this public voting by sinhalese extreamists all over the world.

    Their intension was to stop voting for Channel 4, again my chuvinistic friends, shit happens!


    Dear Patriots,Please go to the web site below and vote for Bahrain documentary to avoid the potential winning of the award for Channel 4 video (killing fields) documentary, as all the Tamils are promoting C4.

    VOTE for the Bahrain documentary, keep it at most popular to stop Killing Fields from gaining any momentum… Again….

    DON’T tick the box in front of Sri Lankan Killing Fields (Ch4) one. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-04-23/bafta-tv-awards-2012-nominees-current-affairs—which-should-win#pd_a_6166811#pd_a_6166811

    Please forward this to your friends. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-04-23/bafta-tv-awards-2012-nominees-current-affairs—which-should-win#pd_a_6166811#pd_a_6166811

    Current Standing Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark (Al Jazeera) 50.3% (147,947 votes) Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields (Channel 4) 49.25% (144,868 votes) The Truth About Adoption – Panorama (BBC1) 0.21% (604 votes) Undercover Care – The Abuse Exposed (BBC1) 0.25% (729 votes)

    Therefore, please go to the web site below and vote for Bahrain documentary to avoid the potential winning of the award for Channel 4 video (killing fields) documentary, as all the Tamils are promoting C4. http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-04-23/bafta-tv-awards-2012-nominees-current-affairs—which-should-win#pd_a_6166811#pd_a_6166811

    Please forward this to your friends.

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    Yes Vasu there was a fervent appeal made by some of the Sinhalese to vote for Bahrain, Shouting in the Dark, in order to defeat the CH 4 Killing Fields, winning any awards. I fail to understand why people are afraid of the truth. Whether the killings were committed by the LTTE or the Sri Lankan Govt. Forces, should be deplored by all right minded, instead trying to cover up the atrocities, committed by whoever.

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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    I was really amused to see the Sri Lankans urging people to vote for Al Jazeera’s film at the Bafta awards and the Bahrainians urging people to vote for the Channel 4 film on Sri Lanka.


    Does this mean that the poll was not genuine and of course, the voters?
    Wonder how many people voted for the quality of these films other than their political influences?

    I think this is really funny.

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    Pat yourselves on each others backs as much as you can, this is fraud of the highest order!!!

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      I am happy that at least you people accept that sun rise in the east..

      I think you are the only ethnic group who denies every thing..

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    It seems that more Bharanians voted than Sri Lankans. I see that ‘Killing Fields’ won.

    What a laugh?

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      That goes to prove what rubbish on-line voting is!!!

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    What is extraordinary and disturbing is this:
    1. How few of the people posting here seem to realise that the Radio Times/BAFTA online poll has no bearing at all on who actually wins a BAFTA in a couple of weeks time. It is simply a ‘fun’ exercise that is organised by a magazine, and has nothing to do with the giving out of an actual award. In other words who wins the BAFTA has been decided by a small jury meeting in secret already and is not in any way determined by the online poll – could I be clearer than that.
    2. The number of people posting here who seem unable to differentiate between the information that the Sri Lanka film has won two One World Awards which have nothing whatsoever to do with the BAFTA’s which are a quite separate award

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    Channel 4 exposed killing fields documentary presented by john snow
    Channel 4 exposed As the British media cry for their terrorists tigers

    As the Tamil Tigers LTTE shelled their own people in a UN camp in a no fire zone.like they had done years before in a Catholic church blaming the Sri Lankan Government..Channel 4’s one side killing fields documentary presented by john snow forgot in their vile research and blaming of others to read a book published some years before by the LTTE ,where it laid out a plan to march Tamil people as human shields with its fighters.

    It was a fact that any Tamils fleeing to the Sri Lankan government side would be shot Channel 4’s one side killing fields documentary presented by john snow forgot to ask non Tamil Tiger LTTE supporters any advice for their vile lies about the war,tieing of hands of Tamils shot by the LTTE on videos distributed in London as a fear for all Tamils to see .The same for Tamils living as refugees in UN camps in the non fire zone.

    If they fled the Tamil Tigers LTTE as human shields the refugees were slaughtered by the Tamil Tigers not the army.Channel 4 exposed killing fields documentary made with help from the LTTE in London is far from the truth. and as a Tamil I want to to see crimes against the Tamil Tigers leaders living in London .

    Why I know more than Channel 4 I spied inside the Tamil Tigers for the Government for years.

    The British Professional Standards Department (DPS) of the Metropolitan Police TO look into terror group LTTE links and police non action on them for years in London.SEE:

    CustomerContactCentre@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk> wrote:
    > Dear Mr Jenvey,
    > Thank you for contacting the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). I can confirm that we have noted the details of your complaint against the Metropolitan Police. The case reference number is 2012/011069. Please quote this whenever you contact us.
    > The IPCC is completely independent of the police service and is responsible for making sure that the police complaints system in England and Wales works effectively and fairly. However, each police force is responsible for considering complaints made against that force and for recording your complaint. If you are not happy with the police’s decision on recording your complaint, you have the right to appeal to us.
    > We now need your permission, either by letter, phone or email, to pass details of your complaint to the Professional Standards Department (DPS) of the Metropolitan Police, which is responsible for enforcing standards of conduct within the force. Without your consent, we cannot pass on the details of a complaint to a force unless, in exceptional cases, the details of the complaint indicate that it is in the public interest to do so.
    > Please consider that any delay in providing your consent could result in evidence related to your complaint being lost or destroyed (i.e. CCTV footage), or an account of events being forgotten by any potential witnesses.
    > Yours sincerely
    > Helen Alderson
    > Casework Manager
    > Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
    > North Region – Sale
    > Phone: 0300 020 0096
    > Email: CustomerContactCentre@ipcc.gsi.gov.uk

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