13 August, 2022


Chaos Reigns In Sri Lanka: One Dead Amid Political Turmoil: Electricity To Temple Trees Disconnected: UNP Vows To Fight On

The electricity lines to Temple Trees have been disconnected following orders from President Maithripala Sirisena, Colombo Telegraph learns.

Ranatunga was taken out of his office, camouflaged in a STF uniform

The disconnection of electricity lines indicates an attempt to forcibly take over the control of Temple Trees – the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka – which has been held by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe since last Friday.

However, Temple Trees still continues to be a hive of activity with supporters of Wickremesinghe bringing in generators to the official residence of the Prime Minister. A large number of UNP MP and their supporters have camped inside the Temple Trees premises protecting Wickremesinghe and convention of Parliament.

Meanwhile, IGP Pujith Jayasundara has informed Jayantha Wickremasinghe, the DIG of the Prime Minister’s Security Division to reduce the number of STF personal provided for the security of Wickremesinghe.

According to Jayasundara’s orders, Wickremesinghe’s security detail will now be comprised of only 10 STF security personnel.

Commenting on the letter, UNP Parliamentarian Dr. Harsha de Silva said the Prime Minister’s life was now under threat.

“Under our government, former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who did not hold any government position, had 70 STF personal,” De Silva said.

UNP MPs currently inside Temple Trees have requested more party supporters to join them in a bid to resist what they term an arbitrary and undemocratic move by President Sirisena.

Meanwhile, one person, a Ceylon Petroleum Corporation worker, died last night during a shootout that broke our during a tense situation at the CPC premises. It all started when SLFP-SLPP unions attempted to prevent subject minister, Arjuna Ranatunga, from entering into the CPC premises, in Dematagoda, last evening.

After his entry amid protests, Ranatunga was trapped inside the CPC premises as protesters, led by Sirisena-Rajapaksa goons, blocked his way out. Several politicians of the SLPP were also seen among the protestors who were threatening to “finish off” the Minister.

This led to a clash between Ranatunga’s security officers and the trade union members which left three injured. One of the three later succumbed to injuries at the Colombo National Hospital. Ranatunga was taken out of his office, camouflaged in a STF uniform and a helmet. He later addressed a press conference at Temple Trees explaining the ordeal.

However, a CPC trade union affiliated with the SLFP has launched a continuous strike demanding the arrest of Ranatunga over the incident. Long lines were seen near fuel stations last night as the public launched into panic buying fearing a trade union action.

Several countries have already announced travel advisories on Sri Lanka, while many others, including UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, have issued statement expressing grave concerns. These unexpected developments took place just a day after Lonely Planet described Sri Lanka as the world’s best travel destination. Tourism industry is to be severely affected by the current political turmoil.

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  • 10

    What was Ranatunga doing there in the Night, besides trying to cover up his and his bro’s dodgy deals.at the Port s Ministry as well as the Petrol Ministry, by sneaking out any paper work which Ranaunga may have stashed in his current office.

    This Ranaaunga is a disgrace to the Ranatunga Family where the Head Ranatunga always stood up for the Dalits.
    This Ranatunga licked Dr Ranil’s Backside and got a Ministry because he couldn’t get one from the UPFA because Ranatunga was not up to it.

    Now Ranatunga is responsible for the death of a Uinon Member who was trying to prevent Ranatunga carrying out illegal act of stealing or destroying Government Documents.

    Arresting Ranatunga and his gofers who did this murder must be the first priority now….

  • 10

    Under the pretext of arresting Arjuna the petrol shortage has been ordered by the masterminds to prevent people coming to Colombo for the protest.We are already under a dictatorship. Where are we going Sri Lanka.?

  • 3

    Ranil has repeatedly failed to understand that he was the PM and not the President. For that he got bellyful from Chandrika in 2003 and MS in 2018. He also tried reintroduce failed “Regaining in Sri Lanka” policies once again. Involvement of close circuit of close buddies in decision making and hiring of foreign advisers paying colossal amounts of money and privileges is hall mark of Ranil administration. He should get Arjun Mahendran back to Sri Lanka to face trial. He was no longer Mr Clean. UNP could have avoided this situation, if they had changed the leadership. Not a single recommendation with regard to UNP leadership was implemented by Ranil. Now let him face the music.

    As the new Minster for Law and Order Maithri Sirisena should not allow the Rajapakse family siblings to go scot free. All the legal proceedings currently in the courts against them should continue uninterrupted until the Courts announce their judgements. That is the only way for MS to regain the confidence of the people.

    • 0


      you are right,he is a very stubborn man.UNP should have selected a leader using a internal democratic process.They could have alsked all the card carrying members to nominate a name of their choice.It can be even ranil’s name.That way the person who gets the leadership is cemented by popular internal vote and other ledership aspirants will have to be satisfied with the outcome,without like gamini and lalaith and premadasa tearing the UNP apart.From the day of the bond scam i was commenting on CT to do this because i knew this was going to happen and the rajapakshes are going to make a comeback.

  • 0

    It seems as soon as MR is back in power, there is violence & I am sure there is more to come. I am not a supporter of violence & militant trade unions, which do more harm than good, but I am sorry they didn’t beat up this punk well & truly. He is just another thug in this yob Parliament & it’s a matter of time till he switches sides to where the grass is greener (& I don’t mean the UNP)

    SL has no industry that brings in wealth to the country. Foreign investors won’t touch SL with barge pole with all this political instability & the only revenue that comes in is from returning ex pats & tourists. Now with SL in the list of dangerous countries to visit & ex pats not likely to return to a country in turmoil, it is up to the from middle east house maids & labourers to bring home the bacon & SL is up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

  • 2

    Why not UNP suggests Sajith as their new leader and go for the prime ministership . That is the only way to keep the UNP as the government. It will stop MPs leaving UNP coalition to MR.

  • 1

    One of the media reports is that the security personnel for RW has been reduced from 1008 to 10 by the IGP.

    A new way of putting RW under house arrest!

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