10 June, 2023


Child Rape On The Rise In Sri Lanka

By Feizal Samath –

A spate of child rape cases in Sri Lanka has angered child rights activists and moved the government to consider tightening the relevant laws and making the offence punishable with the death sentence.

A government statement released in parliament in May said that of the 1,450 female rape cases reported in 2011, child rape accounted for 1,169, alerting authorities and activists to a rising trend.

Earlier this month, police said in a statement that over 700 complaints of rape or abuse of children were filed in the first half of the year, and that, on average, at least four cases were  being reported daily.

But, according to the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA), the situation is far worse than what is being reported to the police and the authority estimates that over 20,000 cases of child abuse may occurred in the first half of this year.

Among the reasons for such abuse, as reported in the NCPA statement, are insecurity of children, popularity of mobile phones with internet facilities among the youth, access to pornography, increasing substance abuse and lack of sex education.

An October 2011 study of child abuse in Sri Lanka’s north-central region – where unsettled conditions prevail following the end of three decades of armed separatist militancy in 2009 –  showed that 30 percent of the cases were of female minors (below 15 years) having consensual sex with a male partner.

The balance 70 percent of cases were attributed to the “strength, power and dominance of perpetrators who could be relatives, teachers or religious dignitaries,” a senior prosecutor at the attorney general’s office told IPS asking not to be named. “While we do our part, society also needs to take a serious look at this issue,” he said.

The trend of powerful people preying on minor girls is not confined to the north and east of the island country. Recently, a 13-year-old girl identified four men, including a local   politician belonging to the ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), of  gang raping her.

Another UPFA politician, the head of the local council in the southern town of Akuressa, is presently in custody for the alleged abuse of a 14-year-old girl.

The Women and Media Collective (WMC), a campaign group, has denounced these alleged crimes, saying Sri Lanka has become a society where “perpetrators of heinous crimes against women and children can live with little fear of the law.”

Responding to such allegations, Tissa Karaliyadda, child development and women’s affairs minister, told reporters earlier this month that he has drawn up plans to tighten the laws that deal with child abuse, including making it punishable with the death sentence.

Authorities are also trying to sharply reduce the time taken – six years on average – to complete a prosecution, and thereby reduce impunity to offenders who often get easy bail.

Dr. Hemamal Jayawardena, child protection specialist from UNICEF, Colombo, said the number of cases appear to have risen due to an increase in reporting centres, particularly in the former war-torn northern region. People are also more sensitive to this issue and coming forward with information, he said.

“But I think there are many runaways (under-age couples eloping) cases and sex with consent which appear in the first complaint (to the police) as suspected rape and provide somewhat misleading data,” he told IPS.

Under Sri Lankan laws, those under 16 years are defined as minors and sex with a minor is considered rape, with or without consent.

A maximum jail term of 10 years is imposed on offenders while the authorities are examining proposals to enforce the death penalty and make it a non-bailable offence.

Under a project assisted by the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF, law enforcement authorities are experimenting with a rapid three-month process involving selected courts across the island to reduce the time taken to dispose cases of child abuse or rape.

Menaca Calyaneratne, director of advocacy at Save the Children’s Colombo office, warns about a new breed of abusers called the ‘professional perpetrator’ who are “professionals in their own fields but carefully choose an area to work that gives them unhindered access to children in order to abuse them.

Fields such as education, sports, childcare organisations and children’s institutions harbor predators such as principals, teachers and sports coaches are known to abuse their positions, she said adding that about 90 percent of child abuse is perpetrated by someone known to the victim.

“We used to tell children to be careful of strangers, but that does not seem to be valid anymore,” Calyaneratne told IPS.

Lack of awareness of sexual and reproductive health among teenagers in villages is a serious problem. At a village, some 75 km north of Colombo, a social worker said there have been at least five cases reported this month of 13-15 year-old girls striking up affairs with 22-year-olds, mostly soldiers, and eloping.

“When there is a problem, the girls come back and the parents file a complaint, it becomes a case suspected rape,” the worker said asking not to be identified for fear of repercussions.

Sri Lanka which had about 120,000 soldiers in 2008 more than tripled its troop strength in order to defeat separatist militancy and also ensure that there is no resurgence.

Police blame parents for lack of supervision of their children while also citing women working abroad as domestics and leaving the children under the care of a relative as some of the reasons that lead to child abuse.

Sumithra Fernando, director at Women in Need, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works with battered women, says parents are often indifferent. “They are busy with their jobs and often unaware of what their children are up to,” she told IPS.

Women’s groups say it is important for fathers to take an interest in the welfare of their daughters.

“It’s a social obligation for the father to share responsibilities,” argues Sepali Kottegoda, director at the Women and Media Collective. “When a girl is abused it is the mother who is blamed – rarely the father,” she said.

“Sri Lankan society has also become very violent and the situation is such that women and children have become very vulnerable,” Kottegoda told IPS.

Prof. Siripala Hettige from Colombo University, an eminant sociologist,  has a different perspective and links child abuse to young people steadily migrating from the villages to Colombo and other urban centres.

“The vast majority of school-leavers don’t have proper jobs. They come to the city but can’t hold down stable employment. And with the average age of marriage steadily going up from 22 to 28, there are a lot of very frustrated people around,” Hettige told IPS.

This group of young people keeps moving around, looking for sexual opportunities, Hettige explained.

Source: IPS | 

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    This is what one defender called “Lankan Lover” wrote about the attacks on young girls, saying it is an Island wide problem. This article clearly disproves his flawed defense.
    This is also not a recent phenomena and has been in existence for decades while the GOSL and UNICEF were busy exaggerating the child soldier issue and covering up the child molestation, rape, and child trafficking/prostitution promoting sex tourism. (Both boys and girls). Pedophiles keep filling the tourist statistics and encouraged by the authorities.
    Quote” Donald: Tamils and muslims and every other ethnicity molests their children too and there is no evidence that it is more prevalent in the Sinhalese community.”

    This is a ridiculous defense and argument.

    This is also prevalent because there are mostly 1.5 Million women slaving in the middle east, and the Sinhalese have a shortage of females among their society. In the North and East their are more females because of the 30 year war, and the recent elimination of young males by the armed forces.

    The military youth (18-30) are used to impunity because of the power they have exercised in the last decade or so. So this has become a societal problem of serious proportions. Too many MKR’s who have been let lose on society, and 300,000 are armed as well. (May be more).

    Sri Lanka also have become a nation of housemaids, and the GOSL needs to find gainful employment to our young women so that they will remain home and lead normal and stable family lives.

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      Donald, as I have often maintained, Child Ordination is also Child Abuse. How many of these young children being ordained young in whatever Religion, have been molested by elder Priests, let them be Buddhists, Christians or Muslims. How many victims come forward to complain? How many incidents get reported in the media? Only a fraction.

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      why not prabakaran dear..sick.gamini?WORKS FOR$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..now. past 30 years we lucky didn’t see child sex in war zone………..good luck bad …………$$$$$$$$$$$$$..sucker

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    The Gospel according to St. Gota, about the daily rape of the 70,000 odd war widows and their young children or sisters.
    Only thing he did not say is that the 100,000 military men between 18 and 26 are angels and not some frustrated Singhala youth from the South! That will most likely his next claim, similar to the “Grease Devils” in the north and East were some Tamil pranksters which the army or Police could not apprehend.

    Tuesday, 24 July 2012- Daily News:

    ‘No rapes committed by Security Forces in North and East’
    Sandasen Marasinghe
    The members of the security forces have not been involved in the any sexual assault, in North and East, Defence and Urban Development Ministry Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa said. He said according to the statistics and revelations of a study conducted at hospital level no evidence was found that the personnel attached to the security forces were involved in sexual assaults in North and East provinces.

    He said during the study, Police and hospital statistics were considered, the victims would not go to Police to lodge a complaint.

    He added however the statistics on rape incidents in the North and East when analyzed revealed that rape has been committed by a very close relative like grandfather, father, uncle, brother, brother-in-law, step father etc, by a neighbour, by a known person and very rarely by a stranger.

    The Defence Secretary further stated thatwhen the victims who were raped by close relatives are considered it seemed that they were at a very young age and have been raped by their own guardians. The case with victims who were raped by neighbours too was the same.

    He also said that there were three occasions when army deserters were involved in rapes in North, but it was in villages in Vavunia where Sinhala speaking families live.

    The Defence Secretary further said the Police or the Security Forces have no control over these types of crimes and parents are responsible for their children being victims of these types of crimes.

    He also said that the objective of those who make these baseless allegations may be to justify their attempts to evict the Security Forces from the North and East.


    Gota seems to have confused the North and the South. He is right about who is doing the rape and molestation in the South, except he missed out the politicians and Kudu dealers. But instead he says that is what is happening in the North, but he has total denial in the South/West.

    It is up to the Singhalese to deal with the Gota’s Gospel. He is in total denial like the Tamil civilian casualties in the Vanni.

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    If the Singhala troops are reduced and restricted to the barracks, there would be mutiny in the army, for denial of roaming wild with impunity in the North!
    Furthermore, there will be higher incidents of rape and molestation in the other provinces out of the North-East area. The male to female ratio would be further increased especially among those between the ages of 18-33.

    They all have to compete and fight among-st each other for the limited pool of females ranging from 9 to 29. That would be a serious problem for the MOD and it’s head the two Rajapakse brothers.

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      Joker! What did you say when the LTTE were roaming and killing children? Gonagala, Kaathankudy and all the other places. How come you have now started to worry about the children in Sri Lanka? Jaffna and the North and East are now colonies of the Sinhalese. Shut up and put up.

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    According to an article published in yesterday’s Daily Mirror, Gota has said that the stats show that crime rate is NOT on a rise. When most of the crime is committed by the highly influential it no surprise that these are not recorded as crimes.


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    Island editorial admits and suggest that rapist and murderers amongst the government ranks should be hanged. read editorial not my writing or accusation. Send it to MOD as well, if Gota says that the rapes in Jaffna are not reported and not done by the army!!!!

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    Athuorities with out beating around the Bush Must tell the President To see about this great Danger to the Nation By Raping Kids and escaping with Political Support. If the police is not efficiant enough, that is the falt of the relavent minister. Then you have to remove the IGP who is Bluffing.

    • 0

      why is that always president himself needs to be inovolved ? What is the role of a minister if appointed ? Why cant we hear anything related the crimes from them directly ? Why cant journalist raise the crucial question ?

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    There are hundreds of mainly teenaged ‘beach boys’ infesting the vicinity of ‘tourist’ resorts and hotels along the western,southwestern & southern beaches. They are preyed upon by pedophiles from abroad,staying in these hotels.
    Parents are reported to ‘ignore’ this,saying that “they cannot become pregnant”!
    This is another aspect of “Child ‘Rape'”.

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    @American Lanka Lover.
    84 year old Singhala Buddhist arrested for rape and child molestation of 14 young girls. More charges will be brought.

    Sri Lanka is the “Gay Capital” of the world. That is why there are so many “beach boys” on the beaches from Hambantota to Negombo.

    Among the religions, the organized priesthood for young boys is among the Buddhist. That is where abuse of boys take place, and goes unreported and considered part of the tradition and or brain washing. The same people scream so much about child soldiers at 18 over a 30 year war.

    The christian/catholic priest abuse takes mostly in the west. I do not know or heard such abuse among the Muslims or Hindus. BTW, I am a Christian.

    What ever happened to David Blackler, Max Silva and others???

    • 0

      Gnana. What about your home state California? You must be blind to the amount of rapes that happen there. I won’t be surprised if [Edited out] with some because you are an Sinhela Buddhist hater after your campaign to bring the brittle spined Ranil Wickremasinghe into power. Sadly the LTTE treat you like the moron you are and asked the people to ignore Ranil and the election. What were you promised? Prime Minister? Defence Secretary? President of Elaam?
      As a person who hates Sri Lanka you should now be reforming the criminal element in the United States and allow the Sri Lankan to govern their country and make slaves of your Tamil people. That will be justified finally.

      • 0

        Peter Casie Chetty says:

        “Gnana. What about your home state California? You must be blind to the amount of rapes that happen there. “

        Therefore let us encourage the Sri Lankan rapists to keep pace with the Californian rapists. How would you suggest we should do it?

        Well you could consider paying cash incentive bonuses based on number of rapes. Automatic promotion to the next rank if the armed forces and police are involved. There are state honours which can be bestowed on the “leading” rapists. According to number of rapes (ranking)ministrial portfolio can be allocated to top rapists.

        There could be more ways of encouraging the men to rape more children and women in order to achieve parity with Californian rapists. I could not think of any other useful ideas as you know I am bit thick.

        Please forward all suggestions to Peter Casie Chetty.

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    First, I am not “a defender”; I am an objective observer with no dog in Sri Lanka’s fight.

    Second, mMy prior post took issue with the assertion that commercial
    sex abuse of minors was a new trend, with the implication that the Rajapaksas were to blame. I also did question your claim that Sinhalese males were the predators in a disproportionate number of cases of sexual abuse of minors.

    Where is the research study showing a higher incidence of child rape among the Sinhalese? Buddhism is generally less repressive of sexuality than is Hinduism, so in many ways your claim is counterintuitive.

    Finally, while I do not discount the possibility that you are correct in this assertion, realize that you are such a fervent nationalist that your assertions warrant great skeptism as they lack objectivity. In the US there is a children’s tale called The Boy Who Cried Wolf. He had cried wolf (false alarms) so many times people stopped listening.

    When you resort to making mountains out of molehills, like when Gota put Frederica in her place, and then you resort to outright scapegoating, like on this child rape issue, the desperation is palpable. Your frustration at the ineptitude of the opposition in gaining traction against the Rajapakses is patent. Cling to your delusion that the international community will ride in on its White horse and rid the country of the Rajapaksa regime if it provides you solace. But in the realpolitik of the 21st century, ousting them from Temple Trees will prove a more than formidable task.

    In conclusion, pragmatism requires that the disapora face the music: Eelam aint gonna happen in Sri Lanka, no way no how. The attempt at Tamil colonialism has failed, much to the disgust of their mentors the British. So either stop whining and accept your role as second class citizens in a Buddhist Sinhalese state, or move back to Tamil Nadu from whence the invasion of Sri Lanka originated and leave Serendib to its indigenous people. Or maybe try the Maldives; the internecine political warfare currently going on in Male makes it vulnerable to outside invasion. But make no mistake: neither “equality” with Lanka nor indepdence is ever coming to fruition. Deal with it.

  • 0

    Postscript: As long as Lankan Tamils continue to teach their children to hate all non Tamils, like Vellupillai to Balanchadran, there is no hope for peaceful coexistence I the long term. And the purported apology to the Muslims decades after their expulsion from Jaffna is an obvious attempt at manipulation. The ONLY unifying factor is distrust of the Sinhalese (enemy of my enemy is my friend).

    Because you Tamils had more university slots and administrative jobs as a legacy of British favoritism, you think you are smarter that the Sinhalese and can dominate them, despite being outnumbered 8 or 9 to 1. But you have underestimated your opponent, particularly Gota. You all revere the ostensible strategic and tactical “brilliance” of VP, yet in the end he lost to a guy you all belittle as a 7/11 clerk from Southern California. But he who laughs last, laughs best, as the old aphorism goes.

    • 0

      American Lanka Lover, just as much you say that there is no hope for peaceful coexistance as long as the Tamils continue to teach their children to hate all non Tamils, similarly the Sinhalese teaching their children that the minorities are second class citizens and have no equal rights as the majority Sinhalese, certainly there will be no peaceful coexistance possible ever.
      As for your assertions that the Tamils had more University slots and Administrative jobs as a legacy of British Favouritism at the time of Independence, you are cleverly distorting the truth. The fact is all who got into employment during the British, had the necessary qualifications. No one entered from the backdoor without qualifications as happened after the Sinhalese took the reins of governance. The Tamils took to education more seriously than the Sinhalese, when the Christian Missioneries started schools for education in the country which was available for those who converted to Christianity at first. Many Tamils converted themselves and even took English names as well compared to the Sinhalese. To say the British devided and ruled, is an untruth. It is the Sinhalese who really devided and ruled this country favouring the Sinhalese producing a mediocrity we are saddled with today.

      I do not know about Gota laughing but he certainly is displaying himself, his vulgarity and his uncooth self killing innocent Sinhalese who points out the villany committed. As for how he ended the War, with American scheming, wait a little longer the Truth will be out.

      • 0

        gamini says:

        “As for your assertions that the Tamils had more University slots and Administrative jobs as a legacy of British Favouritism at the time of Independence”,

        Prof S J Thambiah studied and published a paper titled “Ethnic Representation in Ceylon’s Higher Administrative Services 1870 to 1946” in University of Ceylon Review Volume XIII in 1955.

        The above research paper demolished the myth.

        • 0

          Native to add to your annexure, Minister Cyril Mathew took the matter up in Court that the Tamils were favouring the Tamils, but the case was dismissed as the allegation could not be substantiated. In 1970 when the Kitchen leadership of the United Front took office they rejected the earlier pass list of the University Entrance A/L results and introduced a standardisation scheme. This scheme shut off a number of Tamils who were selected in the first intake. In their place a number of Sinhalese mediocre students from the Gampaha District and remote village areas gained admission. This is what gave strength and reason for the Vaddukodai Resolution. Thereafter Gampaha became the hub of Education in this country a predominantly Sinhalese area. The teachers who came from Gampaha began to favour students from Gampaha at public exams at O/L and A/L over other Private School students from Trinity,Ladies, Bishop’s, St. Thomas’, St. Joseph’s etc. As a result all govt. institutions today are flooded with this mediocrity. It is no wonder former govts could not achieve completion on projects on time due to this mediocrity. One has to go to a Govt. Office for any work to attend and see the type of desk clerk, with a degree sitting behind, whom I would not employ as a domestic. Such is their capability. They also have a complex if one speak to any in English. It is these govt. servants who are employed as Election Officials and always the postal vote goes to the corrupt and it is they who have been responsible for throwing the riff raff in to seats of power over others. Today the Corrupt Politicians need not entirely depend on this lot, as there are other means like Computer Gilmarts to secure power. RW can do all the canvassing for the votes of the masses, while the opposite number had only to oil the hand of these public servants, acting as Election Officials to effect the change required.

      • 0

        You are absolutely corect.This “divide and rule” never happened.
        Tamils had a mania for government jobs and qualified themselves for such vocations and were honest and hardworking,hence were favoured by the british.

  • 0

    DAS you talk about Child Abuse , but you know that you used to physically attack your wife and children , don’t you think that its a form of child abuse ? Charity begins at home

  • 0

    Gamini: Your first paragraph makes some valid points: Indeed Tamils WERE much more serious about educating themselves and could generally outperform the Sinhalese in English proficiency as well. And I do think you are correct that they would have been selected based on merit more often which breed resentment among the Sinhalese. That said, the evidence of the Crown using divide and conquer among the “natives” is well chronicled and in many theaters besides Sri Lanka. Is there reason to think they deviated from the standard modus operandi in the case of Sri Lanka? They had some strategic reason NOT to divide the “natives”?

    And you are correct that the Sinhalese favor their own. Tribalism is very strong throughout Asia. Look at India, for example. Birds of a feather flock together as they say.

    Gamini I in NO WAY deny Sinhalese complicity in the troubles plaguing Sri Lanka. As 85% of of the population, the law of averages would have them 85% responsible using a comparative fault model. From my analysis of Sri Lanka history, I dont see it anywhere close to that. Lets say its 50/50, then an ethnic subgroup that is just 1/8 of the population (non plantation Tamils) are responsible for half the mischief.

    Finally, it is beyond dispute that for Millenai it has been tribes from India crossing the Palk straight to colonize all or part of Sri Lanka. So you Tamils are invaders by any sense of the world. Now the plantation Tamils, despite being denied Sri Lankan citizenship, never resorted to terrorism. Nor did the Muslims or Catholics. They graciously accepted they were not the majority and they had to adapt. But the Tamils want to export the culture of Tamil Nadu across the Palk Straight to the Northern and Eastern portions of sovereign Sri Lanka. Mediocre a state as the Sinhalese may have created, it is THEIR STATE after all. You Tamils ae visitors who have overstayed your welcome and tried to take over the house through force. Dreadful houseguests, wouldn’t you say?

    • 0

      American Lanka Lover says:

      “And you are correct that the Sinhalese favor their own.”

      Could you clarify what you mean by “their own”.

      You say:

      “So you Tamils are invaders by any sense of the world.”

      I think you have inadvertently omitted Sinhalese as invaders. As far as my people are concerned both Sinhalese and Tamils were kallathonies.

    • 0

      American Lanka Lover to quote you verbetim, ‘ Now the plantation Tamils, despite being denied Sri Lankan citizenship, never resorted to terrorism. Nor did the Muslims or Catholics. They graciously accepted they were not the majority and they had to adapt. But the Tamils want to export the culture of Tamil Nadu across the Palk Straight to the Northern and Eastern portions of sovereign Sri Lanka.

      I am afraid you have not grasped the true history of this country. First and foremost you can not comapare the Plantation Tamils to the Tamils of the NorthEast. The Nothern Tamils were more educated than most of the Sinhalese. Now take for instance D.S.Senanayake the first PM considered as the Father of the Nation, what was his Educational qualifications? Was he not ably supported by Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan and Sir Arunachalam Ramanathan who were both Barristers at Law. Did they not put their shoulder to the wheel at the time Independence was granted? Infact I recently read an article where Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan had been proposed as the Greatest Sri Lankan ever. When you state, the Estate Tamils never resorted to Terrorism when they were denied their franchise, naturally there was no leadership for the plantation Tamils at that time and it was very much later, they managed to find S. Thondaman. Things would not have been easy for the Sinhalese had they a leader like Thondaman at a time our Economy was toatlly dependent on Tea. They could have easily crippled and toppled any govt.

      You further state,’Mediocre a state as the Sinhalese may have created, it is THEIR STATE after all. You Tamils ae visitors who have overstayed your welcome and tried to take over the house through force. Dreadful houseguests, wouldn’t you say?’. With what stretch of imagination are you asserting that this country belong only to the Sinhalese? and the Tamils are trying to take the house through force? You have certainly gone Cuckoo. Besides you are addressing me in the second person and say ‘You Tamils’. For your information I am a full blooded Sinhalese, i.e. with no mixtures of other races, whose birth right you can never imagine or ever aspire to be. You could have told that to someone else, but certainly not to me.

  • 0

    Amend the law and give death penalty to rapists?.. then you will find not rape but rape and murder incidents.In the recent past we have tightened the law to severely punish rapists.Suddenly the the rape and murder incidents shot up. The only answer to this problem is liberalizing sex. Sex is natural.A basic instinct. Free sex from Lankan hypocrites and there will be less and less abnormal people. Suppress it, there will be more and more sexually frustrated perverts. Find the root cause and treat it.Take the example from Scandinavia.

  • 0


    I do not have any objection to standardisation as long as it does not target one community or race. It is always necessary to create a level playing field so that rural students have the opportunity to get into university.

    What I object to is the way a noble idea was perverted by the state and its rulers. When I say state which is in perpetual existence the bureacracy and security forces, are the permanent state. Rulers are the politicians who come, commit crimes and retire/die/lose elections.

    Blaming the politicians is our sacred duty however we do not seem to point the finger at the government servants, including bureacracy and the security forces. They owe their loyalty to the people not to their political masters. Could you cite one case in which a bureacrat or security personnel resigning his/ her job on a matter of principle. They never did and will never do.

    You mentioned about the faceless little people behind the desk about whom I have millions of stories I could tell you.

    They come up with all kind of excuses for not doing their job for which they are being paid by the state. On one occassion the supervisor told me that the relevant file could not be obtained as there was a shortage of staff on that day. There were five clerks sitting on their chairs doing nothing chatting among themselves for hours. One particular clerk caught my eyes. He sat there and stared at the ceiling for more than two and a half hours.

    He could have read a book or news paper. He had mastered the art of idling. I don’t understand how these people manage the art of non performing.

    No one will dare to question him because he might have a guardian angel protecting him. I have many experiences with such people.

    The problem is people seem to expect less and less from these state employees.

    • 0

      Native, I will cite one situation how standardisation creates mediocrity and how our society is full of them and it is the prime reason for us to be bogged down in this mired appaling situation. After standardisation was introduced, around mid ’70s, a boy from a leading Private School who captained the school Rugger team, played in the Cricket team, an athlete, a debator, in short an allrounder, who had an immense knowledge on medicine as both his parents were Medical Doctors, failed to gain entry to do medicine here due to him being short of few marks. In his place obviously a village lad would have got in to medical College to do Medicine scorring much less marks, but no comparison to this boy, as today he is a Cardiologist serving in America with a couple of reserch papers to his credit, as the Parents sent him to the US to qualify. What is important in an Education System is to produce the best for the society to be served by the best and not the mediocrity. I agree that the standards in education are not high in rural areas. The answer is to raise the standards in Rural areas, but not shut the door to the urban bright. Merely affording someone in the village to be a Doctor in Medicine is not the issue. Therefore is it any wonder that when the Doctors of yore, who were dedicated to the profession, were held in high esteem then and the Doctors of today are known as Dosthara Mudalalis.

  • 0

    Hold on a bit….

    did we not go through this same thing in the mid nineties – and the penal code was amended and tough new laws brought in to save our children and women

    what happened in those 15 years? Or did all of us wake up from a deep slumber?

    what has ncpa been doing?


    for many children there is no family – absolutely no one to care – we are a State without a society and without relationships – this is a normal thing happening in a sick society

    so don’t run away with the idea that this is another thing you can FIX


  • 0

    probably the ordinary lankan is saying that this is our COLLECTIVE failure….

    certainly there are glaring issues of impunity and rule of law – but the buck does not stop there —- what have the child protection institutions been doing and have they been given the resources and facilities to protect children?

    have we prioritized this issue as a society – or do we just gather every 15 years to make a song and dance about it – pass some laws and go back to sleep?

    some serious self reflection is needed here – we are talking about a deep issue – about families – relationships and society

    this is not so simple as the criminal law (and politicians) would have us believe

    thank you

  • 0

    Are we not all guilty of not doing enough to protect the children? Even on this forum we waste precious time and space to trade insults on political and racial biases.

    I hope not only the rapists and child abusers but also all our religious and society leaders including teachers, parents, law enforcement officers, lawyers and politicains of course who have not done all that they can to protect the children should rot in hell.

    Every lost moment is an opening for the abusers.

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