4 June, 2023


CID At SAITM On Hunt For Thajudeen’s Missing Body Parts

Armed with a search warrant, a team of CID officers, and forensic experts arrived at the SAITM laboratory in Malabe this afternoon to search for the missing body parts of ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen.

The team are currently searching for the body parts of Thajudeen, which according to the CID is at the SAITM laboratory where ex-JMO Ananda Samarasekera serves as the Head of Department of Forensic Medicine at SAITM.Wasim Thajudeen

In September, the CID informed Court that the missing body parts were at SAITM, however Chairman of SAITM Dr. Neville Fernando has said that his institute does not possess any skeletal remains of the late ruggerite, who was murdered.

In August, Health Ministry Secretary Anura Jayawickrema in a report submitted to the Colombo Additional Magistrate said that ex-JMO was responsible for the missing body parts of Thajudeen’s body.
Jayawickrema said that Samarasekera had acted in an irresponsible manner when conducting the first postmortem, in which Samarasekera ruled Thajudeen’s death was due to an accident. The ex-JMO had later claimed that he had handed over the body parts to two minor staff to store in a freezer but both staff members had denied this.

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  • 6

    All the injuries seem consistent with full frontal collision of the vehicle.

    He may have been tortured too. Although the time his last whereabouts were unknown is approx 35-45 mins. That’s the time between the last passenger was dropped and the 999 call.

    Looking at the scale of injuries its just does not seem probable that level of torture could have been done under 40 mins. One also need to take into account the time used to intercept the vehicle and set it on fire.

    • 0

      Car explosion and subsequent fire is the proof the accident is authentically choreographed better than Fast & Furious movie seen from Hollywood, don’t beli8ve me just watch all seven Fast & Furious movies.

    • 2

      Is this the normal procedure of any kind of forensic examination in lanken judicial standards ?

      Why the particular Ex JMO to let the body parts of Wasim to be tested at SAITEM ? What was behind that ?

      Say, if any other body would have been subjected to the kind of investigations, what would be the standard procedure ?

      How can lanken inveistgation of this kind be acceptable by recognized bodies if the body part of the met person go missing this way ?

      How can we keep the faith on the inveistgations if the focused body parts are missing this way ?

      Authorities, over to you, please give us constructive repsonses to above crucial questions ?

      What is the purpose of these investigations, if we the average folks cant keep the faith on them ?

  • 8

    The parts may be in the Pathology or Forensic Medicine department museums.

  • 13

    This seems to have limited to a daily conversation sofar.

    Is that so difficult to get the information on the missing body parts, if the exJMO is alleged to be the person to be accoutable for it. He should not be out of the country, if the govt or any investigative bodies are genuine on finding them, why does it take that long to find out the facts regarding the missing parts the the whereabouts of them by now.

    These laboratories I believe are not bigger to the Boston forencic labs where a large numbers of experiments are set, so, who are they going to make fools this way ?

    I think if the investigators are genuine, they could long find the facts related to the missing body parts of the murdered sportler.
    Alone, letting this extended this way, what more harm have been exercised on the victimized family. Wasim has been from the minority, what woudl they fele as a whole, as to why the investigations are this late… ?

    I think – had this beein an investigation on the west, they would have completed this within 6 months. This murder case is no similar to that of Lasantha the journalist, even if they would and could say, murders of the kind would always take longer than any other investigations.

  • 12

    The only people to have benefitted if Thajudeen’s death had been an accident is the members of the Rajapakse family. For the JMO to have behaved in such a cavalier manner indicates the order must have come from the then highest office. What sort of a government did we once have?

    • 0

      Sylvia, do you really think the present government is any better? The top guys are worse rascals than the past [Edited out].

      • 1

        Why not peter, they have taken this to this level at least that is somthing. But they are for sure not very sinsere. That is crystal clear. BUt for us who lost all the faith, feel somthing is better than nothing. Just talking but doing not the due swiftly is the culture of lankens in general. We need more laws in this country…

        had we been under Colonial masters longer, the way Hongkong and other states have been, things would have become somewhat different to the positivity. I hate lanken authorities having no gut to go like Europeans do it. Shame to be lankens.

  • 6

    Hmmmm……. anyone that wanted to conceal these body parts would not be keeping them all these years, would they, unless preserved for the purpose of blackmailing the principals involved? A rat like the JMO might do the latter, but on the other hand they might have been already incinerated. Interesting development worth watching, but all these might be just another ploy to spin out the investigation until the next Presidential election, if there is going to be one!

  • 4

    Was it necessary to remove these body parts the thy bones from the body. It is very difficult remove these parts from the body and what was the requirement to remove it from the body. Is it to conceal evidence? I understands when autopsies are performed on bodies of Muslim community it is the tradition to put back all the parts removed from the body back into the body because the Muslim community do not like to leave it in the mortuary (may be religious beliefs)and it is A TRADITION OR CUSTOM TO PUT BACK SUCH REMOVED PARTS TO THE BODY. if THE DEATH IS DUE TO AN ACCIDENT THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE CRACK ON THE BONES. if THE Person is subjected to violent attacks there should be several signs on the body at different places. This may be the reasons for these particular bones have gone and vanished now.

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