25 May, 2024


Civil Society Condemns Threats To Muslim Women By Muslims For Advocating MMDA Reforms

109 Civil Society activists and 16 organisations have today condemned the recent threats against women activists who have been involved in recent campaigns to reform the Muslim personal laws.

Aluthgama Mulsims“In August this year, our sisters from the Women Action Network (WAN) made recommendations on reforming discriminatory laws to the Fundamental Rights Parliamentary Sub-Committee of the Constitutional Assembly of Sri Lanka. However, since then they have been vilified and attacked in several public meetings by some Muslim community leaders. These speeches have also been widely circulated through social media. We are saddened and shocked that such dedicated women leaders committed to advance the well-being of women and their communities have been attacked in this way,” Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management (Batticaloa women’s network) said in a statement.

We publish below the statement endorsed by 109 Civil Society activists and 16 organisations in full:

The constitutional reform process has initiated important discussions about legal reform. Among them is the need to better protect women’s rights and reform laws that discriminate against women. As women leaders who have worked for more than 25 years on women’s rights, we welcome this focus.

We call for changing laws that discriminate against us, including the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, the Thesavalamai, Land Development Ordinance, the Vagrants Ordinance and sections 365 and 365A of the penal code.

In August this year, our sisters from the Women Action Network (WAN) made recommendations on reforming discriminatory laws to the Fundamental Rights Parliamentary Sub-Committee of the Constitutional Assembly of Sri Lanka. However, since then they have been vilified and attacked in several public meetings by some Muslim community leaders. These speeches have also been widely circulated through social media.

We are saddened and shocked that such dedicated women leaders committed to advance the well-being of women and their communities have been attacked in this way.

We reiterate some of the demands made by our sisters –

Article 16 (1) of the current constitution should be repealed and the constitution should ensure that all citizens are should be treated equally.

“Article 12 of the current constitution guarantees equal rights to men and women and non-discrimination. However, article 16 (1) protects many laws that discriminate against women and the marginalised citizen”.

Reform personal laws that discriminate against women.

  • Protect all Sri Lankans by enforcing a minimum age of marriage of 18 years for all citizens regardless of religion or ethnicity.
  • Remove the practice of dowry/kaikuli, which has led to coercion and harassment of married women and their families as well as domestic violence.
  • Appoint women Quazis to ensure women’s access to equal justice in Quazi courts. Ensuring women can become Quazis, adjudicators, marriage registrars, and members of the Board of Quazis is to recognise Muslim women as equal Sri Lankan citizens. Excluding women from these positions, which are publicly funded also amounts to state-sanctioned discrimination against Sri Lankan Muslim women.
  • Women should have the equal right to consent on principle and in paper to the marriage without needing permission of a male guardian or wali.

We strongly support our sisters from WAN in their struggle and demand respect for the dignity and safety of all those working for women’s rights and well-being.

Women and girls face much violence because of discriminatory laws. To prevent such violence against women and girls, and to ensure accountability for such violence, these laws must be reformed.

We call on everyone to come together to ensure that such public attacks do not recur, and that the dignity of women leaders who are at the forefront of these struggles are upheld.

We also condemn anti-Muslim hate speech that is aimed at causing fear among Muslim communities and is questioning their status as equal citizens of Sri Lanka. In this context, we strongly oppose opportunistic political misuse of the struggle for Muslim women’s rights or personal law reform. Women of all ethnic communities in Sri Lanka suffer from inequality and violence and we oppose both racism and sexism. – Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management (Batticaloa women’s network)

We, the undersigned, endorse this statement and support the call to reform the laws discriminatory towards women.

Abha Bhaiya – India
Afkar Fazil – Student
Afrah Niwas – Univ. of Peradeniya
Ashila Niroshi – Standup Movement
Asma Azhar – Student, University of Peradeniya
Ayesha Kidwai – Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
Azra Wazeer – Temporary Lecturer, University of Peradeniya
Bhavani Fonseka
Binda Pandey
Bisliya Bhutto – Kilinochchi
Cayathri D
Damairia Pakpahan – Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Deanne uyangoda
Dinushika Dissanayake
Dr. Minna Thaheer – Policy Advisor/Activist & Researcher
Dr. Camena Guneratne
Dr.V. Rukmini Rao – India
Elankovan S.C.C
Elangeswary Arunasalam
Farhana Raheem – Legal Assistant
Hana Nayeem – Student
Harini Amarasuriya
Hashtag Generation
Hana Ibrahim
Hisham Muhammed – Management Accountant
Huriyyah Fahim Hameed, Assistant Researcher
Iman Fahim Hameed – Research and Lab Management
Indrani Rajendran- Independent Consultant Colombo
Kamani Jinadasa
Kamla Bhasin – India
Karththiha Thananjan
Kamayani  Bali Mahabal feminist and human rights activist, India
Kalyani Suntharalingam
Kapoor, Women’s rights activist, Kolkata, India
Kumudini Samuel – Women and Media Collective
Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia
Kuhanithy Kuhanesan
Kayathry Yasothanan
Letchumanan Kamaleswary
Mangaleswary Shanker – Attorney-at-Law
Manouri Muttetuwegama
Malathi de Alwis
Mariam Siddeeque
Marisa de Silva
Mariam Muhammed – Housewife
Mariam Wadood – Attorney-at-Law
Mumthaz Ansar – Temporarily Instructor ELTU
Muhammed Naufer – Accountant
M. A. Nuhman  formerly Professor of Tamil, Univ. of Peradeniya
Paba Deshapriya
Prof. Carmen Wickramagamage – Univ.of Peredeniya
Prof. Maithree Wickramasinghe
Navaranjini Nadarajah Sureka
Prematha Namasivayam
Rafia Gulani Women’s Rights Activist
Rahini . B
Rajany Rajeswary – Feminist, Jaffna
Ranitha Gnanarajah – Attorney-at-Law
Ramzi Shahabdeen – Accountant and Business Analyst
Rajaluxmi Kandaiyah
Rita Manchanda South Asia Forum for Human Rights
Ruki Fernando
R Vasuky
Sarala Emmanuel
Sara Wazeer – Student, Sherwood Girls’ College, Ambatenna
Sankhitha Gunaratne
Saba Ismail – Aware Girls
Saadia Haq – Human rights journalist and feminist, Pakistan
Saswati Ghosh- HOD and ASSOCIATE PROF, Economics. City College. Kolkata
Shanthi Sivanesan
Shahul Hameed Hasbullah – Formerly Prof. in Geography,University of Peradeniya
Shamra Wazeer – Student, Loyal Ladies’ College, Polgolla
Shamil Mansoor – Chartered Management Accountant
Shanaz Mansoor – Accountant
Shafani Riyas – Preschool Teacher
Shyamani Hettiarachchi
Sitralega Maunaguru
Sivamohan Sumathy University of Peradeniya
Sritharuni Sritharan
Sriranjini Thiyagarajah
Sr. Nichola Emmanuel
Sumithra. S
Sumika Perera -Coordinator, Women’s Resource Centre
Suhanthini Thiventhiram- Kilinochchi
Suthaharan Kanagaretnam
S. Renuka
Tasneem Hamead
Thavachchelvi Rasan
Udeni Thewarapperuma –Attorney At Law
Uma Chakravarti
Vanie Saimon
Vasanthakala Pratheepan
Vasuki Jeyashankar – Women’s Rights Activist
Venushri Puvaneswaran
Vijitha Ehamparanathan – Trincomalee
Vijayaluxmi Seharuban
Zaheer Mohamed- Hotel Manager, Grange Hotel, London
Zulhama Fazil – Student

Affected Women Forum – Akkaraipattu
Beyond Beijing Committee Nepal
Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA)
Centre for Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, Trincomalee
Gramya Resource Centre for Women – India
Joint Women’s Programme – India
Mannar Women’s Development Federation
Northern Women Action Advocacy Network(NWAAN) – Vavuniya
Programme on Women’s Economic Social and Cultural Rights (PWESCR) – India
Peshraft Foundation for Human Rights, Pakistan.
SAFA for ESCR , South Asian Feminist Alliance
Suriya Women’s Development Centre, Batticaloa
The Grassrooted Trust
Women In Need
Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management(WCDM)
Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka

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Latest comments

  • 14

    Please also add gay marriages to the reforms. Thank you. That’s quire discriminatory not to allow same sex marriage to marriage laws. YES TO GIRL POWER!!!!

    • 5

      Hey Champa,


      Please also add gay marriages to the reforms.


      Well, in the old days Anglo Saxon value system bashed the gays. Now, it seems they have taken things to the other extreme.

      Whatever they say you want to follow blindly isn’t it? Why don’t you listen to this nice song and relax today?


    • 11

      Dear 109 Civil Society activists and 16 organisations,

      RE: Civil Society Condemns Threats To Muslim Women By Muslims For Advocating MMDA Reforms

      Thank you. Rome was not built in a day.

      Let’s save the Sri Lankan Muslim Girls, and the Muslim women first from the injustices of MMDA, which is not even religious, only Tribal cultures of 7th Century Arabia.

      It is rather unfortunate that these “Muslim” men want to keep Muslim women as Chattel. and forget that they are daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers.

      Are they Muslims or Iblisis, those who follow the Devil, Satan, Iblis?

      • 12

        The Prophet said if a woman, dog or a donkey walks in front of a person who prays the God, the prayer should be restarted. That is how he treated women. There is no equality for women in Islam. Islam is practical only among 100% Muslim society. Sri Lankan Muslims should understand this and either leave the country or learn to dress like others without blindly adopting Middle Eastern dress codes.

        • 5


          Talk about your village’s trees and roads, and keep quiet on matters that you don’t know about please.

          I am a Muslim, and I am going to dress like what I want to dress, and I am going to eat only Halaaal food, and my wife will be wearing ‘abaya’, and we speak all 3 official languages of Sri Lanka with Arab words mixed, and will eat beef moderately due to health concerns though not prohibited in Islam, and I have a long beard with shaved moustache, and I am going to marry a 2nd wife who is a non-Muslim convert and a widow and do everything a Muslim usually does – So what?

          Do you see anything ‘illegal’ in my lifestyle as per SL law? Or do you see that I have a problem that you’re still breathing??

          I don’t see you a problem. If see me a problem , then you should be the one to get out of my way and my country. You idiot, can’t change me or deprive me of my rights.

          • 2

            Dear Foolish Muslim,

            You are a Muslim because your parents were Muslims. They were Muslims because their parents were Muslims.

            Did your grandmother wear a black abaya? Did your grand father marry a second wife (convert Muslim widow)? After seeing some middle east women wearing black abaya and some Pakistan mullas growing long beard, you are thinking that those are compulsory in Islam. Did Prophet eat beef? Did he shout through a loudspeaker (non-Muslim invention/haram) like a street dog every morning?

            If you want to live like a child molester, polygamist, illiterate seventh centurion, go to his land without wasting our time here. If you have a brain, you read English translation of kuran and hadeed, you will find lot of comedies and jokes in them, you foolish Muslim.

            • 5

              I am a born Muslim but today,I am one by conviction. I do not care about your religion, since it does not matter
              Not only did our grandmothers and mothers, wear abaya but they covered their faces and when travelling in
              a cart or later car they were screened.. I have a long beard and trim moustache as ordered by the Prophet
              (Peace be on him).THESE ARE COMPULSORY.. The Prophet ate meat when properly slaughtered. There
              we’re no loudspeakers then. The call to prayer from mosques is for a few minutes,but Buuddhist chantings
              go on for long periods .
              Why do you talk of child molesters. Polygamy is permitted under certain conditions. It is better to have two
              wives, than have one and commit adultery and thereby spread AIDS.and produce bastards.We are descendants from the Arabs who came here and settled and married your women.
              Sri Lanka is the country of Yakkas,Nagas and Veddahs.The Sinhala people are the descendants of the
              exiled Prince Vijaya,who came from India . This country again is a country of immigrants. It is just that
              Your people came before mine..We go to Arabia on pilgrimage ,whereas your women are going as
              HOUSEMAIDS . All have brains, but what matters is how you utilize it. You do not have to advice us
              about reading the Quran and understanding it.. You are one who is called a bigot. We Muslims live
              amongst all the others. We have no problems whatever. It is people like you ,who are ignorant who
              are the trouble makers..

            • 2

              Hey Villageman,

              You’re proving that you are an idiot again and again. You wear pants, jeans, suits, shoes, ties, shirts and your women wear all sorts of sexy dresses on the market whether they suit their bulky ugly bodies or not.

              Where did it all come from? From your forefather or your ancestors? Did your foremothers wear bodycon short skirts or top tank sleeveless or hot party dresses or even salwar kamees even Indian style sarees? Why not they wear ‘radha hetta’ or ‘vatti amma’ dresses like their foremothers used to wear?

              You can’t ask that because it is their rights. Why 2 versions of rights, one for Muslims and other for non-Muslims?

              Rest of the things I wouldn’t want to argue with you because they say. “Do argue with idiots, as idiots will bring down the other persons to their level”

              Sorry to say, rest of the topics seems much above your level if IQ. So I am keeping away. You better learn the subjects and get back when you feel comfortable.

              • 2

                Luckily your Prophet did not walk naked, otherwise you all will walk naked and say that it is a short cut to the heaven, from where earth gets rain (he did not know about clouds and water cycle and he thought there is a big garden above the clouds).

                Muslims can wear whatever they want as long as it is acceptable to the society. If they do not understand that, then they are unfit to live in that society. Just leave the country to the place where your burkas and ugly beards are welcome, without wasting our time.

                • 1

                  But we are very unlucky that Buddha wore a robe that all you idiots respect and kneel down and not uttering a word against all the wrong-doings to those sodomites, rogues, womanizers, rapists and overall scumbags who camouflage in those yellow and orange robes to hoodwink the idiots like you.

                  And camouflaging of scumbags in those robes is the shortcut to heaven on earth, and idiots in your capacity is knowing or unknowing of this fact has no other options but to kneel down or touching and washing the feets of those is not only the most sympathetic, but also the most laughable fact of this modern world. So now it might be very clear who is unfit to contribute to the modern world?

                  Before you try to change what I should wear or not, why not find a way to come out of this trend, instead of wasting your time to point your fingers at other?

    • 9

      Bringing these issues into the open and creating dialog and making amendments to existing laws in these areas were they are required. This is the way to go instead of using manufactured outfits like the BBS to harass people…

      Gender equality has to be for all Sri Lankans

    • 3

      Look like chazmpa’s huband gay.

      • 7

        How do you all men wearing saffron sarees and sleep together in a dormitory? Trannies. haha just trannies

    • 8

      Champa lets add that there should be no National Athletic events,Swimming,Tennis where there are seperate events for Men and Women. Women should be able to compete with men in the same events.Classifying it as Men’s events and Women’s events is discriminating against Women. For example in the National Cricket team now dominated by men if we have a top spin bowler in the Women’s team she should be absorbed into the National Cricket Team along with the men. After all if she has some unique talent in any particular sport she should be allowed to play alongside with the Men’s side and not be discriminated against.

      These Women organisation and Civil society should fight for these as well to break the patriachal society we have been growing up all these years

  • 19

    While they conveniently turn a blind eye to the rampant sexual abuse of little boys in Buddhist Temples, for any reason if any of the above signatories are having serious issues with Muslims/Islam due to their sexual frustrations or hatred for the righteous faithful, [Edited out]

    • 9

      Muhammed Fazl

      “While they conveniently turn a blind eye to the rampant sexual abuse of little boys in Buddhist Temples, …”

      Yes. Child abuse, irrespective of Religious Myths and traditions is a violation of child’s human right.

      Need to separate Religion from Culture.

      1. It appears that Islam does not say that cultural norms of a time or of a region has to be followed by all Muslims.

      The times have changed including the cultural and human rights norms.

      Do you still believe that the Earth was spread out like a carpet, the Sun goes around the Earth, and sets in a pool of mud? It was acceptable 1,400 years ago, but the facts make it difficult to accept such inaccuracies.

      2. “rampant sexual abuse of little boys in Buddhist Temples, …”

      Unfortunately, for the little boys who are recruited as Samaneras, due to the First Abuse by Buddha his 7-year old son Rahula, this has become a Buddhist Tradition. Millions of little Buddhist boys suffer, lose their parental and sibling love, become misfits to society, they become victims, and in turn make others victims and the society at large.


      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


      Uploaded on May 29, 2010
      She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

      Ordination of First Samanera, Rahula, the First Buddhist Child Abuse

      After the meal, Rāhula followed the Buddha, saying “Give me my inheritance.” Nobody tried to stop him, nor did the Buddha prevent him from following him. He then looked at his father and said, “Lord, even your shadow is pleasing to me.”

      Reaching the Park of Nigrodha, where the Buddha was staying, the Buddha thought to himself: “He desires his father’s inheritance, but it is wrought with troubles. I shall give him the benefit of my spiritual Enlightenment and make him an owner of a transcendental inheritance.”

      The Buddha called Venerable Sariputta and asked him to ordain little Rāhula who became the first Sāmanera (novice monk).


      Subsequent Child Abuses:

      Child ordinations and the rights of children

      2. The more serious problem is that of sexual abuse notoriously associated with all forms of institutionalized monasticism, witness the recent cases of abuse of children put in their pastoral care even by high prelates of the Catholic Church. But Catholics have no system of child ordination and therefore the possibility of abuse of children confined to Buddhist monasteries must be faced honestly and squarely.


    • 9

      Muhammed Fazi

      No need to turn blind eye if there is sexual abuse in Buddhist temples or anywhere.

      Take action if you’re a good citizen as you have knowledge about them.

      Unless it’s you who is turning blind eye to crimes.

      Please understand that this isn’t religious matter, clearly it’s human right (women’s)matter, so it’s good for you aswell to support reforming MMDA. Your daughters will benefit.

    • 7

      Muhammed Fazl

      Were you abused inside a temple ?

      • 7

        NO. Inside the Mattala Rajapakse International Paddy Storage

      • 4

        Muhammed Fazl

        “Were you abused inside a temple ?”

        Did you go to a temple as a little boy? Were you an Alter boy for the Catholic Church?

        Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


    • 4

      Muhammed Fazl, didn’t the Prophet Muhammad have sex with a 9 year old girl called Aisha? That is the whole reason Muslim men have a fetish for underage girls and there is no age limit for marriage in Islam. Paedophilia is unacceptable and those who practice it, or advocate it should be behind bars. This includes the Prophet Muhammad.

      • 0

        [Edited out] Comments should not exceed 300 words.Please read our Comments Policy for further details.

  • 15

    ‘Civil Society Condemns Threats To Muslim Women By Muslims For Advocating MMDA Reforms’

    Totally agree.

  • 6

    Why should so called ‘Civil Society’ be so much concerned about Muslim related marriage and divorce issues when there are so many other matters begging for attention. Muslims themselves have no problems living peacefully amongst themselves from the time those laws were promulgated.

    The fact remains that no one marries off girls as young as 12 and 13, unless in extremely rare areas. It may happen in remote areas and may also happen in isolated instances. It is definitely not a norm but rather the exception. Examples of such cases may involve a family living in abject poverty, with no means of income to feed many mouths, combined with no husband or male relative for maintenance and economic support. In such instances, it would obviously be better for them to bring a man into their lives. A man who is ready and willing to shoulder responsibility, of being a potential breadwinner to provide much needed support to that family. For Muslims, Allah has not established a fixed age criteria for young girls to be married, or else that would have definitely got into statutory law books, no question. Instead Allah set the criteria as,’when they are strong and able to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage’ in as much as four instances in the Holy Quran. We Muslims literally take this to mean, when she reaches puberty. We know that different girls from many different countries reach puberty at different ages. In effect, when a girl has ‘grown up’, she is ready to bear children, at which anytime afterwards, she is ready to be married.

    It has also now been exposed that some of their catchers were behind the falsified and misleading link annexing GSP plus to MMDA reforms. What more good intentions can anyone expect from these suggested reforms. We Muslims can manage ourselves. Our religion Islam has been perfected for us as Allah states in the Quran. We don’t want nor need any tampering with those coded messages. Hands off the Islamic teachings. Go find something somewhere else to keep yourselves busy and earn your pay.

    • 3

      You are another “Cow skin clad Afghan Donkey” it seems. Stop that “Allah Said” and sensitizing the uneducated crowd like the way Sinhala Intellectuals sensitizing the Sinhala Buddhists and staying on the power.

      “Why should so called ‘Civil Society’ be so much concerned about Muslim related marriage and divorce issues when there are so many other matters begging for attention.” You really don’t know? Then let me explain it. Lankawe has no oil wells where money spring. Lankawe cannot stand alone like Wahabi Saudi. Wahabi Saudi will not pay to build a Hindu or Buddhist university either. So Lankawe has to work with international community to income, education, defense, immigration and for many other areas. That is why now Lankawe government’s eye has been opened to see the suffering of these women. Do your Wahhabi Saudi has money to bail out Lankawe so the Muslims women can kept in slavery continuously? If no, just keep quite and let the things take its course. If you read your question one more time you will understand your reluctance to let the women go free and lose the benefits that you guys, the leaders and writers of Muslim Community now enjoying .

      Some families in poor condition, when there is no male member, is because Muslims Society’s forceful family structure of highly male dependent and Lankawe government’s politicians political opportunism, where families are not protected. If a family is poor because no male in that, don’t look for how to slave that family, but find in humanistic ways to improve the income of the family. Don’t get into faulty or foul arguments. Selling women to Wahabi Saudi for slavery is not also a method to improve their income. When the laws is placed in the way that men’s and women’s income earning level would not differ, your great sympathy for forcefully sending a man to enslave the suffering poor family will openly demonstrate how much you are convulsing to keep women in slavery of men.

      Marriage of Lankawe is Western Christian religion based. Marriage laws all over the world is baseless thing. Because of their faulty nature people are lawfully marrying dogs, crocodiles and even lifeless dolls. Last there-four years alone there were four three or four marriages in India with dogs, as appeared in the news. One man has been facing downfall after doing some sinful act. Panchayat ordered him to marry a dog to get out of it. One week ago one Pakistani Panchayat ordered a man to rape the child of another man, who in turn had raped the child of the other man. At the end the girl committed suicide. Why would you send these beasts inside the houses with the name of “Allah Said” to provide income for the suffering poor?

      Marriage laws are baseless filth, mainly focus on facilitate organized sex. New family laws have to be developed to protect where men – women and children coexisting as one unit, protect the weaker ones.

    • 9


      “Muslims themselves have no problems living peacefully amongst themselves from the time those laws were promulgated.”

      “The fact remains that no one marries off girls as young as 12 and 13, unless in extremely rare areas. It may happen in remote areas and may also happen in isolated instances. It is definitely not a norm but rather the exception.”

      Well, it is not good for you of if you are a 12 year old girl. Did you ask a 12 year girl whether she wants to be dressed up like a bride in the evening and being raped by a 50 year-old man, as his first, second, third or fourth wife?

      Is this religion or is it Tribal culture? Whom are you trying to fool?

      Is the Earth spread out like a carpet, and the Sun goes around the Earth?

      Reconciling between the view that the Earth is round and the verse “And Allah has made for you the earth wide spread (an expanse)” [Nooh 71:19]

      Quran 71:19 And Allah has made the earth for you as a carpet (spread out).
      Quran 78:6 Have We not made the earth as a wide expanse, What does it mean ?
      Quran 15:19 And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance.

      Does it mean that Earth is flat? Tafsir Jalalayn says that EARTH is flat. But it is against Established Science.

    • 6


      In comparison to some muslims countries, not Saudi Arabia, Sri lankan muslim women are highly oppressed.

      Sri lankan muslims say every thing is what Allah wants.

      • 3

        You forgot to watch teh movie “in the name of Buddha”

    • 4


      “Why should so called ‘Civil Society’ be so much concerned about Muslim related marriage and divorce issues when there are so many other matters begging for attention”

      If you are so concerned about other matters it is only reasonable for you to act on them. Let others deal with Muslim Marriage and Divorce laws.

      By the way, will you agree to your grand daughter aged twelve marrying a man in his early thirties? Probably you would have married to a child when you were in your late fifties after pronouncing talaq three times to your former wives.

      Anyone can speak against injustices perpetrated anywhere in this island.

      ” Muslims themselves have no problems living peacefully amongst themselves from the time those laws were promulgated. “

      Muslim MEN have no problems living peacefully amongst themselves simply because they do not see these medieval sordid laws are the first step towards perpetuating injustice to their women folks.

      If you want to ignore the facts, here is a paper that you may consider as Satanic Verses.

      Causes and Consequences of Child Marriages in South Asia:
      Pakistan’s Perspective

      Sofia Naveed
      Government College University, Lahore.
      Khalid Manzoor Butt
      Government College University, Lahore

      South Asian Studies
      A Research Journal of South Asian Studies
      Vol. 30, No.2, July – December 2015, pp. 161 – 175.


      This is the second time I am posting this information.

  • 16


    ” Muslims themselves have no problems living peacefully amongst themselves from the time those laws were promulgated.”

    You must be joking if you say that Muslim women & female Children enjoy being abused by old men for many years.I have known many women in Batticaloa who informed me of their hatred to men who treat them as chattels & slaves .Many also complain of rape in marriage of forced sexual activity without consent by female partner.
    Please do not take Muslim women or any women for granted .They have as much right as you have.Its high time misogynists like you are not given a free hand to abuse women by citing religious texts.

  • 13

    Sometimes one cannot help but wonder as to what purpose is intended to be served by the publication of petitions of this nature, especially since most are not published in any of the mainstream media. At the end of the day, do the people these petitions are addressed to really see such petitions ? Can anyone provide the reading public with at least one instance where such public petitions have proved to be effective ?

    Alternatively, one can only conclude that these petitions are developed purely to serve as a vehicle for some individuals to project themselves as various types of ‘Activists’ (i.e. Social activists, Political activists, Facebook activists, Social Media activists, NGO activists, etc).

    The petition above also signals the entry of Indians to the local ‘petition scene’. Don’t these Indian Activists have enough social issues in India to append their signatures to corresponding petitions ? Or is this simply a forerunner of what Sri Lankans could expect with the signing of ECTA in December ?

    • 5

      The Blushing Burkini

      “Sometimes one cannot help but wonder as to what purpose is intended to be served by the publication of petitions of this nature, especially since most are not published in any of the mainstream media.”

      1. Exposure of alternate views.

      2. Mainstream Media censures alternate views. Colombo Telegraph does not.

      3. It is a Citizen’s right to know as to what happens to their taxes, and as to what may happen to them and their children.

      Will they be legally raped as 12 year-old girls?

      • 11

        Aiyo Brother Amarasiri

        I thought that at least you would be sufficiently perspicacious to realize that I was differentiating the ‘message’ from the ‘medium’. I was not in any way being critical of the message, but I would definitely query the choice and efficacy of the medium – which in this particular case is The Petition – to transmit the message.

        You say “Exposure of alternate views”. But ‘exposure’ to whom ? To only the readers of CT ? Are the petitioners certain that their message will reach the people who matter, the opinion-leaders and the decision-makers with regard to this specific subject by publishing in CT ? Which is why I requested anyone who can provide examples of local petitions ( not only those published in CT) that have been effective, to kindly do so. If petitions have, by and large, proved to be ineffective, don’t you agree that there must be some other factor that motivates individuals to actively participate in the continuing use of this medium ? So I speculated that these individuals are either driven by the need to project themselves as ‘Activists’ or the need to be seen in the company of such ‘Activists’.

        You say “Mainstream Media censures alternate views. Colombo Telegraph does not”. I agree 100%. If CT did impose any restrictions, you and I will not be having this conversation.

        You say “It is a Citizen’s right to know ……” Absolutely. But you are referring to the message about which I am in total agreement

    • 4

      Blushing Burkini

      What you say is a distraction from the main issue.

      Petitions are important and effective when they aren’t anonymous so whether locals or foreigners, as far as they are human beings and endeavoring for good cause their effort should be appreciated and march with them until success is gained.

      So Blushing Burkini Support reforming MMDA and relieve thousands of women folks, suffering in the grip of chauvinistic males without displaying your moral nakedness.

      • 12

        Aiyo sr

        The message and the medium are equally important components of the communication process, so there is no ‘main issue’ to be considered. The message and the medium contribute synergistically to the ultimate result. Moreover, the perceived importance of petitions should not be confused with it’s perceived effectiveness. I am not questioning the importance of petitions. I am only voicing my doubts as to the efficacy of petitions – especially those with limited exposure.

        As to the value of using foreign signatories to boost petitions pertaining to a local social issue, it would seem to me that from the point of view of the Receiver of the Petition, it signals that fact that the issue does not have much support locally and the organizers have had to seek ‘foreign assistance’ to prop up their petition.

        It is because of my deep concern for the need to revise the MMDA that I am questioning the purpose of using a somewhat ineffective medium to transmit the message. Doing so, I believe, would be a far more valuable contribution to the overall effort than to indicate one’s support by merely raising one’s hand or nodding one’s head and making meaningless comments on social media.

    • 2

      Very true. These so called-Muslim women activists are for publicity. They are a worthless pieces who knows nothing about what is going on in the real world. If they were that serious, why couldn’t they bring up these issues before GSP+ and EU came in?

  • 1

    You cant have the cake and eat it too. If you don’t like the rules leave the religion – nobody is stopping you. Don’t expect the religion to change the rules to suit you. We don’t change our rules from time to time like the catholics.

  • 2

    Please add “Muslim women can marry whomever they wish including brothers, sisters, other women, younger men, etc.” into the petition. I bet you there will be many idiots who will sign the petition too.

  • 2

    It is unlikely UNP led Appe Andu coming out with a sincere solution for this as solving one problem will let others to have idea that protesting or pressing can bring solutions for their problems too. That will be dangerous to the power base of Sinhala Intellectuals. So UNP will not act on this and lose the Muslim politicians’ support. If MMDA is not working they may bring double MMDA. That will zip the the Muslim woman’s mouth which are are talking about Women Rights.

  • 1

    It looks some sinhala women also have signed, probably they like to sign by their muslim husband’s name ?

    • 3

      Was that on Youtube too?

  • 2

    Mohamed Fazl regard to your concerns on Temple activity better reffer it to your best friend who got you down to Sri Lanka, Mangala Samaraweera.
    He will be in a position to enlighten you.

    Your Prophet too was it? Ayesha !!! But that was 1400 years ago? Any women’s rights then?
    Catholic Church in Australia too would be helpful for you to know more on this subject.

    Like the MS-RW cohabitation the Bond fiassco was just another thing for the for the amalgamated followers.
    Surely you too do not want to loose your God given perk with this unnecessary legislation, I believe…

  • 3

    A scholar of Islamic history, Prof. Mohammad Qadeer of Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada wrote in the Globe and Mail in March 2006: “The argument about concealing one’s face as a religious obligation is contentious and is not backed by the evidence.” He added, “in Western societies, the niqab also is a symbol of distrust for fellow citizens and a statement of self-segregation. The wearer of a face veil is conveying: ‘I am violated if you look at me.'” It is a barrier in civic discourse. It also subverts public trust.”

  • 2

    I think many Muslim women voted secretly for Donald Trump.
    Wikislam about Contemporary Pedophilic Islamic Marriages mention in its Website: “In many Islamic countries, child marriages are common practice. Girls far below the age of puberty are often forcibly married to older persons (sometimes in their 50s and later) for various personal gains by the girls’ guardian or with the intention to preserve family honor by helping her avoid pre-marital sex. Pedophilic Islamic marriages are most prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed by other countries in the Middle East and Bangladesh.[1][2] This practice may also be prevalent to a lesser extent amongst other Muslim communities, and is on the rise among the growing Muslim populations in many non-Muslim countries, such as the United Kingdom[3] and the United States.[4]”

    • 9

      Oh Democrat from the United States of America are you aware of the following facts in the US:

      Most states allow minors who are 16 or 17 to marry with parental and/or judicial consent and in a few states, the marriageable age for minors with parental consent is younger. Some states allow minors below 18 who are pregnant to marry without parental or judicial consent.[1]
      Go to the following site to get details:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_marriage_in_the_United_States

  • 2

    I think it’s good to see the possibility of including these brave and wise Muslims who support reforming MMDA and ready to readjust lifestyles so as to match Sri Lankan society in a new social group called trans-religious group.

    There’s a possibility for some that they’re unable to tell the world that they don’t have faith in Islam (or any other religion) due to strong social and family commitments.

    This should be made relevant to the whole world.

  • 11

    “We, the undersigned, endorse this statement and support the call to reform the laws discriminatory towards women.”


    All the Hindus who have signed including “Joint Womens Programme from India: WILL YOU ALL IN THE SAME BREATH APPEALTO ALLOW WOMEN TO FUNCTION AS PRIESTS IN THE HINDU TEMPLE WHICH IS NOT PERMITTED?(The JWP India can appeal to Modi)
    Even in Sri Lanka in the Anglican Community we do not have women priests

    So before we campaign to “Appoint Women Quazis”let those affected put their houses in order before petitioning others or they will be accused of being hypocritical

  • 0

    Colin, So, what’s your point? Should we allow and accept child marriages or the minimum age should be 16? I’m sure it cannot and should not be the age of 6 or 7. (A girl in grade 1 or 2; Man, come on! don’t make us sick!)
    My point is very simple. If Prophet Mohammad married a girl who has not even attended (as per your ‘holy’ books, the child bride was just 6 or 7 years old), and Mohammad was over 54 year old grandpa, is it acceptable in our civilized society? If the girl were 16 years old I would have agreed with you. Marriage is not a ‘one’ party-agreement that forces the weaker party to agree due to unholy circumstances. Any humane person can understand what’s happening in Islamic societies. Unfortunately some try to use their own religious edicts for personal sensual gratification disregarding the well-being of others involved. This is a tragedy and as human beings we should be able to have a democratic debate with Islamic societies on this matter.

  • 2

    Hello all,

    Gender equality is very, very important today. To start with, women do not have equal intestate rights with men under Kandyan law; this must be changed. Muslim MMDA must be changed as well.

    And to further empower gender equality, all public places, schools should have common restrooms and toilets to start with.

    Everyone’s family names should also contain mother’s name, not just father’s alone.

    Brothels with male-prostitutes should operate for women customers.

    Women should be able to wander topless.

    Women should be able to walk alone in the middle of the night.

    All the labour works involving heavy lifting should also be carried out by women in equal numbers.

    Men should try to get wombs fixed to equally share the pains in family growth…and the list can go on and on, as long as equal rights myth is fulfilled

  • 1

    If we pander to their whims and fancies, Very soon these same international entities will demand that we incorporate marriage rights for same sex if we are to maintain trade relations with the outside world. Then it will be real fun with the members of the clergy involved.

    • 2


      “If we pander to their whims and fancies, Very soon these same international entities will demand that we incorporate marriage rights for same sex if we are to maintain trade relations with the outside world.”

      What is wrong with same sex marriage?

      Are you telling us homosexual relationships aren’t prevalent among Muslims through out the world, including Medieval Middle East kingdoms?

      Stop burying your head in the sand.

    • 0

      Then Jim Soft and Mallaiyuran will be the happiest people, so they will find an old white to be their hubbies to stay forever in foreign

      • 0

        Man, TB or AIDS or Cancer or whoever it is,

        I am in Utah. I don’t need EU’s backup. Plenty of Honey Bees stings all over the body! Anyway thank you.

  • 0

    The discussion has no depth nor humanity. Pl respond to the following:

    A) Is it necessary to get our daughters married at a particular age ? What should be the most reasonable official age for marriage? Concerns of puberty/ child marriage etc taken into consideration, including the sexual aspect of marriage.

    B) should this particular age of marriage apply to all girls/ our daughters irrespective of the religious affiliation by birth or by conviction?

    C) In the event a marriage breaks down( reasons to be argued at that point) should a common law be used so all men and women in Sri Lanka can enjoy rights of separation or being together equally ? I think all marriages are a legal contract ( sorry this is the truth) and finally this is why the sense of insecurity creeps in when we talk of land,a home for the woman and security . Even women’s rights activists have fallen prey to the word security for woman after separation.
    Nevermind the endownment for women is necessary in our part of the world where women have no other means for the future and for her livelihood.

  • 1

    There should be only one law that protects and respects all individuals in Sri Lanka. There can’t be numerous laws to suit one cast, creed or any individual religion. The law must also respect those who are gay or lesbian.

    But more importantly the law should be enforced equally and rigorously. Sadly in Sri Lanka the law and the constitution favours Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhists and the law is subservient to those wearing saffron robes. The law is even subservient to the innumerable Sri Lankan Sinhala racist thugs and rabblerousers who camouflage themselves in saffron robes.

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