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CJ: People’s Judgement On Your Stand Against Tyrannical Regime Is Absolutely Inspiring

By Vishvamithra

Hon. CJ, just disregard the disgraceful disinformation campaign launched by the Rajapaksa corrupt regime. Simply concentrate your constitutional obligation to the people in a broader perspective i.e.  to respect and uphold the rule of law and the will of the people, that is being ridiculed and insulted by the Rajapaksa regime that effectively made Sri Lanka a FAILED STATE in the eyes of the international community. Informed individuals of this country are fully aware of the circumstances that led the impudent Rajapaksa regime to launch this impeachment process against you. Had you simply allowed the amendment to the CPC that permitted the police to keep the citizens who have been taken into custody for 48 hours in the cells, violating their civil liberties enshrined in the constitution. And if you hadn’t declared the Divineguma bill that provided one individual, Basil Rajapakse, enormous power and control over public finance of billions of rupees, surely then you would not faced this extremely serious situation, risking your own life.

At the same time, remember that people also are well aware of your weaknesses, like allowing the 18thamendment to the Constitution that gave sweeping powers to the Executive President. The irony is that you yourself became the first victim of your own failure and now entangled in the blunder you made.

Yet, the people of this country is prepared to pardon you because you are just another human are bound to make mistakes and at this crucial hour the people cannot think of any other strong individual with total integrity to uphold the office of the CJ and effectively discharge the role of the watchdog of the people.

Therefore, remember that you are not alone. The people have already sacrificed their own security and safety, assuring the protection of your interests. Hope that you had witnessed as to how the criminals employed by Rajapaksa regime mercilessly attacked Mr Thilak Kariyawasam, the President of the Environmental protection agency, who exercised his legitimate right and challenged the sham impeachment. The unfolding of recent events only portray the imminent and ominous end of the Rajapaksa era. The people would demand resignation of President Rajapaksa, his brother Gotabaya and the IGP and the impotent opposition leader, all of who had failed to discharge of their duties effectively as required by law. All these people have absolutely failed in their duty to uphold the rule of law by aiding and abetting criminals to silence the non-violent protest launched by the people against the regime that openly undermined the rule of law. And their conduct is utterly condemned by right-thinking people.

Watch the following video clip. This sump ups everything that qualifies Sri Lanka to be declared a FAILED LAWLESS STATE. This along is surely good enough to abandon the Commonwealth head of the state meeting scheduled in Colombo this year, which President Rajapaksa wittingly or unwittingly asking for.


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