28 May, 2022


Code Of Ethics For Media By A Concerned Citizen

By a concerned citizen –

Code Of Ethics For Media

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    While a Code of Conduct or a set of rules can be practised by journalists voluntarily, this regime has no credentials to inflict
    a CoC as part of the laws of the land. If the regime fears excesses
    by the media there is the ordinary law of the land under which there is
    adequate safeguards. As the example of JRJ shows rulers often are tempted to flex their muscles against the media – when the latter goes about by its role of being a critic of the State’s failings.


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      First of all there should be a code of conduct for all parliamentarians and the secretaries of all ministries ( especially secretary of defense). Then the government has the legitimacy to talk about code of conduct for others.

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        I recently learnt that the OPA had drafted a Code of Conduct for Parliamentarians about 10-years ago and had handed it to the PSC entrusted with the same task, last year. It is my kind request to the OPA to release the draft to the press so that people will understand what this CoC business is.

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      Code of Ethics: The 10 Codes.

      1. “Where Is The Code Of Ethics For MPs?”

      2.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Ministers?”

      3.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For the President?”

      4.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Buddhist Monks?”

      5.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Police?”

      6.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Custom Officers?”

      7.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Bribe Takers?”

      8.”Where Is The Code Of Ethics For State Media Liars?”

      9. “Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Sinhala Buddhists?”

      10.“Where Is The Code Of Ethics For Judges and Lawyers?”

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    This is a very courageous picture to post since Sri Lanka is devolving into a clan run cult of personality. Sri Lankans are too intelligent to allow this to continue on a path to surrendering their democracy. They will get it back and the country will be united and will heal. It is just a matter of rising up and opposing what is going on now…

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    Ha ha Great code, must be implemented immediately!

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    Did you hear that the CHOGM will now adopt
    a resolution for a Code of Ethics for farting
    by politicians?

    If China opens a bridge, one needs approval
    to publish it in Sri Lankan media. Otherwise
    it could be construed to be endangering relations
    between the two countries. Even if one eats fried
    rice, they should not mention that it is Chinese
    fried rice. If the quality is bad, that is casting
    aspersions on China.

    If Environment Minister, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa
    smokes a cigar, do not report it that way. Say he
    is smoking a peace stick which will not endanger
    the environment.

    This is early advise to the media

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    This is like Devil preaching the Scriptures!!!

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    There is a need for one for the Police.

    After all, they have now taking the
    sole agency – the main contractor – for
    killings. The days when they maintained
    law and order are gone to the dogs.

    Pay a few millions and they will bump off
    someone for you. If it misfires and you
    are taken to court, there are those who will
    do it for a lesser fee of a couple of lakhs.

    So everything revolves around money today. That
    is why even bribery and corruption is on the rise.
    Every other person in Govt. is a millionaire and those in
    between a caught.

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