29 June, 2022


Cold-Blooded Assault On Lieutenant By Brigadier But Military Spokesman Denies Allegations

A Lieutenant attached to the Palali Army Camp has been heavily assaulted with an iron chair by a Brigadier of the same camp, for failing to report to him dressed in official sports attire.

Ruwan Wanigasooriya

Ruwan Wanigasooriya

The victimized Lieutenant had been off-duty as he had been advised by a doctor to take rest due to his ill-health, when he had been summoned by the Brigadier for a program on July 23. The Brigadier had lost his temper when he saw the Lieutenant not dressed in appropriate garb and had lifted an iron chair and assaulted him heavily.

The victimized officer is presently receiving treatment at the Palali military hospital.

However, the Military Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasooriya, ever ready to defend the ‘holier-than-thou’ image of Sri Lanka Army has rejected the claims of an assault in his comments to local media concerning the incident.

“There had been a workshop and a group of officers had been summoned to participate in the program including this Lieutenant. He had been severely warned and advised due to his delayed arrival but there has absolutely been no clash or brawl,” he has told local media.

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    Tomorrow everybody can see another version of “Mama Matama Gahagaththa” Nadagama.

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      A few years ago I met a Sinhala speaking army captain who was desperate to share his problems with me.

      While he was serving in the regular army in Jaffna he fell in love with a Tamil girl and met her on a regular basis. There was no objection to their love from both families.

      However the army didn’t like their relationship, accused him being a LTTE spy, worse he was beaten up by his fellow officers on a regular basis when they were having monthly officers dinner.

      I was told soon after he deserted the army and I believe he left the country as well.

      Brutality and bullying are part of the culture.

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        @Native Vedda

        if that happens to a sinhala army officer I wonder how the Tamil Army officers are treated in SL Army as im sure there are few tamil officers in the middle ranks and below too

        interesting to note if the tamils in the army were treated with suspicion or as comrades

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          a JT tamil air force officer just robbed the sihala woman and beat her regularly till she bought in more from her rich parents untill she was disowned by her brother. His was also involved in deadlier matters using other members of his family like the village jackels they are.

          All the JT’s know is more than the sihala is more dowry.

          Don’t use the lost war to hide like the ‘taqiyya and kitman’ jihadist.

          To be fair the sihala are more reasonable than tamils and muslims.

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            who was that airforce officer javi? is he still in service?

            or did u make this up?

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              He left once married to the rich woman and had 3 kids.
              lived at Colombo. He tried to migrate down under using many a ruse but failed… after that of course I did not follow him after that. He is what he is had sex even with his servants.
              you like that nitin number kalu kade pakkam po adeh?? Beautiful!

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        We live in a country that celebrates brutality and cruelty against the weakest among the weak.

        Those who rise to a higher rank cannot wait to display spoils of power. Often resulting in brutal beatings againstt each other in Police and Armed Forces. In the name of a sick discipline code.

        This mental illness is to be found in Universities, elite schools and many other parts of our society as well.

        Vioelnce may well be an ingrained part of our 3000 year old island culture. However, a good portion of this behaviour found in Police, Armed Forces & elite schools etc. is stuff inherited from traditions of British colonial rulers. Superiors abusing those below them. A well established tradition the Britsh Raj.

        Idiots of SL who took over copied and maintain all that British rubbish as well to this day.


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      “Mama Matama Gahagaththa” Nadagama.

      They do to the Monks. See all the lies of Aluthgama.

      Now they do to the Army.
      They Do to the police.

      They do to Everybody.

      What is common to all are the lies, more lies and most lies, as peer Monk Mahanama Sinhala “Buddhism”.

      This is The Undemocratic Unsocialistic Lying Un-Republic of Lanka, in the Land of Native Veddah or Veddhn.

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    Did I say in an earlier comment that the Leader (MARA’s) thuggish behaviour is trickling down to all aspects of the society.

    I think I was right, let me list a few below, starting from the TOP and recent past, what I remember only, although the list will be very long.

    1. MARA mercilessly attacks Gemunu Wijeratne at Temple Trees.
    2. GOTA liquidates Lasantha Wickramatunge.
    3. Dumindha takes out Bharatha
    4. Provicial Counsellor rapes and murders.
    5. Dy Minister attacks and sets fire to the Traffic cop’s car.
    6. Provincial counsellor kneels down Principal.
    7. Vaas Gunawardane eliminates his subordinate Police officer.
    8. Chief Minister bites off opposition politician in a live TV show.
    9. Mobs attack unarmed women and children, when Police and STF stand idle.
    10. Brigadier assaults Lieutenant.

    Which aspect of the Society of the Miracle of Asia is saved. Please tell me, if there are any boot lickers of this regime.

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      You are being selective in drafting your list and I can see your partiality being exposed here.

      Why have you omitted Dr Mervyn Silva PhD for his services to the nation, clan and his family?

      I am highly offended.

      Hope you will update your list and give him due place that he deserves.

      There are others too.

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        He also missed the FOLLOWING;



      • 1

        the islamist robots
        ‘taqiyya and kitman’ are shadowing you!
        beware of the ghost of `Hole-in-One` terrorist.

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      The list is much more than this.

      11 Brutal attack on university students in the name of maintaining normalcy

      12 Mobs in Aluthgama expelled a lady from her home looted the house and handing over to STF, and in return STF drop the lady in a friend of her as if the STF is reporting to those Mobs

      13 Killing people who as pure water

      14 Abducting journalists and stating that the journalist themselves hidden for publicity

      much more…

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        Lay lady lie, What about the horror of female gentile mutilation.

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    The military and the police are taking it up the ass from Goata-Baya Ponsipaksa and they love it…Ruwan Jangisooryia is just another bitch sucking GOAT-A’s you-know-what….These bitches in the police and the military act real tough with their guns and battons infront of us, the civilians but wet their napkins when they see a low life politician…lol what a bunch of sissies…If you check the local news, you’ll see that the tough policemen in Sri Lanka cannot even ride a high speed bike without crashing…And they talk tough to us…If you are as tough as you claim, you should try messing with the civilians without your guns and battons and see what happens…Some of the newly recruited policemen are even skinnier than me..You Fa-Gota’s shit eating poop bugs hiding behind your guns and battons will not stand on your feet for a minute if you come to us with your bare fists..Even little infants are braver than you

  • 3

    NV/De Mel,

    Sorry about the lapses.

    I did mention that my list consists only the ones I remember. Thankful to you guys for adding on.I am sure there are much more, that we all would have missed out.

    See I remember one, as we speak, ousting of the sitting Lady CJ in the most brutal and thuggish from by the hand picked Cabinet thugs of MARA.

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    When the sucker Ruwan defends rapists what else can one expect from this stupid military spokesperson. He is not a honest spokesperson, rather a Pork-Person.

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    sinhala race is a violent race. violence is part of sinhala culture. buddhist monks from maha naai aks to ordinary ones are extremely violent. i guess it’s because of their criminal heritage.

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      S Shivalingam, Sir,

      These saffron-robe-clad people you see are not anywhere near being Buddhist Monks. They are the members of an opportunistic organization with many branches, which promotes hatred, war and violence among Sinhala people under the cover of a religion in order to be gainfully associated with the people who walk the corridors of power.
      I am a humble follower of Buddha Dhamma (not just because I was born to Buddhist parents); the biggest obstacle I have to overcome in order to walk the path suggested by Lord Buddha is my displeasure and disgust of this robe-clad rogues who call themselves a Noble Triple Gem, Maha Sangha.

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      u nean Australian?

    • 1

      u mean Australian? still sore about LTTE bad luck you can still bark

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    The Army spokesperson and the Police spokesperson should be tried on to a Bakki Karaththe and sent to roam the streets. Shameless guys!

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    Does the SLArmy have Military Policemen?

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      “Does the SLArmy have Military Policemen?”

      Yes and no, depending on Gota’s needs.

      However Military has its Sinhala/Buddhist chaplains in uniform.

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    We in India are just learning a few things about the Sinhalese now… A Sinhalese soldier even beat Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi during a
    Guard of Honour’ ceremony which by protocol is showing the respect to a foreign leader !

    Things said about buddist monks are shocking, to say the least. All violence in the name of Buddha ?

    SL Military should be a violent military and not a very orderly one because of that. Do not blame the british for a home grown and nurtured malaise.

    Well, not many will be wishing to see the trend reversed. Even if they want how will one go about making the people not violent – to one another ?

    All these violent men have a bloated ego, which will be the cause of their misery. May Buddha show them the kindness again.

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