20 May, 2024


Colombo Port Becomes Ring Of Diplomatic Fire: China Lobbying To Derail ECT Agreement With Japan And India

Colombo Port has now become a ring of ‘diplomatic fire’ with China openly lobbying to derail the Sri Lankan government’s agreement with Japan and India over the development of the Easter Container Terminal (ECT).

The tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on ECT was perceived by many as a move to counterbalance China’s growing influence in Sri Lanka’s ports sector. Under the agreement, 51% of the Terminal Operating Company (TOC) handling affairs at the ECT will be owned by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority and the remainder will be shared between Japan and India.

In exchange, Japan will grant a concessionary loan to Sri Lanka at 0.1% interest rate with a 40-year repayment period. It is now learnt that the loan will come close to USD 800 million.

The move, however, appears to have rattled China which handles the Colombo Port’s Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) through China Merchant Port Holdings. It is against this backdrop that China is now working to derail the signing of the final agreement on the ECT development due in three months, informed diplomatic sources said.

It has come to light that CICT CEO Jack Huang has facilitated a meeting between the notable Rajapaksa ally Capt. Nihal Kappetipola, a former Managing Director at the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) and SLPP trade unions at the ports authority. The meeting took place on the afternoon of July 19th within the SLPA premises.

The meeting centered on the ECT agreement and the possibility of the SLPP joining the trade union action launched by the JVP-affiliated unions. Multiple sources confirmed that the meeting bore fruit and the SLPP unions agreed to join forces with the JVP-affiliated unions to form a “common front” against the ECT agreement.

“After the meeting, Kappetipola left the SLPA premises at 4.30 PM in a white SUV owned by the CICT. According to standard security measures, registered CICT vehicles can access the ports premises without any restriction,” a source familiar with the development told Colombo Telegraph.

“The nexus,” he said, “is now clear. It is China that is at the centre of the ongoing protests against the ECT development agreement. Although their reasons are probably commercial, this undue interference is a stark violation of the country’s sovereignty and harm the interests of the host nation.”

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  • 16

    No wonder JVP is singing the same song ,
    Our JVP Presidential candidate will be Someome who is not a politician. ( sure someone from formerly from the judiciary or Tri Forces)

    The song’s lines of SLPP.& JVP sounds the same ,
    Red is for blood ..
    JVP theme Red , Flowerbud Red
    Communism Red
    it is a coinicedence ? keep saying it and it wont hit you until reality does.

    The prepration for a China like constitution(One.man show iron fist) is in the making , I am more than sure we are about to loose democrasy forever.
    It seems JVP and some of the minoroty parties ( as usaul to save their bxxxsxxxde from being prosecuted for looting)will also support this new “CON”-stitution.which is suppose to represent present day Chinese Constitution.

    Muslim and Tamil.MPs will sell out their people.
    wait and watch

    • 12

      Sri Lanka is caught in the foreign aid Curse.
      Japan and ADB are US proxies and part of the Fake Aid project to debt trap, currency manipulate and asset strip Sri Lanka with the Washington Consensus. Japan’s Nomura Ratings published fake data on Sri Lank’s debt to GDP ratio to crash the Lankan currency last year.
      As Imran Khan said recently in Washington Fake Aid from US and Japan is a “Curse” and has created a Dependency Culture and impoverished countries for decades.
      Japan has been delaying building a light rail PUBLIC TRANSPORT for the last 5 years and flooding Sri Lanka with Toyota cars and SUVs to benefit its car business .
      Japan did the same game in Indonesia, and flooded Jakarta with second hand Japanese cars causing massive pollution and traffic jams until, Joka Widodo asked China to help build a speed rail. Sri Lanka should do the same and Cancel all contracts with Japan.

      • 9

        @ Dinuk.
        You mean like Joka Weado did , ask China to rule the people of SL as well. Come on we know who you’re singing your supper for! We have so many weirdos to destroy our nation while they get a big chunk from commissions while the country and people suffer.

      • 5

        Watch what is happening in Hong Kong. By this time tomorrow, the Chinese troops would have knocked the daylights out of the Hong Kong freedom fighters.

        • 1


          Look what they are doing at the Unghar province. The Chinese have put 2 million in concentration camps. You can’t get to that provide. Travel is restricted, and the Chinese want to keep the truth from getting to the world.

          Do the Para-Dinhala Modayas, mean IQ 79, understand that when The Chinese meN IQ is 106?

      • 2


        “Japan has been delaying building a light rail PUBLIC TRANSPORT for the last 5 years and flooding Sri Lanka with Toyota cars and SUVs to benefit its car business .”

        I share your concern.
        However why aren’t we exporting stuffs like satellite, aircraft engines, heavy machinery, ships, military hardwares, medicines, food, rice, rice based liquor,
        …………………………….. to Japan?

        “Sri Lanka should do the same and Cancel all contracts with Japan.”

        Have you ever made an attempt to find out what is causing the delay?
        Perhaps a long delay in agreeing to final commission payable to each politician who are involved in respective projects.

        Are you looking for a job in these projects?
        Well the problem is that you will have to work, work harder.

  • 15

    My motherland, beloved, beautiful Sri Lanka. The chosen battleground of geopolitical powers, yearning for control in the region. Literally, bound by destiny to be the teardrop of the Indian ocean. Amply supported by the stupid Sri Lankan electorate and their corrupt, greedy, power-hungry political masters. Who are only too happy to turn SL into another theatre of proxy warfare. In the near future. Cunningly, exploiting her many internal issues. Political, ethnic, religious and commecial.
    Oh, her agony is ubearable!

    • 2

      Ben Hurling

      Good to hear from you.

      “The chosen battleground of geopolitical powers, yearning for control in the region.”

      You must always remember if you don’t treat your woman folks well then strangers and neighbours will start groping them on 24/7/52 basis. After some time they enjoy being groped by strangers, leading to separation, divorce, violence, murder, …. .

      Don’t blame the strangers blame yourself.

  • 17

    Hambanthota port to the Chinese, Trincomalee Port to the Americans, Jaffna Airport to the Indians, Colombo port to Indians, Chinese and the Japanese.

    We have some more ports to for foreigners.

    So long as fools govern the country, what else can you expect?

    Free for all: xxck the Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and whoever else natives.

    Let the ruling politicians have good life and amass wealth, forget the so-called sovereignty of the country.

  • 16


    No surprise here. The Chinese do not want competition, and the Chinese have bought the Rajapaksas and cronies, so that they can become traitors to Lanka.

    500 years ago, it was the Para-Portuguese who bought Colombo and the Kingdom of Kotte through the Para-Traitor King Don Juan Dharmapala.

    Today, the Chinese are getting the monopoly through the Para-Traitor King Don Juan Rajapaksa who has a Catholic wife, (Donna Catharina Shiranthi).

    The mean IQ of the Para-Sinhala is 79, while the mean IQ of the Chinese is 106, almost 2 SDs above the mean IQ of the Paras. It is like a hot knife cutting through the butter.

  • 15

    We are in debt or beholden to foreign nations, and they are taking control of our corrupt politicians, and the country. What a sad situation.

    • 4

      I heard the DUI leader of the JVP was complaining for not having any support for their fight to save East Jetty from being sold to foreigners. Now, they must be happy to have not just the SLPP on their side but also China, the biggest HR violator in the world, on their side. We all know that SLPP leadership is under China’s command and for the JVP (faked) blood is thicker than water. I said fake b’cos China’s communism is only a cover for the power holding elites.

      In any case, I really don’t understand JVP’s nationalism. They say they are against racism but how come nationalism become part of Marxism which started by calling the workers of the world to unite; not asking workers of one nation to stand against workers of another nation. In that sense, I guess that FSP, the descendant of the JVP is much closer to Marxist principles than the JVP is. If the JVP believes in their political strength, why can they never put forward one of their own leaders to contest elections. May be b’cos, they couldn’t get more than 300,000 votes even with Wijeweera during their high times.

      I really don’t know when the JVP ever learn how destructive their mission has been to SL!

      • 0

        The JVP’s SB nationalism would have made Marx to turn somersaults in his grave when AKD went to see the Asgriya & Malwatte monks to seek blessings recently.
        Poor Marx.

        • 1


          AKD could put forward his name as another presidential candidate, split votes and help make clan’s nominee win the election. Remember the days JVP was canoodling with Rajapaksas.
          He could give us a long sermon on the party’s position, based on hair splitting ideology, in order to justify …. whatever.

  • 14

    We must as Sri Lankens stand upto chineese invasion. China has already taken the Hambanthota port , we should go with india and japan for development. China is a country of corruption. the way they are dealing with their own people in Hong Kong and Tibate/ East Turkystan consentration camps, we can see they don’t mind killing in millions. These chineese are the devil. Don’t trust them as they will take over after bribing the politicos of all parties. Be it sili/mr/ranil all are in there pocket. They will give loans and charge usuary interest and port will be theres. bloody crooks. even in Africa people are chasing them , as they are exploitative and crooks.
    Look at Sri Lanka, see who gave grants for development and who gave loans for corruption. We as a nation should chase these devils who will destroy our country and take it from us. India is better as we have more in common with a democratic country than a communist basket case, which can implode like it has done before in history. All ways history repeats itself.

  • 7

    No other country, not even China should have a monopoly on Colombo Harbour facilities.
    The agreement with India and Japan will benefit Sri Lanka.

  • 14

    hello Jehan !
    – seems like all of us will endup standing for the rest of our lives .,
    While the nationals of the countries we are indebted to might soon swam in and squat down here permentlly

    Our sea beds are worth in billions ( do your own research )

    And you will understand why the sudden rush for our Ocean.

    • 9

      Cow The Boy
      The rumour is there aren’t any more violent prisoners in Chinese Prisons ,they’re all let lose in countries like our Srilanka and other countries building Roads, Bridges and Harbours while the natives are struggling with unemployment.
      How do we feel folks?? Making our country and people great again???
      My foot.

  • 15

    Always search under national geography to learn the value of world Oceans , The beautiful sea that sorounds us is more worth than anything else.
    How many landlock countries will dream of having a few sq km like our sea?
    We will never learn, how much of bloodshead for how many years ? nothing hss changed any of us, yet we are willing to continue to hang ourselves with the rope extended by most of the politicians in the guise of religion and race so they can fill their pockets .

    While we hate eachother boycott eachother , they will fatten themselves except a very tiny number who really care and they ate honestly helpless.

  • 9

    The successive Sinhala governments refused to give autonomy to the Tamils in what ever form, …..but they are happy to sell the” Sinhala” nation, to the Chinese/Indians/Japanese/Americans etc……, like a brothel full of prostitutes…and the madam pocketing the spoils

  • 4

    The usual decision makers on conflicting foreign policies are our GMOA, SLMC,Prelates and BBS. They should be cut loose , to get to the streets and decide who stays and who leaves. The govt and public, should be just spectators and nothing more. This is how Lankans deal with foreign issues.

  • 6

    Common enemy for Sri Lankens is China. They have also got rights of the indian ocean due to port city project. The chineese will invade with there million hans like they have done in Tibate and East Turkystan, also to happen in Hong Kong. Sri Lankens will be a minority in Colombo, as they have already started buying properties in thousands. And the law is going to be changed again allowing chineese to buy properties in SL. China wants land as only 30% china is habitable. balance is not economically viable. Fighting between religions is a set-up for chineese invasion. check whats happening in Myanmar.

  • 5

    Why do Sri Lanka have chineese name boards?

    • 1

      Because CM Hizzbulla in the EP has Arabic signboards in his fiefdom Kaatankoody.

  • 5

    Having pawned the country to the Chinese to build a defunct port & an airport, as well as, below standard highways costing a lot more than the average cost per mile rate (is China getting a percentage of the tolls as well?), not to mention acquiring prime crown Colombo land & half the Port city below market value, the Chinese are certainly here to stay. At this rate, SL very soon will be another Chinese colony like Tibet & Hong Kong with a puppet regime controlled by Beijing.

    The fate of SL is sealed once the Rajapakses come back to power. The influential wheeler dealers will get richer but I feel sorry for the pathetic trade unionists who are aiding & abetting corruption with their blind faith in political leaders but getting nothing in return, apart from, maybe, a scrap or two, & that is for the officials, from the tables of their masters.

  • 3

    Get rid of Sinhala politicians then most of the problem will solve it .Imran khan is wealthy and a guy with a character who came to politics. He is no nimcopoop as Sinhala politicians are. Sri lankan politicians consider if they can bend to foreign countries and get some Aids that as the Ultimate achievement. Imran Khan has said during his USA visit, USA has given $ 15 billion as aids, but his country’s lost because of everything was $ 123 billion. Sri lanka is also the same. Middle east women and Korean boys are sending money. Sri lankan govt can not wait 90 days and they get loans from the International community who pays with RUPEES ?
    Even during the 30 year war, Malaysia’s Kwalalumpur Port became one of the predominant ports in Asia. Hambanthota was 30 years late, Trincomalee is still to be considered whether to be used or not. That is Sri lanka. JUST GET RID OF THE SINHALA POLITICANS BY VOTING OUT. The problem will solve. Sri lankan privatized Hingurana and gave it to Daya gamage and some foreigners I suppose, they will produce much needed sugar for diabetic patients and Alcohol for Sri lankan Women. Now, they want to sell Valichchenai Paper mill, which Sri lankan can not use.

  • 3

    Singapore wanted to copy Ceylon, before 1970. If the ultimate racist Modaya Don Stephen had let the country, Ceylon in the hand of Britain, now even Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam all would have said they want to copy Ceylon. Britain is one within the 10 best countries, corruption free. Remember, it is not a peanut country like Denmark or Norway, New Zealand or Singapore, where everybody knows each other and crime and corruption can be easily controlled. If British managers ruling the the country, that would be the rating for Ceylon too. The cursed guy destroyed a beautiful garland to rabish for waste bin.

    Old King Modaya is crying that 19A is preventing his family from becoming the emperors of the country. He bragged that Queen will die in his time and he would appoint the next Monarch to Britain.

    Does a donkey get inspired by the camphor smoke. Don started with Muslim in 1915. it came to Tamils and now on both Tamils and Muslims.

  • 0

    I wonder why the question of the inexplicable reason for some SL politicians still claim themselves Marxists is not asked more forcefully when the theory has been long debunked! Except for the concept of socialism which was much older than Marxism, all the other aspects (philosophical, theoretical & practical) of the theory have now been firmly refuted and yet a few still call themselves Marxists. They do so may be either b’cos they have stopped reading long time ago or b’cos they don’t understand what science is about.

    Marxism is nothing but Hegel’s theory of progress of human knowledge (German version) translated into a political economic theory. But, philosophers like Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn have shown that Hegel’s model of linear progress of knowledge is a myth. As a matter of fact, the concept of progress is no longer considered as observable in natural systems – evolution included; and that its meaning makes sense only within the context of defined criteria.

    Also, contrary to general belief, Marxism is not a materialistic theory. That is b’cos the whole theoretical structure is based on value judgement of profit defined as a product of inhumane “exploitation”.

    The limited space doesn’t permit me a detailed discussion. I decided to write this much to show how misguided are SL Marxists including JVP is.

  • 0

    True lovers of the country , meaning genuine patriots , are frustrated of it
    because they don’t see any sign of a sensible and dedicated leadership in
    the near future ! Champika Ranawaka is reported to have said on one
    occasion that this country will have modern well equipped capital and on
    another occasion within days says the country is a narcotic and garbage
    hub ! Now , what is this double talk and who is a party to this ugly
    situation ? Why don’t they stop talking rubbish that they can not ever
    execute ? Why are we continuously being misled to believe that we can
    develop this country by exorbitant borrowings from whoever ready to
    provide at whatever interest and under whatever conditions ? Is it not
    employment opportunity that the voters provide to their legislators
    instead of the legislators to the voter ? There’s enough evidence that
    the liberal economy introduced by J R J has been made a total failure
    by people’s widespread egoistic attitudes ! People got into a race
    against each other beyond their ability to which headless politics added
    fuel in every election and they called it DEVELOPMENT ! Development is
    not a package of self destruction kits !

  • 3

    USD 800 million is not a peanut, and not a joke – Japanese loan for this project. That too 40 years for repayment at 0.5% per annum. It’s almost like free money. Those who opposing this are real lunatic donkeys. Do these idiots guess, Sri Lankan government could raise on its own this kind of money from any other sources. Entire operation of Colombo port. Including all the terminals wouldn’t be viable if not for the transship cargo from India. If India develops a port to the extent of Colombo port , march over for it. Hence. Involving the Indians and Japanese is a great strategic move. Further, this would let more competitions in the port among the terminals operators, it would bring greater efficiencies and benefits to the economy. The Chinese owned terminal with 1500 workers handled over 3 millions containers where as SLPA with 5000 workers handle 4 millions. It’s rather good for it to be a joint a venture among Japanese, Indians and SLPA, than 100% state owned, and becoming white elephant for the people to hold the tub for it’s survival.

  • 3

    Whatever be the facts associated with these incident, it goes without saying that super powers are interested in Sri Lankan infrastructure purely for the purpose of spreading their tentacles. The implied premise that the best way to oppose the Rajapakse’s is to oppose China and support the Anti-China block in the world stage. That is a foolish notion. My reading is that don’t mix up domestic politics with International politics. All non-Sri Lankans do and propose things to further their own interest and not that of Sri Lanka’s. This we must realize from our own history, where colonial powers the yester-year performed a lot of dirty tricks to ouster one from another. Did any of them do anything beneficial for us? Marginally true but the bulk was fattening one’s purse. History shows that our ancient rulers did the same mistake of supporting one against the other and finally regret the action. It sad to note that mother Lanka is turned into a twilight lady.

  • 0

    They try different ways to catch India. They like If India becomes another west and fight china.. Japan and Pakisthan are working in directly as PIVOTS to ASIA. India is a complete and diverse. there are all sorts of people are there.

  • 1

    Signs are Sri Lanka will become like battle-torn Syria soon. Thank our political leaders – of all shades and colours of the Post-1990 period, including the JVP – for this. The real problem has not yet begun. When it does, people will flee by the tens of thousands by land, sea and air – the first Port of Call being the Indian soil. The April 21 bombings will be no more than simple fireworks displays once the real Tamasha starts. Our political leaders – and the Mahanayakas – will plead with India to save us.


  • 1

    Chinese troops are at the borders between the Mainland and Hong Kong. By the time you print this the Chinese will have invaded and knocked the daylights out of Hong Kong. Thank you, Mr. Rajapaksa this same may well happen to us.

  • 5

    Siri my dear fellow Countryman please don’t be silly.
    Always remember in a struggling Country like ours and likes ,maga projects other than railway, government housing , health care , self employment projects. (Esp in Renewable energy, water recycling treatements, farmimg& Agriculture, skills training and the Railway) the rest like ports and highways only the elite and their famalies and their hand picked circle will benifit and ofcause the donar countries.
    Ultimately we the majority of the citizens and our poor future generations will be left with a never ending loan to pay and not to forget the many repercussion of the deadly climate change and enviormental disasters that will happen as a result of this unplanned and unregulted mega projects, which are sucking up all our valuable recources in dangerous volumes.
    What we need is not a President or PM , we the people must appoint a trustworthy council to prepare a constitution that puts people and country first and also allow the people to pick a set of would be President and PM candidates .
    It is not okay for Sinhalese to feel its right as long as Sinhalese are robing & destroying our natural recources , its not okay for Tamils to feel its okay to create international issues that destroys our image and halts our progress and its not okay for Muslims to feel its alright to smuggle and destroy our revenue and create a monopoly in the market .
    whoever it may be and whatever it may be , anything that deny equal opportunities to all citizens and anything that will lead the country to enviormental disaster is a unforgivable crime on the country and its people

    Need people approved constitution,President and PM candidate by vote …


  • 6

    Today look at the miserable state of affairs of the Citizens of this Country.

    We have been accusing the garbage collecting workers for not taking our garbage and not knowing it is because imported dangerous foreign garbage has been secretly transported via closed containers 24 hours a day and dumped and we the citizens have no facilities to get rid of our garbgage or a system to recycle the same.

    There are foreign unregulated real estate companies that have come in the past and today, both in the past and present 2 foreign real.estate companies have defunked , we already have somany local companies do we need foreign real estste companies?
    In Muslim and Tamil populated areas non muslims and non Tamils can not buy lands and in Sinhalese areas Muslims and Tamils can not buy , so what is the logic behind allowing foreign real estaters to come in and buy? Is it some sort of hidden real estate conspiracy? I hear foreigners will be soon allowed to buy any properties freely.
    so we the people at the end will not even have the sea to jump in to atleast end our lives, because the sea also will be owned by foreigners.

    So we continue to fight eachother and hate eachother which will only help hidden hands fullfil their agendas.
    The final.decision.and game change is in the entire people uniting

    people decide

    • 2

      Cow The Boy ,

      No real estate business survive in the country in the long run
      because our economy is not in good shape for people to buy or
      rent properties with confidence of steady income ! And we don’t
      have proper sewage system for the growth of real estate ! And , a
      country that wastes its resources selfishly for show off , can not
      even understand the word development . I give you one clear
      example of how a senior most important minister think about
      his actions . There’s an argument that’s going on for weeks now
      about the education minister having his photo printed on school
      text books . His excuse against the criticism is that ‘ it didn’t cost
      any extra money for it’. Is that a good excuse ? Can he explain why
      children need to remember his face ? On top of being a cabinet
      minister , he’s the general secretary of the party ! What is that they
      are striving to achieve with the responsibilities they are entrusted
      up on ? Nothing other than taking their ego to another level at the
      cost of someone else ! Now , their mentality ?

      • 2

        Why Why nick that is perfect ..
        I agree with most of what you have detailed.
        But as long as we as a people are not willing to unite as Sri Lankans and insist that we decide on the new Constitution which should make The parliment supreme fullfledge peoples power, no one man show, it should ensherine the protection of all resources , leasing of our lands and Seas , ports , protection of all citizens rights, Most importantly no compremise on governmen tenders bring all of them under one body of non political appointees ,
        Police and judiciary independence must be further strengthen , bring racial and religous riots under terorism act , If this is not done , with due respect , it will.not make any differnce who.is the leader or the government.
        Amending this failed anti people constitution must stop and repalced .let the people decide .it.
        What do politicians understand what the majority of the people need ?

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