7 July, 2022


“Come Forward To Prevent Police Killings” AHRC Tells Opposition MPs

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has called upon the Opposition MPs of Sri Lanka to step forward in order to protect its citizens from the rising wave of extra-judicial killings by the Police.

Police ShootingIn a statement issued on the formation of a ‘People’s Tribunal Against Killings at Police Stations’ the AHRC has urged the opposition to take on the task of protecting Sri Lanka’s citizens from Police killings, pointing out a serious commitment on the issue cannot be expected by the government MPs although it is the responsibility of all MPs.

Family members of the victims of extra-judicial killings committed by the Police have collaborated to form this Tribunal that will hold its inaugural meeting in Badulla on July 6. Among the tribunal members is K.U. Mallika, mother of Sandun Malinga – the 17 year-old who was recently killed at the Kandeketiya Police station.

Pointing out the participation of the parents, is indicative of the growing frustration that has been brought about following the escalating number of killings within police stations, the AHRC notes that it is also reflective of the hopes of the victims’ parents that it will protect the lives of many others who might meet a similar fate in the hands of the Police.

Furthermore in the statement, the AHRC has proposed the establishment of a ‘Complaints Receiving Center’ relating to killings and instances of torture by the Police through the intervention of the opposition, as a step towards grappling issue as well as to encourage effective actions by law enforcement authorities.

The AHRC has also expressed concern over the disinclination of the IGP, the Ministry of Defense and the judiciary to act against the killings and bring its perpetrators to justice and concurrent trend developed by the government to use its ‘security officers to create fear among the people across Sri Lanka’ as demonstrated by the violence perpetrated against the public during incidents in Katunayake, Negombo, and Rathupaswala amongst other places.

We publish below the statement in full;

SRI LANKA: ‘People’s Tribunal to End Killings at Police Stations’ – to be Held on July 6, 2014 in Badulla

The Asian Human Right’s Commission sends its greetings to all those taking active part in making the ‘People’s Tribunal Against Killings at Police Stations’ a reality.

When looking into recent killings at police stations in Sri Lanka, it is obvious that the decision to form a People’s Tribunal is an important one. It is a dire need of the times. It is heartening to note that one of the members of this Tribunal will be K.U. Mallika, the mother of Sandun Malinga, the 17 year old boy who was killed at the Kandeketiya Police Station recently. Her decision to participate in this Tribunal is indicative of growing frustration with the number of killings at police stations across the country. The participation of parents that have lost their own children, in the hope that it will protect the lives of so many others, should receive everyone’s attention and respect.

Today, Sri Lankans are struggling to grapple with the spate of police killings and police torture. The government appears disinclined to inquire into these grave violations of human rights. The attention of the government appears to be focused on protecting the perpetrators of these crimes and not the victims, who are the ordinary folk of this country. The Ministry of Defense, entrusted to protect the enforcement of law within the country, shows no interest in maintaining discipline within law enforcement agencies. That the government is using its security officers to create fear among the people across Sri Lanka has manifested itself in the series of killings witnessed at Katunayake, Negombo, and Rathupaswala, amongst other places.

Under normal circumstances, inquiring into acts of police indiscipline has been the responsibility of the Inspector General of Police (IGP). However, the IGP does not seem to be engaged in these tasks anymore. People do not trust the capacity of the IGP or other ranking officers to protect law enforcement. In the past, people used to approach the Courts when faced with grave issues like police killings. Today, the same people have no hope of obtaining redress from the due process of law. Courts, in recent times, have decided that killings in Police Stations are legitimate homicides.

So, who is the protector of the people today? Who is the guardian of Sri Lankans? Within as short a period as one month, there have been two separate incidents where the police have killed young persons with their pistols. While these killings are obviously serious crimes, the police have reacted by generating fake explanations, which only amount to ridiculing those who have been killed. This is not normal behavior. The Sri Lankan people, and the Members of Parliament who represent them, must step forward to protect citizens. It is not possible to expect Members of Parliament in government to volunteer for this effort. The momentous task falls on the opposition MP’s.  If they also refuse this responsibility, more and more Sri Lankans will die due to police killings.

It is heartening to see that several opposition MP’s have become members of this People’s Tribunal. However, the need of the hour is not the mere participation of a few MP’s but the participation of all opposition parliamentarians. If such a unified effort is made, it is possible not only to stop the killings at police stations but to also build a mass resistance against a government that allows for such killings.

The Asian Human Rights Commission calls on all members of the opposition to join hands and establish a ‘Complaints receiving Centre’ related to such killings and instances of torture by the police.  By establishing such a Centre, under the supervision of all members of the opposition, it will be possible to stem this unconscionable violence and create a new trend for law enforcement.

There is a need to create a group of volunteers that can work under the supervision of opposition parliamentarians. If the opposition parliamentarians are willing to make this effort, more than enough young men and women, and parents, will lend active support. Such a Centre would receive complaints of arrests and assaults taking place at police stations across Sri Lanka and intervene immediately to stop any illegal interference against the rights of the people.

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has experience in such interventions. On many occasions, the AHRC has received complaints of torture and other abuse at police stations and has directly intervened from its Head Office in Hong Kong. The AHRC has often succeeded in having people released through such interventions. If, with the participation of the opposition Members of Parliament, a ‘Complaint receiving Centre’ is established in Sri Lanka, strong interventions that can stop the killings at police stations will become a reality.

A determined first step is what is needed. If the opposition parliamentarians take this first step, they will receive the people’s support, as well as the resources needed to carry out this task. The AHRC’s request is that the opposition MP’s in Sri Lanka show courage and come forward to stop police killings. By coming forward this way, they will also be able to demonstrate determination in taking charge of the future cause of Sri Lanka. Utilizing this opportunity, of the launch of the People’s Tribunal in Badulla, all members of opposition parties should step forward to establish a Centre that can receive people’s complaints and set up a programme to bring police killings in Sri Lanka, once and for all, to a decisive end.

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  • 4

    sooner than later the INGO’s would be suppressed or even shown the door. Not just Police killings..ANY killings should be condemned, even if by the BBS or the Army..

    How interesting is it when the Monks make such a huge cry for the slaughter of animals and wont shed a tear when HUMAN BEINGS are slaughtered and burned inside their house n property? Wonder what all the MAHA loku Sangas keep mum on all the atrocities committed by the BBS.. but is very vocal to stop a night race in Kandy… HUMBUGS… using religion to make the masses even more stupid….

    welcome to the Blunder of Asia.. !!!

    • 0


      The Maha Sanga and BBS are in the same game. Promoting racism and killing members of the minorities. The Sanga and the BBS even wear the same uniform, the saffron robe. No tears were shed by these well fed parasites who prey on the ignorance of the brainwashed uneducated masses even when so many Tamils were slaughtered in 1983.

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    “The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has called upon the Opposition MPs of Sri Lanka to step forward in order to protect its citizens from the rising wave of extra-judicial killings by the Police.”

    Good, to stop that.

    In addition the police participates with the extra Judicial killings and destruction whole villages by the P;loivr and Buddhist Monks.

    That is a greater problem, because innocents are killed and property destroyed.

  • 1

    Opposition politicians are impotent; even Viagra can’t get them going.

    They are waiting for the election, if and only if they win they ‘might’ get the police do their jobs.

    The whole society has fallen sick.

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    ““Come Forward To Prevent Police Killings” AHRC Tells Opposition MPs”

    Opposition should stand against the police killings.
    Enough being scared of defense secretary. stand up against injustice.

  • 4

    Sri Lankan police has been issued with revolvers. My question to the President are:

    1. What type of training did they undergo before you issued them a revolver? Revolver is a different weapon than a rifle.
    2. What type of security lock have you provided them to lock their weapons when they are not in duty?
    3. What are the rules you have laid down to a policeman that he should follow before he pulls his revolver from its holster?
    4. Have you ensured that the policemen who are carrying revolvers are mentally capable of handling a revolver?
    5. Have you issued revolvers just because Chinese Government issued revolvers to their police force? As you know there have been numerous preventable killings in China by the police after the revolvers were issued and the people are now protesting against the issue.
    6. Do the policemen carry revolvers when you are in a procession oru on the road travelling? If so have you spent at least five minutes thinking of the dangers you may face due to a rogue policeman?
    7. My last question, have you agreed to this issue of revolvers because your brother is getting a commission?

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    My only concern is for members of the “People’s Tribunal Against Killings at Police Stations”. The White Vans may come visiting them.

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    A clarion call to the opposition by the AHRC! But is there an opposition in our country? WE have a political eunuch as the Leader of the Opposition. This eunuch usually looks the other way when an injustice is done to an individual or a group of people or a community in the country. He has woken up from his slumber to make some noise over the Aluthgaama-Beruwela incidents because he is keen on running for President as the UNP candidate.

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